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IMPORTANT TO ADVERTISERS rpHE Counties of SOUTH WALES, bor. dering on England, offer the most valuable and profitable fields for ADVERTISERS that can be found within the same extent in the empire—if we exclude the great Metropolis, and the rich teeming districts of the ievor-productive, the ever-absorbing NORTH. MONMOUTHSHIRE, GLAMORGANSHIRE BRECOXSHIRE, with their large population, commercial enterprise, and capidily-in creasing wealth, are, unquestionably, COUNTIES to which Advertisers may look with confidence for an ample return for any outlay they may incur, in pushing their several interests, with a view to large and produc- tive sales, &c. THE MONMOUTHSHIRE MERLIN, LAMOKOAN3HIUE AND BRECON SILURIAN, AND SOUTH ALES DVEKTISER, has been for more than a quarter of a century, the GREAT ADVERTISING MEDIUM OF THE DISTRICT. Advertisers desirous of availing themselves of the pub- licity of its columns, are requested to address the Publisher, Mr. CHRISTOPHERS, NEWPORT, MON- MOUTHSHIRE. Advertiaementa inserted on a Moderate Scale; and when Contracted for by the Year, Half-year, or Quarter, the terms are proportionately reduced. NEWSPAPER CIRCULATION. EXTRACT FROM THE LAST ANNUAL STAMP RETURN ISSUED-ending 31-st December, 18iU 1854. ,WEEKLY Average. MONMOUTHSHIRE MERLIN 110,425 2124 Cambrian. 79,000 1519 Star of Gwent 76,100 1463 Merthyr Guardian. 61,500 11C3 Swansea Herald 58,250 1120 Monmouthshire Beacon 36,500 702 Silurian 35,375 6G1 At the close of the year 1855, the circulation of the Silurian was added to that of the MERLIN. PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, NEATLY EXPEDITIOUSLY EXECUTED AT THE iltcrliu (general fruiting (Office. 15, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWroUT, MON. BOOK-PRINTING, BUSINESS. FORMS, ACCOUNT BOOKS, CIRCULARS, CARDS, REPORTS, &C. WILLIAM C O M P T O N W TALLOW CHANDLER AND MELTER. TRY HIS RED WICK DIPS. 53, HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT, MON. [2592 EXHIBITION PRIZE MEDAL WEIGHLNG- MACIIINK. HENRY POOLEY AND SON 20, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT,MON PATENTERS OB* TUB PLATFORM WEIGHING MACHINE, PLATFORM WEIGHING MACHINE, WEIGH-BIIIDGES, kc rSuitable for all Commercial, Mining, and Manufacturing Tarpoaea. WORKS AT LIVERPOOL. AGENTS for the SALE of DONKIiY-ENGINES IMPROVED TAPS & VALVES; PRESSURE GAUGES, ami all CRASS MOUNTINGS for Steam Engines and Boilers. &c. AMERICAN VULCANIZED INDIA-RUBBER BELT TNG, PACKING, HOSE. &c BOLTS, RIVETS, &c.; MACHINERY BELTING CHUBB'S PATENT FIRE and THIEF-PROOF SAFES, DETECTOR LOCKS, &c. THE FRANKLIN PATENT GAS REGULATOR; TIDMARSH'S PATENT LUBRICATORS OR OIL CUPS • CItlCKMER'S PATENT PACKING FOR STUFFING-BOXES, &c, [1015 HORNIMAN'S PURL 1 LA—always good alike. E. CHERRY, DRUGGIST, 41, COMMER- CIAL STREET, NEWPORT, recommends these well-known Teas with the utmost confidence the repute in which they are held everywhere has been acquired by their very ex- cellent quality, and also from their being always ¡:oud alike. Horniman and Co.'s Teas have flO arti/ldal colouring on the surface, for, consisting wholly of the choice Spring gathering, there are no brown flavourless leaves that want to be disguised with a coat of colour; consequently defi- cient strength is never f und in these Teas. Sold secured in packets. 206') UNCLAIMED MONEY. NOW READY, Price One Guinea, DE BERNARDY'S INDEX REGISTER for Next of Kin, Heirs at Law, Legatees, Suitors, Prize Captois, and of Unclaimed Property in Great 11 ritain, the Colonies, &c., from 17-54 to 1856, being a compilation of 50,000 names of parties whose relations, heirs, executors, or legatees, have been advertised for during the above period-Mr. DE BERNARDY, Foreign Law Agent, 9, Northumberland-street, Strand, London, W.C. [2611 THE PLANTING SEASON. T OHN has now ready his J DESCRIPIH E PRICED CATALOGUES OF IL^Eb AND PLANTS for the present Season, and which he will be happy to forward free upon upphcatJOn. No. 1.—THE R'SE CATALOGUE..This Catalogue contains a collection of U]V<r s °. Va.rLaties, carefully arranged, with full and accuratc &c. No. 2—THE FRUIT TREE OAIALU&IE, contain- ing a descriptive list of all tbe finest v'ine. iea ^-pples, Pears, Plums, Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots, Cherries, Figs, Grapes, Currants, Gooseberries, T n^TTi-. No. 3.—THE TREE AND SIIllUB 0:UALOGUE In this Catalogue are given the heights anil pi ices o a forest 'frees, such as Lurch aid other Firs, ^-s a n' Elm, Spanish Chesnut, Hawthorn Quick, &c. a'5° a hardy ornamental Trees and Shrubs, together with ft very f n^iTA l,ion of OONIFEll^E. Intending purchasers r ;i 1 tlr-hiZh[y interesting hardy Trees are respectful^ i.° ^otfinatPfVfc?60'' t'le Plants, as the value of each cannot • r< t ,lncm"s a«?e]'.e quotation of prices and sizes tjiven the treatment which they^avelec •mU?h Up0U \r. A TUI? PT y nave received wbeu young. choice collection of Or^hou^'st^' containing a Hardy Herbaceous l'l nts Stove, Bedding, and CAT A.LOGUE' C^alog^^jj with a choice sclectim only of aU tb PaWisheJ, of Garden Seeds Flower Seeds, &c. finest vanettes Wurzol, and other Agricultural Ste,la- ru,ulP. Mangold NURSERIES —KINO'S ACHE, NEAR HEREFORD [2672 KNIFE CLEANERS—BEST & CHEAPEST CR OWDKX AND GARrod,^ PATENT INDIA-KUBBL1U K^ife"BOARDS New, Cheap, and Effectual Substitute lov Buff Leather 1" knif> Cleaning, at one-'onvth the price. By the use ot which a clean, well-polished knife is obtained with- out uselessly wearing it out, while a savin- of time anrl labour is effected, fold Retail, at Is. 0.). each and np- warus, by tlie Iionmou^ers in every tov/u. holesale only, at the Manufactory of CKOWDEN & GARROD, (Successors to THOS. KEXT and Co., the celebrated paint- in;: and Generd Brush Manufacturers^ FALCON-SQUARE, LONDON, (E.C.) Spurious articles of a similar kind being in the Market, it is necessary to osberve the names of CROWDEN and GARKOD are on 'he Boards, or vcu may get a worth- less substitute. others are counterfeits. TRIST VJ, W?WPOUT' by MR* MIDDLETOX Cardiff, by T. « J'*ND and HEKNE Brecon, by HODGES and Jt T't Qh&Pt0WBU; Neath, T, Andrew; Mer- *r» • 1 • Unffith, IioamongwB. [2646 -A tltlrro,5 co W H. MATTHKWS and CO., TEA and COFFEE MERCHANTS, 19, COMMERCIAL- STREET, NEWPORT. BONDED AND FREE STORES FOR SHIPS. [5 WHERE DO YOU DINE ? no TO THE LORD RAGLAN,! "JT COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. ORDINARY EVERY DAY AT ONE O'CLOCK. PRICE 18. f2694 WM. J A C K, 6, COMMERCIAL-STREET, • NEWPORT. —Agent for LINCOLN and BEN- NETT'S celebrated HATS. Hats and Caps of every description, Umbrellas, Tra- velling Bags. Neck-Ties, Shirts, Collars, &c. [2632 NEWPORT STEAM SA -V MILL, CANAL PARADH. WHOLESALE & RETAIL MAHOGANY YARD.&c. TO BUILDERS, CABINET MAKHRS.& OTHERS. WG. LOVELL solicits purchasers to in- • spect his Stock of seasoned and well-assorted MAHOGANY, ready sawn, in all sizes and thicknesses. For Sale, a horizontal High-pressure STEAM ENGINE, 12 inch cylinder, 2 foot stroke, and TUBULAR BOILER, in good condition. Can be seen at work at the above Mid. [2600 GENTLEMEN who desire a superior G FIT and FINISH should try C M I L N E S TAILOR AND TROWSERS MAKER, 158, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. T1013 VICTORIA ROAD CHAPEL, NEWPORT. A BAZAAR, on an extensive scale, for the SALE of FANCY and USEFUL ARTICLES, in aid of the Fund for tho Erection of the above Chapel, will be held in the Spring. Contributions in either Money or Articles, will be thankfully received by Mrs. POLLARD. Maindee or by the Misses LITTLE, High-street; Mrs. BRIAN, Gold-tops Mrs. EWINS, Commercial-street; and Mrs. HAWKES, Commercial-road, Newport. The amount already promised or paid to the above Fund is £1,128 lis. 2 Newport, January 6tli, 1859. 2725 THOMAS DAY] ES, WOOLLEN DRAPER, AND TAILOR, 24, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT. OptDElt DEPART-ATF.NT is well THE ORDER DEPARTMENT is well i supplied with BROAD CLOTHS. BEAVERS, WITXEYS, SEAL SKINS, &c., for Winter Coats. A great variety of fashionable TROUSERINGS. A GOOD FIT AND FASHIONABLE JTL STYLE Guaranteed, equal to any London House, at a thlTllless price for the same quality. TDAYIES S STOCK OF READY-MADE CLOTHING is very extensive and varied, all made under his own inspection, work warranted, a good fit certain from the vast number of sizes always on hupd. rr D.'s CLOTHING FOR CHILDREN, JL BOYO, and YOUTHS, has given general satisfac- tion, and may 1)2 HAD in very great variety of sizes, style, and material. YOUTHS' AND GENTLEMEN'S SHIRTS MAD 13 TO ORDKR. A choico Assortment of Ready-Mado his Manufacture. FRENOH HATS AND CLOTH CAPS. [2433 JS. STONE has the largest STOCK of .NEW AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY 'ever exhibited in Newport, MOST of which took the First Prize at the recent Meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society. Catalogues and Price Sheets sent free by post to any address. Implement and Wheelwright Work 1, Great Dock-street, and Stand, Cattle Market, Newport, Mon. Sept. 8th, 1858. 1002 RAILWAY WORKS, AND BRIDGE-END FOUNDRY, "NEWPORT. MONMOUTHSHIRE. JAMES MURPHY, ENGINEER. RAIL WAY-WAGGONS FOR SALE OR HIRE. Broad and Narrow Guage wrought and cast-iron Wheels and Axles in Stock. FOR SALE, TWO TO THREE HUNDRED RAIL- WAY WAGGONS—hired on lease FOR a term of years to responsible parties (in several contracts). Licenses Granted for making or using the following Pa- tented Railway Improvements:— MURPHY'S WROUGHT-IRON DOVE-TAILED RAILWAY-WHEELS, By which perfect safety is ensured from accident, by the fracture of a tyre. FISH-CHAIR, with safety bolt and nut fastenings. WROUGHT-IRON LONGITUDINAL BEARINGS, applicable to the double-headed or deck-beam Iiali. Also the RAILWAY STEAM BRAKE. 1166 H. P. BOLT, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE, HAS FOR SALE a large assortment of GLAZED STONE-WARE DRAIN PIPES of the Best Staffordshire Clay, varying from 3 inches up to 18 inches, with all requisite Junctions. Bends, and Syphons. Also, a fine assortment of TERRA COTTA GOODS, for ornamenting Pleasure Grounds, &c. A variety of" NOR WAY" SPARS on hand. [2402 "1~7AMIL^MLLD ALE AND PORTER A BREWERY, LLA NA ETH-S T R R E T. WILLIAM PENNY, (Late of the Anchor Brewery.) IN CASKS OF 4A GALLONS AND UPWARDS. [2595 Coal Direct from the Colliery. THE Public are respectfully informed they can be supplied with the BEST RED ASHJHOUSE COAL from tho CWM COLLIERY ,delivered to any part of Newport, within the Toll Gates, as follow :— Best Screened Retl Ash House Coal 12S. 0D. per Ton. Ihrough and Through Do. 9s. 6d. „ Small or Smith s Do 7s. 6d. To parties sending their Carts or Waggons from the Country, giving notice of the same the day previous (to prevent disappointment) or taking a Truck, a considerable reduction WILL be made. A liberal allowance to Retailers. TERMS, CASH. Orders rcce've.l for Half a Ton and upwards, at the CWM COAL OFFICE, IOJ, Commercial-road, Newport,Mon. 2520 S IN A D H s I ON, N mrrv NEW PROCESS INDIA RUBBER TLUJ \V VTKUPROOF FABRICS. JAMES HEYES & CO. 0«TE B,EEI?LEY & HEYES) beg TL EIR newly invented process for to cnll public attention to 1 tvt^t TMTRTiirp ww WAT&pboowko °iis or and entirely free from surface adhesion. J.H.&CO. have much pleasure in pubhaJ S « E fo lowing Testimonial, and hereby pnblidv WAI F cles Sinadhsesionised by them to sLciiid tho climate. Testimonial from Captain Beckett, steam-ship Sovereign. Messrs. JAMF.S IIEVES & Co. •. Gentlemen —The Sinadhasion Waterproof Coat am NG« SUPPLIED to me last year have proved all I could P '• Coat furnished to me for Captain Organ, ship LI'LVIII^ °!I ,S A^SO g'VE" bim great satisfaction, for, after HICK T ED,TO ^EWEST Coast of South America and RWRL UW HIS COAT in as perfect a state as when pur- Ind NNVTI T SPEA5LS ^'GBLY of it, saying he never before 1" N= EQUAL to it. I 'canf therefore, strongly recottituend You" Waterproof GARMENTS to all those frc- Steam-ship Sovereign. W. J. BECKETT. J A M H S II E Y E S & CO., CORN-STREET, BRISTOL 83, BBEGGATE and COBURG-STREETS, LEEDS And WALL-STEBET, NEW YOBJt. [1226 JAMES LEACH, Wholesale and Retail BEDDING, BEDSTEAD, GLASS, and CABINET MART, 117,Commercial-street, Newport. Every descrip- I ion of Brass and Iron Bedsteads, French. Arabian, Four- ost, and Canopy Bedsteads, in Birch, Mahogany, Wal- ut. and Painted Woods. Furniture bought, or taken in exchange, to any amount. [1111 EXTRACT FROM c. & w. TRAPNELL'S FURNISHING GUIDE. GOOD FURNITURE must please the judgment as well as the eye. To this end the following points may be worthy of notice. 1st. Well seasoned materials should be guaranteed. 2nd. Have the most extensive choice. 3rd. All Framings, Supports, &c., should be of the proper siza for strength, and of due proportions for ap- pearance. 4th. The Articles hould be in proportion to the size of the rooms. 5th. Select from the genuine manufacturer upon the largest scale. ESTIMATE No. 6. (8.) For an Eight-Roomed House, Furnished in the mos elegant and substantial manner, everything of the very best make, the Curtains, Carpets, and Bedding of the best quality, and all upon a liberal scale, WITHOUT EXTRAVAGANCE. Rooms the same number and size as No. 3 A, B s. d. £ s. d. Kitchen same as No. 3 Estimate 119 6 Add extra for Large Dishing-up Table 0 12 6 S 12 0 HALL, say 12 ft by 9 ft Rest quality Floor Cloth, 12 yds 3s Dd 2 5 0 Two Solid Mahogany carved Hail Chairs 2 2 0 Mahogany Hat and Umbrella Stand.. 2 10 0 6 17 0 DINING ROOM. Turkey Carpet to suit room 20 ft by 16 ft with Rug to match, say 17 o o Floor Cloth to fit round, say 12 yds, at 3s 9J 2 5 0 Two Sets of Rich Burgundy Cloth Curtains, with silk decorations and bordering, with handsome walnut; oak, or mahogany poles, rings, and ends. The curtains to draw with French pullK-s, and all upon the most ample seal 16 0 0 Two Best Linen Silicia Blinds, the latest im- proved patent move;nents. I 12 0 One set of three-flap handsome Spanish r-la- hogany Dining Tables, to open 12 ft 6 in by 4 ft y in 20 0 0 Flap Stand 2 10 0 Ten handsomely-shaped deep top Chairs, in real Morocco, or Utrecht Velvet Chairs, all stuffed with the best hair, 35s 17 10 0 One handsome Spanish Mahogany Sideboard, 7ft long with deep moulded top and richly- carved back 18 18 0 One large Easy Chair, in best Morocco, Spring Stuffed Seats .600 One handsome Sheep Skin Do Mat 0 7 6 102 17 0 DRAWING ROOM Handsome Victoria Velvet Pile Carpet, to fit Room 20 by 18 ft, say 56 yds made, 7s 19 12 0 Rug to match 3 0 0 Two sets of rich Silk Window Curtains, sur- mounted with gilt window cornices, drawn with French pullies, for window s, say Oft by 11 ft each 15 0 0 Two Linen Silicia Blinds, as before I 12 0 One handsomely carved Loo Table No. is 10 0 0 One ditto Occasional Table. 6 10 0 Gight beautifu!ly shaped and carved Chairs, in stlk covering and slip cover, complete, 31s each Two Occasional Chairs 12s 6d .150 One Fancy Easy (hair in Silk, with slip cover i 13 0 Ona Carved Easy Chair in Silk,with slip cover 6 0 0 One handsomely Carved French Lounge, with carved and moulded back, in silk as c ruins and with slip cover 13 10 0 One beautifully Figured Work Table 4 0 0 One elegantly Carved Chimney Glass, the plate 50 by 66 in IS 0 8 One richly Carved Clieffioneer, 5 fc 6 in long. with high plate glass back and doors, marble tup, and all of best possible work 20 0 0 If Gilt Congo) Table and High-plass Back,&c., in character, add £:0. Door Mat 0 7 0 IS5 12 0 OAK LIBRARY. One Brussels Cal pet, say 20 ft by 15 ft G in, best quality, made up complete 12 0 0 Handsome litig 1 15 0 One set of Damask Window Curtains, with stained oak pole, rings, and ends 33 0 One Window Blind 0 a 0 One Oak small Coffee or Side Table 2 0 0 One Oak Wrfting Tab'e, four drawers, carved legs, leather t0p 6 10 0 Six Oak Chairs in Utrecht Velvet, 28s 8 8 0 One Oak Library Reading Chair, ih Utrecht Velvet 4-H 0 One Oak Book RanJe, say 9 ft long 8 ft high, tn good character, with open shelves and leather falls 10 0 0 48 19 0 STAIRS. Say twelve yards Brussels Stair Carpet, with 30 brass rori., (ire.300 Ifi yards superfine stout Venetian and Rods 2 0 0 Two Wool Stair Mats 0 16 0 35 9 0 BEST BEDROOM. Handsome Spanish Mahogany four post Bed- stead £$10s., with ricli real damask hanging £8 16 10 0 Palliasse .100 Hair Mattrass, best liair First quality Dantzic Feather Bed, Bolster, and two Pillows. 9 0 0 One pair Best Superior Blankets 10 0 One pair Under ditto < ne pair of Fine Linen Shee's I 1 0 One Handsome White One set of Window Curtains t mitch bed furniture .350 One Window mind. 0 8 0 One handsome Spanish Mahogany Waslistand, upon massive scroll stm ards, and with marble top and back, 4 ft by 2 ft 7 0 0 One Scroll Dressing Table to match 4- 10 0 OIle Mahogany Dressing Glass, with marble top, best plate, &c.300 Mahogany Towel Horse 0 7 6 Mahogany Patent Bedstep Commode, herme- tically sealed pan, Sic.250 Four Bedroom Cliairs 0 14 0 Handsome Spanish 7 ft 6 in Mahogany full- sized Wing Wardrobe, all lined with pencil cedar fittings, all upon a large and conve- nient scale 18 18 0 If two Plate Glass Panels, add about 45s each panel extra. Best Kidderminster Carpet, fo covering the room, except under the bedstead, to con- tain say 16 yds 3s 3d 2 12 0 Doot Mat 0 5 8 78 4 6 DRESSING ROOM. Carpet, say 8 yds. I 7 0 One Chest ot Mahogany Drawers IID 0 One Mahogany W'ashstand and Table.. 3 12 0 One Dressing Glass. 1 0 0 If Circular Shaving Glass, with telescope pole slip and tray. all very nicely finished, and the best clear British plate, add E2. Two Chairs 6s, Door Mat Is 0 10 0 Window Blind • 0 8 0 10 17 0 SPARE BEDROOM. One double-sized Spanish Mahogany half tester Bedstead, large carved foot piilars, and beautifully feathered foot board 8 10 0 Damask Curtains en suit* 2 10 0 Two sets Window Curtains to match 6 0 II One Mattrass .160 Feather or French Spring Bed, large Feather Bolster and two Pillows 8 8 0 One pair Blankets20s. one air Under ditto.. 1 14 0 One pair Linen Sheets 21s, one Counterp ne 1,8s I 19 Ú One Chest very large and massive Drawers, 4 ft long by 4 ft high, moulded edge and corners, all lined with pencil cedar, and the best possible Same Size, seconds quality, ft. One Marble Top Washstand, for two Basins 3 15 0 One Toilette Table, with handsome French style Muslin Drapery Cover 1 I 0 Towel Horse 0 7 0 Commode Steps 0 18 0 Bedside Carpet, 8 yards .150 Jftocover same as Best Bedroom, add 25s. Window Blind, 8s, Door Mat 5s 0 13 0 Bidet I 1 0 45 7 0 SERVANTS' ROOM. Complete with large Doubla Bedstead for two 0 14 0 Millpnlf Bed, Bolster, and two Feather Pillows 1 15 0 Washstand 6s, Gl iss, 3s 6d .096 Chest of 3 ft Drawers 1 5 0 Two pair Blankets i 7s, one pair SheetsTs I 4 0 Two Cuunter11aues. 0 9 0 5 16 6 SUNDRIES. One Knife Board les, Buyer's Tray and Stand 20s 1 10 0 1 10 0 Oak, Walnut, or Rosewoid Furnitnre averages about the same in cost. £4>13 5 6 *N.B.—An Article of similar plan, but not so large nor so wel made, can be obtained from £ i'i to £ 14, but not such us for this stjle of house can be recommended. OBSERVE THE ADDRESS, MKSSRS. C. & W. TRAPXELL, CITY CABINET AND UPHOLSTERY MANU- FACTORY, 2, ST JAMES• BARTON BRISTOL. }~70R SALE, Furnished or Unfurnished, a First Class FAMILY MANSION, replete with every convenience, in one of the best parts of CLIFTON DOW*. For.carda to view,|&c., aboye, [2002 RIME PICKLED, OX TONGUES, p AT F E N N ELL' S FISH, GAME, AND FRUIT WAREHOUSE, HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT. [2610 THING OF BEAUTY IS A JOY FOR EVER. SEE VILLIERS & ANDREWS1 STEREOSCOPIC PICTURES. [1870 ^PHORLEY'S" FA 11MERS' ALMANACK L for 1859, Second Edition, is now ready. First Year of Publication. Upwards of 100,000 have already been distributed gratuitously. Thirty-two pages, posi8vo, gilt edgea, in handsome trapper, with Engravings on Steel: free by post on receipt of two stamps, on application to JOSEPH THORLEY, Allllanaek Department, 77, New- cate street, London.—No Farmer should be without it. [2707 NOTICE OF DIVIDEND. BANK OF DEPOSIT, No 3, PALL >ULL EAST, LONDON, S.W. TH E WARR A.NTS for the IIALF-YE A ULY Interest, at the rats of 5 per cent, per annum, on Deposit Accounts, to the 31st December. aro ready for delivery, and payable daily between the hours of 10 and 4. „ a PETCll MORRISON, Managing Director. 12th January, 18-50. Parties desirous of Investing Money arc requested to examine the Plan of the BANK OF DEPOSIT. Prospectuses and Forms fur opening Accounts sent free on application. ° [2699 MR. GRAHAM YOUNG, SURGEON DENTIST, of No. 7, PARK- S STREET, BRISTOL, attends periodically (as for the last 12 years) at NEWPORT, the first WEDNESDAY, and at CARDIFF, the following THUKSDAY in every Month, when he may be consulted on all cases relating to his Profession. Mr. YOUNG'S next visit will occur as foHows :— NEWPORT-At Mr. Wansbrough's, No. 4, Commercial- street—Wednesday, January jth. CARDIFF—Mr. Perrott's, Tailor, No. 2, Duke-street. —Thursday, January 6th. [863 [A CARD.] MR. R. N. OSBORNE, SURGEON. DENTIST, 17, DOCK-STREET, NEWPORT. [1127 TEETH. MESSRS. LEVASON AND ROBERTSON, SURGEON DENTISTS, 11, Bit IDGE-STREET HEREFORD. One of the Firm wi 1 attend Monmouth Newport, Abergavenny, and Brecon FOSTXIGHTLY. DAYS OF ATTENDANCE. MONMOUTH—Wednesdays. Oct. 20th, Nov. 3rd & 17th Dec. 1st, 15th, and 20th, at the BEAUFORT ARMS HOTEL. KEWPORT-Moudays, Oct 25th, Nov. 8tb and 22ud, Dec. 6th and 20th, at the I{¡:G'd HEAD HOTEL. ABERGAVENNY —Tuesdays. Oct. 26th, Nov. 9th and 23rd, Dec. 7th and 21st., at the ANGEL HOTEL. BRECON — Wednesdays, Oct. 27th, Nov. 10th and 24th, Dec. 8th and 22ud, at the CASTLE HOTEL. N.B.—Constant Attendance at 11, Bridge-street, Ilerefoi d. [2273 T E E T It. MR. PARSON, SURGEON-DENTIST, of 17, Orchard Street, End of Unity-Street, College Green, Bristol, respectfully acquaints the Nobility, Clergy Gentry, and Inhabitants of Newport, and Vicinities, that he may be consulted in the various branches of his pro- fession, at tbe KING'S HEAD HOTEL, Newport, on WED- ITESDAY next, the 19th of January, 1859, from 9 a.m. till 5 anil at tho (,'ABDIFP AKMS" HOTIL, Cardiff, on THURSDAY, the 20tb, from 9 am. till 5. A single tootli, 59.,10..6<1., or £1 J A setofteclh 4 4 complete set (upper anil lower), durable material 8 8 A complete set of natural or mineral teeth, beautifully mounted, best material, and veiy best workmanship anil finish ]2 12 Scaling o 5 Artificial leeth Remodelled, Remounted, and Repaired, and Misfitting, llectified. 1., Orchard-street, Bristol, January 12th, 1859. t^TThe Parliamentary Rrport on Food has ex mseri the fact that while the Chinese will use none hili PLTRE TEA, they, to increase the profit, cotour most of that sent to England. The Sanitary Cummt'ssio .ers '-xamined 74 samples of the Btack and Green in arn n al use, of which 54 were found coated with powdered colour. II II "Always Good alike" HORNIMAN's PURE TEA the Leaf not covered with color. -II 11- R QTR0X6, RICH, 0 FULL-FLAVOURED S :1 £ .?! il' ||') £ | I I'EA is thus secured to the Br-' i- "|:j ~cVQ«A*twVusE"! ''ublic, as importing it before 0 jj VI Bf S | j «• 1 he Chinese cover it with coi -nr B fi'fi .-jV-J 'enders it impossible for any H J 3. j% rown low-priced autumn SjPft*leaves to be made to appear equal to the best,and so pas nd TEA WARY-IIOI'SES, off to the consumer at a high 4Tu "orn"rooli St- city.Lonjon.lprice. The Lancet (I.on^man, lively.; jv 318) statos of tl,unulhln>s Teas :—" The Green not being covered with Prussian blue, &c., is a dull olive the Black is not intensely dark wholesome and good Tea is thus obtained. Prices, 3a. 8d., 4s., and 4s 4d. per 10. Sold exclusively by Authorised Agents throughout the kingdom, and only in Packets. LOCiL AGENTS. Abkrd ARE ..Jones.—Thomas. Luxdox..Purssp.U Corn hill AniiitAvoy..Evan Evans. LYDXEY ..Hathaway. ABKUYSTWITH Jones, Pier-st MOXMOUTH..Farror.-Baker.&c ABEKGAVKNN v Closden (late MEUTIIYR.. Stephens, High Ilirst).—Watkins, High st. street. ABERSYOUAN Wood, Stamp- NKWPORT.. JONES, 5,1 Iif;li-st office. Ditto..CHERRY, 41, Commercia BRISTOL..Ferris, Union-street. street. CRICKHOWEI.L..Christopher. Ditto KATTERSHILL, 173, Com COWBRIDGE Thoma", Iligh-st. mercial-street. CARDIFF..ICernick, 2:3, Duke-st. PoxTYrooL and AbersiC'Eax.. Ditto ..James, Bute-street. Wood, Stamp Ollice. CIIEPSTOW.. Taylor, St. Mary- SWANSEA.. AVilson,Castle sqr street Ditto..Harris, Oxford-stree COLEFOUD..Williams. Ditto.Glover, Castle—stree GLOUCESTER, .Fouracre, Cross. CSK..Edwards. [2060 CHRISTMAS PRESENTS' rpHE most acceptable Form of Present to a 1 FRIEND or RELATIVE is a realty good an, LIFE-LIKE PORFltAIl, which can be obtained I cases, frames, lockets, brooches, &c., of VILI.IERS & ANDREWS, ARTISTS AND PHOTOGKAPHEKS, 59, High street, Newport. Monmouthshire. [ 187C PATENT WASHING MACHINES HENRY LEONARD, IRONMONGER 22, HIGH-STREET, AGENT FOR BRISTOL. »**• j' • -j'=. "jr >7". These Machines present many advantages over any other yet introduced. Expeditious, simple, and e.isy work- ing thorough cleaning, even the diitiest Cloliles; no strain whatever on the Linen can be easily woiked by a Lad or girl 15 ye;>rs of age. Lever Machine, Zinc Lined f38 Large Rotarv Machine £(i 10 H. L. is also AGENT for the PATENT PORTABLE MANGLES, which possess all the efficiency of the old cumbrous Manglo without occupying one fourth of the space Small Size, to stand on Table £ 3 10 Ditto, on Iron Stand zC4 10 Large Size, ditto 4:5 0 Leamington KITCHENERS, Oven and L'ciiers 3 feet, Price Furnishing Lists on application Gratis. Patent STOVES, the only Stove without Flue, 8s. 6d., 10s. Gd., 12s. 6d. Patent FUEL for ditto, 2s. 6d. per Bnshel, or Cs. a Sack. 22, HIGH-STREET. j l To be seen in use on Tuesdays, at 22, HIGH-STREET, between the houisof Eleven and One o'clock. LEONARD'S WASHING MACHINE [5291 Hoficrs. COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. A T the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, A,- held at Usk, in and for the said County, on Mon- day, the 3rd day of January, the following demands agains: the County were ordered to be paid :— BRIDGES \CCOUNT. £ s. d. The County Surveyor, a quarter's salary 25 0 0 Thomas Brooks, for repairing road over Aber- ffnnl, and four other bridges 6 2 0 The Trustees of Caerleon Charity, for repairs to roads at Caerleon, Pontheer, and Pontygoron bridges 2 10 0 Thomas Griffiths, for stoning road over Mon- mouthshire half of Chepstow bridge 6 6 8 Charles Rosser, for cleaning road at ditto 0 11 0 Is lac Lewis, for work at Arch Farm bridge 1 10 9 j George Morgan, for hauling stones to ditto 300 Thomas Hughe*, for scraping roads at Mon- mouth and Wye bridges 7 11 8 The Blaenavon Iron Company, for stones 4 0 0 William Jones, for delivering stones at Kenvy bridge 3 0 0 Thomas Thomas, for work at Pontgilbert and several other bridges, and for delivering gravel, &c. 33 17 8 John Powell, for work at Skenfrith bridge 1 14 2 Richard Roberts, for mason work at Usk bridge 0 10 0 John Thomas, for providing stones, and hauling to and from House of Correction 19 6 8 Samuel Lucas, for cleaning and repairing roads at llhadyr and Usk bridges 2 11 0 HOUSE OF CORRECTION. The Governor, a quarter's salary 50 0 0 The Matron, dit'o. 7 10 0 The Chaplain, ditto 50 0 0 The Surgeon, ditto 26 5 0 William Jones, for bread 29 18 0 C. Ros,iter and Son, for oat meal 42 10 0 William Higgins, for Indian meal, &c. 18 10 0 John Merrett, for milk 31 1 10 Joseph Williams, for beef 10 0-11 Edmunds and Charles, for coal 23 2 0 Usk Gas Company, for cas. 27 18 0 William Thomas, for officers' uniform 23 5 f. Charles Stockham, for officers' boots 15 4 M James Williams, for sundries 35 18 5 J. H. Clark, f,)r stationery and books 10 17 7 C. and J. R. Price, ior stone cups 996 Francis Morgan, for It ather 7 II 9 John Cresse, for potatoes, &o. 5 5 9 F. Hoire, for mops 4 17 0 T. G. Matthews and Co., for chloride of lime. 1 18 8 John Edwards, for sundries 3 12 10 John Burfid1, for smith's «ovk 1 18 0 Richard Roberts, for sundries 0 15 0 H. Dowell, for posting 3 5 0 James Richards, for coopering 0 9 2 John Mo l'gan, for timber 15 2 James Jones, for tin work 1 12 6 James Parker, for oatineul 14 0 Thomas Farror, for advertising 0 19 0 John Aul.iy, for sweeping chimneys. 1 16 0 COUNTY GAOL. The Governor, one quarter's salary 45 0 0 The Matron, ditto 7 10 0 The Chaplain, ditto 30 0 0 The Surgeon, ditto 20 0 0 The Monmouth Gas Comptnv, for Gas and water 16 9 2 P. Teag le and Co., for coal. 12 3 8 F. Pugh, for bread. 11 0 9 J. V> hitley, ferment 612 W. Higgins for meal and groceries 28 12 11 T. S. iliiams, for milk and potatoes 21 7 2 E. Powell, for drapery 14 18 1 J. Barrett., for ofticers' great coats 13 16 0 G. R iberts, allowance for uniformanl boots 2 13 0 M. Coates, for ironmongery 4 11 4 W. Price, for leather 722 T. G. Reynolds, for paint 13 7 5 T. Farror, for stationery 1 17 6 Ditto, for advertising 10 0 R. Lane, for repairs 1 18 3 SHIRE IIALLS. The Monmouth Gas Company, for lights at Shire Hall, one quarter 2 2 0 Samuel i'each, for carpenters work at the Shire Hall, Monmouth 9 4 William Price, plumber, for repairs at Usk H.dl 110 Jane Read for winding the Hall clock, at Usk, during 18.13 220 Richard Roberts, for a coal scuttle for use at Usk Hall 3 6 David Roberts, for repairs at the County Gaol 10 11 10 James E Imonds, for plumber's work at ditto .5 12 41 REPAIRS TO GAOLS. Richard Roberts, for mason work at the Housa of Correction 2 10 0 Richard Lucas, for tiler's work at ditto 8 7 8 J. Williams and Co., for white lead, oil, kc., for use in painting interior of ditto 852 John E Ivvards, for copperas for ditto 5 0 CORONERS. William Brewer, coroner, quarter's account 18 16 2 Thomas 11 ughes, ditto, ditto 2.517 2 C. M. Ashwin, deputy coroner, ditto 50 5 8 W. II. Brewer, ditto, ditto. llu 17 6 MISCELLANEOUS. Samuel Millard, for maintaining, &c., John Evans, a pauoer lunatic, for 26 weeks, to Gth December, 1858 13 0 0 Edward Dowling, for advertising in MOUTUSHIRE MERLIN °. 23 1 6 Thomas Farror, for ditto in Monmouthshire B '-ico:I 22 1 0 Ditto, for insurance of Castle House against fire 2 5 0 J. H. Clitrk, for printing Register of Voters 35 0 0 Ditto, for stationery 19 6 John Merrett, a quarter's annuity 5 0 0 Edward Morgan, High-constable of Caerleon. 100 Morgan Evans. for printing and stationery 530 Inspector of weights and measures, a quarter's salary 18 15 0 John Mc Crohon, for apprehension expenses 10 17 10 E. F. Lipscombe 11i'to 3 19 3 The Cleik of the Peace, for preparing Register of -N-c,ters 76 3 0 Captain Carter, for coal, &c., used at the Custle House, Monmouth 4 6 7 CHARLES PROT HERO, Clerk of the Peace. Newport, 12th January, 1859. THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS JL for SATURDAY, JANUARY 15th, contains the fol- lowing splendid ENGRAVINGS -The Annual Ball of Nou-Commissioned Officers at the Royal Artillery Schools, Woolwich. Presentation of Colours to the 14th Regiment b." the Countess of Eglinton. Dvnevor Castle, Carmarthenshire. Portrait of the Very 'Rev. Harvev Goodwin, D.D Dean of Lly. St Mary Magdalen Chapel of Eiso and Schools at Chiswick. Wotton Church, Surrey. The Font in the New Episcopal Church at Dunkeld. Stuam Pleasure Yacut for the King of Ava. One of Xana Sahib's Palaces, near Xassick. Mushruff Khan and Wahid Ali. Fete to the Children of tho Royal Artillery Schools, Woolwich. Sketches from Central America Comayagua, the Capital of Honduras Church of the Mer- ced Gracias, Honduras; the Cathedral of San Salvador; Indians of Guajiqnero. The First Fall of Snow," drawn by Birket Foster. Bicester National Schools. The Fair at Seville," painted by J. A. Philip, A.R.A and 11. Ans lell (in Flatou's Collection at Leggatt's Gal- ISTY, Coi-iiliill). Steele and hh Children," painted by Eyre Crowe, jun., (from the Winter Exhibition, French Gallery) "Worcestershire Mummers," painted by C. Cattermolo. With the Latest Foreign and Colonial Intel- ligence. and all the News of the Week.—Price 5d. stamped. 61. Office, 198, Strand. Now Ready, VOLUME XXXIII. of the ILLl'S- T TRATED LONDON NEWS, elegantly bound in cloth, gilt, price 18s. in paper covers, 13s, Contaiui'.i Twelve Coloured Engravings, and Illustrations of I e iuos: important Events that have occurred during the past six months. Covers for Binding the Volume, 2s. 6d, Reading Cas 2s.; Portfolios, for Preserving the Numbers, 4s ° QUACKERY DHFEATED. EXTORTIOX- r £ H:S AXD MEDICAL CHARGES AWl.lslIhiX—A Hospital l'hysician.of 31 years'standing, ULIA lias had vast experience, and been successful in the treatment of thousands of cases of Nervous and General Debility, Loss of Failing Sight, Epilepsy, Consumption, Indigestion T'ldcaness, Headache. a;ul the long train of fearfu! diseases Known as nervous complaints, .will send gratuitously, post tree, to any sufferer, a copy of his Book, by the aid of which they may rec ver permanent health in an incredibly short time, at a trifling expense, and without recourse o any of the so-called remedies of the day, which are entirely super- seded by his discoveries. Address, enclosing two penny stamps (to pre-pay postage^, to Dr.THOMSON,28, Clarence-road,Kentish Town, London, Extracts from bona jide reviews:—"The doctor deserves all praise for issuing such a book the utility of which is undeniable."—Christian Times. "This work is 'popular' in very sense of the word AND its worth is untold."—Baptist 5 agatitis. "LIVELY can w reeommend a medical work, but we 1 Q IW. iu this iasuuic« Iwuesfcky."—Literary Guzttte. 2603 Notices. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. R4. P1 EORGE BATESOX, the original SODAWATER, I; LEMONADE & GINGEltADB MANUFACTURER, NEWPORT, .> ,A Monmouthshire. CCTjially wishing hia Friends and Patrons a happy and i. prosperous New Year, begs to |.j thank them most heartily for their i'1 !? jj kind support during the past one, i'; f I and to inform all consumers of hit unrivalled GIXGEBADE, SC., that, fi ''»•.] 'i* conscquenee of his great losses ;'k io Bottles, and other unavoidable exnenses, he is obliged to raise his GISGEBADE, &C., to their former •/ -'■j Prices. .| y ,1 N B G. B. takes this oppor- (•! ;i| ■ 11 tunity to inform his Fiiends and llllll tbe Public, that he is about to ADD to his BUSINESS a Small BREW ERY, when he hopes to obtain a share of their kind patronage for his GENUINE HOME-BREWED ALES. Dated 10th January, 1859. DEPOSIT AND DISCOUNT BANK— FI\ E PER CENT on sums for fixed periods, or at seven notice, or Three per Cent, at CALL. The Right Hon. the Earl of DEVON, Chairman. G. H. LAW, Manager. Offices: G, Cannon-street, West, 1. ,C. [2700 EAST INDIA H'lUSE, Dec. 31, 1858. THE Secretary of Sfca'e for India in Council publishes, for the information of the holders of Indian Government promissory notes, and of proprietors of transfer loan property, who may not be resident ilt India, the following notifications, which have been issued, by the Government of India, md published in the Calcutta Gazettes Extraordinary" of the 12th and 19th: November, 1868, respecti ve]y;- "NOTIFICATIONS. "Fort William Financial Department, the 12th Nov, 18-58. "No. 61. The holders of the Indian Government Promissory Notes are hereby informed that, ff (m) and after the 1st of December, 1S58, interest on their Promissory Notes will be made payable, if desired, at the East Iinua-hous9 in London, by bills on demand on the General Treasuries of Calcutta and Madras, subject to the rules »ud iemulations at present in force, or that may hereafter be issued by the Hon. the Secretary of State for India, or by this Government. "2. When holders of notes in Calcutta desire that the interest thereon should be made payable by bills issued in London, they must present their notes at the office of the Accountant-General to the Government of India, where an enfacement will be uiale on each of the notes in ques- tion, as follows Interest payable in London by draft on Calcutta (cr Madras, as the case may be). "3. Notes presented for cnf tcement at Bombay and Madras will be forwarded to the Accountant-General to the Government of India at this Presidency, by whom th& notes, after enfacement and registry, will he returned to the Presidency whence they were sent, for delivery to the hollers. 4 Notes presented for enfacement in India will ba doable-numbered, for transmission, if desired, by halves, in order to facilitate the issue of a duplicate in c&M of losa by transit. A fee of one mpec will be levied for the transfer enfacement an,l double IJl1mtering. "5 On pre.-entation of the trunsfeired notes at the East India-house, on or after the dates* on which the inte- rest falls due on the different Loans, drafts for the interest then payable will be granted on the General Treasury of Calcutta or Madras, after due examination and check of the notes. (Interest payable quarteily on dif- "1st 4 per rent. Loan of) ferent dates, varying with the la24-_j (Sicca) 1 date of original subscription to C tlie Loan. 2nd 4 per Cent (Sicca; of 1S2S-29 Dl«o -(Sicca) °f Interest pav b'e— aJ. i •• J 1st May and 1st November. vi d ^6r (-5' 31st March and 3!>th September. QI ♦ i o-:H3 lst February and Is t August dj per Cent. 18J3-54 2Sth February and 31st August. 6tli 4 per Lent, 30th June and 31st December. 5 per Cent. Public) Works Loan of 1654- -31st Murch and 33th Scrtcubcr 55 J 4i per Cent. of 1856-57 28tli February and 31st August. 5 per Cent, of 1856-57. 28til February and 31st August. "6. Whenever holders of such not-s may require inte- rest to be made payable in Im'.ia, the notes ¡Uust be presente,l to the East India-house, with an application to that effect to the Right Hon. the Secretary ot State who will cause the previous eufacements t > be cancelled, and a fresh enfacement entry to be made oa each note as follows I-NTErF:,T PAYABLE IN INDIA.' 7. Holders of promissory notes in London, on which, interest is payable by draft on Calcutta, may require drafts on in lieu, or virc- v<a. This object will be effected by a cancellation of the previous eriiacement on the notes, and by a fresh enfacement entr) to be made in Lon ion. 8. Every applicant, upon aendinp in a note for enface- ment, must in his appficttion state that he agrees to be bound by the rules which, for the time being, lo iy b3 in foice relative to notes enfaced for payment of interest in England. "9. Whenever application is made by the endorsee of a note for tLe payment of interest in Enghiud by drafts on the General Treasury at Calcutta or Madras, the applicant must. have his :;ote previously reuewe 1 in his own name. Any endorsement made in India, of an enfaced note will not be recognised in England. 10. Interest pivable in Sicca Rupees will be paid in England by bills for the equivalent aim-un*. in ompany's rupees, at the rate of Company's rnpjes UG 10-S :or every 10U Sicca Rupees. "11. Any charge incurred in England on account of stamps must be borne by the holdeis of the I'ro,ui ssory notes, and must be paid at the India-house, on application for drafts. "12. Enfaced notes will he received at the Klst India- house, fur renewal or consolidation or sub-division, and will be sent out from thence to < ale it i a, a receipt being given to the holder of the notes. T'o- new notes, when received from India, mAl not be (delivered except upon the production ot the receipt, and payment of a fee of 2s. for each new note, and the amount of pontage levied on the notes in tracsmissson to and from India. 13. No duplicate of a lost note, enfaced for payment of interest, in England, will e issued uniil notice of suell loss, and of an application having been made for a duplicate, been advertised in three success! of the London dazette, and also of the 'lines, or FU h oiher newspaper as the Right Hon. the Secretary of St ite may direct, in addition to the advertisements in Indi-t n quired by the rules for the time being in force in India and such duplicate will not be granted except at the Loan Office in Calcutta, and to the person nominated by the: Homo Authorities to receive the duplicate. "14. In all other respects the rules for th.2 time being iu force in In -ia, relating to the issue of duplicates of lost notes will be applicable to enfaced notes. 15. Interest will be payable only to the l ;a! holder of a note, and no trust will be recognised. By order of the Hon. the ?'re<i lent in Council, (Signed) C. HUGH LUSHINGTOM. Secretary to the Government of india. "FortWilliam, Financial Department, the 10th Nov 1858 "No. m. "With reference to the Notification f:oa 0ns dep.rt- p; V/Vited in8ti^. it i» b r. by t oufied t ,at the Rjjjht lion, the Secretary of S.ato o. India has determined to extend to proprietors of Transfer oan Pro- l>tr. J"> ^gistered on the books in India, tho advantage v.btch is enjoyed by the holders of i;otes of the Four per Lent. Loans, of subscribing to the rive per Cout. Iman, halt in cash and half in Transfer Loan security. By this arrangement, holders of Tran-for Loan property, registered on the Lon.ion books, will have the option, by transfer to the India boo'.s, and by then subsciioing to "the Five per Cent. Loan, of availing themselves of the gran's in Eag- bnd of bid for interest on Indian Loan securities, in com- mon with other creditors of the Government. No G4. beteas doubts have been entertained as to 'he con- struction of paragraph 9 of the Notifi at ion No 61, issued from this department on the 12ti, instant, telative to the payment of interest on Indian i; vcrnment promis- sory notes at the E"st India-house. in London, uv bills on the Treasuries of Calcutta and ad^ as, it, is hrr by notified that the application met.iioi.ed in pa ag-aph 9 of that Notification is the application for i.)ifaceme referred to in paragraphs 2 and 3, and thai e idorsements matte iot England of enfaced notes will be rèC"- nised in England. By order of the Hon. the President in Council, (Signed) ,:C. HUGH LUSHINGTON, Secretary to the Government of ludia-" J. COSMO MELVILL. NEWPORT DISPENSARY.