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CARDIFF. ATTEMPTED BUUGI.ARY.—On Sunday evening 1-st. between the hours of five and six o'clock, the attention of P.C. ( avit, while on duty on the Roath road, was at- tracted by the movements of two men, who weie also -viewed with suspicion by a young miln in the service, f Mr. Dobson, who joined the constable in watching them. It soon became evident that they had felonious de.-igns upon the residence of Mr. Edmonds, of DufTrjn V IHII., whose family had left for chapel but having misgivings that their proceedings were suspected, they decamped. One of them. an elderiv man, who gave his name as "William Thomas, of Worcester," was, however, cap- tured by Cavit, who was convinced that lie was right by finding a "jemmy" in his pocket. When searched at the Police Station, a remarkably neat collection of in genious implements for housebreaking purposes were found in his pocket, including a variety of skeleton keys and picklocks, and a kn fe, wi h different blades, ingeni- ously adapted for screwing into various positions, and suited for cutting wood in different directions. The pri- soner had been seen ab, ut a fortnight previously, in company with a well known character, called Tom Stocking, and a returned convict, passing by the name of Williams, who are both in custody oil a charge of burglary at Gloucester. In getting away from the police or. that occasion, they diopped a bag, containing various housebreaking implements. SIIOPLir. rING.-Oii Tuesday evening a Paisley shawl value 21, guineas, was stolen from the shop of Mr. W Hughes Thomas, Queen-street. On Saturday a piece of bacon, weighing 201bs., was stolen from the shop of Mr. W. Thomas, Hayes. POCKET PICKING.—On Saturday a purse was stolen from the pocket of Mr. Evan Thomas, grocer, Llantriss- ant, on the platform of the South Wales Railway station. The purse contained a cheque for £ 12 9s., and 10s. in silver. On the same day, the pocket of John Fry, labourer, of Llandaff, was picked of a purse containing 2 half sovereigns and 20s. in silver, while he was standing at a "Cheap Jack's" stall in Bute-street. On Friday the pocket of John Bartlett, labourer, of Pontyguescha, was picked of 10s. while lie was in a house of ill fame in "Whitmore-lane. COURT OF QUEEN'S h sen, WEDNESDAY.— Ford v. Stone -This was an action tried before Mr. Justice Crompton, at Cardiff, at the last summer assizes, when the plaintiff obtained a verdict, the defendant having leave to move to enter the verdict in his favour. The plaintiffs were coal proprietors at Porthcawl, in Gla- morganshire, and the defendant a merchant at Taunton, in Somersetshire, and the question was as to which of the parties was to bear the loss of a cargo of coals on board a vessel which foundered in the Bristol Channel. Mr. Grove, Q.C and Mr. Bowen showed cause against the rule, which was supported by Mr. GilTard and Mr. Hughes. Lord' Campbell said the defendant hid accepted the cargo, and was bound to pay for it. The cortr:i<relied upon had never been rescinded, and the •^rendaiit must, therefore, be considered as the pur- chaser. The other judges were of the same opillion- Rule discharged. ACCIDENT BY FIRE.-On Sunday morning as a servant girl was sitting at the kitchen fire of No. 13, George- street, Docks, her dress caught, and she was so severely burned that it was necessary to convey her to the in- firmary, CARDIFF POLICE.—MONDAY. [Before W. D. BCSHELL, E-q., and Dr. EDWAHDS.] William Thomas was charged with attempting to break into the house of Mr. Edmonds, Baffryn Villa, Roath- rnad.— P.O. Cavit, Xo. 32, stated that about o'clock on Sunday afternoon, he observed prisoner and another man going to the back of the premises of Mr. Edmonds, of Duffryn iLa, wiiere they attempted to pen the garden door; their movements being altogether ot a auspicious character, the constable apprehended the prisoner, but his confederate got away. On the prisoner's person he found a jemmy," and then took him to the Police- station.— Charles Phillips, servant to Mr. Dobsoa, on the Roath-road, said that he beard one of the men say 1, the other, Come o>n. its all right lie's u;, above." Soon after this he heard a dog bark and believing there was something wrong, he told a policeman, who said he bad bean watching toe men, and witness went, with him to the placJ "'here he took prisoner.—Superintendent Stock- dale said that w!:en he received the prisoner at t'.esta- tion, he gave Lis name as William Thomas, shoemaker, from "Worcester, lit had on his person a jemmy, a life preserver, a lamp of a kind used by burglars, a complete set of skeleton keys; pair of pliers, and an ingenious in. strument furnished with three knives, for cu'ting wood. —P.C. Rowe s tid be sn»v the prisoner about a fortnight ago in company With a returned coaviet. At that lime he with au.tbcr known thief, and on being j pursued, they dropped a bundle containing articles sinihir j to these found upon the prisoner, iwo of the paiiies are now waiting their t;ial at Gloucester.— Tl.e prisoner was committed fur tit; ee months with hard labour. STEALING CANDLESTICKS.—William I boa,as plea led guilty to a charge of stealing two bra-s candlecUcks from the Unicorn Inn, Crockberbl wn. He had gone into the j kitchen and asked the servant girl for a glass of beer; j while she was getting it, a couple of candlesticks vanished from the mantel piece, but were found in the prisoner's pocket as lie endeavoured to get out through a passage. He had some weeks since been found with a shawl in his possession, which was afterwards found to be a stolen one. He u'a8 committed for six weeks' hard labour. Charles Giifhth=, charged with assaulting the police at the Docks, was let off witb a fine of os. and costs, OD promise of bettei behaviour. John Hug"1 s> a "ell-known character, was charged with steaiiLg a piece of bacon from the shop of Mr. Thomas, grocer, 11aYlS, on Saturday night. The uitcon ■was lost while the shopman went in to tea, and the pri- soner was observed iiangino about the door for more than half an hour; but there beuig no evidence of the actual theft, he was dismissed. BRUTAL As.AULT.-John Couy was charged with riotous conduct at the Greyhound tavern, ndgc-atreet, and assaulting the servant girl. It appear- -tint when the defendant was leaving the house, he brojee a lamp the servant wanted him to come to sc'tl 1 '?r 't, vhen he seized lurhy the hair of her head, an "'c ed her on htr chest with such violence that she was una .e to speak for several hours, and unable to attend at t ie po ice court. Mr. Owen, who appeared for the defence, attempted to persuade the magistrates, with mere ingc- nU1 that the injury sustained by the girl was accidental, Urere having been a general row on the Eird'labour. eundant Wf's committed for two months' Thomas Williams, n, oi i ci i w.c I, na'^>d of the Shakespeare tavern, t tVo oVln P^r^itting drinking in his house at U o-o clock on Sunday morning. The police had great oi uc y ,u<jtlI|g an entrance, and when they got m, to .no a e breeds. of domestic uteu.ils and drinking cip«, "n9 of a rather extensive scrimmage, and the landlady was ln hysterics from the excitement, or from a blow. ^mtd 40s. and costs. Mrs. Johanna Allen, lanulady of the Cork and Water- I ,ll a CI- ford Tavern, was charged with Ttowing persons to drink in her house after 12 o'clock on Sunday night. p.g "Wines and P. C. Austin clearly proved the case. 2vlr. Owen defended, and it being the firs' offence, Mrs. Alien Waadischargtd with a caution. William Clarke, landlord of the Rose and Thistle, Maria-street, was convicted of allowing drinking ia his hoase during the hours of divine service on Sunday, the 2nd instant, and was fined 20s. and costs. Michael Welsh, a young but tall and powerful Irish- man, was chatged with wilful damage to the property of his molher-in-law, Mrs. Ellen Sullivan, who described herself as a 'one woman." On Christmas Eve he had relieved hiuiseif of his exuberant pints by beating his wife and breaking his mother-in-law's clock and crockery ware, which lie accomplished so thoroughly that she had not a single cup left to take her tay with." The de- ^enaant set up a claim to the furniture as his own, "j6' Carriage settlement," but it proved to be only a verbal with conditions which bad n(,t been iuialled. Defendant was therefore fined 15s. and costs, aDd in default" as committed to prison for one month.


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