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(I'lUlCltiOlt. DANCING AND CALISTHENICS. MISS PRICE begs to inform her friends that her JUVENILE CLASS will RE-COlIMENCE on WEDNESDAY, 26th January. Schools attended, and Private Lessons given at her Residence, as usual. 18, Hill-street, Newport. [2719 36, STOW-HILL, NEWPORT. MRS. BREWER and MISS JENKINS bear to announce that their Pupils will Re-Assem- ble on MONDAY, the 24th January. 3 VICTORIA-PL \CE, NEWPORT, MON. MISS HALL S BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL will be RE-OPENED on MONDAY, January 17th, 1859. f 2712 L DI E S SCHOOL. 5. CLIFTON PLACE. NEWPORT, MON. L DI E S SCHOOL. 5. CLI 1-TON-PL ACE, NEWPORT, MONT. MRS. SIMON NET'S SCHOOL will RE- OP I N on THURSDAY, 20th instant. Mons. SIMOXXET. Graduate of the University of Paris, gives Lessons in Ancient and Modern Languages, and Drawing. Schools and Families attended. [2716 PARK-STREET, NEWPORT. CLASSICAL and COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, conducted by J. B. NICHOLS. The duties of this SCHOOL will be RESUMED on MONDAY, the 17th inst. VACANCIES FOR Two BOARDERS. MATHEMATICAL AND COMMERCIAL ACADEMY MR. F. H. ROBARTS will Re-open his SCHOOL on MONDAY, 17th day of JAN., 1859. N.B.—A limited number of Boarders taken. 28, Llanarth-street, [2721 THE Duties of Mrs. CHARLES TASKER'S EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENT for a select class of YOUNG LADIES, will be Resumed on THURSDAY; the 2il.h instant. Drayton Villa, Maindee, near Newport, Jan. 6. [2715 MR CHARLES HENRY TASKER ORGANIST OF ST. PAUL'S, TEACHEll of the PIANO-FORTE and SINGING, begs to annonnce that be will Resume his TEACHING on THUKSDAY, the 2)th inst Drayton Viila, Maindee, January 13th, 1859. COMMERCIAL SCHOOL, 8, RUPERK A-STREET, NEWPORT, MON. MR. E. W. PERREN respectfully an- nounces that the duties of his Academy will be RESUMED on MONDAY, the 17th inst. [2730 MISS VAUGHAN'S SCHOOL will RE- OPEN on WEDNESDAY, the 26th of January, ISM- Adamsdown, Cardiff, Dec. 30th. 1858. [2713 SUMMER HILL HOUSE ESTABLISHMENT FOR YOUNG LADIES. ST. GEORGE'S, NEAR BRISTOL, GLOUCESTERSHIRE (Conducted by Mrs. SANDERSON.) MRS. SANDERSON respectfully announces to the Public and her Friends, that the duties of her School will be Resumed, D.V., the 18th of JANUARY, 1859. [2703 THE EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISH- MENT for YOUNG LADIES, conducted by Mrs. WILLS and Miss WILLIAMS, at No. 3, GRANBY HILL, CLIFTON, will Re-open on TUESDAY, the 18th JANUARY, 1859, when there will be vacancies for a few Pupils to supply the places of those who have just completed their education. References to ministers and the friends of former and present pupils. Terms, which are moderate, upon application. [2720 THE PROPRIETARY SCHOOL HEREFORD. J. J. LOMAX, HEAD MASTER, (Late Organising Master under the National Society in the Diocese of Hereford.) MONS W. P. ERNST, (Professor of Modern Languages ) Head Master's Assistant. MR. D. IYKLIS, CSt Mark's College,) Second Master. MR. J. ROBINSON, (Chester College ) Lecturer on Chemistry and Machinery. MR. R. B. BUSTIN, (Government School of Art,) Drawing Master. Boarders. £:30 per annum. School will Re-open on the 22nd instant. [2714 LONG AS iTON, NEAR BRISTOL. 1\/FRS. HOBDELL AND DAUGHTERS J^jL receive a limited number of YOUNG LADIES to BOARD aud EDUCATE. The course of Instruction includes every requisite of a finished English Education, with superior advantages for the attainment of Music, Singing, and the Modern Languages. The Pupils enjoy all the comforts of Home, and the constant companionship of the Principals. The present V:i c ition will terminate on the 22nd inst, Long Ashton, Janu ry 1st, 18.59. 2704 EDUCATION. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. AFTER the CHRISTMAS VACATION, the OTTERY ST M ARY SCHOOL will be removed to *ULLANDS HOUSE SCHOOL, TAUNTON. Fullands House is beautifully situated in about Twenty Acres of its own Grounds, one mile from Taunton. It is replete with every accommodation, having largo and well veutilate,l School-rooms. and excellent Dormitories, a dry Play-oround and a Field of several acres in extent, for Cricket, &c. an excellent aud safe Bath, supplied from a running strewn in fact, every convenience necessary for a First-class Schnol. After the Is', January, all communica, ioni are requested to be addressed to '• Fulland's House. Taunton" The School will RE-OPEN on the 24th JANUARY, 1859. Prospectuses, containing an exposition of the system, a view of the House, and a plan of the estate, will be for- warded on application and references given to Gentlemen residing in Monmouthshire and South Wales, whose sons are now in the School. WILLIAM REED, PRINCIPAL, 2652] Licentiate of tho 1 loyal College of Preceptors. Li)uc,k,rioN IN FRANCE. PE N S 1 O N N A T STE. BARB E, p ESTABLISHED 1830. At Graf dines, near Calais. Conducted by Mon=. SELANGUE, Member of the University of France. Ho ne comforts. Situation be-iitby, on the sea si<!e. Terms moderate. nrwonM For Circulars and References, address Mr. BENbUJN, Dock-street: Mr HUGH MORGAN, Comraerc al-street; Mr. J. M. SCO I T, "Lancashire" Insurance Offico Air. WILKES, Stow-hill Mr. PICKFORD. Clifton-place Newport; aud Mr. JOHN ROGERS, Ship Broker, Cardiff. Mons. SELANGUE will be at No. 9, Nurfolk-street, Strand, London, until the 25th inst. [2734 "CENTENARY OF BURNS. PUBLIC DINNER at the KING'S HEAD P HOTEL, NEWPORT, on TUESDAY, January 25, at SIX O'CLOCK P.M. On. n to all admirers of the Bard. TICKETS (INCLUDING WINE), 12s, TO BE HAD AT THE BAR. NOTICE. IN conse pence of an unexpected delay at COUK, the Cork Steam Ship Company's Steamer OSPKEY will NOT leave CARDIFi* for CORK, 15th inRt., as advertised.. OWEN and DOWNING, Agents. Bute Docks, January 12th, 1859. DR. DE JONGU S, (Knight of the Order of Leopold of Belgium.) LIGHT-BROWN COD LIVER OIL, Prescribed by the most eminent Medical Men throughout tbe world as the safest, speediest, and most effectual remedy for CONSUMPTION, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, GOUT, RHEUMATISM, NEITKALOIA DISEASKS OF TIIE SKIJf, ISPANTII.B WASTING, RICKETS, GENRILAL DEBILITY, AND ALL SCROFULOUS AFFECTIONS. DR. DK- .TONGll'S OIL is the most efficacious, the most palatable, and. from its rapid curative effects, un- questionably the most economical of all kinds. Its immeasurable therapeutic superiority over every other variety is established by innumerable spontaneous testimonials from Physicians and 1 Surgeons of European reputation. SELECT MEDICAL OPINIONS A. B. GRANVILLE, ESQ M.D.. F.R.S Author of the Sp- of Germany.' on Sudden Death," &-e., ait. Dr. Granville has found that Dr. Do Jongh s Oil produces the desired effect in a shorter time than others, and that it does not cause the nausea and indigestion too often consequent on the ad- ministration of the Pale Oils," CHARLES COWAN, ESQ, M D., L R C S.E Senior Physician to the Royal Berkshire Hospital, &-e. &o. Dr. Cowan is glad to find that the Profession has some rea- sonable guarantee for a genuine article, and wishes Dr. de Jongh every success in his meritorious undertaking." R. D. EDGCUMBE, ESQ.. M D., Surgeon to the. Royal Dispensary. London, ice., etc. "1 have used Dr de Jongh's Cod Liver Oil in my own family with^marked success, and believe it to be in its effects superior to every other preparation." gold ONLY in IMPERIAL Half-pints, 2s. 6d.; Pinta, 4s. 9d.; Quarts. 9s, capsuleù, and labelled with DR. nil JONGH's signa- ture, WITHOUT WHICH NONK CAN POSSIBLY BIC OE.JJUIKK, by reif- pectable Chemists. BOLE COBWGBIRS, ANSAR, HARFORD, & CO 77, STRAND. LONDON, W C. Purchasers are solicitously cautioned against proposed substi- tutions, as they proceed from interested motives, and ttill in- fallHly result in disappointment, (2723 Notices. NEWPORT DISPENSARY. THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Supporters of this Institution will be held (by permission of the Mayor) at the TOWX HALL, on THURSDAY, the 20th instant., at Twelve o'clock at noon precisely, in order to receive the Annual Report, and consider the present state of the Institution to appoint Two Surgeous, Treasurer, Secretary, and Eighteen Directors, for the year 1B59 and on other affairs of the Charity. J. F. THOMAS, Secretary. January 6th, 18-59. [2717 MONMOUTHSHIRE. COURT OF SEWERS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that an Adjourned General Court and Session of Sewers for the Levels of the Hundreds of Caldicot and Went- looge, in the County of Monmouth, will be held at the KING'S HEAD INN, in the town of Newport, in the said County, on THURSDAY, the 27th day of January instant, at one o'clock in the afternoon, when and where all persons who feel aggrieved by any presentm nit found against them at the last Court of Sewers, may attend and enter their traverse thereto, otherwise the same will stand confirmed. Dated this 11th day of January, 1859. A. WADDINGTON, Clerk. [2733 NEWPORT UNION. DESERTERS Or FAMILIES. WHEREAS several persons have lately left their families chargeable to this Union—ONE POUND REWARD wi:l be given for the apprehension of either of the following persons v:z SAMUEL SIBLEY, Sawyer, left his wife and 2 children. THOMAS REES, Smith's striker, left 3 children. JOHN MURPHY, of 26, Fothergill-street, left wife and 2 children WILLIAM JONES, Sawyer, 5, Winmill-street, left wife and 3 children. EUQENE alias OWEN Me CARTHY, 4, Reform-buildings, left wife and child. See the Union Gazette." By Order. Dated 5th January, 18-59. EAST INDIA HOUSE, 7th January, 1859. BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INDIA IN COUNCIL. rPHE FINANCE, HOME, aud PUBLIC 1 WORKS COMMITTEE HBttEBY GIVE NOTICE, that they will be ready on or before FRIDAY, the 21st instant, to RECEIVE PROPOSALS, in writing, sealed up, from such Persons as may be willing to Supply CAST STEEL FILES. HASPS, AND ITUBBEKS; and that tho conditions of the said contract may be had on application at the Secretariat Office, where the pro- posals are to be left any time before Eleven o'clock in the forenoon of the said 21st day of January, 1853, after which hour no tender will be received. J. COSMO MELVILL. gaiUvmj JUticcs. BRECON AND MERTHYR TYDFIL RAILWAY CAPITAL— £ 130,000. SHARES, £ 10 each. DEPOSIT, as. per share. PROVISIONAL DIRECTORS. J. PARRY DE WINTON, Esq., Maesderwen, Bre- conshire. J. P. W. GWYNNE IIOLFOKD, Esq., Buckland, Bre- consliire, and Kilgwyn, Carmarthenshire. HENRY THOMAS, Esq, Llwynmadoc, Breconshire, Director of the Vale of Neath Railway. G. T- CLARK, Esq., Dowlais House, Merthyr Tydfil. The Rev. WALTER JONES WILLIAMS, of Brecon and Cui, Breconshire COLONEL PEARCE, K.H., Ffrwdgrech, Breconshire. JOHN BOYLE, Esq., Chairman of the Rhyuoney Railway (With power to add to their number.) ENGINEERS. Messrs. BIRKENSHAW AND CONYBEARE, 22 Abingdon-atreet, Westminster. The PLANS, SECTIONS, and BOOKS OF REFE- RENCE have been duly DEPOSITED, according to the standing orders of Parliament. Prospectuses may be obtained at the Banks of Messrs. WILKINS & CO., at Brecon, Merthyr, and Cardiff; at the Offices of the Solicitors, Messrs. MAY HER Y & Co., Brecon and the local Solicitors, Messrs. MORGAN and SMITH. Merthyr; and Mr C WALDRON, Cardiff; and the Secretary, JOHN WILLIAMS, Cardiff, to whom applications for Shares should be addressed. 2-593] 1 >RECONSHIIlE RAILWAY & CANAL _L) COMPANY. CO){PANY. CAPITAL— £ 100,000, In 10,000 SHARES of £10 each. -DEPOSIT, £1 per Share. PROVISIONAL DIRECTORS. JOHN PARRY DE WINTON, Esq., Maes-l h k derwen, Breconshire. « JOHN POWELL, Esq., Watton Mount, and Clydach Iron Works, Breconshire. Jj g g Rev. HUGH BOLD, Brecon. Ja > S WALTER MAf BERY, Esq., Brecon. [ g> g, THOMAS DAViES, Esq., Llangattock Court, £ = _g "> Crickhowell. I -5 2;z; WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Esq., Aberbaiden, *= — Abergavenny. J53aa Colonel PEARCE, K.H., Ffrwdgrech, Brecon. JOHN EVAX S, Esq Old Bank, Brecon JOHN MAUND, E-q.. Duffryn Mawr, Abergavenny. WILLIAM DE WIN TON, Esq., The Priory, Brecon. EDWARD DAVIES, Esq Herbert Hall, Crickhowell. The Rev. GEORGE HOWELL, Rectory, Llangattock. HENRY TOOTAL, Esq., Fiuchley New Road, St. John's Wood, Director of the Newport, Abergavenny, and Hereford, and Worcester and Hereford Railway Companies. RICHARD W. JOHNSON, Esq., The Laurels, Edg- baston, Uirminghain, Director of the Oxford, Worcester, and Wolverhampton Railway Company. LIGHTLY SIMPSON", Esq., Gower-street, Bedford- square, Director of the Eastern Counties Railway Company. With power to add to their number. BANKKRS. Messrs. WILKINS AND CO., Brecon. Messrs. BAILEY, WILLIAMS, & CO., Abergavenny. ENGINEER—JAMES B. BURKE, Esq. SOLICITORS. W. T. MANNING, Esq., 20, George-street, West- minster. Messrs. MAYBERY, WILLIAMS, & COBB, Brecon. LOCAL SOLICITORS. B. J. GABB, Esq., Abergavenny. WM. LEWIS, Esq., Crickhowell. For Prospectuses and Applications for Shares, apply to JAMES PEIRCE, Secretary, Navigation House, Aber- gavenny. [2GH jV/IERTHYR, TREDEGAR, AND ABEll- 1VL GAVENNY RAILWAY. Capital £250,000, in 12,500 Shares of JE20 each. Deposit zC2 Os. Od. per Share. Such Deposit, 1 ss 5s. per Share towards preliminary and other expenses, to be returned, in the event of an Act of Parliament not being applied for next Session. DIRECTORS. CRAWSHAY BAILEY, Esq M P., Aberaman Park, Glamorganshire. JAMES CHARLES HILL, Esq., Llanwenarth House, Monmouthshire. JOHN JAYNE, Esq., Pant-y-Bailey Mouse, LUnelly, Breconsbire. EDWARD CHAULES CHETHAM STRODE, Esq., South Hill House, Somerset. HENRY THOMAS. Esq Lwyn Madoc, Brecknockshire, Chairman of the Quarter Sessions, Glamorganshire. SECRETARY. -A. T. GORDON, ESQ. ENGINEERS. Messrs. BTRKENSHAW and CONYBEARE, 22, Abingdon- street, Westminster. J. GARDNER, Esq., 18, Adam-street, Adelphi, London. SOLICITORS. S F. NOYES, Esq., 5 Lincoln's-iun-Fields, London. W. F. BATT, Esq., Abergavenny. LUCAL SOLICITORS. E. J. C. DAVIES, Esq., Brynmawr and Crickhowell. Messrs. MORGAN and SMITH, Merthyr and Aberdare. R. WATERS, Esq., Tredegar. BANKERS. Messrs. MASTERMAN and Co., 35, Nicholas- lane London. Messrs. BAILEY, WILLIAMS, and Co .Abergavenny. WEST OF ENGLAND AND SOUTH WALES DISTRICT BANK Tredegar. Messrs. WILKINS and Co Merthyr. BROKERS. Messrs. R. & J. SUTTON, No. 22, Royal Exchange, London. TEMPORARY OFFICES. 18, ADAM-STREET, ADELPHI, LONDON. Applications for shares may be made to the Secretary, Brokers, or Solicitors. [2510 gnsmrance jfoto. ACCIDENTS ARE OF DAILY OCCURRENCE. INSURANCE DATA show that ONE PER- SON in every FIFTEEN is more or less injured by Accident yearly. An Annual Payment of jM arenres A FIXED AILOWANCE OF £6 PER WEEK In the event of Injury, or £ 1 000 IN CASE OF DEATH, FROM ACCIDENTS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, By a Policy in the RAILWAY PASSENGERS' INSURANCE COMPANY, which has already paid in compensation for Accidents, £ 37,069. Forms of Proposal and Prospectuses may be had at the Company's Offices, and at all the principal Railway Stations, where also RAILWAY ACCIDENTS ALONE may be insured against by the journey or year. NO CHARGE FOR STAMP DUTY. CAPiTAL-ONE MILLION. WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary. Railway Passengers' Assurance Company, Offices, 3; Old Broad-street, London, E.C. [270 FELT HATS SUPERSEDED. JONES AND COMPANY, HAT MANUFACTURERS, 29, HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT, respectfully solicit attention to their STOCK of LADIES CLOTH HATS, in all the Newest Shapes, which for ELEGANCE, LIGHTNESS, and DURABILITY, cannot be surpassed, being made by First-class Workmen, andof then Best Materials. JONES & CO.'S SINEATOR BANDED HATS IN ALL THE PREVAILING SHAPES. SINCALOK WATERPROOF COATS AND LEGGINGS. Gentlemen's Ties and Collars, Umbrellas, Carpet Bags, Leather Hat Cases, &c., &c. [2620 ESTABLISHED 1812. HAND T. PROCTORS TUn NIP MANURE. JLJL a Messrs H. & T. P. draw particular attention to this valuable Manure, which contains all the elements neces- sary for the full development of the Turnip Crop, so combined that from their chemical knowledge and long experience, they ft el satisfied is most advantageous to the consumer. It has been very extensively used by most of the eminent Agriculturists of the day and has attained a high reputation throughout England, Scotland, and Wales, and, they venture to say, is unrivalled for the weight and quality of the Bulbs which it produces. The application of this Manure to the Turnips will be found to benefit considerably the after crops of Barley, Clover, and Wheat. POTATO, GRASS, BARLEY, CLOVER, & WHEAT MANURES. ALSO, BONE DUST, PERUVIAN GUANO, AND SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. WARRANTED OF THE BEST QUALITY. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. H. & T. P R () C T 0 It, WEST OF ENGLAND DEPOT FOR ARTIFICIAL MANURES, CATHAY, BRISTOL. N.B.—A Supply always on hand at the STORES, Mr. SWIFF'S WAREHOUSE, MONMOUTH. [26G7 DENTAL SURGERY. General Notice to Messrs. Mosely's Patients, and those who may wish to consult them. ATESSRS. MOSELY, SURGEON-DENTISTS, of 30, BERNER'S-STREET, OXFORD-STREET, London, o-fJL have the honor to announce that they will, for the future, devote one week in each month to their practice in the Principality, and by which means they hope to meet the convenience of their patients, and so prevent the necessity of their applying elsewhere during their absence. 5 kTheir days of attendance for JANUARY will be on MONDAY, the 24th, GEORGE HOTEL, Chepstow; on TUESDAY, the 25th, at Mr. WILLIAMS', saddler, next door to the ANGEL HOTEL, Abergavenny; on WEDNESDAY, the 26th, KING'S HEAD HOTEL, Newport; on THURSDAY, the 27th, CARDIFF AlDIS, Cardiff. Private apartments at all the Hotels. Attendance from Ten to Five. Single teeth, from 5s. Sets, from JB5. Stopping decayed teeth, 23. 6d. Messrs. MosELY beg to c ill the attention of their pa'ieuts, and those who may wish to consult them, that they can now supply Artificial Teeth, with GUTTA PEKCHA GUMS or LININGS, whereby all pressure upon the remaining teeth is avoided, and entirely superseding the use of wires or ligatures of any description. They are also the Patentees and Inventors of the new GUM-COLOURED COMPOSITION, which is added to the Teeth, and prevents the lodgment of the food, and which also restores that youthful contour of countenance, so necessary iu the adaptation of Artificial Teeth. Specimens of these beautiful and useful inventions may be seen, and every information given, free of expense. Every other description of Artificial Teeth, from one to a complete set, at half the usual prices. Stopping Decayed Teeth, Scaling, Children's Teeth attended, and every operation pertaining to Dental Surgery. [1926 MODEL FURNISHED ROOMS. MESSRS. TRAPNELL HAVE much pleasure in inviting the attention of PARTIES _H FURNISHING to their SUITES OF MODEL ROOMS, Recently added to their Premises, apart from the General Stock, for the express purpose of shewing Rooms of various Sizes and Classes, FURNISHED COMPLETE AND READY FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. They embrace every class, and afford such facilities of selection and arrangements, as cannot be found in any Estalishment in or out of London, and will always contain the Principal Apartments of a SIX ROOMED HOUSE, FURNISHED COMPLETE, FOR £ 16 3 EIGHT ROOMED DJ. Do £ 120 to £ 164 6 3 TEN ROOMED DO. Do £ 219 to £ 481 8 0 TWELVE R OMED DO. Do. JMOO to £1000 0 0 SEE OUR FURNISHING GUIDE, POST FREE ON APPLICATION. These Rooms, in connection with their Extensive MISCELLANEOUS STOCK, which is THE LARGEST IN THE WEST OF ENGLAND, Present advantages worthy the consideration If all who require REALLY SUBSTANTIAL FURN TURE, AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRiCE FOR C.4SH. CITY CABINET AND UPHOLSTERY MANUFACTORY, 2, ST. JAMES' BARTON. BRISTOL. ESTABLISHED MORE THAN THIRTY YEARS. [1979 NEWSPAPER FOR THE FARMING AND GARDENING INTEREST. Saturday, January 1, will be published, price Fivepeace, or Sixpence stamped, each volume complete in itself, Twentv-four, occasionally Thirty-two, Folio Pages, THE FIRST NUMBER FOR 1859 OF THE GARDENERS' CHRONICLE & AGRICULTURAL GAZETTE; A Weekly Record of Rural Economy and General News. THE HORTICULTURAL PART EDITED BY PROFESSOR LINDLEY. The FARMING PART (under the Editorship of a practical Farmer) treats of- The Practice of Agriculture Results of Experimental Farming Foresting Agricultural Science Growth and Rotation of Crops Road-makinps Animal and Vegetable Physiology Management of Stock Farm-Buildings Improvements in Implements, de- Veterinary Science Labourers scribed by Woodcuts whenever Drainage Treatment of Poultry requisite. Irrigation Agricultural Publications Improved modes of Husbandry. I In short, whatever affects the beneficial employment of capital inland. Reports are regularly given of the English, Scotch, and Irish Agricultural Societies and FarnierW Clubs-London Markets Prices of Corn, Hay, Cattle, Seeds, Hops, Potatoes, Wool, Coal, Timber, Bark, &c., and the Weekly Averages. An Edition is also published every Monday in time for post, containing -Reports on Mark Lam and the Cattle Market. As REGARDS THE GARDENING PART, (under tbo Editorship of Dr. Lindley) the principle is to make it a weekly record of everything that bears upon Horticulture, Floriculture, Arboriculture, or Garden Botany, and such Natural Historv as has a relation to Gardening, with Notices aud Criticisms of all Works on such subjects. Connected with this part are WEEKLY CALENDARS OF GARDENING OPERATIONS, Given in detail, and adapted to the objects of persons in every station of life so that the Cottager, with a few rods of ground before his door, the Amateur who has only a Greenhouse, and the Alanager of Extensive Gardens, are alike informed of the routine of Operations which tie varying seasons render necessary. It moreover contains Reports of Horticultural Exhibitions and Proceedings—Notices of Novelties and Improvements—in fact, everything that can tend to advance the Profession, benefit the condition of the Workman, or conduce to the pleasure of his Employer. Woodcuts are given whenever the matter treated of requires that mode of illustration. REPLIES TO QUESTIONS connected with the object of the Paper are also furnished weekly. Lastly, that description of DOMESTIC AND POLITICAL NEWS is introduced which is usually found in a Weekly Newspaper. It is unnecessary to dwell on this head further than to say, that the Proprietors do not range themselves under the banners of any Party; their earnest endeavo Irs are to make THE GARDENERS' CHRONICLE AND AGlU- CULTURAL GAZETTE a full and comprehensive Record of Facts only-a Newspaper in the true sense of the word- J leaving the Reader to form his own opinions their object being the elucidation of the laws of Nature, not of Man. ( The reader is thus furnished, IN ADDITION TO THE PECULIAR FRATURES OF THE JOURNAL, with such information concerning the events of the day, as supersedes the necessity of his providing himself with any other Weekly Paper. Office for Advertisements and Communication?, 5. Upper Wellington-street, Covent Garden, London. & Parties intending to commence with the New Volume had better give their Orders at once to any Newsvendor. f2687 10 HOUSEKEEPERS AND HEADS OF FAMILIES PATENT LENTILIZED COCOA ii superior in nutritious element to all others, and being easv of digestion, is better adapted for a general beverage than either Tea or Coffee. Copies of the Reports of Professoi Letheby and Dr. Hassail, on the invaluable properties of the Lentilized Cocoa, may be obtained from Taylor Brothers, Cocoa Merchants, London (the exclusive Manufacturers of the article), and a!so from the pr n- pal Grocers throughout the Kingdom, who are now selling the Lentilized Cocoa in Canisters at Is. 6d per lb., and a superior Lentilized Chocolate at 2s. per lb. None is genuine unles signed "TAYLOR PRO THEHS. [2615 CERTAIN RELIEF HOlt THE AFFUCJ ED. DR. SCOTT'S BILIOUS AND LIVEH. PILLS, PREPARED without any Mercurial ingre- dient. from the recipe of 1 >r. Scott, of Bromley .Kent. These Pills will be found invaluable to all who suffer from bilious and liver complaints, indigestion, wind, spasms, giddiness, dizziness of the eyes, and many oiher symptoms which none but a sufferer can describe. For habitual costivene>s, and as a family aperient medicine, they are tiuly excellent; mild in their operation, and grateful to the stomach, they create appetite, promote digestion, and strengthen the whole nervous system. Surprising Cure of a Cou^h, Pain in the Head and Stomach of many years standing, by the use of Lambert's Asthmatic Bal- sam and Dr. Scott's Bilious and Liver Pills. To Mr. W. Lambert, chemist, 20, Jermyn-strcet, London, Nov. oc, 18.57.—Dear Sir,—I have this morning received a testimonial to'the efficacy of your valuable medicines, of which I send you a verbatim copy. I am satisfied it is a most extraordinary cure the woman and her husband speak in such strong terms. 1 hey are operatives, and 1 think they must have had great difficulty in obtaining the money to purchase the medicines with, these very oppressive times but this tt-stimonial is a great feature in the man's good wishes to his fellow-countrymen. H. MAIDEN, Chemis', Bury, Lancashire. 8ir,-1 feel thankful to inform you of the benefit receivod by taking your valuable medicines, (purchased from Mr. H. Maiden, your ageixt in Bury). I have for many years been afflicted with a severe coush, lick headache, and indigestion. After all other remedies had failed, I resolved to try your medicines, and after .aking three boxes of Dr. Scott's pills, and four bottles of the Asthmatic Balsam, I am glad to say they have perfectly restored .ne to good health, which i am now enj yiiig. I strongly recom- mend the medicines to all my friends and neighbours and you are perfectly free to make any use of this you please, as I should much regret if the extraordinary qualities of your balsam and pills were not universally known. Am! DAWSON, '.Valker-st., Bury, Lancashire. Effectual Cure of Indigestion and Loss of Appetite. The Hall, Ashbourn, Derbyshire, April 2, 185(5. To Mr. W. Lambert.-Sir,-It is with much pleasure I make this communication to you. For a long time I iiad been in a most delicate state of health, and a great suflerer from violent pains in the chest, indigestion, accompanied with sickness and almost total loss of appetite. Although under the care of several eminent medical men, I found no relief from the medicines pre- scribed for me. anil had almost given up all hopes of recovery. I was induced by the advice of a friend who had been cured by Dr. Scott's Bilious and Liver Pills" of a severe liver complaint, to give them a trial. After taking the contents of a small box I found great reli-f, and with a little perseverance with them, my health is perfectly restored. and I can now enjoy my food and pursue my avocations with ease and comfort. A wish to aid in the lleviation and cure of others similarly situated, is my motive for sending you this voluntary testimonial to the great efficiency of your excellent medicine.-Should you wish to make this public, you have my free permission to do so. I am. yours obliged, M .KI BURROWHAK Prepared only by W. Lambert, Chemist, 20, Jermyn street, Haymarket, London, in boxes, Is. Ijd., or three boxes in one, 2s. 9d., and sold by the Venders of Medicine throughout the Kingdom. IMPORTANT CAUTION.—Be sure to ask for Dr Scott's Bilious and Liver Pills. If you ask for Scott's Pills" you will get quite a different medicine; if you a-k for bilious and Liver Pills," you will get a spurious compound, which, if taken, will not have the beneficial effect. Take down the particulars—" Dr. Scott's Bilious and Liver Pills." He sure they are a square green package, with Wm, Lambert, 20, Jeimyn-street, engraved in white letters on the red ground of the government stamp. It frequently occurs that Druggists impose Oil their customers a Scott's Pills" in an oval box, which is quite a different medicine, and causes much disappoint- ment, as their medicinal effects are so opposite. Should any difficulty occur in obtaining the pills, send 16 or 37 postage-stamps to the establishment, and they wiii be forwarded free. [2609 THE CHEAPEST and BEST RANGE can be procured at 22, HIGH-STREET, BRISTOL. 77, 7", J FLAVEL'S PATENT., TK-ITCH-tNER. Prices of Leamington KITCHENERS, from 3 to 12 feet long. ROASTER and SIDE BOILER, 3 ft. long, dB5 5s., and 3 ft. 6 in., E6. ROASTER and OVEN, without Boiler, with Draw-out Stand, Double Drip Pans, Meat Stand, Ash Pan, Gridiron, Back and Side Skirting, Hot Plate, whereon as many vessels may be kept boiling as will stand upon it, without soiling them, 4ft., jEJl; 4ft. 6in. jEll 18s.; ft., dE12 Hk ROASTER and OVEN\ with Drip Pans, &c., &c., wrought Iron Back Builer, suitable for B:Lth and Kitchen use, Plate ltack, kc., complete, 4 ft. 6 in., JBi8 4s. 5 ft.. £ 19 8s. 6 ft., £ 21 16s. ROASTER, OVEN, & HOT CLOSET, with wrought Iron Hack Boiler, &c., complete, 6 ft. 9 in., E25 7 ft. 6in. £ 26 7s 8 ft., £ 27 0s. 61. 9 ft., £ 28 7s 6d. Two Complete Roasters, Two Ovens, or Hot Closets, large Wrought Iron Bath Boiler. &c.. &c., furnished complete, 9 ft £ 40 10 ft. £13; 11 ft., £4:6; 12 ft., £49. Larger made to order. HENRY LEONARD, Manufacturer Patent Washing Machines. Mangles, &c.,&c PRICES OF OVEtf GIIATES. Oven & Share. Oven & Sham. Oven & Boiler £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. 2ft. 6in 0 14 9 0 19 0 1 2 9 3ft. Oin 0 16 8 1 1 0 1 6 9 3ft. 6in 1 1 10 1 8 6 1 14 Improved GAS STOVES, for Heating Halls, Conserva tories, &c and for Cooking. [2519 BANK OF DEPOSIT. Established A.D. 1844. 3. PALL MALL EAST, LONDON. T) A R T IE S desirous of INVESTING P MONEY are requested to examine the Prospectus and Plan of THE BANK OF DEPOSIT, by which a high rate of Interest may be obtained with ample Security. Deposits made by Special Agreement may be withdrawn without notice. PETER MORRISON. Managing Uirector. BRISTOL BRANCH, 8, PAHK-STREET, C. W. PORTER, Manager. Forms for opening Accounts sent free on application. [2728 IF the HEIR-AT-LAW of Mr. JAMES L THOMAS DALTON, formerly of MAGOR, but late of CALDICOT, both in the County of Monmouth, GROCHR, deceased, will. within fourteen days from the date her iof, apply to me, he may be able, upon satisfactory proof, to receive a sum of money otherwise the amount rhereof, less the expenses, will be paid into the Bank of England, to the account of the Accountant General of the High Court of Chancery, under the provisions of the Trustee Relief Acts. Dated this 5th day of January, 1859. J. K. SMITH, Solicitor, 27231 Newuham, Gloucestershire. (Ta he LLANTARNAM ABBEY ESTATE. LAND TO LET FOR THE ERECTION OF MANUKACrUJUNG PREMISES. rrO BE LET, adjoining the RAILROAD, X at Cwmbran, several Lots of Land, with ample FRONTAGE, for the Erection of Manufacturing Premises, 3Lnd the building of Workmen's Cottages. Apply to Messrs. CORNELIUS EVANS and SON, Valuers and Estate Agents, High street, Newport, Monmouthshire. [1277 RPO BE L E T, Large and Commodious 1- centrally situated, being contiguous both to the Shipping and Railway. —Also, a spacious STABLE and COACH-HOUSE—Apply at tho SHIP AND CASTLE INN, bottom of Corn-street, Newport". [2724 TO BUILDERS AND OTHERS. TOWN OF CARDIFF AND NEIGHBOURHOOD. \R ALUABLE BUILDING LAND TO T BE LET for a lorin of 99 Years. At ROATH- Houses o 18ft. and 20 ft. Frontages,also Villa Frontages. At LLANDAFF—Do. do. At NORTH ROAD—Do. do. At TONGWINLAIS and POKTOBELLO- 16ft. and 18ft. Frontages, M Advances can be made to responsible parties on the above buildings, commencing WHEN the first floor of Joists re laid on. Apply to Mr. Joil N- WILLIAMS, at his Offices, 4, Elm-street, Roath Road. j ROPE WALK. A Piece of LAND TO LET for the above purpose, within ten minutes,' walk of the Docks, 9:10 feet lorn;, 30 feet wide.— Apply as above. [2029 R|^0 BK LET, with immediate possession, JL that desirable Family Resi lence, BIlVRNDERYN VILLA, Maindee, in the occupation of Mr. Mid Ueton.— Apply to Mi-s. PRD'Ji, 18, Mill-street. Newport. [2663 TO BE LET, the LAKGK CELLARS JL nnder the NEW CUSTOM HOUSE, with Crane and Front Entrance, in DOCK-STREET. -Apply to Mr. WM. HUNT, Park-place, Newpoit. [2677 RFO BE LET, a convenient HOUSE, No. 14, JL HILL-STREET, Newport.-Apply to Mr. HOLMES, 55, High-street. [2690 ^RO BE LKT, that Old-Established CORN JL and PROVISION' WAREHOUSE, with Cellars, No. 25, LLAXARTH SrREET, Newport, close to the River, Canal, an Railway. A good Dwelliug House adjoining, may be had if required. For particulars, apply on the Premises; or to Mr. JOSE PH H. LOB- BETT, System-street, Splott, near Cardiff. [2697 RPO BE LET, with immediate possession, a JL GENTEEL RESIDENCE, situate about ha'f a mile from Newport, on the Chepstow-road, consisting of Six Bedrooms, Two Front Parlours, Two Pantries, a good Kitchen, and Back Kid-hen, Stable and Garden, and a good supply of Water. Apply to Mr WILLIAM HOPKINS, Hair Dresser, 50, High-street,, Mon. IRON FOUNDRY, NEAR NEWPORT. T^OH S A.LE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, I or TO BE LET, with immediate possession, the "TYDEE IRON FOUNDRY," with the Water-course and Pond, Blacksmiths' and Cn Renters' Shops, Fitting- up Shops, Turning llooms, and Dwelling-House belonging thereto, situate at llassalleg, within about two miles of Newport. The premises arc held by lease from Sir Charles Morgan, for an unexpired term of 32 years, at an annual rent of £ 5 5<. Apply to Messrs GllATIAM and CO., Auctioneers, Newport; or to Mr. CHARLtiS HASSELL, Solicitor, Bristol. [2615 Wanted WANTED to RENT, from Lady-day next, 1859, a SMALL FAMILY HOUSE, "Fur- nished," situated in the country, and within a mile of a Catholic Chapd, and within its own grounds and if the place suited, the advertiser ini.:ht take a lease after a trial.- Ad,lrcss, by letter, prepaid, to A. B.MERLIN Office, Newport. AGENCY FORTVALUABLE MANURE. VIT ANTED, respectable AGENTS for a I F MANURE which commands a ready Sale, as its goodness is certified by 3,00J Testimonials from all parts of the United Kingdom, ADD hy many FANNERS who have used it several years.-Address.with occupation and references, N.Y., t Messrs. J. and E. Saunders, 4 Cannon- street, Loudon. PUBLIC CAB. MR. JOHN STRONG, from Cardiff, begs respectfully to intimate to the inhabitants of Newport and its vicinitv. tint he has commenced PLY- ING FOR HIKE in NEWPORT, with a U ANSOM CAB and a FLY with one or two horses, with which to meet all Trains an L the Steam Packets, at moderate rates. Orders received at Mr. J-)YN"ER'S, Parrot Hotel, j Commercial-street, and puuotudly attended to. [2736 — — UNDER DISTINGUISHED PATRONAGE. TOWN flALL, PONTYPOOL. ( MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 17th, 18-5^. ) MISS MONTAGUE has very kindly con- sented to repeat her original M ESM ERIC ENTE R- fAIN:ÜEXT, for this UI^HT only, on the Reading Hooin and Library, Pontypool. Miss M. has given up I )ther engagements iu order that the hundreds of persons i who were unable to obtain admission on Wednesday last may witness the Experiments. Miss M will visit Aoer- ( ;avenny and 'L'redeg ir in a F-»W days. See bills. | AGENTF R MINTORN S WAX CFC PAPER FLOWER | MATERIALS, HOPKINS, 50, H I G !I S T R )': R T. NEWPORT. ^—■ ( £ miflvaiion. J.VOTICE.-I lie I. White Star" Clippers, comprising the largest, finest, and fastest clippers in the world, will be despatched punctually al noon of the 1st and 20th of wcry month. "WHIiE STAR" LINE OF BRITISH AND AUSTitALIAX EK ROYAL MAIL PACKETS Q A 1 L 1 N G F R O ivi LIVERPOOL TO MELBOURNE, On the 1st and 20th of every Month, AND FROM [MELBOURNE TO LIVERPOOL, On ti,e)st of every Month. Passengers forwarded by steamers to all parts of Alls- tralia, Tasmania, &c., at through rates, Red Jacket,M H O'llalloran White Star.T. C. C. Ken- Prince oftheSeas IT.A.Brown Star of the East.Gaggs Blue Jacket Clarke Shalimar J. R. Brown Mermaid Jas. White Arabian .M. Gandy Beechworth Thus. Frain Sirocco.J Flood Cyclone Geo. Kerr Sultana Brewster AND OTHER CELEBRATED CLIPPERS. Prince of the Seas.H. A. Brown 1427.4-51)0.TAN 20 Bluejacket J.Clarke .1042.3500.Feb. 1 Arabian .M. Gaudy 1103..35F)0.Feb. 20 Passengers embark on the 19th and 31st January. PACKET OF THE 20th JANUARY, The very maguificent clipper "PRINCE OF THE SEAS," 1427 tons register, 4500 tons burthen, Capt. H. A. Brown. The Prince of the Seas" is one of the largest, hand- somest, and fastest c'ippers afloat; she was designed ex- pressly for the Australim passenger trade, and is comp ete in every essential for the general comfort of all her pas- sengers, She has sailed, heavily laden, the extraordinary distance of 392 knots, or 431 statute miles, in one day, a rate of speed surpa- sing some of the fastest clippers afloat. Her saloons are sumptuously furnished, and supplied with bedding, linen, piano, library, chess boards, &C the ship also carries a cow for the use of saloon passengers- HER second cabins are in front of the poop, asd fitted up IN an elegant and superior manner whilst the between decks are extensive, lofty, and thoroughly ligh'ed and ventilated. For Freight or Passage, aoply to the owners, H, T. WILSON and CHAM 13ERS," 2!, Water-street, Liver- pool C N. NAISH, 29, Llanarth-street Newport or to W. H. WHITELOCK. 3, OIF.NL-terrace, Wide- marsh-street, Hereford. [706 WHITE STAH." LINE OF BRITISH AND AUSTRALIAN EX-ROYAL MAIL PACKETS. -FCLSK RAILING BETWEEN LIVERPOOL AND MELBOURNE, O" the 1st and 20th of every month- On the 1st and 20th of every month. And forwarding Passengers by Steamers at through rates to all parts of Australia. PACKET OF THE 1st OF FEBRUARY, The beautiful new clipper ship "B L U E J A C K E T," Captain Clarke; 1042 tons register 3500 tons burthen. This elegant clipper is sister ship to the celebrated clippers Mooresfort," "Genii," and" Sir W. F. Wil- liams" (which made her last passage home from Australia in 67 days), and was built expressly for this trade. Like her companion ship the Red Jacket," she is of exquisite symmetry, her lines are remarkably sharp, and she is ex- pected to prove one of thef istest clippers in the world. Her main saloon is a magnificent kpartment, fitted up with great splendour, and rpplete with every appliance for the luxurious enjoyment of the voyage. A piano, library, linen, bedding, chess boards, &c., aie provided for the saloon passengers, for whose use a cow is also carr ed. The accommodations for second class, intermediate, acd steerage passengers cannot be surpassed. For freight or passage, apply to the owners, H. T. WILSON & CHAMBERS, 21, Water-street, Liverpool C. N. NAISH, 29, Llanartb-street, Newport; or to W, H. WHITELOCK, 3; Oxford-terrace Widcmarsh-street, Hereford [2686 cJtemn Cammumatian:. Winter Arrangements On and After 1st October, 1858 WATERFORD, LIMERICK, AND SOUTH OF -J IRELAND. fa|J^r)AILY COMMUNICATION JL/ (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED) BY ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. First-class Steamers (in connection with the Great West- ern and South Wales Railways), carrying Her Majesty's Mails, leave the Milford Haven Railway Pier on the ariival of the 9 30 a.m. Express Train, at 8 p.m., and 6.10 a.m. Third Class Train, leaving Paddingt^n daily. Returning from U'.iterford on the arrival of the Limerick Train at 3 p.m., reaching Milford Haven, (wind and weather permitting.) so as to secure the departure of the 9.15 a.m. Express Train, reaching Paddingtou about 6.0 p.m., also the third class 7 o a.m. Tniin to London. Apply for Tickets at the iirst-class Railway Stations, Great Western and South Wales Railways; of Messrs. IM)11D & JACKSON, 36, Cannon street, London, and Milford Haveu or of Mr. DOWNEY, Adelphi Wharf, Watertord. through Fares-Loudon to Waterford, 50S, 40s., and 24s. (id. Intermediate Stations in proportion. Milford Haven to Waterford, 12s. 6d. and 7S. 6d. Sea passage only 70 miles. Letters intended to be forwarded bv this short and ex- pediitous route, must be addressed via PEMBROKE DOCK. [619 STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN CORK, CAKDTFF, AND NEWPORT. Ert" Cork Steam Ship Company's -V'^LF F 1 Screw Steamer OSPKEY," 700 Tons, ?V' 250 Horse-power, JOHN CROFT, Com- ^^AE^S^MANDER, is intended to ply as underneath, unless prevented by any unforeseen occur- rence, with or without a Pilot, with liberty to Tow Vessels, during the month ot JAN UARY.lSjS.— For CORK, from CARDIFF Saturday 1st, at 3 after NKWPOKT Saturday 8th, at 71 morn CARDIFF Saturday 15th, at 2 after NEWPOKT Saturday 22nd, at 7 £ morn CARDIFF .Saturday 29th, at 2 after From CORK, for NKwroitT Wednesday 5th, at 6 morn • CARDIFF Wednesday 12th, at 8 mom NEWPORT Wednesday 19th, at 2. after CARDIFF Wednesday 26th, at 8 mom Reduced Rates and Fares may be ascertained at the Agents Offices. Fares to Cardiff or Newport. Best Cabin, 173. 6d.; Deck, 7s, (No Steward's Fees.)—Return Tickets, available for one Month, 27s. llorses,Carriages, Live Stock. and Goods intended for Shipment, should lie alongside one hour before the time of sailing. The Company also give notice, that they will not be accountable or Passengers' Luggage, unless the value thereof be declared, and freight paid accordingly, at the time of shipment; and that Passengers from CARDIFF must obtain their tickets at the Office before going on board. Foi Freight or Passage, applv at the Company's Office, Cork or to Messrs. OWEN and DOWNING, Ship Brokers, Cardiff; or Messrs. ISENSON and MADDOCKS, Merchants, Great Dock- stieet, Newport [656 BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. "rP ft Bristol General Steam Naviga- .1., N JL tion Company's splendid Paddle Steamer WAFT 1TI "TAFF" Captain C. WHEELER, or other suitable v.;sst;), will ply dnnng the ensuing Week as follows:— /■' ■s' to Jscivport. Newport to bristol. JANUARY. JAXL-ARY. Monday 17 41 after Saturday 15 1 after Wednesday 19 61 morn Tuesday 18 4i after Thursday 20 6J after Thursday 20 6 mom Saturday 22 81 morr Friday 21 7 morn To and Fro from Bristol. **F A Waiting room is provided opposite the Landing Place at Hotwells, where Passengers are taken on board free of charge, about fifteen minutes after the time stated in the ills for sailing from Bathurst Basin. A Packet from the Hotwells to and from PORTISHEAD daily (Sundays excepted). 1 ARES—After Cabin, 3s Front Cabin, Is. 6d. ToandFrosame day, AfterCabiu, 4s.; Fore Cabin, 2s. Four-wheel Carriage 18s.; Two-wheel ditto, or light Photon, 8s.; Two-wheel Carriage, or LIPFHT Phcoton, drawn by one horse, with Driver, 12s.; Horse, 5s.: Horse and Rider, 6s., Dogs, Is. each. Refreshments may be hacl on board at moderate charges. Horses and Carriages shipped atBathurstBasin one hour before sailing, Further particulars may be obtained at the Bristol General Steam Navigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol, where all Goods, Packages, Parcels, &c should be addressed. Bills and other information can be obtained of Mr. JOHM JONES, Hownham Wharf.tHotweUs; or of Mr. R. P, JONES Rodney Wharf, Newport. Bristol to Cardiff. Water mark, near the publit JANUARY. road; but no charge will be Monday 17 4 aftel, made for small parcels carried Wednesday 19. 6J morn on shore by the Passengers. For Friday 21 8i morn particulars, apply to Mr. T. Cardiff to Bristol. GEEN, Lyn Cliff Terrace. JANUARY. Bristol to Tenby th Carmarthent Saturday 15 121 noon JAXFARY. Tuesday IS 3i after Thursday 20 7 after Thursday 20 5 after Tenby only. Saturday 22 7 morn „ Tenby to Bristol. Bristol to Tiideford, T,j>nmouth, JANUARY. fiiid Ih'racoinbe. Tuesday IS JANUARY. FABE>—VV.tln, 13s. Cliriiren » Tuesday 18 6 morn under twelve e*rs. 6r. Cer- Friday 21 Si morn vants in the Cabin, Ss ^INCLUDING Tiideford, Lynmouth, and Vfra- ,FEES-J Fore Cabin, combe to Bristol ,S HTU '"WREN nnder twelv# J \N'I: UU- years, 4s. Carriage, 42s; Pair- Saturdav 15 121 noon horsephseton,31s6d; Smallone- FERR'ASX ARSE'S?* rvitnrdiiv 2« 7 morn T1 Y RETURN CABIN TICKETS avail From Ilfracombe, weather per- able 10 days, 15s or 20 days, nitting, 4 hours after leaving 18s.; with the option of return- L*ideford. by either of the Company's From Lyrimoutli, weather per- Steamers plying between Bristol nitting, J hours after LEAVING and Tenby, Carmarthen, Pem- Bideford. broke Dock, Cardiff or Newport. )s!, Fore-Cabin,F5s' NFRL^MBE' Bristol to Pembroke Dock.Milf(JT(I, )-i., Ilfrac(imbe B.'st Cabin. Ss Fore-Cabin, 5s: «lid ^averfordtc^st. LYSMOUTU—The above steamer JANUARY. lalls off Lvnmouth on the voy- Tuesday 18 5$morn IN-E to and from Ilfracombe, TUESDAY 23 10 morn .veather permitting, where a AUES Cabin, 13s., Deck,7S6D argeboatexclusivelyemployed j Pembroke Dock to Waterford. s alwavs in attendance for land- The "JUVERNA" as soon iig and embarking Passengers, after arrival from Bristol as >n payment of Is. each. Luggage circumstances will permit. ;o be paid for at the rate of (id. FARES.—Best Cabin, 12s. 6d. jer package, delivered to High Fore-Cabin, 7s 6d. NOTICE.—The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets will net lie accountable for any Cabin Passengers' Luggage (if lost or lamaged) above the value of L2: nor for any Deck Passengers Lug-gage (if lost or damaged) above the value of 20s unless in jacli case entered as such, and freight in proportion paid for the same, at the time of delivery, nor will they be answerable for my other parcel, above the value of 40s. (if lost or damaged) un- ess entered as such, and freight in proportion paid for the same it the time of delivery. 40 BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. NOTICE—A comfortable Waiting-room is provided at Rownham FelTY, and Passengers and heir Luggage are embarked and lauded free of expense. — s 'X^HE New Steam Packet Com- ?"Y~" L L>>ny (Limited) hereby announce 8 -FL PXT tiiat their fast-sailing Screw Steamers, AVON," A\ HOWE, Commander; "SEVERN," T. LODGE, Commander; unless prevented by any unforeseen occurrence) are intended M IAIL as follows, during the month of JANUARY, 1839:— brom Bathurst Basin, Bristol. From Beaufort Wharf, Newport 1 Saturday—NO sailing. p 1 Saturday 2 45 after P 3 Monday 5 45 morn 3 Monday —no sailing. P 4 Tuesday 5 45 aftei P 4JTuesday 5 0 mom 5 Wednesdav—no sailing P 5 Wednesday 5 15 after ? 6 Thursday 7 15 morn 6 Thursday-no sailing. A 7 Friday .730 morn p 7 Friday 6 45 mont p 8 Saturday 8 15 morn 8 Saturday—no sailing. H 10 Monday 9 15 mom p 10 Monday 8 0 morn p 11 Tuesday 9 4.3 morn M 11 Tuesday 8 45 morD U 12 Wednesday ..10 15 morn p 12 Wednesday 9 15 morn p 13 Thursday .11 30 morn 51 13 Thursday .10 30 mors M 14 Friday 12 45 after P 14 Friday .11 30 morn P 15 Saturday 2 after it 15 Saturday 1 0 after M 17 Monday 4 15 after p 17 Monday 3 0 after R IS Tuesday 5 30 morn is 18 Tuesday 4 30 after ;9 Wednesday—no sailing. p 19 Wednesday ..5 0 after ,V, P 20fThursday 7 0 morn p 20 Thursday 6 0 after P 21 Friday 8 0 morn ^1 I- riday—no sailing. M 22 Saturday 8 30 morn P 22 Saturday 7 0 mon p 21 Monday 9 30 morn M 24 Monday 8 45 morn M 25 Tuesday .10 O N101'1' P 25 Tuesday. 9 0 morn p 26 Wednesday ..10 45 morn M 26 Wednesday .10 0 morn M 27 Thursday .I* morn p 27 Thursday.10 30 morn P 2S*Friday 0 after 11 2S"Friday .12 0 noon M 29 Saturday 2 0 after p 29 Saturday 1 15 after p 31 Monday 4 15 after M 31 Monday. 15 after The days on which Passengers are taken, M Merchandise only To and From Cumberland Basin. t To and Fro from Bristol. t To and Fro from Newport. FARES:—Alter Cabin, 3s. Fore. Cabin, I- 6d.; To and Fro iiI same day (provided n To and Fro Ticket be taken) Aj ter Cabin, 4,. i Fore Cnhia, 2.v.; Four-Wheel Carriage, ISs. Small Four- Wheel Corrvujp^ 12s. c>d (,Iig, or Light Ph(,,t-, S.,?.; Ditto, with Horse, and Driver, 12s.; fTorse, 5s Horse and Rukr, 6s.; Dogs, Is. each. Refreshments may be had 011 board. Horses and Carriages must be alongside Two Hours Vtfore thi advertised time of sailing, to ensure shipment. Goods, Carriages, and lIor>es,on deck at shipper's risk. Live Stock shipped and landed at the owner's risk. Return Tickets will be issued from Saturday to Monday, at TO and Fro Fares. The Proprietors give notice that they will not be accountable for Passengers' Luggage, &c., and their responsibility in respect of Goods in general is restricted by the terms of a Notice affixed in their Offices at Bristol and Newport.. Goods regularly aJJJ and punctually forwarded by careful Caners to all parts of ths country. For conditions of FREIRHT^ apply at the Company" Offices, opposite the Seamen's Floating Chapel, Grove, Bristol, and Beaufort Wharf, Newport. GST- As it is intended that these Packets shall start punctuaW at the times advertised, the shipment of Goods per same days Steam cannot be gnaranteed unless they are longside one hour befolf the time of sailing- NOTICE.—The cheapest route (via Newport and Hereford RAIK wav Company) to Liverpool, Birkenhead, and places adjacent & the North, is BY these Packets. First, second, and Third Class Trains leave Mill-street Static* NEWPORT for Birkenhead and Liverpool, AT 11 10 a m. and 2.3u pm Fares to Blrkellhead-First Class, 29s 9d. Second do., 210 Third do. 12s. Id E. M. BROWNE, Traffic Manager. 96* — — THE WORKMAN S CANDLE. DECIMAL PALM CANDLES-CHEAPEN THAN TALLOW CANDLES, with two wick" ï,\d. per lb, with one wick, 7d. per lb., ten to the These candles, though ugly, burn well, and without gig$' tering. They are admirably adapted for all who REQNI** one which emits a great light. For Artisans, Turners jØ Metal, Sempstresses, Tailors, Shoemakers, for the wind:lto of small shops, ami for persons of weak sight, where TJJ* light is of primary, and appearance of secondary J>* portance, these candles are incomparable in short, OIL Decimal Palm Candle, with two wicks, gives the light three ordinary candles, and with one wick the light of t.1fI ordinary candles, and does not require snuffing. Sold by Grocers, Candle Dealers,and Oilmen, and WHEL} sale by PALMER & Co. (the Pat»ot«es)," Sutton-streQl CUrlwnwell, London, E.C