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JtoUjs by ^nctiou. HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. Eligible Leasehold Business Premises for Sale, MR. H. M. PARTRIDGE is instructed by the Mortgagee to offer for SALE BY AUCTION, under a Power of Sale contained in a Moitgage Deed, at the KING'S HEAD HOTEL, in the Town of Newport, on WEDNESDAY, the 20th day of January inst., at Three o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions of sale which will be then nnd there produced,— All those very desirable and eligibly-situated PREMISES, late in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Grout, Stationer and Hair-Dresser. There is a good SHOP, with plate glass front, Parlour, Kitchen, Back ditto, Coal House, and small Yard on the ground Qoor two Sitting Rooms and one Bedroom on the first floor and four Bed- rooms and good Store Closet on the second floor. The Premises are in good repair, and are held under a lease, about 14 years of which are unexpired, subject to an anuual rental of £ 6 4s. 2,1. For pal ticuJan, apply to Messrs. J AS. and THOS. EY ANb, So'icitors, Bank Buildings, Chepstow or to the Auctioneer, at his Offices, St Woollos House, Stow-hil), Newport. [2739 IMPORTANT AND UNRESERVED SALE OF First-Class ENGRAVINGS, in Maple and Gold Frames, and a Valuable Library of BOOKS. 0 -r MESSRS. CORNELIUS EVANS & SO^ will SELL BY AUCTION, at tlierpI^I^°;S'1C' HALL, 15, High-street, Newport, on ICE-DAT AND WEDNESDAY, the 25th and 26th f.J5°* Splendid Collection «f 60 FlUSr.CLAS* I iv, rURbs and MODERN MAPS, all Elegantly framed and a Choice Library of 500 "VOLUMES OF ALL'ABLE BOO^o, comprising works in all branches of literature. The whole will be on view the day before the Sale. Catalogues may be obtained a Week before the Sale, on application to the Auctioneers. The Sale will commence each day at Two o'clock pre- cisely, and there will be no reserve. Auctioneers' Ofiices, 61, IlUh-street, Newport, and Brook House, Llant-unam. = [2718 PENTREBACH FAR M, PARISH OF LLANTARXAM, MONMOUTHSHIRE, About four miles from Newport, and one mile from the Llantarnam Station on the Newport aDd Pontypool Railway. T 1\/1 ESSRS. CORNELIUS EVANS & SON -LTX will SELL BY AUCTION, without reserve at PENTREBACH FARM, on TUESDAY, February 1st, loo J, the whole of the LIVE and D FJ ,VDTI P I R, U n STOCK, DAIRY UTENSILS, and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, of Mr. Benjamin Lewis, who is about leaving the Firm. For full particulars see the Handbills. Refreshments will bo provided at Ten o'clock, and the Sale will commence at Eleven precisely. Auctioneers' Offices, ol, Higu-street, Newport, and Brook House, Llautarnam., [2735 35, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. Important and unreserved Sale of China, Glass, and Ware of every description, under a Deed of Assignment for the benefit of Creditors. MESSRS. COHXELIUS EVANS and SON will SELL BY AUCTION", ou the Premises, at No. 35, Commercial-street, Newport, on AVEDNESDAY, the 19th of January, 1859, the whole of the excellent STOCK-IN-TRADE, and other EFFECTS, of Mr. Wm. Edwards. The Sale will commence at Eleven o'clock in the Fore- noon precisely, and the whole will be sold without the least reserve. For full particulars, see the handbills. Auctioneers' Offices, 61, High-street, Newport, and Brook House, Llantarnam. DOCK-STRERT, NEWPORT. MR. J. BOTHOMLEY win SELL BY AUCTION, at No. 18, DOCK-STREET, NEWPORT. on MONDAY, the 24th of January, 1859, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon precisely, the neat and excellent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects, of Mrs. Rowland, who is giving up Housekeeping, com- prising :— A splendid mahogany carved sideboard, loo dining and Pembroke tables, horse-hair seated chairs and couches, easy chair, a fine toned 63 octave square pianoforte, by Broadwood, with metallic plate; pier glasses, mirrors, chimney ornaments, paintings and engravings, Brussels and Kidderminster carpets, druggets ami rugs. fender and fire-irons, oil clotb, sktir carpet and rods, mahogany four-post Arabian and other bedsteads, mattresses, feather beds, counterpanes, blankets and sbeet-s, mahogany chests of drawers, dressing tables and washstands, with ware; toilet glasses, cane-seated chairs, carpeting, china, glass, kitchen tables, and other requisites. MOORBARN FARM, NASH, AND MILL FARM, NEAR PENHOW, MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO FARMERS, BUTCHERS, GRAZIERS, AND THE PUBLIC GENERALLY. MR. JOSEPH BOTHOMLEY begs to announce that he will submit to PUBLIC COMPETITION, in the manner hereinafter described, upon the Premises occupied by Mr. Thomas Miiner, and situated as above, on THURSDAY. Jan. 20th, FRIDAY, Jan 21st. and .C::SDAY, Jan. 25th, 1859, the whole of the excellent LIVE and DEAD FARMING STOCK, Hay, Clover, Mangold Wurtzels, Turnips, AGI icultural Implemputs, Dairy Utensils, Cheese, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and all the other useful Effects about Moorbarn Farm. Nash, and Mill Favm, near Penhow, late t"e property of Mr. Thomas Miiner. The Stock comprises 29 milch cows, in calf, bull, 18 yearlings and two-years-old heifers, 15 fat cattle, 25 calves, 60 sheep, I rigs, 6 draught horses, pony, 2 broad- wheel wagons, 2 broad-wheel carts, spriug trap, long and short harness, iron ploughs, harrows, horso hoes, bushing machine, turnip cutter, winnowiug machine, roller, pair drags, turnip drill, chaff machine lot of pikes and rakes, quantity of hurdles, and the usual Implements in Hus- bandry.. R Several Mows of Clover and Ricks of will be offered, under conditions to be produced at the Sale. The Dairy Utensils consis1. of double cheese press, small woo ten ditto, churn, 8 large tubs, 5 small ditto, 14 earthenware pans, and about 10 CU T. of cheese. The Houi-eh Id Furnituie c INSISTS of mahogany dining tables, piano-fovte, cane-seat aud Windsor chairs, deal dresser, with shelve;, eight day clock, in oak case, maho- gany four-post tenF. and stump bedsteads, prime goose feather be is, mahogany chest with drawers, painted washstands and dressing tables, carpets, wilh the usual china, glass, and culinary requisites onDER OF SALE. The Sale will commenre at Moorbarn Farm, on Thurs- day, January 2utb, with the Live Stock, Hay, and Clover. On Friday January 21st, will be Sold the Agricultural Implements, Dairy Utensils, Household Furniture, and the remainder of the effects at Moorbarn. And on Tuesday, January 25th, the Sale of the Effects on Mill Farm and Premises, siiuate near Penhow, will be proceeded with.. Sale to commence each day at Eleven o'clock precisely. The Audio- eer, in calling the attention of Graziers, Breeders, and Agriculturists generally to the above sale, respectfully solicits a punctual attendance, as the Lots are very numerous, and the Cattle, for size and symmetry, are not to be surpassed. Dated Auctioneer's Offices, 47, High-street, Newport, Mon. TO TIMBER DEALERS AND PIT OWNERS. MK. T. WATKINS is instructed to SELL BY AUCTION, at the CARDIFF ARMS' HOTEL, in the Town of Cardiff, on FRIDAY, the 28th day oj January, 185J, at Two for 1 hree o'clock in the Afternoon precisely, the undermentioned TIMBER and COPPICE WOOD, of superior QUALITY, ANU VERY convenient access, thLoT 1°—OAK TIMBER TREKiSjiT?rcribe1 marked from 1 to 50, and a large quan 1 Tvdratv F V" WOOD, standing and growing oil the lydraw arm, in the parish of St. Andrews. NRTWRTOT) cm? r> LOT 2.-19 Acres (more or less) of PI™ CORD WOOD, and HUJIDLli WOOD; ALSO 4- TREE" scribe-marked with an X, slandin0 0.UIT in the in the Cadwgan Wood, in the hamlet of LA1^ parish of Michael*toue-y-Ved w.TRUED LOT 3.-124 OAK TIMBER TREES, SCRIBE-MARK WONN I2"1- AN<L A LAR§0 quantity of PIT and COKD 5 ALUL GROWING on the Nanttnain AND Tydfil ttQS» near Tioedvihiw, in the parish of Mei'tby WO^in4S7ANDI^RE!1 ,(MORE OR LESS) OF PIT AN<1 C0RI> the parish of LUSW?NNOF°WINS ON Fynondwyn Farm, M rr TI° RFLRM'1 Lot M° MR" JONES, the Tenant of Tydraw TARN ° MR SILAS RICHARDS, who 1Frillv'tbo 20(H an:IA2LSRTENJ0'CLOCK'011 Thnraday and FNCV,Y; M Mr PURCH 1 C £ VUARY> TO SLL0W THE Woods; Lot 3 to Mr. ^^HASE's SHEPHERD, on the Farm; and Lot ™ ir. GRIFFITHS, the Tenant of Ffynondwvn. [2738 NEWPORT, MON^IOUTHSHIRE< TITR HE'NU^^VENNOII will sell BY M AUCTION, at the the said town of NEWPORT, on -U THE Afternoon LP January, 1859, at Three o BE there and THEN cisely, subject to such CONDITW^ THE Appurtenances, produced, all that BUILD1N (J containing in length lately used as a Plumbing Shop, AJTH from east to from north to south 4O feet, and W US0CJ AG A west 19 feet 4 inches (more or less), ou .Q HPE Manufactory, &c., situate in torn M Uth, iu borough of Newport, in the said coun y EARLY tenant, the occupation of Mr. Richard Mullock, A9 ) at the aDnual rout of £ 12. the late Sir These premises are held under lease fr REgidua Charles Morgan, Baronet, and others, for ^ARCH, A ttrm of 78 years, commencing on the LO „ ANJ 8LOT AT an apportioneil annual Ross. 1 JOVUB property of Sir Thomas Phillips and ENT,RAL PART LA4B,UVE property being situated in TBE ^FAV0Urable ODNOR* town of Newport, presents a -L.IINFF in for investment for any kind of built IN0 ^or fuI?t1riocrea8il,g 8eaport*, ..i. iTTPTrONEER, HIA RV«« R Particulars, apply to the AUCTiy* W Otttces, 158, Commercial-road, Newport, Moj^ by ^urfion, SUNDERLAND INN, LLANARTH STREET, NEWPORT. MESSRS. GRAHAM and CO. beg to »a- nounce that they will SELL BY iirrltb°ef HOUSEHOLD PUBNITDRB. P.™br»le tables, Compnsin = chairs, mahogany chest with drawers painted washstands and dressing tables four- post and tent bedsteads, prime feather beds, mattresses, & The&Stock-in-Trade consists of about 70 gallons brandy, Quantity of gin, rum, and whiskey several kilderkins of Burton ale. beer-engine, spirit casks and taps, with other useful effects. Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon precisely. Dated Auctioneei s Oaices, Commercial-street, New- port, Mon. January 13tii, 1859. FOR SA LE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, V IN THE SALti ROOM, 1 E. K. BARNES & SONS' TIMBER YARD, CANON'S MARSH, BRISTOL, on WEDNES- DAY, the 2Gth of JA NUARY, at Twelve o'clock precisely. FOR ACCOUNT OF IMPORTERS. 15,000 Spruce Deals, Battens, and Boards 2,000 Miramichi Pine Deals and Plank 1,000 Quebec Pine Deals and Plank 1,000 St. Petersbngh Red Deals 3,000 Crown Archangel Miilsawn Deals and Battens 5,000 Onega Rhl Deals 300 Loads Quebec Yellow Pine Timber 30 ) Loads St John 20 inch average Board Timber 80 Loads Large Fresh St. John Birch 200 Loads Best Swedish Sundswall Timber 70 Logs Quebec Birch 50 Logs Choice Large Mirainichi Board Tine Timber 50 Logs Choice Large Miramichi Birch 40 Loads Not-way Fir Balks A quantity of dry Cuba and Honduras Mahogany i lank 20 Fathoms Lath wood 10,000 Prepared Flooring Boards 30,000 Spruce Palings Witb other Goorls Catalogues will be issued on the week of Sale. F. K. BARNES & SONS, Brokers. Canons' Manh, Bristol, January 11th, 1859. N.B.-The Brokeis call the attention of Buyers to the very superior quality and size of the St. John and Mira- michi Pine Timber and Birch. [2732 CRICKIIO WELL, BRECONSHIRE. ELIGIBL E IN VES l ME NT. TO BR SOLI) BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, a FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, SHOP, GARDEN. YARD, WAREHOUSE, and BLACKSMITH'S SHOP, situate in BRIDGE-STREET, Crickhowell, foimerly oc- cupied by Mr. Edward Burfield, deceased. The above Premises are substantially built, and adapted to carry 011 a large business, and will be sold at a mode- rate value. For particulars, apply to Mr. T. M. LLEWELLIN, Solicitor, Newport, Mon. or to Mr. E. J. COX DAVIDS, Solicitor, Crickhowell. [2708 LONDON HOUSE, NEWPORT. DENJAMIN EVANS begs to inform his ) Customers that he intends, on SATURDAY NEXT, the 15th instant, and following days (until the whole shall have been disposed «f), to SELL BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, the remaining portion of the STOCK he recently purchased of the Trustees of Morgan, Lloyd, and Co., insolvents, of Swansea The Stock consists of a general assortment of DRA- PERY, an extensive varietv of »sILKS, SHAW LS, and MANTLES FANCY DRESSES, FRENCH MEIU- NOES, CO BURGS, Tartan and Gala PLAIDS. WOOL- LEN CLOTHS, HATS and CAPS, LACE, CAR PETS, and FURNISHING GOODS. BENJAMIN EVANS wishes to direct particular atten- tion to the following imporLnt lots: -About 1,500 y-trds of real French Merinoes, at Is. 9 ,d. per yard, various colours and black, reduced from 2s. 6d. and 3s 1,100 yards, assorted, the best goods, indiscriminately reduced to one price, namely, 2s. 6d. per yard. 200 flounced and plain skiro fancy Winter Dresses, at 58 lid. the full dress. A large lot of very rich N orw ich and French Flounces, &c., reduced to 18s. Gd. Several hundred yards of plain Winseys, at 4.Jd., original price, 6d. to 8.1. All the re- mains of the best quality, will be sold at !^d. 2,OOJ 2 yards of various Scotch Plaids, will be cleared at two- thirds their present value. 1,480 yards coloured and black Cashmeres, worth Is. 21., will be sold at 8Ad. Several thousand yards of LINEN SHEETINGS, IRISH LIN ENS, TABLE LINEN and TOWEL- Ll GS will be otlered at 3 per cent. less than the mar- ket price; this is a very important lot, as Linen goods generally are advancing considerably in price. 1,800 yards of yard-wide KIDDERMINSTER and DUTCH CARPETS will be sold at h. 6! regular price, 2s. Forty pieces of BRUSSELS and TAPESTRY, at 2s. 6d. per yard present price for this lot. 3a. 6,1. A very large lot of DAMASKS, in all colours, com- mencing at 8;d., fully 40. per cent under value. Morgan, Ll0yd, and Co. having only bought the stock in September last, is a guarantee of the goods eing fashion- able and in yood coudition. In additiou to the above-mentioned insolvent's Stock, the remaining portion of the LONDON HOUS;1. WINTER GOODS wili be cleared at a very great sacrifice. London House, January 12th, 1859. lui Ruction ANNOUNCED IN THIS DAY'S MERLIN. By Messrs. CORNELIUS EVANS & SON.—Engrav- ing;, Books, %c., at the Old Masonic lIaU, Newport, January 25 and 26. .J¿¿¡¡a, 4,0 at 35, Commercial-street, Newport, Jan. 19. I arming Stock, 8¡c. at Pentrebach Farm, Feb. 1. By Mr. J. BOTHOMLEY—Household Furniture, <5,6' at 18, DceJc-street, Newport, January 24. Farming Slock and Household Furniture, at M.orb'irn Farm, Nash Jan. 20, 21, and 2.5. By Mr. II. M. PA It I'll I D(,,E- Leaselto!d Premises, at the King's Held Hotel, Ncrport, Jan. 26. By Mr. II. YENXOR -Leasehold Property, at the King's J lead Hotel, Jan. 27. By Messrs. GRAHAM & CO Slock-in-Trade, §c., at the Sunderland Inn, Newport, January 21. By Mr. T. WATKINS—Timber and Coppice IFoodi, at ihe Cardiff Arms Hotel, Cardiff, Jan. 28.


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