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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

19 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



MACHYNLLETH. Presentation.—Mrs. Bennet Davies, Maldwyn House, has been made the re- cipient of a silver sardine dish and cover by the local branch of the British Women's Temperance Association, in recognition of her services as treasurer of the branch. Bankruptcy^—At Aberystwyth, on Wed- day. before Joseph Davies, Esq., regis- trar., the examination in bankrupcty was conducted by Mr. H. W. Thomas, the official receiver, of Mr. John Jones, Melingerrig, Penegoes. manager or Messrs Davies and Edwards, Weish Woollen Company. The gross liabilities included three unsecured creditors for £864 17s. and two creditors, partly secured, for J347 5s. The only asset was a watch valued at 2s. 6d., leaving a deficiency of JB911 19s 6d. Debtor alleged pressure by a creditor as the cause 01 his failure. His liabilities exceeded assets on December 6th, 1909, by £882 19s. 6d., and household expenses amounted to J364 for the year. Debtor, who is fifty-nine years of age. has resided and carried on business as wcol factor at Melingerrig for the past thirty years. His business was formed into a limited com- pany in July, 190b and he acts as man- ager. Prior to the Company's formation. the house, factory, and greater part of the machinery were his wife's property, subject to mortgage. The household furniture and certain machinery were sold to the Company for 100 fully-paid JB1 shares which were allocated equally be- tween debtor and his wife. The wife was allowed the use of the house and furniture in part payment of salary as secretary to the Company.—iiepiying to the Receiver, debtor stated that after his father's death the business was carried en by his mother until her death, and afterward by himself and two brothers. The property belonged to Mr. John Morgan but Mr. David Davies came into possession as mortgagee. After his marriage, an understanding was come to between debtor and his brothers respecting their partnership. He married in 1898 and eight months afterwards carried on the business on his own account. His wife bought the property for JB450, which was borrowed. Having been questioned at length in regard to his liabilities, the examination was adjourned.—Mr. A. J. Hughes appeared for debtor and Mr. W. P Owen for. creditors. Old Age Pensions.—An adjourned meet- ing of the Guardians was held on Wed- nesday (chairman, Mr M. E. Francis), when a nst of out-door paupers in the un- ion (numbering fifty-eight) who have made application and are likely to receive pen- sions in January was considered. The last payment of relief to those paupers will be made on December 28th which will carry them on to the 3rd January. Musical Success.—At an examination of the London College of Music held at Aber- ystwyth, Miss Lona Evans (soprano) was successful in gaining the intermediate certificate in the singing division with ninety-one marks (honours). Miss Jennie E-ilis Morgan, L.L.C.M., acted as accom- panist. Christmas Market.—There was a good attendance at the Christina s market on Wednesday. There was an excellent show by Messrs E. Ramer and Co.. Mr R. Lloyd, Mr W. Thomas, Mr Peter Rees, Mr Joseph Holt, Mr John Edwards, but- chers. There was a brisk market and good prices were obtained. Montgomery Boroughs Erection.—The result of the pon was received about one o'clock on Saturday. A large crowd had assembled by the Post Office to receive the news. About four o'clock, Mr Hum- phreys-Owen arrived in the town in his motor car and met his supporters at the Committee Rooms, afterwards delivering a short address of thanks near the Clock Tower. Mr Euinphreys-Owen was accom- panied by Mr Martin Woosnam. At the close of the meeting, Mr Humphreys- Owen was carried shoulder high to his hotel and soon afterwards left the town. On Tuesday evening Colonel Pryce-Jones, M.P., met his supporters at the Vane Hall when a smoking conceit was given, presided over by Dr A. O. Davies. Col. Pryce-Jones was given a hearty welcome and at the close of the meeting was car- ried shoulder high to his hotel and soon after left the town for Newtown. Generosity.—Mr T. W. Bonsall, Morben Hall, with his usual generosity, has again this year given five cwt. of coal to each of the poor of the pillage of Derwenlas. On Tuesday Mr and Mrs Bonsall distri- buted to the school children Christmas gifts. Derwenlas.—On Friday evening a suc- cessful competitive concert was given at the Council School in aid of the Wesleyan Church. The chairman was Mr E. Gil- lart, solicitor. The following took part: —Mr Athelstan Lee, Mr J. R. Leighton, and Mr E. T. Humphreys. ror a party of eight, the prize was awarded to Mr Jones Cyntrirch's party and the prize in the challenge solo competition- was div- ided between Miss Annie Mary Jenkins, Cwmceurhiw, and Miss Annie Mary Jones, Machynlleth. The adjudicator was Mr W. O. Williams. Mrs Trevor Jones, Miss Jennie Ellis Morgan, L.L.C.M., and Miss Gladys Jueighton acted as accompanists. Mr John Evans, the Stores, conducted. Success.—At the examination of the London College of Music, Miss Maglona Evans passed her intermediate examina- tion (singing) with honours, obtaining ninety-one marks out of a hundred. Miss Jennie Morgan, A.L.C.M., accompanied Miss Evans in her songs.