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Sulphate of Ammonia, Superphosphate, Basic Slag. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY If FROM Hartley's Grain Stores, 13, QUEEN STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. James Morgan, FRUITERER AND FLORIST, FISHMONGER AND POULTERER, II, Tier Street, Abcrystwyth, EGGS. EGGS. EGGS. Boupbt In any quantity for Cash. [ AGENTS FOR CA-RTXIR TESTED Garden and Agricultural Seeds T. Powell & Co., MARKET STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, and Commerce House, LLANGWYRYFON. e22 -= SHAFTESBURY TEMPERANCE HOTEL, MOUNT PLEASANT. LIVERPOOL. About Five Minutes' walk from Lime Street and Central Stations. Mount Pleasant Cars from Landing Stage Stop at the Door. Telegrrams: "Shaftesbury Hotel, Liverpool." Home-like and Moderate. Welsh spoken. IS .EI :EI :0. SEED. For Autumn Sowing. CABBAGE—All Varieties. ONION-Red Italian and Giant Rocca. LETTUCE—Cos and Cabbage. C. WILKINSON & SON, SEEDSMEN.) telephone 88. ABERYSTWYTH. J GEORGE FELLOWES Baker and Confectioner, CENTRAL CAFE, NORTH PARADE, HIGH-CLASS RESTAURANT, having Seating Accommodation for 200 Fersona. -J DINNERS PROVIDED DAILY. TEAS, etc., prepared at all timbs. This Business will be carried on in connection with that established at 19, TERRACE ROAD which is noted for the Quality of HOME-MADS WHITE and PATENT BREAD and CON- FECTIONERY and GENERAL GROCERY Agent for Dr. Allinson's Whole-Meal Bread; also Daren and Hovis Bread. Made Daily under Model Hygienic Conditions WILL KN8TXRB CUSTOM- bFtF Mole Trappers, Gamekeepers, Marine Store Dealers, and others. SEEK SAFETY FIRST. HAVE YOU JOINED our ever-increasing Army of satisfied Trappers VI o consign their MOLE FOX, OTTER, HARE, RABBIT. and CAT SKINS TO US; also PHEASANT TAILS, FEATHERS, PLUMAGE, HORSE- HAIR, etc., etc.? If not, why not? New Customers Enrolled Daily. Highest prices and prompt payments guaran- teed. Latest price list now ready. Write us before sending elsewhere. Note our only address K. WAI SON and Co., PIONEERS of the MOLE SKIN Industry OLDEST and LARGEST CASH BUYERS IN THE WORLD, Newcastle St., London, f.C.4. Bankers: Capital & Counties, Ludgate Hill. Telephone: Central, 5,317. a790 DAVID WILLIAMS. Builder and Undertaker 12, Prospect Street, Aberystwyth EXPERIENCED WORKMEN EMPLOYED. Estimates given for every description of work. j THE tRIA r WELSH REMEDY RELIEF FROM COUGH IN 5 MINUTES rj A t7TT?a'c F°r Coughs, for Colds, for A V IIjo Asthma, for Bronchitis, for Huaiaeness, for Influenza, for Coughs,for Sore Throat, r^nTTr* XT Most Soothing, Warms the V^vJU urxl Chest, Dissolvesthe Phlegm For Singers, for Public Speakers. By Chemists I M"t YTTTT} ^everywhere, 1/3, and 3/ I1.YJ.1JL A U £ »■ ^postage 3d. 1 Proprietor: HUGH DAVIES, ? Chemist, MACHYNLLETH. I MOLRAT the Poison for Moles j | Put Earthworms in a pot and sprinkle the Powder | over them, then place in the path of the Moles. I In Packets, Is. 6d. each. Proprietor-Hugh Davies, Chemist, Machynlleth. •Aberystwyth Agents: Wynne <fe Sons, Chemists I' L'" Boys', Youths' & Men's SUITS READY FOR SERVICE, ':r'+- ALSO A- CHOICE SELECTION OF ratterns for Bespoke Clothing AT LOWEST CASH PRICES AT DANIEL THOMAS, 22 & 24, LITTLE DARKCATE STREE Aberystwyth. Pan werthir yr wyau yn bed war am 'chwech,' Fe fyddai yn fendith cael rhywbeth yn drech Na'r 'c;efyd' bryd hynny,-ond ofer i gyd Hyd yma fu meddyginiaethau y byd; i )nd mwy os yn bendrist, heb flas at ei bwyd Yn cwato'n y cornel yn lie myn'd i'r glwyd Y bydd Mrs. Dicen,-tra bo ynddi chwyth At DAVIES Y CHEMIST prysurweh yn syth. THE CLEFYD POWDER FOR POULTRY fn packets at Is. 6d., postage 4d., or three for 5s. post free frotn the Manufacturer— John J. Davies, M.P.S., DISPENSING CHEMIST and PHARMACIST, LLANYBYTHER. CORRY'S TOBACCO POWDER (Free of Duty since 1866). For Lice and all Skin troubles in Cattle, Horse:- Pigs, etc., for preventing Fly on Sheep and Warble Fly in Cattle, also for Fleas, etc. oi Dogs, Cats, Poultry and their nests. NON-POISONOUS. Norisks from CHILL as by Washing. Approved by B of Agriculture. In Tins, Is. 3d. and 2s. 6d.; also in Bulk. Also Corry's Ringworm Lotion, Equiann Mange Specific, Maggot Lotion, Foot Rot Lotion, &c. Sold by all Agricultural Chemists. Manufactured by CORRY and CO., LTD., Shai Thames, London, S.E. I J jBNAQROTINE ■r^^BUTTER COLOURING THB STRONGEST AND BUT. 00.. NOT QOLOU* TH8 murrgmmut. 1,0. TH8 v*ujm 0" Burrgn. ^Bfi In Battle% M-, 1 h a/- Poet 8<1., 118, and RI3 -OM JOHN W. DENNIS, Chemist, LOUTH, Lints. I Pain Disappears when UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIALS g 111 9 A-sample of hundreds of letters we receive, u "I write to thank you for the •*» J&' r HOMOCEA Ointment. It is the most 36 Iti useful article a noldier can carry. My- J self and several of my chums found it H 1* worth its weight in gold for Wounds and £ OUCneS Cuts. The results, in my own case and wmm others personally known to me, can only O ^bg Ascribed as marvellous." < k V>j\\ Private W. H. Lee. g X M "If British Expeditionary Force. § Yon can get it of all Stores and Chemists. £ 40 Yean' Reputation. the Spot Price 1/3. or 3/- (large box). WORTH ITS GOLD


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