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BOROUGH OF ABERYSTWYTH. TO GRAZIERS, CATTLE DEALERS AND OTHERS. THE TOWN COUNCIL invite Tenders for JL the Grazing of the Two Portions of the Llanbadarn Flats marked Lot 1 and Lot 2 on the Plan deposited at the Borough Surveyor's Office, Smithfield-road, with immediate posses- sion, until the 1st March, 1919. Lot 1 contains 7a. Or. 33p. or thereabouts, and Lot 2 con- tains 4a. Or. 7p. or thereabouts. If the two -Lots are let separately, a wire fence will be placed between: them by the Council. Sealed Tenders, marked "Llanbadarn. Flats," should reach me on or before Thursday, the 25th April, 1918, and should contain a separate offer for each Lot: The highest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted. JOHN EVANS, -81 LONDON'S LATEST "h EA 0 N CREATIONS — IN — MILLINERY NOW SHOWINC. I Tel N°BI J. MILLINERS. • ■ ■ M We have received a Footwear fop Every Occasion. War Time Boots J, (All Leather) WHATEVER the occasion, I GOVERNMENT Controlled Prices. have Footwear to suit. Hard- VJ Special line in Bovs and Youths' wearing Winter Boots, with School Boots We have the or without nails, for men's wear. RIGHT BOOT tor the woods and Then I have a large stock of the farmers' wear. latest styles in Ladies Footwear of suitable patterns for either Town or No ADVANCE on goods bought at Country wear. For the children I old prices. have a good selection of sturdy School Boots made to withstand Save YOUR cash by purchasing the effects of romps and games. HERE. Whatever Footwear you require, REPAIR DEPARTMENT. I have every call and see me. I promise that you facility for prompt Repairs. Only will be surprised at the war time" the best material is used and value that I can offer you. my prices are very reasonable. I SPECIALIST. J* 3.North Parade, ABERYSTWYTH CORN PRODUCTION ACT, 1917. I AGRICULTURAL WAGES BOARD (ENGLAND 1 AND WALES). NOTICE OF AN ORDER proposed to be made under Section 12 (1) (b) of the above Act with respect to "Benefits or Advantages." THE Agricultural Wages Board (England and j -*• Wales) duly established and constituted under Section 5 (1) of the above Act. and the re- gulations made the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries dated the 8th November 1917, HEREBY I GIVE NOTICE as required by the Agricultural Wages Regulations 1918, that they propose to make the following Order under the last men- tioned Regulations, that is to say:- The benefits or advantages which may be rec- koned as payment- of wages in lieu of pay- ment in cash for the purpose of any minimum rate of wages for time work which may be fixed under the above Act are hereby defined to be the supply by an employer to a worker of (1) MILK (including skimmed or separated milk); (2) POTATOES, and the value at which they are to be so reck- oned for such purpose is hereby defined to be as follows, that is to say:- (1) In the case of Milk so supplied without I payment, the current wholesale price in the district. (2) In the case of Potatoes so supplied with- out payment, the current wholesale price inl the district at the time when the main crop of potatoes were lifted. Where any payment is made by the workmen for the supply of the Milk or Potatoes an equivalent deduction is to be made from the value of a supply without payment. The wholesale prices above referred to shall I be ascertained for the purpose of this Order from time to time in respect of the area of any District Wages Committee established by the Wages Board under the above Act, by the Dis- trict Wages Committee for such area. THE AGRICULTURAL WAGES BOARD, as required by the regulations, will consider any OBJECTIONS to the above Proposed Order which may be lodged with them within one month of the date of this Notice. All Objections should be in writing and should be addressed to The Secretary, The Agricultural Wages Board (England and Wales), 80, Pail Mall, Lon- don, S.W.I. The Objections should state pre- cisely and so far as possible with reasons what is objected to. Dated this sixteenth day of April, 1918. Sigiwd by Order of the Wages Board, F. POPPLEWELL, Secretary. Agricultural Wages Board (England and Wales), 80, Pall Mall, London, S.W.I. a3044 ABERYSTWYTH ALLOTMENTS ASSOCIATION. GOOD LAND OFFERED. APPLICATIONS are invited for 200 square yard plots of ground near the National Library. The ground has been ploughed. Rent 5s. a plot. Application must be made by Satur- day next to either of the undersigned. For Sale, Sir John Llewellyn and Sharpes Express Seed. Excellent value. 12s. a cwt. or reduction on 3 cwt. lots. Apply at once. W. WILLIAMS, Bridge Street. R. READ, Penglaise Road, -Bwretaries. ST. MICHAEL'S PARISH HALL. A GRAND DICKENS RECITAL, "Pickwick Papers," Will be held on WEDNESDAY, MAY 22nd by The Rev. A. R. RUNNELLS MOSS, in connection with the Local Branch of the Girls Friendly Society. Doors Open 7; to Commence 7.30 p.m. Admission, 2s. 6d; Is.; and 6d. a304? THE COLISEUM, ABERYSTWYTH. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24tli, 1918. A GRAND PERFORMANCE of the Operetta, "ZURIKA" I (THE GYPSY MAID), will be performed by the Tanycae Juvenile Choir. Proceeds for the Comforts of Soldiers and Sailers Admission 2s 6d (Reserved); Is. 6d. and let. TAX FREE. v Seats may be booked at Mr. W. R. Jones j. Watchmaker, Great Darkgate-street Doors open at 6.30. To commence at 7. a3034 r