Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

13 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



LN ij _HoW BIRD'S Custard ft C*VERYBODY knows the value of milk as a food! Mm Si # -C0 a pint of milk contains nearly 2\ ozs. of nutriment, L*. m rich in fat, and just what we all now need. ffijl The very best use for a pint of milk in War-Time Kb is to make a Bird's Custard. WHY? M yj Because Bird's Custard makes an addition of 25% £ 3 R to the solid food value of the milk, transforming it from Eg a thin beverage into a creamy nutritious dish. jjgj This delicious dish furnishes life-giving heat to the K? system and builds up the body. £ ■ In scientific "calories," Bird's Custard Powder is, weight for P P26i weight, no less than five times as valuable as milk. Therefore, nj^j Ml Bird's Custard is far better than milk alone for growing gg (SJ children. It is not only more enjoyable and nutritious, but CX more satisfying. The children themselves will tell you so, {Ni 1 Birds Nutritious p Custard 1 mm». I Mr. J. CHAS. McLEAN, F.R.C.O., formerly pupil of Sir Walter Parratt and Sir Frederick Bridge, etc., at the Royal ——— College of Music, London). ——— Lessons in Organ, Piano, Singing, and Theory. PORTMADOC, ABERDOVEY. and BARMOUTH visited during the week. Parkhill, Buarth-road, Aberystwyth. Mr. CHARLES PANCHEN, ORGANIST and CHOIRMASTER, St. Michael's Parish Church, Aberystwyth; Hon. Local Examiner (Scholarship) R.C.M., receives pupils for SINGING, ORGAN. PIANOFORTE, —— FLUTE and HARMONY. 20, NEW STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. ARTHUR C. EDWARDS, MUS. BAC. (Oxon), F.R.C.O., Organist and Choirmaster of Holy Trinity Church, some time Deputy Organist of Llandaff Cathedral, gives lessons in ORGAN, PIANOFORTE, SINGING (Ladies' or Boys' voices), and all branches of Musical Theory. Pupils prepared for examinations. For tenns apply at Clyde House, Queen's-road, Aberystwyth. Mr Edwards visits Lampeter three times weekly foggATION. THE —— COUNTY H SCHOOL, DOLCELLEY, (THE DOLGELLEY GRAMMAR SCHOOL) Dr. Ellis' Endowment, A.D. 1885. BOARDING and DAY SCHOOL FOR BOYS. Excellent General Education and Training provided, with special preparation for the Uni- versities, the Civil Service, and Commerce. Boarders received at rhe Headmaster's House. For Prospectus, Fees, etc., apply to the Headmaster. COUNTY SCHOOL, BARMOUTH. Headmaster: EDMUND D. JONESi, M.A. Staff: JOHN LLOYD, M.A. Miss MARY DA VIES, B.A. Miss C. E. HUGHES, B.A. Miss M. A. BOWEN. Visiting Teachers irr Drawing and Painting, Cookery, Shorthand, and Music. Prospectuses, etc., on application to R. LLEWELYN OWEN, Clerk. Dr. WILLIAMS' SCHOOL, DOLGELLEY, -if ENDOWED HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS (Boarders and Day Pupils). Preparation for the Central Welsh Board. Oxford Local Examinations, London and Welsh Matriculation, and University Scholarships. 1 There are three Leaving Exhibitions tenable I at places of higher Education, which are awarded annually upon the result of the year's work. The Buildings and Grounds are excellently adapted to secure the health and comfort of the girls. A large new wing was erected in 1910 to meet the demand for increased accommodation. Fees: Boarding, S33 per annum; Tuition, P,5 5s. Tennis, Hockey, Netball, Badminton. For Prospectus apply to the Headnrstress, or to Mr. R. Barnett, Dolgellev, Clerk to the Governors. MEITHRINFA, PREPARATORY and SECONDARY SCHOOL FOR BOYS AND GIRLS. ———— NORTH ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. Principals: I Miss Trotter and' Miss Ballard Williams, M.A. Boarders received. Prospectus on application. Glenvyl House School, Pwllheli. BOARDING end DAY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. Principal Miss PRENTICE. Prospectus on application. n589 Towyn County School. rpm; SCHOOL BUILDINGS are large and JL commodious and include the ordinary -1. Rooms, Music Rooms, excellently-equipped Chemical and Physical Laboratories, Science Uecture Room, Workshop, Kitchen and Laundry j in* rieaamasier a javuse is opuviajiy arraugea for the accommodation of Boarders, also arrangements are made with one of the Masters for the accommodation of Girl Boarders. Pupils are prepared for the Universities, Pro- t=Mon- and Commercial life. SUCCESSES. London Inter B.Sc. iiondon Matriculation 4 WaJes Matriculation 5 Coltege of Preceptors, Medical Prel. 9 Central Welsh Board. Honours Certificate 1 Higher Certificate 1 Ranior Certificate 11 Junior Certificate. 19 Pitman's Shorthand, Advanced Grade 1 Pitman's Elementary 1 Associated Board of R.-A,.M. and B.C.M. HigheT Division 1 Lower Division 3 Trinity College of London. Junior Division 3 Preparatory 2 Rend1 Exhibition, £10. County Exhibition, 410. Entrance Scholarship intn Cardiff Univer- aty, £15, During the last thirteen years scholarships to the -alue of i3,645 have bern gained by pupile firect from the School. For Prospectus, Boarding »es, etc., apply to q,u},. or to kE J. EVANS the Governor*" I A M s.ii'd flnderiaker. 12. Prospect Street, Aberystwytb EXPERIENCED WORKMEN EMPLOYED Est-Imateg given for every description of work,

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