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LOVEDAY, Registered Dumber and < General Decorator I 1 22, Chalybeate Street, ABERYSTWYTH, telephone 21 P0- Th!a Season's Pattern Books sent out immediately on application. ,FRAT WAR ENDS.m- I in th<? utter ext»rmimtion of the 0 Destructive Vermin whernver M RODINE HAT POISON ■ is used. It n-ver fails. RATS cannot j ■ resist it. They eat it greedily ar.o IfUU 0 die in-t.ntly. 0 die i,t.1"t!v. M Tins, 6d., 1/ 21-, S/ 5/ Post 3d. Va#" B HARLEY, CHEMIST, PERTH. II LOCAL AGENTS bwmmwam E. P. Wynne, Chemist. Aberystwyth; J. W. Evana, Chemist, Llandyssul; T. Jones, Chemist. Tregaron; R. Evans, Chemist, L&mpeter; J. R. Jones, Chemist, Newcastle Emlyn; E. Lima Jones, Chemist, Aberayron; H. Oavies, Mach- ynlleth; W. J. Evans, New (,' :ay; D. Jones, Llanfyllin; J. Davies, Llanybyther. HELP VICTORY FORWART). YOUR COUNTRY EEDS NOW YOUR SUAP IRON, STEEL AND OLD METALS. THO. W. WARD Ltd., Albion Works, Sheffield. ill Bay, Clear, and Deliver to Munitio n Works, Convert your Stock and Obsolete Plant into Cash and INVEST IN WAR BONDS ^DENNIS'S^ "LINCOLNSHIRE" I POWDERS I CURE ALL DISEASES of PICS. I Soon repay their small I Sold evt-rj-where, lod. per dnz. post I from the Sole Proprietor, I J. W. DENNIS, CheJDÎIt, LOUTH, Lines. | J. VEAREY, 17, flcitbgate Street, ABERYSTWYTH, Has fresh supplies of Vegetables, Fruit and Tomatoes, EVERY MORNING, From our own Gardens. THE CREAI WILSH RIMEDV| RELIEF FROM COUGH t IN 5 MINUTES T^qttioq'q ^or Coushs, for Colds, for Asthma, JL/tbV ltjo Q for Bronchitis, for Hoarseness, for 1 Influenza, for Sore Throat. Most 1 fill P M Sootliinjf. Warms the Chest. Dis- solves the Phles™. For Singers, for Aff^Trfurn Public Speakers. By Chemists JjUIAtUIC e^erjvhere, 1s 3d p. nd 5s. Postage 3 Proprietor: HUGH DA.VTSS d Cheniist, M ACHYNLLETH, MOLRAT the i. Moles I Put Earthworms in a pot and sprinkle the Powder over them, then place in the rath of the Moles. f In Packets, 13. fid. each. | Proprietor—Hugh Davies, Chow3t, Machynlleth j Aberystwyth Agents Wynne A Sons, Chemists v- GEORGE FELLOWES, Baker and Confectioner, CENTRAL CAFE, NORTH PARADE, HIGH-CLASS RESTAURANT, Having Seating Accommodation for 2CO Persons. DINNERS PROVIDED DAILY. TEAS, Etc.. Prepared at all Times. This Buisness will be carried on in connection with thav established at 19, TERRACE ROAD, which is notfcu for the quality of HOME-MADE WHITE and PATENT BREAD and CON FECTIONERY and GENERAL GROCERY. Agent for Dr. Allinson's Whole-Meal Bread; ——— also Daren and Hovis Bread. Made Daily under Model Hygienic Conditions. WILL ENSURE CUSTOM. b&r .> BOOTS AND SHOES. What's Your Size? Is it a half size or an out- size? Do you require a fit- ting bet wet n the stock s zes? f have it. You cannot afford to neglect your footwear in this weather. ————— CALL AT WOOD WAR D'S-THAT'S ALL. WOODWARD DOES THE REST. The Ideal Country Store. WOODWARD & SON, GENERAL MERCHANTS, New Bridge Stores, Llangwyryfon, 0 Near Aberystwyth. -1 Ellis's Pharmacy I Dispensing of English and Foreign PresciptiDiv Medical and Surgical 1 Requisites. 1 ROBERT- ELLIS, Pharmaceutical Ch'mist. 53, Terrace R and I Tel. 71. ABERYSTWYTH | I To POULTRY KEEPERS. GIVE YOUR HENS SPIGK GRIT, The New Shell Grit. J Sold by all Corn Dealers. Write for samples and name and addres of nearest Agent. SOLE manufacturers!: LIVERINE LIMITED, GRIMSBY. "T-' t I Scientific Sight-Testing and Frame Fitting I I Qualified Sight-Testing Optician. | I W. Miall Jones M.P.B. Pharmaceutical Chemist, Fellow of the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers and of the Institute of phthalmic Opticians. ——— 33, TERRACE RD., ABERYSTWYTH. GUINEA GOLD WEDDING RINGS. AT E. J. MORGAN, Jeweller and Watchmaker. TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. A Handsome Present given with every —————— Wedding Ring. —————— Cupis's Constitution Balls. For Grease, Swelled C3 I'S H n^QDO Legs' Cracked Heels, q £ 5 XlUI Wv3o Coushs. Colds, Sore Q a Throats, Disordered q O 1 Liver, Broken Wind, Influenza, Loss ¡., z: 5 £ of Appetite, etc., etc. £ 3E <3.2* i ^or Hide-bound Staring "a"3" 1 Q M I Q Coat, Hove or Blown u •- § 8 V^CLLfUjLO Distemper, Epidemic f3 Surfeit, Conditioning £ j til Preserving Health, Scouring in Calves g < =>S etc. d. OC fv-| F<>r Rot or Fluke, and a keeping in Health. 2 £ T S Oi_L\3tJU Assisting ^to get into g j 'jfi Condition.* Scouring in V __i Lambs, et; t/j — am s. e Prepared upwards of 50 years bv the late FRANCIS CUPISS M R.C.V.S, DISS, NORFOLK Sold in Packets 1/9 and 3/6 each, 7 small packets 10/6, or 7 lar^ 21/ by Chemists and Medicine Vendors, (,r from FKANCIS CUPISS, Ltd., The Wilderness, Diss, on receipt of amount. jmiirmmriwiiiiiiimiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiimiiitiiitmiuiiiinMimiiiimmniiiiimg SILVER, I | HUPIN I BETTER BUTTER makes a better Break- 2 fast and those who use" SILVER jjj 1 CHCRN" prove by the INCREASED s SALES that the public appreciate the deli- = H cte Cowslip Tint plus the uniform = | QUALITY which "SILVER CHURN" | = imparts to every pound sold. S | SILVER CHURN" POINTS | | 1. It costs LESS than any other I = make 1 | 2, It requires-No Preparation § f 3 It improvcs the—QUALITY | I 4. It Increases the—QUANTITY = | 5. <t does not colour the Butter Milk £ E; 6. It is purely-VEGETABLE | = "SILVER CHURN" means increased and | = permanent BUTTER SALES. Obtainable H = from Chemists and Dairy Supply men in 7!d., 1 113, 214, and larger bottles. Do you use | "SILVER CHURN ? ï =1111 <HHII III1111111. II! 111IIIII j IIIII11H1111111 till IIII111UH! I III 1II nin 11 >1 Hill IH11111)11111111^ | Free trial sample. from the tnanufacturers. II ê OLDFIELD PATTINSON & CO., i Manchester. § amiiiiiiiiiiMni)»»iiiiiHuiiii:i;iiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiimJ Sell for Money by Return. Mole, Fox, Otter, Hare, and Rabbit Skins. Also Pheasant Tails, Feathers, Plumage, Horse- hair etc., and SEEK SAFETY with the OLDEST AND MOST RELIABLE FIRM. Highest Prices Paid. R. Watson & Co., WORLD'S RECORD CASH BUYERS, NEWCASTLE STREET, LONDON, E.C.4. Teleplione-Central 5317. Bankers and Reference—Capital and Counties, Ludgate Hill, E.C.4. Rernedy for Natures ROATI S rA THREE RHEIJI Cor4STipATIoN, SALTS. rour. LIVFR' OY2d. from all Chemists S-roMACH i AILPAEN or 01d. from Perth, ,I r ET for Adults I THE FOOD THAT SUSTAINS. This palatable and easily prepared milk and wheaten food supplies complete nutriment in a form that is assimilated by the delicate stomach without difficulty or distaste. Digestion is thus strengthened and lost vigour regained. fKHffPSo Cooking or Cou,* Mill ) required. Made With boiling 0ater only. OWING to the abnormal demand and to Government restrictions on raw material, containers, etc., we are unable to avoid delay in executing orders from Retail Chemists and Wholesale Houses. We are doing our utmost to increase the output and to distribute supplies equitably; the public will greatly assist us by not ordering more than is required for immediate needs. Con- sumers cannot be supplied by us direct and orders should be placed through their usual Retail Chemist. Allen 8 Hanburys Ltd, London. I DTe

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