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J PUBLIC NOTICE 1, HOUSEHOLD FUEL AND LIGHTING | ORDER, 1918. WALES (NORTHERN DIVISION). MACHYNLLETH RURAL DISTRICT. IN PURSUANCE of the power vested in me by Clause 87 of the Household Fuel and Lighting Order, 1918, I hereby determine 1.—That no delivery of coa.1, coke Or other yolid fuel to a private dwelling house shall re d 1 ton in the month except with my ex- n e s consent. 2.-That no trollman, hawker, or other re tp l:r of coal, coke or other solid fuel shall deli- ver ore than 1 cwt. at a time to any private dwelling house, and not on any account more than t1 rre cwts. in two consecutive weeks. The provisions of Clause 85 of this Order re- main in f-ce except as modified above, and applv to all other descriptions of premises than pri-o* dwelling houses. The minimum quan- t;ti" referred to in Clause 51 are not varied rv the permission to sell 3 cwts in two con- rc"t:ve v.-p^ks set cut above. MonPl means a calendar month. W. P. ROWLANDS, Local Fuel Overseer, District. Ba^k Place, Machynlleth. 29th November. 1918 n455 Aberystwyth County School. THIS SCHOOL RE-OPENS after the recess cn TUESDAY, DECEMBER 31st, 1918. DAVID SAMUEL, ail4Q Headmaster. CARDIGANSHIRE EDUCATION COMMITTEE WANTED Certificated Female Assistant T-pdier at the Mixed Department, Cwm- padarn Council School. Salary EIDO (trained teacher). S90 (untrained teacher), rising by annual increments of B5 to £130. Applications on forms to be obtained from the undersigned, should be accompanied by three recent testimonials, and should reach me on or before Wednesdav. December 11th. 1918. JENKIN JAMES. M.A., Director of Education, Aberystwyth. N v- mhT 27th, 1918. gr. PAUL S CAPEL Y WESLEYAID, ABERYSTWYTH. Cynhelir EISTEDDFOD FAWREDDOG Yn y Capel uchod DYDD CALAN, 1919. GWOBRWYON ANRHYDEDDUS. Rhestr o'r Testynau i'w cael oddiwrth yr Ys- grifenydd, Mr. W. H. Jones, Ironmonger, Aber- ystwyth, am ddim (os drwy y post, Ceiniog). p £ b-i HOLY TRINITY PARISH, ABERYSTWYTH. THE King's Messenger's Sale FOR THE SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF ——— THE GOSPEL ——— HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO A DATE IN JANUARY. p2669 TO PUBLIC NOTICE A FEW WEEKS ago I published a small cir- cular in which I then stated that every case of .Influenza could be cured by proper treatment cS medical herbs. After labouring hard day and night for the last six weeks, and, during this time I have had some of the worst cases of nu and pneumonia, and every case, without exception, have b2en cured. kxca I have treated over one thousand four hun- dred .cftses of different diseases during the month of August, 1918-the record of my life. Every pass without exception received beneiit from the herbal treatment. NOT ONE DEATH. NOT ONE DEATH. Please noie EVERY CASE CAN BE CURED. Kindly note it lies with the public whom they consult. I have several cases of consumption in this district cured well as other town.—many of them are able to carry on their daily employ- ment. 37 cases of appendicitis cured without opera- tions in the year 1916. All operations are wicked. Dozens of cases of rheumatism have been cured by me since my living in this town. I have had 15 years' practice. I use no German drugs nor minerals. Anyone disbeliev- ing the above factg can call on me and I will furnish them with names and addresses. I am, Yours respectfully, N. EVANS, Herbal Specialist, as60 Aberystwyth. THE LATE Sir John Gibson's Sermon "A GREATER FAITH THAN IS —— HELD IN CREEDS." Delivered at SOUTH PLACE CHAPEL, LONDON, June 6th, 1886. Price, 2d. Post free, 3d., from Cambrian I News," Aberystwyth. NOW OPEN. High-Class Shaving and Haircutting Saloon at JOHN ROBERTS'S (TOBACCONIST), TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. p2646a ,¿ THE CINEMA ABERYSTWYTH. Proprietor and Manager A. Cheetham Nightly at 6-30 and 8-30. MATINEES Mondays and Saturdays at 3 Wet Afternoons at 3. Our beat advertisement is our own Screen. For Pictures and Projection. Good Wine needs no Bush. Programmes Changed Mondays & Thursday James Morgan, FRUITERER AND FLORiST FISHMONGER AND POULTERER, II, Tier Street, Abcrystuytfc EGGS. EGGS. EGGS. Boaght In any quantity foi cash. TO FARMERS- Dipp-ng Powders, Cattle Oils and Drenches R. WILLIAMS, Drug Stores. Borth. .7 TO PARENTS- J Cod Liver Oil and Emulsion. f ALWAYS GOING AHEAD. DICKS, The Great Boot People, are now Balling Government War Time Boots .A tGoverrtm a 1 i ices, At their shops in the following towns in this district: DICKS, 12, Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth. DICKS, Penrallt Street, Machynlleth. DICKS, Victoria Buildings, Dolgelley. DICKS, Sycamore Street, Newcastle Emlyn. DICKS, Leicester House, Llandyssul. ■ DICKS, Bank Place. Portmadoc | DICKS, 5b, Kinp Street. Carmarthen DICKS, High Street, Pwllheli. PICKS, High Street, Barmouth. DICKS, High Street, Lampeter DICKS. High Street, Festiniog. DICKS, High Street, Cardigan MORTONS, Terrace Road, Aberystwyth. The things that men and women look for in choosing their Boots are excellence of design and fitting, good wearing quality, and reasonableness in price. Dicks meet these demands so completely that it will pay any man or woman to visit any of their Establishments. Along with their own well-known make, they are agents the "K" Boots, "Lotus" and Delta Boots, Hold Fast and Dryfoot Brands. Try IMeks for Boots and Shoes Boys. Girls and Children Autu n- Novelties- S. N. COOKE, Ltd. Are showing the Newest Productions in Silk Blouses, Velvet Jumpers, Sport Coats, Ladies' Moirette Skirts, Silk and Wool Underwear, Children's Coats and Millinery S. N. COOKE, Ltd, Pier Street, ABERYSTWYTH And Irelands Mansions, Shrewsbury. New Street, Birmingham. fpecial Display of Millinery and Fancy Drapery AT OUR NEW SHOWROOMS, 17, TERRACE ROAD fpecial Display of Millinery and Fancy Drapery AT OUR NEW SHOWROOMS, 17, TERRACE ROAD (OPPOSITE CAMBRIAN CHAMBERS). OUR STOCK IS NEW and bought with due regard to the demands of economy ani com- prises the beat lines in Millinery, French Veilings, Neckwear, Lingerie, Etc. You are cordially invited to call and! compare the quality and prices hisses E. H Sf M. A. Stitt (Laic 11, Terrace Roa FOR USEFUL DRAPERY GOODS TRY R. ROWLANDS, THE PIONEER, 55, NORTH PARADE, ABBRYSTWYTH. SOLE AGENT FOR THE CHILPRUFE UNDERWEAR. HOSIERY A SPECIALITY. A SAVING OF 50 PER CENT. Envelopes are now 15s. 6d: to £1 per thousand. Cambrian News IIEnvosave" Labels are 10s. 6d. a thousand. Note the saving. "Envosaves" are printed with your own name and address, ensuring that your letters never go astray. It takes a ton of coal to make a ton of paper. Save coal." Save paper. Save labour. Save expenses by using Envosave." Cambrirn News "Envosave" Label. „ FROM J: Your name Envosave ———————- ana address labels can be supplied for printed 10/6 a 1,000 here. printed with customer's name and address, not more than wo lines. ■ i Stick t-his label over envelope flap for unused envelope or over old address for envelopes being used second time May be obtained at 8/6 per 1000 unprinted. XMAS. DISPLAY. The Misses COMPTON EVANS ARE MAKING A SPECIAL SHOW of AFTERNOON & SEMI-EVENING GOWNS In Crepe-de-Chene, Georgettefand Silk Eolienne, in all the newest colouridge,. Also BLOUSES in Crepe-de-Chene and Georgette. llso BOUDOIR CAPS, Dainty Lace & Georgette NECKWEAR, HANDKERCHIEFS, &c all suitable for Xmas Presents Also MILLINERY at Reasonable Prices. ADDRESS- Queen's Square, Aberystwyth (Opposite Town Hall) J At Last! At Last! NEW STOCK just to hand of the following: Enamelled Porridge Saucepans Vacuum Flasks Enamelled Tea Cans Barless Fir es Enamelled Tea Bottles Boot Protectors Enamelled Tea Pots Boot Studs Enamelled Hot Water Cans Boot Lasts Flashlamps and Batteries O'Cedar Mops Fire Bricks, all sizes and shapes O'Cedar Oil A Antique Copper Curbs Komo Mops Antique Silver Curbs Komo Oil Brass and Copper Curbs Star Vacuum Cleaners Tea Sets, Toilet Sets, Trinket Sets and Dinner Sets. W. H. JONES, General Ironmonger, 36, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. Telephone No. 18. CAMBRIAN NEWS STORES, Terrace Road, Aberystwyth. Christmas and New Year Cards. We have Christmas & New Year Private Card Books from the Best Makers, containing cards of varied and beautiful designs which you can select from. All orders, which should be given as soon as possible, will receive careful and prompt attention. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES, ABERYSTWYTH (One of the Constituent Colleges of the University of Wales). Opened 1878. "IR JOHN WILLIAMS, Bart., M.D., D.Sc., G.C.V.O. Principal: r. P. ROBERTS, M.A. (Oxon), LL.D. (Vict. THE SESSJON BEGINS in September. Lectures commence early in October. Entrance Scholarships atd Exhibitions. open to both male and female candidates above the tge of sixteen are offered for competition at the commencement of the Session. Students kre prepared for Degrees In. Arts, Science (It- eluding the Applied Science of Agricultural Law, and Music. Sessional composition fee- ui Arts, £12; in Science, £ 16. Sessional regis- tration fee, 21. Men studenta reside in regis- tered lodgings in the town, or at the Men's Hostel; Warden H. H. Paine, M.A., B.Sc. Women Students reside in the Alexandra Hall of Residence for Women; Warden, Miss 0. P. rremain, B.A. Por full particulars respecting the General Arts and Science Departments, the Law Department, the Agricultural Department, the Departments for the Training of Element- ary aot1 Secondary School Teachers, and the Elostels, apply to- J. B. DAVIES. M.A.. Registrar Messrs. JONES BROS.! Garage, North Parade, Aberystwyth. Will run a MOTOR SERVIOE between ABERYSTWYTH AND ABERAYRON every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday a.m. P*0?* Dept. Aberystwyth 8.30 4.30 Arrive Aberayron 9.30 6,0 Dept. Aberayron 9.30 6.16 Arrive Aberystwyth 11,0 7.45 Get Ready for The Cold Season. Owing to the scarcity of coal mothers are endeavonring to provide their families with warm clothing, as recommended by the Doctors, as a preventative against colds influenza, &c. 1- DANIEL THOMAS holds a large j»tock of2 Calicoes, Flannelettes, &c., made by well-known and reliable manufacturers." Standard Shirts and Shirtings. "W The very beat value obtainable. Made at a celebrated Welsh Factory. 1 ;i1!l,' -Standard Suits and Overcoats Made from strong, hand-made wearing Tweeds. To be obtainable at DANIEL THOMAS, 22 & 24, LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, Aberystwyth.

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