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1 RT. THE Ufa. A WANT l|§f: it Self-Lift Plough v^V.,0. .-S- :iA 3' t jiA Operated from the tractor. ::1t:1t Hundreds already at work. t \(.?i1 A proved success. Reliable in action. Fitted with our new fNo. 27 Bottoms will do excellent work under varying conditions. DELIVERIES %/) FROM STOCK. W Vf i s i sthc^ opinion of one □ ( have great pleasure in informing you Of the leading ) that I have given your new pattern ■ ■ .V-; Tractor and g "Cockshutt" Self-Lift Plough a Plough_agei'i3 G thorough test on all kinds of land and regardia-aig iL | it has proved a great success. Having f. great many tractors; and ploughs v under my supervision, t may say that > your Cockshutt" Self-L.ft Plough is ( the only one so far which has ever given fintire satisfaction to my clients. (Skned) B. H. BROWN, Kenton Bank Foot, Oct. 23,191S. • ■ 'v'* "*•* Write for Catalogue and particulars to:— R. A. USTER & CO., Ltd., (Dept.) I Established 1867. DURSLEY, GLOS. Established 1867. g LOVEDAY, Registered Plumber and General Decorator 22, Chalybeate Street, ABERYSTW YTH, Telephone 21 P.O. This Season's Pattern Books sent out immediately on application. IIAT WAI ENDS ■ in the utter extermination of the 9 Destructive Vermin wherever I" RODINE" RAT POISON is used. It never fails. RATS cannot 1 resist it. They eat it greedily and I die instantly. ■ Tins, 6d., I/ 2/ 3/ 5/ Post 3d. >8^ HL HARLEY, CHEMIST, PERTH. JS wen LOCAL AGENTS is. P. WyaM. Chemiat, Aberystwyth; J. W. Brans, Chemist, Llandyssul; T. Jones, Chemist, JPfefaron; R. Efana, Chemist, Lampeter; J. R. SOBes, Chemiat, Newcastle Emlyn; E. Lima Tobm, Chemist, Aberayron; H. Varies, Mach- ynlleth W. J. Evans, New C ay; D. Jonea, tilaafyllin; J. Davies, Llaoybyther. HElP VICTORY FORWARD YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS NOW YOUR SMAP iRON, STEEL AND OLD METALS. THO?. W. WAED Ltd.. Albion Works, Sheffield. ill Buy. Clear, and Deliver to MuaiMo 10 Works, Convert your Stock and Obsolete Plant into Gash and INVEST IN WAR BOND3 PDENN14S9 "LINCOLNSHIRE" I Pit: powdedsi CURE ALL DISEASES OF PIes. I Soon repay their small cost. I Sold everywhere, lod. per doz. post 1/- I from the Sole Proprietor, I Sei J. W. DENNIS, Chemist, LOUTH. Lines. | J. VEAREY, ![Z 17, floitLgatt treet. ABERYSTWYTH, Has fresh supplies of Vegetables, Fruit and Tomatoes, EVKRY MORNING, From our own Gardens. THE GRfAV WELSH i?fM £ Dl^ I RKLIEF FROM COUGH] IN 5 MINUTES g HoT710q'(! ^or Coughs, for Colds, for Asthma, s JJaVlOo Q for Bronchitis, for Hoarseness, forj n •« Influenza, for Sore Throat. Most? LOUffn Soothing, Warms the Chest. Dis-J solves the Phlegm. For Singers, forj IVAi vtlfPA Public Speakers. By Chemists LU. 1AI111D everj■where, 1* 2d ar.c1's. Pcst;:ge 3 Proprietor HUGH DAVIES d Cheaiist. MACHYNLLETH. MOLRAT the Poia'j j[ior Moles Pat Earthworms in a pot and sprinkle the Powder over them, then place in the path of the Moles* In Packets, Is. 6d. each. Put Earthworms in a pot and sprinkle the Powder over them, then place in the path of the Moles* In Packets, Is. 6d. each. Prqpns-tor— Hugh Davies, Chemist, Macuynileth. { Aberyntwyth Agents Wynne & Sons, Chemtste f GEORGE FELLOWES, Baker and Confectioner, CENTRAL CAFE, NORTH PARADE, HIGH-CLASS RESTAURANT, Having Seating Accommodation for 2CO Persons DINNERS PROVIDED DAILY. TEAS, Etc., Prepared at all Times. This Bu.snesg will be carried on in connection with that established at 19, TERRACE ROAD, which is noteu for the quality of HOME-MADE WHITE and PATENT BREAD and CON- FECTIONERY and GENERAL GROCERY. Agent for Dr. Allinson's Whole-Meal Bread; also Daren and Hovis Bread. Made Daily under Model Hygienic Conditions „ wILlJ ENSURE CUSTO: bW- GUINEA GOLD WEDDING RINGS AT E. J. MORGAN, Jeweller and Watchmaker. TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. I To POULTRY KEEPERS. I GIVE YOUR HENS SPICK GRIT The New Shell Grit. Sold by all Corn Dealers. Write for samples and name and addres of nearest Agent. aOLK manufacturers!: LIVERINE LIMITED, GRIMSBY, Scientific Sight-Testing and Frame Fitting Qualified Sight-Testing Optician. t j W Miall Jones j M.P.S Pharmaceutical Chemist, Fellow of the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers and of the Institute of ——— Ophthalmic Opticians. ——— 33, TERRACE RD., ABERYSTWYTH. I Ellis's Pharmacy Dispensing of English and Foreign PreBcription. Medical and Surgical Requisites. j ROBERT ELLIS, Pharmaceutical Chemist, > 53, Terrace Road, ) Tel. 71. ABERYSTWYTH BOOTS AND SHOES. What's Your Size? Is it a half size or an out- size? Do you require a fit- tiny between the stock 3 zes? I have it. I You cannot afford to neglect j your footwear in this ————— weather. ————— CALL AT WOODWARD'S—THAT'S ALL. WOODWARD DOES THE REST. The Ideal Country Store. WOODWARD & SON, GENERAL MERCHANTS, New Bridge Stores, Llangwyryfon, Near Aberystwyth. Mole Trappers, Gamekeepers, Marine Store Dealers, and others. SEEK SAFETY FIRST. HAVE YOU JOINED our ever-inc-^ising A my of sfitisfie.'i Trappers whr .sjwn their MOLE FOX, OTTER, HARE, ) JBIT and CAT Ni TO US; also PEB. ANT TAIL'; FEATHERS, PLUMAGE. HORSE- HAIR, etc., etc. If not, why not ? New Customers enrolled Daily. Hightst. pri<es and prompt payments guaraiteei'. Latest price list now ready. Write us before sea ling; elsewhere. Note our only ad-'ress — R. Watson & Co., ProNEEUS of !i, O L SKTN Inri.ivrv OLDgT i!ll C SH HUYEKS IN THE WORLD. Newcastle Street, London, E.C. 4 '11 L ,1:1



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