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tip sub olun ihe (Eoast. LAMPETER GUARDIANS. Those under the care of Lampeter Guardians and those who are expected to give a child a decent Christmas on Is. 6d. extra may be par- doned if they think that the Board might do well to leave the question of the Kaiser's head to Marshal Foch and see that the poor of Car- diganshire get what they should on the first peace Christmas. Some of these little ones who are to receive the magnificent eighteen pence have fathers lying in soldiers' graves in France. They did something to smash Kaiserism —something besides talk, and their children's reward is Is. 6d. Shame! DOLGELLEY RURAL. The boys who return from France will know how to deal with councillors who expect women and children to live in unfit houses and who argue that these houses are better than the trenches." Councillors who are anxious to per- petuate existing conditions are going to get a short shrift. Bravo Disley, and congratulations to Morgan Williams who voted as he should. ABERAYRON'S CLUB. Tregajron is communicating with the Y.M.C.A. Welsh headquarters re their memorial institute. Aberayron can do no better, for the Y.M.C.A. knows all about these matters. A SCANDAL. The Comptroller and Auditor-General, Mr. H. J. Gibson, in his report, has some strong com- ments on the accounting system of the Ministry of Munitions. In one instance, out of a sum of £38,098,590 for materials supplied by the Ministry, £15,885,562 represents materials for which no invoices were received. After the accounts had been certified by a firm of char- tered accountants, the factory accountant re- cently discovered an error to the extent of over £ 3,000,000 in respect of the value of materials supplied by the Ministry. Yet they talk of mak- ing the Ministry permanent." THE WELSH HOUSING ASSOCIATION. The other day I was in Holborn and saw a sign that the Welsh Housing Association occu- pied premises on the third floor. I went up- but I could not find the Association. Can any- body enlighten me as to what has happened to a body that might do good work.