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HllHlil!iliii!iHiilliiiiSlsljj'!ljiilI!iiiini!!ililiiiliiHi!liiilHI!Slii!iSiiSlilllill!lllllllllllllll CE co Jp.. -to HOW often have you used those words in discussing another man's success ? Jones, who used to serve behind a counter, opened his own shop and is now doing well. Smith, who was a bank clerk, broke away and started a now prosperous business. Robinson, a salaried analytical chemist, commenced in a small way the manufacture of a toilet soap. and now control., c' a couple of factories. Yes, but they all had a little bit of capital! Now, there are only two ways in which YOU can acquire capital. You must have it left or given to you, cr you must f save it out of your earnings. < If you have any ambition some day to set up in business for | yourself. NOW IS THE. flME to start siv:Ln!z for it. See to it that when the opportunity arrives that "little b;t of capital" 1 is not missing. Invest your savings in Savings Certificates. BUILD UP YOUR CAPITAL by means of • Cavin0s CERTIFICATES t The finest investment in the world. Money always available. F Earning compound interest at the rate of 51 per cent. No Income Tax to pay on the increase. Obtainable through yur SAVINGS ASSOCIATION or from any Official Agent, Money Order Pvst Office or Bank. m I' l H J I;, I HI II ¡ mUJJJJJUUJIl111 HUmU IU 111- g" m Nature's way -="Rest." 9 n In sickness, impaired health, digestive derangement or acute D M dyspepsia, Benger's'Food gives "digestive rest" and yet provides n n full nourishment. Benger's Food combines nature's two S Jy greatest foods, wheat and milk, into a dainty and delicious food Q In cream which has already undergone the first stages of digestion. in M The digestive power lacking in invalids, etc., is thus made Q| D up and Benger's Food rests, comforts and sustains when other 10 MM foods disagree or cause discomfort and pain. yi M Food n)) S for INFANTS, INVALIDS and the AGED. | m ln'my* opinion it curpaseft and absolutely supersedes all other foods.A Phy.ician'sletior. [9 D Bevyer'n Food i* told in tinn by Chemist*, etc., everywhere. Hi 9 Benjcer's Food is perhaps the most distinct food we have Our Booklet describing it uj B makes interesting readme to intelligent people. Copies may be obtained post free from ffj o Q| BENGER'S HOOD LTD. MANCHESTER, England ffl r H BRANCH OFFICES: NP.W YuKK (U S.A 90 Beckcwn Street. SYDNEY i,N.S.W.J 117 Pitt Street Mj ->- May I have the pleasure of serving you with a Dainty Meal during your stay in ABERYSTWYTH For the past Century my shop has been noted lor the supply of ># Attractive Repasts at Most Resonable Prices. 1 also Specialise in the production of DELICIOUS CAKES, FANCIES, &c. Just the sort of things in fact that give a zest to a PICNIC. (D. W. TEVIOTDALE). High Class Baker, Confectioner & Caterer, 19-21, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH Rins up on the PHONE No. 32 and ten me to get your meal ready. I'll see that it is served IMMEDIATELY on your arrival Watch Our Windows, and come to inspect our Millinery Showrooms. We are making a special display of MILLINERY, BLOUSES, etc. of the newest Styles at Stitt! Stitt! Stitt! Ho. 17, TERRACE ROAD, A. W. VIGARS, lronmonger&c., Aberystwyth. Reapers, Mowers, Binders, Rakes, Churns, Cheese Presses, Chain Harrows, Netting and all requirements for the Season. ABERYSTWYTH ROCK ABERYSTWYTH BRANCH-TRINITY ROAD. REES <S £ JENKINS. "'801e Agents Geo. Kemp, Ltd., London (Noted Rich Cakes and Biscuits Harvino Toffee, Moseley Jellies, Nut and Plain Chocolate. Birmingham 587-9-13earwood Road. Local Depot (from where all supplies can be obtained). firidge End, Llanbadarn Fawr Aberystwyth. p3189 FRUIT BOTTLIINC. LARGE CONSIGNMENT TO HAND OF THE "K LNER" JAR, lib. 8/6. 21bs. 9/6. 31bs. 12/6 per Dozen. O'CEDAR MOPS. O'CEDAR OIL. 3/6, 5/2, 6/3. 1/3, 2/6, 5/ 7/6. MILTON Does 101 things. 1/3 and 2/6 per Bottle. I W. H. JONES, General Ironmonger, 36, Great Darkgate Street, ABERYSTWYTH. Telephone No. 18. FOR THE ERY LATEST CREATIONS IN Millinery, Gowns, Neckwear, &e. t)isfiHminaCing Buyers cannot do better than visit The Misses M. E. EVANS, QUEEN'S SQUARE, ABERYSTWYTH (TW:II ). JOHN LLOYD & SONS Town Criers, billposters & Distributors. .Saving the largest number of most prominent (Posting Stations, n all parts of Aberystwyth ,and District, they are able to take large contracts of every description. OVER 100 STATIONS IN TOWN AND STRICT. Official Billposters to the Town and County C«ncils, G.W.R. Co.. CamTtman Railways Co-, "he Auctioneers of the Town and District, fcber Public Bodies. Addre*. TRINITY ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. '2-:f f Messrs-JONES BROS. Garage, North Parade, Aberystwyth, Will run a MOTOR SERVICE between ABERYSTWYTH AND ABERAYROK DAILY. a.m. p.m. Dept. Aberystwyth 8.30 4.30 Arrive Aberayron 9.30 6,0 Dept. Aberayron 9.30 6.15 Arrive Aberystwyth. ll.'O 7.45 —ife- r-.i,- •-> ■

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