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High-Grade PLOUGHS THE LIGHTEST DRAUGHT PLOUGHS MADE. BEST FOR ALL CONDITIONS. UNEQUALLED FOR PERFECTION OF DESIGN, "LONG LIFE" WEARING PARTS AND ALL-ROUND ADAPTABILITY. FOUR FURROW TRACTOR PLOUGH. Immediate delivery from Stock of Single, Double, Three and Four Furrow Ploughs for Horse and Tractor use. ANOTHER COCKSHUTT SUCCESS!—Awarded the Silver Medal (highest award) at the Royal Society of Dublin Show after demonstration before the judge&-June, 1919. Catalogue and all particulars from :— R. A. LISTER & CO. LTD. Telephone: DURSLEY, GLOS. Telegrams: Pio. 7 Duraley. Established 1867. "Machinery, Danley." I I The Ideal Country Stores. I i WOODWARD & SON, GENERAL MERCHANTS, New Bridge Stores, Llangwyryfoq i I Near Aberystwyth. I Woodward's now have two motor delivery vans giving to the countryside delivery service second to none and equal to the big London stores. a Compare Woodward Prices and Woodward Service with competitors. The Ideal Country Stores. A^F-DENNIS'S-I ■■nK "LINCOLNSHIRE" POWDERS CURE ALL DISEASES OF PIGS. Soon rspay their small cost. Sold everywhere, 10d. per duz. post II. from the Sole Proprietor, SSS J. W. DENNIS, Clwmitt. LOUTH, Lisa. NEW —— ST. DAVID'S HOTEL, HARLECH. Ckwe to famous Links and Seashore, Garage, Inspection Pit, Stables, Billiards, Excellent Cuisine. Write for descriptive booklet, —— FINEST SEA and MOUNTAIN VIEWS. SHAFTESBURY ifEMPERANCE HOTEL, MOUNT PLEASANT, LIVERPOOL About Five Minutes walk from Lime Street and Central Stations. Moont Pleasant Cars from Landing Stage stop at the Door. Telegrams: "Shaftesbury Hotel, Liverpool." Home-like and Moderate. Welsh spoken. HOTEL GWALIA DPEB. WOBURN PLACE, LONDON, W.C. CENTRALLY SITUATED. Within 5 minutes walk of Euston Station and 10 Minutes from Paddington Station by under- ground to Gower-street Station. 130 ROOMS LUXURIOUSLY FURNISHED. Passenger Lift to all Floors. Bed, Breakfast, Morning Bath, and Attendance, 6s. each Person. Telegraphic Address: "Gwaliatel," London. Telephone: City 5010 and 5011. .134. Managing Director: JOHN JENKINS. SPRING CLEANING. Goodlass PURE PAINTS, Bird Brand, WASHABLE WATER PAINT and FRESCOLINE, STAINS. VARNISHES, Ac. R. WILLIAMS. Manchester House. BORTH DAVID WILLIAMS Builder and Undertaker, 12, PROSPECT STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. EXPERIENCED WORKMEN EMPLOYED. Estimates given for every description of work. LIVERINE THE FISH MEAL. MAKES HENS LAY I Now being sold by all Ppultry Food Dealers. MANUFACTURERS: LIVEKDTE LIMITED. GRIMSBY. Cupis's Constitution Balls. Send a postcard for our ILLUSTRATED HANDBOOK tfiving full particulars and treat- ment of various diseases. gratis and post free. »» rc>r Grease, Swelled ►4 /IT'CfOOl Cocked Heels. HU1 OVU Couxhs. Colds, Sore Throats. Disordered Liver. Broken Wind. Influenza. Loss of Appetite. etc.. etc i 1 ^or Hide-bound Starintj I 'nrr Ift Coat. Hove or Blown VJUlU LJ.V? Distemper. Roideinic Surfeit. Conditioning Preserving Health. Scouring in Calve etc. For Rot or Fluke, and X M OOT"l >n Health. kJUCU U Assisting to set into • Condition. Scouring in Lambs, etc. Prepared upwards of 50 vears bv the late FRANCIS CUPaSS M R.C.V.s. Diss. -40RFOI.K Sold in Packets 1/9 and 3/6 each. 7 small Packets 1C/6, or 7 large 21/- by Chemists and Medicine Vendors, or from Francis Cupiss, Ltd., The Wilderness, Diss on receipt of amount. HAIR DESTROYER JAMES' DEPILATORY. Instantly removes Superfluous Hairs from the Face, Neck or Arms, without injury to the akin. Of most chemists; or, free from obser- #ation, post free on receipt of Postal Order for &% 3d., 2s 9d., or 5s.—Mrs G. JAMES, 268, Caledonian Road, London. N. 1. I YOU BUY YOU BUY THIS MACHINE ON MERIT. | THE IlSTER ■ *0y TSf Cream Separator For Perfect on of Design. Material and Workmanship this Separator. made throughout in our works by British Workmen, cannot be surpassed Made in 4 Sizes Capacities 25 to SO Gallons. MODERATE PRICES. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. Write for Catalogue to Sole Makers': R. A. LISTER & Co. Ltd. (Dept. S. 16.) DURSLEY, Glos. Telecrams Telephone: "Machinery Durstty." No. 7. Dur»iey Telep hon e- No. 54. Telegrams-Hartley, Merchant, Aberystwyth. Hartley's — GRAIN STORES Queen Street, ABERYSTWYTH BUYER AND SELLER OF OATS, WHEAT, BARLEY, MAIZE, FEEDING MEALS,1 CAKES, Etc. 11t Free AD PAINTING uted WHEELS HE-RUBBERED on the Premises while you wait. E. Thomas and Sons, Coach Builders, SOUTH GATE, Aberystwyth. BUILDERS OF FLOATS, GOVERNESS CARS, and TRAPS of every description Agents for Worthington's Oil & Gas Engines J. VEAREY, 17, Northgate Street, ABERYSTWYTH, Fresh Supplies of Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, & Home-Grown Tomatoes, From our Own Gardens. PRESH EVERY MORNING FOR THE BEST PIANOS, PLAYER-PIANOS, ORGANS, &c. Dale, Forty & Co., Ltd. HIGH STREET. CARDIFF. Send for Catalogues. Tel. i 103 i

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