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:ig. l Watch Your IMjf) Spending TWO families of the same size and with the same income, living side by side, paying the same rent, faced with the same necessary expenses. One family i* prosperous and comfortable the other living always in debt, or on the border of it. Why is this ? The first family has mastered the secret of WISE SPENDING the second has not. The first thing the wise spender finds is that contentment is impossible without a margin—nothing is more miserable than to live right up to one's income. Something must be set aside each week to meet the needs of next week, next month, or the more distant future. The man who spends all his income is poor. The man with a margin u rich, and ihe bigger his weekly, monthly or yearly margin, the richer he is. WATCH, YOUR SPENDING—Save something every week. .? You cannot do better with your v Savings than invest them in Savings CERTIFICATES r- 1 obtainable through jour local SA VINCV ASSOCIA TION, or < (, from any Official Agent, Money Order Post Office or Baxk. May I have the pleasure of serving you TJb with a Dainty Meal during your stay in J bHI S&& ABERYSTWYTH • HfA For the past Century my shop has been noted jj for the supply of mjl Attractive Repasts at Most Resonable Prices. I also Specialise in the production of DELICIOUS CAKES, FANCIES, &c. Just the sort of things in fact that give a zest to a PICNIC. OWE^ (D. W. TEVIOTDALE). High Class Baker, Confectioner & Caterer, J 19-21, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH Ei« »■> on the PHONE No. 32 and tell me to get your meal ready.. I I'll see that it is served UIMEDIA TEL Y on arrival. Watch Our Windows, and come to inspect our Millinery Showrooms. We- are making a special display of MILLINERY, BLOUSES, etc. of the newest Styles at Stitt! Stitt I Stitt! No. 17, TERRACE ROAD, A. W. VIGARS, Ironmonger&c., Aberystwyth. Reapers, Mowers, Binders, Rakes, Churns, Cheese Presses, Chain Harrows, Netting and all requirements for the Season. ABERYSTWYTH ROCK ABERYSTWYTH BRANCH-TRINITY ROAD. REES ól JENKINS. Sole Agents See. Kemp, Ltd, London (Noted Rich Cakes and Biscuits Harvino Toffee, Moseley Jellies, Nut and Plain Chocolate. Birmingham 587-9-13earwood Road. Local Depot (from where all supplies can be obtained). Bridge End, Llanbadarn Fawr Aberystwyth. 189 fRUIT BOTTLING. LARGE CONSIGNMENT TO HAND OF THE "K LNER" JAR, lib. 8/6. 21bs. 9/6. 31bs. 12/6 per Dozen. O'CEDAR MOPS. — O'CEDAR OIL. 3/6, 5/2, 6/3. 1/3, 2/6, 5/ 7/6. MILTON Does 101 things. 1/3 and 2/6 per Bottle. W. H. JONES, General Ironmonger, 36, Great Darkgate Street, ABERYSTWYTH. Telephone No. 18. FOR THE VERY LATEST CREATIONS IN Millinery, Gowns, Neckwear, &c. Discriminating Buyers cannot do better than visit The Misses M. E. EVANS, QUEEN'S SQUARE, ABERYSTWYTH (-ffrfcn )• 214 Ware e. fob Cataxoguk. Kley Bros., Ltd., BRANDING STAMP MANUFACTURERS, I 118-120, Dale Street, LIVERPOOL. I This man is saving time and money by using our FLEXIBLE COMPO- SITION STAMPS cheape and better than Stencils, and you can mark any Cases or Bags in the time you could s t e n c one. JOHN LLOYD & SONS Town Criers, Billposters & Distributors. flaving the largest number of most prominent Posting Stations, ;n all parts of Aberystwyth and District, they are able to take large contracts of every description. OVER 100 STATIONS IN TOWN AND DljSTRICT. Official Billposters to the Town and County Councils, G.W.R. Co., Cambrian Railways Co., all the Auctioneers of the Town and District, and other Public Bodies. Address TRINITY ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH, Messrs. JONES BROS. Garage,'North Parade, Ate^Tstwyth, Will run a MOTOR SERVICE between ABERYSTWYTH AND ABERAYRQ* DAILY. a.m. p.m. Dept. Aberystwyth 8.30 4.30 Arrive Aberayron 9.30 6.0 Dept. Aberayron 9.30 6 15 Arrive Aberyst.wyth. 11.0 7.45 CAP PAPERS. Blue Cambridge, 18x28 8/6 Lemon, 18x29 8/6 Brown (Striped Nature) 8/6 Brown Nature -;7/- Lemon, 14 x 20 5/6 ALL IN STOCK. Immediate Delivery. Cambrian News, ABERYSTWYTH.

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