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-<r- !*> ■*>■&<&'■ v. ■' >. I$LAOKPOM -OW v:v^ w T BYGgAVE, Late Signaller 9th NORFOLK REGT. U I was serving in France with the 9th Batt. Norfolk Regiment during the last twelve months of the War, and saw a great deal of heavy fighting, and was con- stantly under shell fire, the effects of which partly shat- tered my nerves. I was badly gassed and suffered from the effects of concussion. I saw your advertisement in the 'News of the World/ and I thought I would give Phosferine a triaL Before taking Phosferine my hands shook, and the least noise irritated me. I could not sleep at night, but after taking Phosferine. for about two n Z5 months mv comolaints disappeared, to the surprise of nay acquaintances, who had thought I was going to be^ a chronic invalid. I can highly recommend Phosferine. 46, Langley Street, Norwich. Thi. ex-hospital patient declares that the complete disappearance of his nerve disorders is entirely due to the revitalising qualities of Phosferine. Phosferine enabled the nerve organisms to reproduce the extra nerve force to overcome his distressing nervous disabilities. When you require the Best Tonic Medicine, see that you get PHOSFERINE A PROVEN REMEDY FOR Mtamza Neuralgia Lassitude Nerve Shock Nervous C ability Maternity Weakness Neuritis Malaria Indigestion Premature Deeay Faintness Rheumatism Steeplesrtiess Mental Exhaustion Brain Fag Headache Exhaustion Loss of Appetite Anemia Soiatioa Phosferine has a world-wide repute for curing disorders of the nervous system more completely and speedily and at less cost than any other preparation. CnrfUT BYTCINFCLQ lWITF Phosferine is made in liquid SriitiAL OUJjlnJLM 11U1 £ i. and Tablets, the Tablet form being particularly convenient for Business Men and Women, travellers, etc. It oan be used anv time, anywhere, in accurate doses, as no water is required. The 3/- tube is small enoneh to carry in the pocket, and contains 90 doses. Four sailor or soldier will be the better for Phosferine-send him a tube of tablets. Sold by all Chemists, Stores, etc. Prices Is. 3d., 3s. and 5s. The 3s. size contains nearly four time* the It. 3d. size. Rill litililuill I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijoil lifillilinill 11111111111111111 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiialliililuillinill IL- | fQR IMMEDIATE DISPOSAL | S An Attractive ê I CONSERVATORY i. S. ——— AD ——— g ) GREENHOUSE RANGE .1 ill I J; CONSISTING OF I Central House 45 ft. by 15 ft. 5 3 Two Flanking Houses respectively by 15 ft. r= S3 == §§' Now standing in the Grounds E = of a West of England Estate. II SUPERSTRUCTURE of WOOD & IRON ê jj: HEATING APPARATUS AND PIPES § All in fair condition as far as known. §§ I Buyer to take down and remove at own cost. i S CAN BE INSPECTED BY INTENDING PURCHASERS ON §§ 3 APPLICATION TO BOX -*••• OFFICE OF THIS PAPER. = ø = r 0 ,p 4 11' 11 1-71 WA TKINS, Plumber and Decorator, Having released his plumbers to serve in the Army,. has now got a Staff together is in normal times, and also a (Practical) Registered Plumber. Good work and reasonable charges guaranteed WALL PAPERS FROM 1/3 to clear, to make room for fresh stock. 15 A 8a, Terrace Road & Custom House Street. STEAM SAW MILLS, ABERYSTWYTH. R. ROBERTS & SONS TIMBER AND SLATE MERCHANTS. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF JOINERY DONE QUICKLY AND CHEAPLY. nit ANn BOATS' SAILS mad#> on the Premises; also all kinds of SACKS, COAL BAGS. &e. ESTIMATES GIVEN. JOBBING DONE. FELLOES FOR CART WHEELS. TRAPS AND OTHER VEHICLES TliB FURNISHING WAREHOUSE, Great Darkeatw Stret,. BEST VALUE IN FURNITURE. J. LEWIS EVANS, CABINET MANUFACTURER- UPHOLSTERER, AND UNDERTAKER Bafts to inform the public that he has always g large Stock of Furniture, tc., made on the premises. — James Morgan JFRUITERER AND FLORIST, FISHMONGER AND POULTERER. 11, Pier Street, Aberystwyth EGGS. EGGS. EGGS. Bought in any quantity for cash j GEORGE FELLOWES, Baker and Confectioner,. CENTRAL CAFE, NORTH PARADE, HIGH-CLASS RESTAURANT, Having Seating Accommodation ior 200 Persons. DINNERS PROVIDED DAILY. TEAS. Etc, Prepared at all Times. This Business will be carried on in connection j with that established at 19, TERRACE ROAD, which is noted for the quality of HOME-MADT WHITE and PATENT BREAD and CON FECTIONERY and GENTRAL GROCERY. Agent for Dr. Allinson's Whole-Meal Bread; -also Daren and Hovis Bread.- Made Dailv under Model Hygienic Conditions. WILL ENSURE CUSTOM. b85

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