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coc i High-Grade PLOUGHS 1 THE LIGHTEST DRAUGHT PLOUGHS MADE. BEST FOR ALL CONDITIONS. | rvrnriTiFn FOR PERFECTION OF DESIGN, "LONG LIFE" ^VEARING PARTS AND ALL-ROUND ADAPTABILITY. u FOUR FURROW TRACTOR PLOUGH. <! Immediate delivery from Stock of Single, ,D^le, Thiw and Four Furrow Ploughs for Horse and Tractor use. ANOTHER COCKSHUTT SUCCESS !-Awarded the SUrer Medal (highest award) at the Roval Society oj Duhlm Show after demonstration before the judges.-June, Jifly. Catalogue and all particulars from R. A. LISTER & CO. LTD. 0 TabpfaoM: DURSLEY, Glos. Telegrams: t Me. 7 Dnrsley. Established 1867. "Machinery, Purely » The Ideal Country Stores. WOODWARD & SON GENERAL MERCHANTS, New Bridge Stores, Llangwyryfon I Near Aberystwyth. Woodward's now have two motor DDIVORJ TADS giving to the countryside a delivery service second to none and equal to the big London stores. Compare Woodward Prices and Woodward Service with competitors. The Ideal Country Stores. I •DENNIS'S-* "LINCOLNSHIRE" fePIE POWDERS Bjr» CURE ALL DISEASES OF PIGS. HS* Soon repay their -mall cosU Sold everywhere, 10(1. per doz. post 1/- from the Sole proprietor, J. w. DENNIS, Cheoiit, LOUTH, Lisa. SPRING CLEANING. Good lass PURE PAINTS, Bird Brand, WASHABLE WATER PAINT and FRBSCOLINE, STAINS. VARNISHES, ac. R. WILLIAMS Manchester House, BORTH DAVID WILLIAMS Builder and Undertaker, 12, PROSPECT STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, j EXPERIENCED WORKMEN EMPLOYED. 8Itimates given for every description of work. LIVERINE THE FISH MEAL. MAKES HENS LAY Now being sold by all Poultry Food Dealers. MANUFACTURERS: LIVERINE LIMITED. GRIMSBY. HAIR DESTROYER JAMES' DEPILATORY. Instantly removes Superfluous Hairs feom the Face, Neck or Arms, without injury to the ekia. Of most chemists; or, free from obser- vation, pest free on receipt of Postal Order for 3d., 2s 9d., or 5s.-Mrs G. JAMES, 268, Caledonian Road, London. N. 1. —— NEW —— ST. DAVID'S HOTEL, HARLECH. Close to famous Links and Seashore, Oarage, Inspection Pit, Stables, Billiards, Excellent Cuisine. Write for —— descriptive booklet, —— FINEST. SEA and MOUNTAIN VIEWS. SHAFTESBURY TEMPERANCE HOTEL, IlQUNT PLEASANT, LIVERPOOL. abo" Frve Minutes walk from Lime Street and Cedtral Stations. Meant Pleasant Cars froto Landing Stage stop at the Door. Telegrams: "Shaftesbury Botet, Liverpool." Hone-Kite and Moderate. Welsh spoken. HOTEL GWALIA UPPER WOBURN PLACE, LONDON, W.C. CENTRALLY SITUATED. Wtthin 5 minutes walk of Euston Station and 90 IGnates from Paddington Station by under- ground to Gower-street Station. 130 ROOMS LUXURIOUSLY FURNISHED. Passenzer Lift to all Floors. Bed, Breakfast, Morning Bath, and Attendance, 6s. each Person. Telegraphic Address: "Gwaliatel," London. Telephone: City 5010 and 5011. am. Managing Director: JOHN JENKINS. Ellis's Pharmacy Dispensing of English and ■; Foreign Prescriptions. Medical and Surgical Requisites. ROBERT ELLIS, Pharmaceutical Chemist, 53, Terrace Road, Tel. 71. ABERYSTWYTH YOU BUY THIS MACHINE ON MERIT. THE llSTER Cream Separator For Perfect on ot Design, 'Material For Perkct on of and Workmanship this Separator, made throughout in our works by British Workmen, cannot be gorpassed I Made n > Sizes I Capacities 25 to 80 Gallons. MODERATE PRICES. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. Write for Catalogue to Sole Makers': R. A- LISTER & Co. Ltd. (Dept. S. 16.) DURSLEY, Glos. Telesrams Telephone "Machinery Durs'Y." No. 7. Dursiey Telephone-No. 54. Telegrams- Hartley, Merchant, Aberystwyth. Hartley's GRAIN STORES Queen Street, ABERYSTWYTH BUYER AND SELLER OF OATS, WHEAT, BARLEY, MAIZE, FEEDING MEALS, CAKES, Etc. Estimates Free lfeaHlKk REPAIRS AND PAINTING Neat.y Executed WHEELS RE-RUBBERED on the Premise* while you wait. L Thomas and Sons, Coach Builders, SOUTH GATE, Aberystwyth. BUILDERS OF FLOATS, GOVERNESS1 CARS, and TRAPS of every description Agents for Worthington's Oil & Gas Engines I v 4-4 I 0 v > :c I Prams, Push Chairs, Bath Chairs, Wired on Tyres with Patent Core. I Chairs. &c., on Hire. Furniture stored or bought for cash. All classes of repairs. J.G. STYLES, Furnisher 10, Terrace Road (Near Stee Aberystwyth. —— ———————————— FOR THE BEST PIANOS, j PLAYER-PIANOS, ORGANS, ac. Dale, Forty a Co., Ltd. | HIGH STREET. j CARDIFF. Send for Catalogues. Tel. 1103 j The Safe Way to Stop HEADACHES Get a Free Sample of E P I I NAS R N" The Perfected Brand of ASPIRIN When your head aches—or you are racked with Tooth- ache or N euraIgia-'don t take dangerous narcotic drugs, but swallow two Genasprin tablets, disintegrated in water. They stop the pain and quieten the I throbbing nerves -instantly and harmlessly. These little tablets have saved me twenty-four hours of excrucia- ting pain in my head," writes Nurse W. A. Field (Orebend St., Leicester). "I only'wish I had known about them before, as they give almost instantaneous relief." You will be grateful to Gen- asprin when you have personally experienced its wonderful pain- soothing power. » Get a testing- supply now-in readiness for yibur next attack of headache, etc. Send to-day for a Free Sample Address a stout envelope to yourself —put a Hd. sta" on it-and write the name of this paper on the inside flap. Then send us the envelope. and we will at once return it to you containing three full doses of Gen- asprin. Your chemist sells Genasprin in bottles of 35 tablets, price 2/ And your doctor will tell you that it's the purest, safest aspirin—free from irri- tant toxic acids, etc., which depress the heart and upset the digestion. He will also tell you how valuable it is in Gout and Rheumatism, Colds, Influenza, and Nervous or Muscular Fatigue. GENATOSAN, LIMITED (Makem of Sanatogen, Formaminl, etc.) 12. Chenies St., London, W.C. 1 (Chairman: The Vbeountow Rhoodda.) 1-

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