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ESTABLISHED 1851, Wm. Dew & Son AND I R. Arthur Jones, I F.A.I. Auctioneers, Valuers, Surveyors. t BANGOR. (Tel. 13). CONW A Y (Tel. 29) • Telegrams: DEWSON." SALES OF j COUNTRY ESTATES Contents of Mansions, And Private Residences. Proprietors of Carnarvonshire, Denbighshire, and Anglesey Smithfields. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. CARNARVONSHIRE and MERIONETHSHIRE PORTIONS OF THE BAFOD GARltEGOG ESTATE. "mMTSSSRS WM. DEW AND SON AND R. Ji- ARTHUR JONES, F.A.I.. will Sell by Vfcblie Auction at an early date, the Valu- Farms, Small Holdings, Dwelling Houses, Etc., jL -ad around Beddgelert, Penrhyndeudraeth. fUntnor, Llanfrotlien, Gam Dolbenmaen, Tmharnau, and Tydweiliog, Nevin. Plans and Particulars in due course of mHoi Carter. Vincent, and Co., Solicitors, gugor, or the Offices of the Auctioneers, Ban- Mr and Conway. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. Farms, Small Holdings, Dwelling Houses, Etc., jL and around Beddgelert, Penrhyndeudraeth, HantBor, Llanfrotlien, Gam Dolbenmaen, Tetoernau, and Tydweiliog, Nevin. Plans and Particulars in due course of mLm. Carter. Vincent, and Co., Solicitors. Baagor, or the Offices of the Auctioneers, Ban- Mr and Conway. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. Farms, Small Holdings, Dwelling Houses, Etc., jL and around Beddgelert, Penrhyndeudraeth, HantBor, Llanfrotlien, Gam Dolbenmaen, Tetoernau, and Tydweiliog, Nevin. Plans and Particulars in due course of mLm. Carter. Vincent, and Co., Solicitors, gugor, or the Offices of the Auctioneers, Ban- Mr and Conway. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT, By DIRECTION OF THE CITY BREWERY CO., LTD. (LICHFIELD). fggpertant realisation of Valuable Freehold iSensed and Dwelling House Properties, to- u<thrr with the Leasehold Interest m Tw liberties, all in and about the Town of PORTMADOC. »«SSRS. WM. DEW AND SON AND R. M- ARTHUR JONES have been instructed ft, offer for Sale by Public Auction^ Port maAec (subject to Conditions of Sale to be tben produced and read), the following 0 Valuable Properties BRYNAWEN INN. Freehold (now de- ^BRrTANNIA INN (now delicensed) and Cot- IIK, both Freehold. Tbe SHIP INN and Cettage, Freehold Se LEASEHOLD INTEREST in the Com- ^lIlsEHOLD INTEREST in the Glafi- ^Detidled' Particulars and Conditions of Sale M, be obtained from Messrs A. W. Dando and ST 193, Wolverhampton-street Dudley, or from the Auctioneers, at their Offices, Bangor sad Conway. _————— PRELIMINARY NOTICE. OOLWYDDELEN AND ROMAN BRIDGE. ILA-ESM. WM. DEW AND SON AND R. ITIL ARTHUR JONES are favoured with ftMtroctkms to Sell by Public Auction (unless yreriouBty sold by Private Treaty) Valuable Freehold Farms TY'N-Y-CWM, TAN-Y-BWLCH. TAN'RALLT, GWYNDY GEGGTN, GLANY- GORS, and HAFOD GWENLLIAN. extending to an area of 2,406 ACRES, or thereabouts. FOr all further particulars, apply to Messrs. North, Kirk, and Co., Solicitors, 15, Lord- atreet Liverpool; or to the Auctioneers. Ban- aid (Way. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. I COUNTY OF CARNARVON. PARISH OF BEDDGELERT. "MJFESSRS. WM. DEW AND SON AND R. IT-L ARTHUR JONES have been favoured with instructions to offer for Sale by Public taction, at an early date (subject to Condi- tions of Sale to be then produced and read), Takable Freehold Farms known as HAFOD RUFFYDD UCHAF. HAFOD, RUFFYDD GANOL, AND HAFOD EUFFYDD ISA (OR GLAN-Y-GORS), extending to an area 2,000 ACRES or fhereabduta. 81taate close to the picturesque Hamlet of Beddgelert; also a Plot of Building and A commodation Land. new the County School, la the Town of Ca-narvon. For all further particulars, apply to Messrs IVisbet, Daw, and Nisbet, Solicitors, 35, lin- coln's Inn Fields, London; or to the Auction- eers, at their Offices, Bangor and Conway. a264 PRELIMINARY N'JTICE. COUNTY OF DENBIGH. .ahut eight miles from Denbigh and Abergele. IMPORTANT SALE OF THE GRAND FpTT HOLD RESIDENTIAL, SPORTING. AND AGRICULTURAL ESTATE OF Dyffryn Aled, Waving an area of 4,400 ACRES, or there- abouts. ILKESSRS. WM. DEW AND SON AND R. ill ARTHUR JONES will shortly offer the tbove Estate for Sale. For further Particulars apply, R. M. Thomas. Esq., Twining. Ruabon; Harold Ed- ds, Esq. Agent, Gwrych Castle Estate Office, Abergele; or to tho Auctioneers, at their Offices, Bangor and Conway- PRELIMINARY NOUCfc. GWRYCH CASTLE ESTATE. Third Sale of OUTLYING PORTIONS in and around COLWYN BAY, LLANDDULAS, and RHYL. MESSRS. WM. DEW AND SON AND R. J[Ti. ARTHUR JONES, F.A.I., have been favoured with instructions to Sell by Public Auction, at an early date, the following Im- portant and Attractive Agricultural Holdings «iXL FFYNNONAU, SIRIOR HIR. TY'N CASATT. TYDDYN UCHA BACH, BENAR CALBD, PENYCOED, TYGWYN. FRON- HEVLOG, HEN AFON, PENOEFN DU, HEN DREt Etc, 2)>r further particulars apply to Haro'n Ecfwlnrls, Esq., Agent, Gwrych Castle Estate Ogfito, Abergnle; or to the Auctioneers, at their Offices, Bangor and Conway. AT AN EARLY DATE. OBTLYTNG PORTTONS OF THE PENRHYN ESTATE. IN THE LLEYN PENINSULA. PaHshes of Bodferin, Bryn Croes. Aberdaron, LlfTvffpl'-hvs. Rhiw. T.lansvbi. Dolbenmapn. T|*TS8RS." WM. DEW AND SON AND R l|X ARTHUR JONES have received instruc- t from the Rieht, Hon. Lord Penrhyn. to offer for Salft by Public Auction at the Town Baft, Pwllheli, the following noted FREEHOLD Agricultural Properties 9vi emending to an area of 1,050 Acres (or there- ab-outs) t- t. r. p- Tv Hen 129 1 2 IJain-y-Gwalit ••• 0 1 25 Bngelns Fawr 72 0 27 Plaa Newvdd 248 0 7 Hcndre Cenin 170 3 39 Hendre Onin 185 1 13 Ty-Hwnt-ir-Mynydd Isa 123 2 23 Pant-yr-Einiog 121 1 0 For all further-particulars, apply to Messrs Carter, Vincont, and Co.. Solicitors, Bangor, 8nd Carnarvon, or to the Offices of the Auc- tioneers, Bangor and Conway. GILLAfct AND SONS, AUCTIONEERS, HOCSE AGENTS VALUERS, and SURVEYORS, MACHYNLLETH. AUCTION SALES of Freehold and Leasehold Properties, Ground Bents, Furn'ture' Farming Stock, and Timber. Etc., undertake on moderate terms. VALUATIONS made for Estate Duty, Ira fer. Mortgages, and other purposes. SURVEYS made and PLANS prepared. ESTATES managed and Rents collected. Property Owners advised in regard to the Provisional Valuations of their Properties under the Finance (1909-10) Act, 1910. Register of houses and lands to let, forWi« by Private Treaty. taiu|| CEFNGWEIRIOG, TALIESIN. "Vf ESSRS. GILL ART & SONS are i.- M. structed by Mr Robert Thomas (who is leaving) to Sell by Auction, On MONDAY, 22nd SEPTEMBER, 1919, the whole of the LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK, comprising 40 Head of Black Cattle, Tiz: 9 Milch Cows, 4utumn and Spring Calvers, 6 two-year-old Bullocks, 0 Barren Heifers, 6 Yearling*, 10 Calves, and a Bull Calf. 450 Welsh Mountain Sheep, consisting of 220 Ewes, 120 Lambs, 100 Wethers, and 8 Rams. 5 VeryUseful FARM HORSES, including a Cart Mare (9 years), and a promising 3-year old Filly, both excellent workers U-year-old Colt and Filly, and a '2 Filly Foal 3 STORE PIGS, A Collection of AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, comprising a McCormick two-horse Mower ffood segment Land Roller, capital light Tumbril Cart, Root Pulper (nearly new), 2 Iron Ploughs, Iron and Chain Harrows, Wire Netting, Chaffcutter, etc Also the Horse Gears, light-running Trap m good condition, Trap Harness, and a light tour- wheeled Lurry NOTE. -Harvest conditions permitting, the CORN CROPS will he ihcluded in the Sale—approximately 32 Mows of White and Brown Oats and 16 Mows of Barley. Luncheon at 11. Sale at 12 noon. Terms Cash. n374 MACHYNLLETH SHEEP SALL. MESSRS. MORRIS and MARSHALL a«d GILLART AND SONS wid held their ANNUAL SALE OF 2,500 DRAFT EWES On Wednesday, 24th September, 1919 (The date of the old-established Machynlletb I Sheep Fair), ENTRIES ARE SOLICITED. n4l4 AELYDON, ABERDOVEI. MESSRS GILLART & SONS have re- ceived instructions from Capt. Daniel Morgan (following upon the Sale of the above house) to sell by Auction, on the premises on THURSDAY, 25th SEPTEMBER, 1919, A quantity of substantial Household Furniture Comprising a Dining-room Suite of nine pieces in American Leather, a handsome 5ft. Walnut Sideboard with bevelled mirror panels, Tall glazed Bookcase in Canary Pine, a sweet-toned Pianoforte (by Bishop), iron frame in good condition Inlaid Walnut Chimney Glass, serviceable Walnut Drawing Room Suite of seven pieces in Saddlebag, pretty walnut Music Cabinet 21ins wide, comfortable Easy Chair, Walnut Overmantel with bevelled I glass, Fenders, Fire Implements. Occasional Tables, and a quantity of Glass Ware. BEDROOiM APPOINTME NTS including a well-made 3ft. tuns, ouite wim Glass door Wardrobe, brass and iron Double Bedsteads with Box and Wire Spring Mat- tresses, Iron Combination Single Bedsteads, Hair and Wool Overlays, a handsome Walnut Wardrobe with Glass door. white enamelled Bedroom Suite, Che;t of Drawers, Dressing Glassm, Washstands, Tapestry Carpets, Pictures, Toilet Ware Chair Bedstead, etc. Kitchen Utensils, Crockery, capital Clothes Mangle and Wringer, Gas Cooker 2 Lawn Mowers, and other items. On view Morning of Sale. Sale to eommence at 1 o'clock. Terms Cash. n413 Important Preliminary Notice. COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY. MESSRS GILLART AND SONS HAVE received instructions from Sir W, W. Wynn, Bart, to offer for Sale by Auction, EARLY IN OCTOBER, Extensive Outlying Portions of the Wynnstay Estates, IN THE COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY, comprising RICH ACCOMMODATION FIELDS around Machynlleth CHOICE FARMS in the Parishes of Penegoes and Darowen A number of LARGE SRBEPW ALKS in the neighbourhood of Bugeilyn and Dylife together with num-roti- UPLAND HOLD- INGS and SHEEPWALKS in the neighbour. hoods of Llanbrynmair. Staylittle, nnd lan- gurig. thp whole expending to an area of about 25 000 acres. Further particulars will he advertised in due j I course. n417 THE MY DON. TOWYN. MESSRS. GILL4RT & SONS are in iyi. structed by Mrs. Jones (who is lenving) to Sell by Auction, on the premises, on WEDNESDAY, 8th OCTOBER, 1919, a quantity of serviceable Household Furniture, including a well-finished 5 ft. Walnut Side- board with bevelled mirror and carve-i panels, a nine-piece Diuinjrrooni Suite in American leather. Overmantels, Iron Bedsteads with Wire Spring Mattresses, Toilet Tables and Chests, etc. Sale Itt one o'clock. n456 FFYNONE HOME FARM, BONCATH HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE of the entire Herd of Fashionable SCOTCH SHORTHORNS of the choicest breeding, the property of the Executors of the late J. V. Colby, and comprising— 35 COWS, HEIFERS. BULLS AND BULL CALVES. Will be held at the above place on WEDNES- DAY, SEPTEMBER 24th 1919. Auctioneers-LLOYD AND THOMAS and JOHN FRANCIS & SON, Carmarthen. There will a'so be so d the fo'lowing Carriages and flarness: STATION BROUGHAM by Fuller of Bath Rubber Tyres, Brake, Fitted Shafts and Pole, Luggage Rail, Lined Buff Cloth practically unused. 1 GOVERNESS CART, 8 Saddles (London makers', including one Lady's Saddle, 9 Double Bridles, 2 Double Rein Snaffles, 3 Single Rein Snaffles, 2 Sets Double Harness, Brass, by Merry also 3 SHIRE COLTS, the property of T. E. Lewis-Bowen, Esq., of Clynfiew, Boncath. Catalogues may be obtained of Mr W. SPARK. Ffynone Home Farm, Boncath, or of the AUCTIONEERS. »391 South Wales Horse Sales CARMARTHEN. THE NEXT HORSE SALE Will be held at CARMARTHEN On Friday, September 26th, 1919 PRIZES— £ 24. ENTRIES ABSOLUTELY CLOSE on THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 18th. after which NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED Sale to commence at 11 o'clock. Schedules. Entry Formp, and Prize Lists can be obtained of the A iietionpera- Caves & Messrs. Howell Thomas. St. hry's Auction Mart, Carmarthen. &332 Established 1863 JOHN PRITCHARD & CO, (PARKER MACKENZIE, F,A.Y) Auctioneers, Surveyors, and Estate Agents. Head Office: BANGOR. Office: LLANGEFNI. Sales by Auction of I.apdt<d Estates, Town and Country Properties, the Equipment p. Mansions and Private Residences > Ii ilÄ any part of North Wales. W BANGOR. Telegrams: PRITHARD. AUCTIONEER, BANGOR. AUTUMN FIXTURES BY John Pritchard and Co., Auctioneers, Bangor, North Wales. Friday, Sept. 26th.-Menai Bridge Ewo and Ram Sale, including over 1,000 Breading Ewes from Carnarvonshire and Merion- ethshire. Thursday, October 2nd. Wangcfni County Show and Sale, under the auspices of Gle Foal Show and Sale Society. NOTE.-All FoaJs can be entered for this Sale, whether for show or not. Friday, Oct. 3rd.—The North Wales Sale of Pedigree Welsh' Black Cattle, under the auspices of the Welsh R'.ack Cattle So_ cierty, at Menai Bridge (sec Special Advertisement). Wednesday, Oct. 15th.—Lla^ierclivmedtl Foat Sale. Thursday, Oct. 16th.—Llangefni 6th Annual Autumn Show and Sale. of Pedigree Shires, one, two. and three-year-old Shire- bred Fillies and Geldings, and Seasoned Heavy and Light Horses (all classes). 350 Horses expected for this Sale. Wednesday, Oct. 22nd.-Plas Coch, Llanfair P.G. Great Agricultural Dispersal Saie of Farming Stock and Furniture for Mr. John Jones (quitting). Friday. Oct. 24th.-Menai Bridge Fiir. 250 Horses (all classes). Wednesday, Oct. 29th.—Brynfuches. Amlwch Great Dispersal Sale of Farming Stock and Furniture for F. Bavbagh, Esq. Friday, Oct. 31.—Porthamel Home Farm. Great Dispersal Sale of Farming Stock and Furniture for Mr. Edwards (quitting). Wednesday. Nov. 5th.—Great Agricultural Disporsal Sale at Baron Hill Home Farm for. Mr. John Coulthard (quitting). Furwnr particulars of important Farm Stock Sder. will be added as scon as datos can be suitably arranged. n442 FRIDAYr3rd OCTOBER^1919 THE NORTH WALES SALES OF Pedigree Welsh Black Cattle c The oldest and best dual purpose breed extant, once tried, always kept. They wi:! thrive in any climate, graze almost any weight, and milk to within a month of calving. JOHS PRITCHARD and CO. (Firm. Parker Mackenzie, F.A.I., late of Carlisle and Dorchester), will ccnduct their FOURTH ANNUAL AUTUMN SALE of Pedigree Welsh Black Cattle Chieflv Females. and a few Bulls, AT MENAI BRIDGE, NORTH WALES, THE FIRST FRIDAY IN OCTOBER, The following Well-known Herds being repre- sented :—Mrs. E. H. Spottiswood, Gwern Wrex- ham; Miss Lort, Castel.'mai, Carnarvon; Miss Jones, Gwredog; Lord Penrhyn, Lord Sheffield, the Trustees of the Vaynol Estate; Major E. W. Platt, Aber; Captain Wynne Finch. Bettwsy- coed; the University College Farm, Aber; A. W. Wilmer, Esq., Dolgerey; Messrs. W. Owen, Penmynydd; J. G Jones, Penmaen; Robert Pugh, Towyn; Griffiths Bros., Glasfryn Fawr; G. Jones, Bodvel HaIl; Humphrey Ellis. Tair- meibion; W. Edwards, Ho ogwyn; J. M. Jenkins. Talybont, Cardiganshire; D. Jones, Tynycoed; C. Lloyd. Nant; J. Owen, Rhos Igor; R. Davies, Bryn Celli; W. A. Prythereh, Bryn- gof; Evan Owen, Caenewydd; and many others to appear next week Good hotel accommodation at Menai Bridge and Bangor for buyers arriving day previous. Catalogues and all particulars of the Auction- eers, Bangor. Preliminary Announcement. MERIONETHSHIRE. Pengwern Estate. TOHN PRITCHARD & CO have been favoured with instructions to Offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at an early date, a portion of the above well-known Estate, extending to an area of about 2,000 Acres, including the fine old Ulizabethian Mansion known as PENGWERN HALL, and the Fully-licensed Premises known as the PEN- GWERN ARMS HOTEL, where the pro- perty will be offered. Solicitors, Messrs. Birch. Cullimore and Co Chester Local Agent, R C. Jones, Esq., Cae'r Blaidd, Blaenau Festiniog. Further particulars in due course. n222 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. CARNARVONSHIRE. Important Sale of a Valuable Freehold Fully Licensed Hotel, in the f»vouri;e seaside resort of Ciiccieth. MESSRS. JOHN PRITCHARD & Co. (Parker Mackenzie. F.I.A.) will Sell by Public Auction about the middle of October next, the well established Hotel known an the HOTEL MARINE, Occupying a commanding position with southerly aspect, overlooking Cardigan B.,sy and close to the beach, which affords grand blLthin. boKting, and sppl fishing. Further particulars of Messrs. BRRESEt JONES and OASSON, Solicitors, PorunHdoe, and the Auctioneers. Bangor- n446 COUNTY OF MERIONETH. PARISH OF LLANFROTHEN. SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY. MESSRS. R. PARRY & SON are in- structed to Sell by Public Auction at THE SPORTSMAN HOTEL. PORTMADOC, On Thursday, the 25th day of Sept. 1919 • » At 2 p.m. o'clock, subject to conditions to be there and then read, THREE FREEHOLD FARMS Situate in the Parish of Llanfrothen, namely:- LOT 1. All that Freehold Holding known as TY'NYDDOL, comprising 9 acres, 33 perches, of productive land with almost new House, having the following accommodation Parlour, 2 Kitchens, Dairy, Pantry, and 5 Bedrooms. The Outbuildings are ample and in perfect condition, with abundant supply of water and a good road leading to the property, forming an ideal holding. In all probability, a good lode of lead runs through the lot. Tenant, Mr D. Parry LOT 2. All that Freehold Farm known a. OGO LLECHRWYN, cowprising 152 acres, 2 roods, 13 perches or thereabouts, with good House and Out- buildings. The Land is noted for grazing purposes, with good arable, meadow land, and sheep grazing hill, and situate within 1 p 12 miles of Tanybwlch Station, Festiniog Railway, making it a desirable holding in every respect, now in the occupation of Mr. Ephraim Williams. LOT 3. All that Freehold Farm known as OGORONWY, in the occupation of Mr. Abner Hughes, com- prising 13 acres, 3 roods, 11 perches or there- abouts of productive land, with a new House and ample Outbuildings. The Land is noted for grazing purposes and milk production. There is water power for chaffing and churning purposes. This lot commands good views Further particulars can be obtained of Mr John Humphreys (Jones & Jones), Solicitor Portmadoc, or of the Auctioneers, 5, Salem Terrace, Pwllheli. n382 Telephone- London Wall 45 Bankers: Telearams—Expendum Aid.. London. Barclay's Rank. Cod-A.B.C. 5th Edition & Private. Ltd. A. STITCHEN, 140a, Commercial Street, London, E.I. MILITARY AND CIVILIAN SECOND-HAND CLOTHING CONTRACTORS. Largest stocks in London. Lowest prices. Enquiries Solicited. Satisfactioa guaranteed. Please write for price lists and particulars. Pawnbrokers and Small Dealers supplied. TOWN OF TREGARON. IMPORTANT SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY. MESSRS. E. R. LLOYD & HERBERT In have received instructions to offer for Sale hy Public Auction, at the TALBOT HOTEL, TREGARON, On Tuesday, September 30th, 1919, at 2 p.m. All that very desirable Freehold Property Including the fully licensed (Six Days) premises known as THE LION HOTEL, Situate in Dewi Road. having a frontage of about 100 ft. The house is well built, three stories in height and containing on the top floor 3 bedrooms, on the first ^9or rooms, on the ground floor dining room, sitting room, bar, Kitchen. There is a large and productive garden in the rear and also on the south side there are 3 stables of 10 stalls, coach house, etc., with lofts over. The premises are now in the occupation' of Mr. John Williams as yearly tenant. This property if verv convenient, being within a short distant of the Square and the outbuildings could easily be transformed into a garage. Far further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, Noddfa, Llangybi, and Coed- ma vvr, Llanio Road. September 10th, 1919. s410 CARDIGANSHIRE. PARISHES OF LLANSANTFFRAID AND LLANRHYSTYD. SALE OF AN EXCELLENT FREEHOLD FARM. MR. W. J. PHILLIPS has received instruc-1 tions to Sell by Auction, at the Feathers Royal Hotel, Aberayron, on WEDNESDAY, 8th DAY OF OCTOBER, 1919, At 3 o'clock in the Afternoon (subject to such conditions to be then and there produced) all that Very Desirable Is FREEHOLD FARM Situated in the Parishes of Llansantffraid and Llanrhystyd, having a southerly aspect, about one and half miles from the Village of Llanca and known as PERTHYGWENIN, extending to an area of 114 acres, or thereabouts, of ex- cellent Meadow, Pasture, and Arab'e Lands. c The Dwelling House is modern and substan- tially built, containing 8 Bedrooms, 2 Recep- tion Rooms, Kitchen, and Dairy; is well sup- plied with abundance of pure spring water. The Homestead contains the necessary out- buildings consistent with a Farm of this class, all stone-built and slated and in splendid con- dition ;also 2 Commodious Corrugated Iron Hay Sheds, 12 yards x 5 yards, and 11 yards x 5 yards respectively. The Mackinery is driven by Water Power, The district road leads past the House, and the River Peris, noted for its Trout, Sows through I the Farm. There is also included with the Farm a com- pact Cottage, with Cowhouse and Pigstye, ai! stone built and slated, and in good state of repair. For further particulars apply to the- AUCTIONEER, Alban-square. Aberayron; or to D. Pennant James, Esq., Solicitor Aber- ayron. s454 SALES BY MESSRS. Diggory, Owen & Evans, CORWEN, BALA. and DOLGELLEY. BORTHWNOG, DOLGELLEY. SALE OF Household Furniture On WEDNESDAY NEXT, SEPTEMBER 24tli, By instructions of Mrs. Lawford, who is ieavin. Sale at 1 o'clock prompt. MERIONETHSHIRE. In the Charming Neighbourhood of Dolgelley. MESSRS. DIGGORY, OWEN. AND EVANS will Sell by Auction, EARLY IN THE MONTH OF OCTOBER, All that Delightfully-Situated Freehold Country Residence Known as RHAIADR WNION, together with Cottage and 15 acres of Land. This well-known Property is situate withit 2 miles of Dolgelley and close to Bontnewjdd Railway Station. For further particulars pp-I to the Auction- eers, Corwen; or to Messrs. Lane, Clutterbtck, and Co., Solicitors, Minories Chambers, lir- minsham- 11 COUNTY OF MERIONETH. PARISHES OF LLANFAIR, LLANBEDR, ETC. Sale of Valuable Freehold Farms, Small Hold- ings, and Accommodation Land. MR. HENRY ROBERTS, Portmadoc, has been instructed to sell by Public Auction, at the Victoria Hotel, Llanbedr, on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20th, 1919, at 2.30 p.m., untess previously disposed of, the FREEHOLD FARMS, SMALL HOLDINGS, and ACCOMMODATION LAND, situate in the Parishes of Llanfair and Llanbedr. Merioneth- shire, known as:- GWERNEINION FARM comprising about 186 a.Cra3 in the occupation of Mrs. E. Jones. MAESYRAELFOR FARM comprising about 106 acres in the occupation of r. Jones. PENYGARTH UCHA (Small Holding) par", of Gwerneinion with about 3 roods and 3 perches of land. PENYGARTH ISA (Small Holding) comprising about 12 acres in the occupation of Mr J. Pugh, MEADOWS near Village of Llanbedr, about 5 acres, in the occupation of Mr Evans. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Jones and Jones, Solicitors, Portmadoc, or to lhe Auctioneer Mr Henry Roberts, Pensyflog, Portmadoc. n255 COUNTY OF MERIONETH. In the Parishes of Llanbedr and Llanenddwyn on the Coast of Cardigan Bay. To be Sold by Auction by MB, H. ROBERTS at the Victoria Fotel, Llanbedr, On SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20tb, 1910. at 3 notock. subject to conditions to be then and there produced, all that Valuable FREEHOLD FARM, called "HAFODYCOED," In the occupation of Mr. Robert Ellis, situated about a mile from the Hanbedr-Pensarn Station, Cambriitn Railways. and about the same distance from Llanbedr. The Farm is about 182 Acres in extent made up as follows: an enclosed Sheep waik on the mountain 57 acies, tich meadow land about half a mile from thfl Village of Llanbedr, on the Mochras road, and abut ting on the road 5 acres, and the remaining 120 acres, together with the dwelling-honse and out-buildings, including a hayshed, all stone built and slate roofed, stand on an elevation of about 300 feet above sea level, with remark- ably tine views of sea and mountains. There are 40 or 50 acres of good arable land surrounding the house, enclosed with strong stone walls, and the remainder pasturage for Cattle and Sheep, with sheltered and sunny nooks well adapted for fruit aud poultry farming. The mines and minerals include a disused slate quarry, and there is a small quantity of nice timber, all of which will be included in the sale, and no doubt in the near future several Bungalows will be built on this land. Immediate vacant possession cqn be had by arrangemeat with the tenant. Further particulars from Messrs. Breese, Jones & Casson. Solicitors, Portmadoc, or the Auctioneer. Portmadoc. n442fj PUBLIC NOTICES HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I shall not be responsible for any debts incurred by my wife Mrs. Amy Jones, Pretoria House, Penmaesglas-road, Aberystwyth. Dated this 6th day of September, 1919 p4084 JAMES JONES, i CORN PRODUCTION ACT. AGRICULTURAL WAGES BOARD (ENGLAND AND WALES). Variation of the Determination of the Value of Board and Lodging as a Benefit or Advantage in Merioneth and Montgomery. THE values at which the provision by an employer for a workman employed by him of the i benefits and advantages specified in thp. Order of t.hA Agricultural Wages Board (England and Wales), dated 6th September. 1918, may be reckoned as payment, of wages in lieu of payment in eash for the purpose of any minimum rates of watzes fixed under the above Act, has been varied by the Wages Board as from 15th September, 1919. as regards the value at which the nrovision by an employer for a male workman, employed by him of I Board and Lodging may be reckoned for this purpose in the area comprising the administra- tive counties of Merioneth and Montgomery, so as to provide that such values shall be as follows Workers Aged 16 Aged 15 Aized 14 Aged ailed 17 and and and under and over. under 17. under 16. under tS. 14. a. d. s. d. B. d. s. d. 8. d. Full hoard and lodging for a d. 7 day week 15 0 15 0 13 0 11 0 0 0 Full board and lodging for a fi day week 12 10 12 10 11 2 9 5 7 9 Lodging only without food for a 7 day week 2 ft 2 6 2 6 2 6 2 6 Lodging only without food for a 6 day week 2 3 23 23 2 3 23 All food and drink (excluding intoxicants) for a 7 day week 12 6 12 fi 10 6 8 6 6 6 All food and drink (excluding intoxicants) for a 6 day week 10 7 10 7 2 5 6 Meals only for a 7 day week Breakfast 3 1$3 1 2 n 2 li 1 7\ Dinner 6 3 6 3 5 3 4 3 3 3 Ten 3 H 3 1ft 2 7$2 1 t 7 Meals only for a 6 day week:— Breakfast 2 8 2 8 2 3 1 10 1 4 Dinner 5 4 5 4 4 6 3 7 2 9 Ten 2 8 2 9 2 3 1 10 1 4; Individual meals (to apply to cases not provided for above) Breakfast 0 6 0 6 0 6 0 6 0 4 Dinner 0 11 0 11 0 10 010 0 0 Tea 06 06 06 0 6 04 Signed by Order of the Wages Board, R. F, STANLEY, Assistant Secretary. Agricultural Wages Board, 80, Pall Mall, London. S.W. I, 9th September, 1919. a428 CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. ViSit OF 20d BATTLE SgUADRON TO ABERYSTWYTH SEPTEMBER 20th to 24th. Massed Bands of the Squadron, Sunday, Sept. 21st. GRAND ILLUMINATION OF THE BATTLESHIPS. On Saturday, Sept. 20th, and Monday 22nd, a late SPECIAL TRAIN will leave Aberystwyth at 9-40 p.m. for Machynlleth, stopping at intermediate stations. S. WILLIAMSON. Oswestry, Sept. 1919. General Manager. a425 t SALE! s. N. COOKE, Ltd. Special Reduction of Ladies' Blouses Crepe de chene Blouses, 18/11, worth 35/6. Ninon Blouses, 9/11, worth 21/6. Luvisca Shirts, 9/11, worth 14/11. All Wool Ladies' Hose, 3/11i pair, worth 4/11. Special purchase of Ladies' Woven Directoire Knickers', 3/61, worth 4/6. !Y Woven Golf Knickers, 5/11, worth 6/11. Flannelette Petticoats, 3/11!. worth 4/11. Flannel and Wincette Nightdresses, all greatly reduced. Wool Jumpers & Wool Golf Coats-many at half usual prices. S. N. COOKE, Ltd., SUMMER SALE. 12, Pier Street, ABERYSTWYTH. ncoxtrroiff'S BOOT MAKERS, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. More Sargains for Autumn & Winter. II DRYFOOT" BRAND. Every pair guaranteed Solid Leather. Nailed and without nails. LEGGINGS, M.o'" from 7/11 GAITERS, Ladies'-Co'our,: Brown, Nigger, „ Bovs'. Black, Spring fronts from 3/6 Fa" 0, Mole, Navy and Black. 2 ♦ Buckles & 4 Srraps from 3/11 from 3/lii Brown, S, rug fronts from 5/11 "Girl. Black or Brown Leathfr-te. Get vour Boy a pair for School. (Over or U»oer knee) f. om 2/11* He'll want a pair shortly. GENTS' SPATS-Colours: Fawn, Mole and Don't let these low prices you afraid. Black from 3/llft GET a pair. We guarantee satisfaction. SLIPPERS of every kitd and sizé. rOOTB AI.I. BOOTS SEE WINDOWS. REPAIRS WE ARE NbW ABLE to devote every Monday to Repairs for customers from the Country, so that they may take their Boots home on the same day. ALL OUR REPAIRS are done on the premises. WORKMANSHIP AND ENGLISH LEATHER-THE BEST. -EVERY JOB jUARANTEEI) ALWAYS GOING AHEAD. Season's Goods. For the Newest Styles in Boots and Shoes, The Best Quality & the Lowest Prices, go to DICKS' Shops in the tollowing towns in this district: DICKS, 12, Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth. DICKS, Penrallt Street, Machynlleth. DICKS, Victoria Buildings, Dolgelley. DICKS, Sycamore Street, Newcastle Emlyn. DICKS, Leicester House, Llandyssul. D-IGKS! Bank Place, Portmadoc. DICKS, 53, King Street, Carmarthen. DICKS, High Street, Pwllheli. DICKS, High Street, Barmouth. DICKS, High Street, Lampeter. DICKS, High Street, Festiniog. DICKS, High Street, Cardigan The things tnat men and women look lor in choosing their Boots are excellence of design and fitting, good wearing quality, and reasonable- ness in price. Dicks meet these demands so completely that it will pav any man or woman to visit any of their Establishments. Along with their own well-known make, they are agents for the (K" Boots, "Lotus" and Delta Boots, Hold Fast and Dryfoot Brands. Try Dicks tor Boots and Shoes Boys, Girls and Children. WELSH FLANNEL DEPOT. James McPherson & Son, Ladies & Gent's Tailors. Costumes and Suits made from the best materials, Smartly cut and well finished, Boy's Suits for all Ages. Write or Call for Samples when your orders will have our best attention. t 50, Terrace Road, Aberystwyth. G. IN R. MINISTRY OF MUNITIONS. By Order of the Disposal Board. (D.B.5.a). Various Engineers' Stores FOR SALE BY TENDER. r Bolts and Nuts Steel Squares Nag Bolts Rounds Carriage Bolts Oblongs Coach Screws Belt Fasteners Set Screws Wire Wood Screws, etc. Clothing • b Nails Strap Fittings Files Door and Window Cocks and Valves Fittings and Washers General Engineers' Rivets Stores' — » The above Stores are lying at PENRHYNDEUDRAETH, i Nr. Portmadoc, North Wales. '2,{ For further particulars and permission to view application should' be made to the Superintendent Engineer, MINISTRY OF MUNI. TIONS OF WAR, 70, Spring Gardens, MANCHESTER, to whom all enquiries and offers may be addressed. For Detailed List of Surplus Government Property for Sale apply at the nearest Bookstall, or to a Local Newsagent (to whom a standing order should be given), for 1 "SU R PLUS" Price 3d. (the Official Organ of the Surplus Government Property ? Disposal Board). Compiled -by the Director of Publicity, Ministry of Munitions. THE ELYSIAN GROVE And SYLVAN PALACE. « > WILL OUR PATRONS KINDLY NOTE! By request of the Town Council < The Barnstormers WILL GIVE A I SPECIAL CONCERT On MONDA Y, SEPTEMBER 22nd, At the PARISH HALL, To 400 Petty Officers and Men from the Battle Squadron visiting Aberystwyth. The Concert will follow the Dinner given at the invita- tion of the Council. Therefore there will be no Concert at the Elysian Grove but a Grand Confetti Carnival, particulars of which are gi\ en below, IN THE SYLVAN PALACE [ MONDAY, September 22nd, at 8 p.m. A GRND ? Confetti Dance Carnival — Confetti Battles, — Serpentine Waltzes, etc. A NIGHT OF FUN, LIFE AND LAUGHTER. Admission 116. a438 J I WINNING NUMBERS OF THE H. STURDY PRIZE DRAWING (LAMPETER). 151, 124. 302. 173. 42, 854. 899. 778. 144. 242, 92. 105, 79, 888. 846, 148, 945, 960, 898, 68. 15. 276. 447. 291, 216. 309. Goods Stored, Cash Advanced or Goods Bought Outright. zn JOHN GIBSON, %Pv t Auctioneer, Old Post Office (Jhamoers ABERYSTWYTH, Is fixing his Dates of Sale for the coming season, and will be glad to call on clients to suit their convenience. Prompt 61 Careful Attention to all Business. mediate Settlements. THE OINEMA ABERYSTWYTH. Proprietor and Manager A. Cheetham Nightly at 6-30 and 8-30 MATINEES, Mondays. Saturdays, at 3. Wet Afternoons at 3. Our best advertisement is our own Screen. For Pictures and Projection. Good Wine needs no, Bush. Programmes Changed Mondays Si Thursday Pelmanism Produces ALL-ROUND MENTAL EFFICIENCY and strengthens:- It is an honest syste of mind culture. Sir John Foster-Fraser, I wish I had taken it up when I heard of it first.Sir James Yoxall, M.P. I recommend Pelmanism to those who wish to learn and become what men and women ought to be.Sir H. Rider Haggard. Apply to the Representative for Wales, The Pelman Institute, 96, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. Visit of the Fleet to Aberystwyth. NAVY LEAGUE CELEBRAIIONS. Party of Birmingham school children will visit Aberystwyth, September 19th to 24tli, to see the Fleet the trip being, purely naval educa- 1 ;0:1- Monday, September 22nd, Navv League Flag Day. An appeal for loyal support. Don't for- 1 get to buy your flag early, or send a donation to the Hon. Treasurer, Arthur Jones, Esq., London City and Midland Bank, Great Dark- gate-street. or Navy League, o. Baker-street, Aberystwyth. Tuesday, September 23rd.—Special Navy League School Children's Day when 300 child- ren from local schools, etc., will visit a ship specially set aside for the event, by kind per- mission of Vice-Admiral Sir Arthur Leveson, K.C.B., when the Navy League will givo prizes to the children ior the best essays on their v The Navy Special Pe/ce Number on sale at all leading newsagents, price Is., the proceeds to be devoted to Sea Cadet Corps Fund anil for providing naval education for school child- ren. An appeal is being made for 500 Fellows and Members to join Aberystwyth and Disbi-ict Branch of the Navy League to celebrate tho visit of the Fleet. Subscriptions Fellow, El ic, Member, 5s. or upwards annuaily. Those wisli- in^ to join should send in their names with subscriptions, to cither of the following:—E. W. Wynne, 7 Pier-street; Captain B. Taylor Lloyd, M.C., Great Darkgate-street (joint hOil. secretaries); Ernest C. Thomas, 8, Baker-street, Aberystwyth, Organising Secretary. a43Sfe i TRERDDOL. 1 THE ANNUALEISTEDDFOD In connection with the WeQleyan Chapel, will take place On DECEMBER 26th, 1919. Handsome Prizes including GRAND SrLVER CHALLENGE CUPS. Secretary—Mr. J. T. EDWARDS, Temperance House, Taliesin, r-369 Cardiganshire. —— > Barmouth and District. WALTER LLOYD JONES, AUCTIONEER VALUER HOUSE and ESTATE AGENT Valuations for Probate, Live Stock Salesman, j Sales of Household Furniture, etc.. and Farm j Stock conducted and pomptly cashed. Apply,Offices: King Edward-street and High- j Itred, Barmouth. i