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M "S W Women of an ages should be careful of kidney disease. The health of the World depends uprtrt the health of our women. We cannot have strong, manly, healthy men unless ^111 the motuers of men give to the World mentally SIOUnd and physicaJly well. Gf MAI MRS. MELLISH. MRS. PIKKINS Q M "A martys* to backache and rheumatism is what I was for ten years or more up to June, 1915. Up to that time I could take nothing that seemed to do me any lasting good, until some time ago my daughter brought me a sample of De Witt's Kidney and Bladder .Pills. "I was surprised to find," says Mrs. Mellish, of 35, Northam-street West Ham, "that the #rst dose brought instant relief. "I bought some more, amd obtained so much benefit from them that I decided never to be without them in the house. I can always re- commend them most gtrongly to any person suffering from backache or kidney trouble as I did." They "cure to r't cured" is a truth proved by the fact tl"- Mr-. Mellish wrote in July, 1919:—"I am <■• !1 keeping in excellent health, and have done o ever since I started taking De Witt's Pills." Mrs. Mellish's experience is no uncommon one, for thousands of sufferers in all parts of the World have been cured by these wonderful little pills. Another lady (M-s. Pinkins. of 8, Convent CJardens, Notting Hill), wrote in September, 1911 =- "For about twelve years I was a sufferei- with weak kidneys and backache. At times the pajns were terrible, and although I tried every remedy I knew and hea:-d of I could lind nothing that would do me any permanent good. "A box of De Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills was given me by. a friend, and after taking them J felt so much better < that I purchased some more at once. I am pleased to say that they have entirely cured me, and it is with the greatest confidence that I reoonimeud t-bese wonderful pills to any person suffering with the same complaint as I did." Six years after (August, 1919), Mrs. Pinkins says "Thanks to De Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills, I am still in perfect health. I have had o return of my trouble since they cured me. They seem to have set my kidneys right once and for all, and that even after 12 years' suf- fering." Watch out for these symptoms:— Backache, rheumatic pains, swollen limbs. dropsical swelling under the eyes, bearing- down pains in body, hips, and loins, stiffness of muscles and joints, bladder weakness and disc mfort, cloudiness or sediment in urine headaches, faintness, neuralgia, loss of appetite, dizziness, specks floating before the eye3, sleep- lessness, irritability, and nervous weakness or depression. All these spell kidney trouble. To cure Kidney trouble of any kind you must positively get rid of The cause—the poisonous Uric Acid. Remember, to do this a real remedy must pass through the kidneys and bladder, aid not through the bowels as most kidney pills do. When you see the urine change to a muddy bluish colour—a fea.turo which distinguishes De Witt's Pills from all others —you know beyond all doubt that they have put therr healing touch on the right spa-tle kidyieys and tho bladder. A wonderful pill —straight to the kidneys—that is the reason whv De Witt's giro such amazingly ouick relief—every time. A permanent cure follows in almost every case. De Witt's Kidney & Bladder Pills The World's Greatest Remedy for Rheumatism, Cystitis Backache. Lumbago. Stone. Tired feeling. Sciatica. GraveL Most forms of Weak Back. Gout. Bladder Trouble Sold by Chemists and Drug Stores everywhere at 2/9 and 5/- per box. Trial box sent free on ,.a.pplica.tion to E. C. De Witt and Oo., Ltd., address. W.1, if you mention your Chemist's name and (Dept. 162M), 44-45, Rathbone-place, London, Beware of imitations. There are none "Just 116 good" as De Witt's. ¿- _H-' QREAT PREPARATIONS FOR THE CHRISTMAS TRADE Special Show of Winter Novelties IN ALL DEPARTMBNTS. Scarves. Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Umbrellas, Veilings, &c Winter Coats, Costumes, Millinery and Furs. .Robert McLean, MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT, Portmadoc.




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