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c law I One of the I 1 nicest things I A about Bird's Custard is the way it chimes in ■ 9 with every meal. What is nicer than a R H simple fruit and Bird's Custard lunch before H shopping ? ■ Then, in a wholesome midday meal for the H ■ children, it provides not only much nourish- I I ment but a delicious sweet, making them JJj II happy and contented. £ I And whenever there Is a party with 1B I piles of good things to giye joy to all folk ■ —big or little-everyone welcomes Bird's H 9 Custard and Fruit to crown the feast. B ] BIRDS CUSTARD I M has a rich natural creaminess. I fl To make it like cream and "just as nice" || I for trifle, stewed fruits, cream horns, etc., n H allow to set cold, and simply whip or whisk H M it vigorously. v 5 C394 ^o^WEinr" | (D. W. TEV10TDALE). THE OLD ESTABLISHED I Bakery and Confectionery Stores. | r5rH That's where Mother gets all | O J nAJw those nice things from" t -t "She says she can always rely I K 4 on the quality of anything she gets vJi ) f from Owen's." \t k 1 When I had my Party all the i I A v nice things came from Owen's, and we m Jj *1 I did enjoy ourselves." WY V\P VJF F*I 192/J' NORTH PARADE, IJ— ABERYSTWYTH. ii1IIP\r "r- Watch Our Windows, and come to inspect our Millinery Showrooms. We are making a special diaplav of In MILLINERY, BLOUSES, etc. of the newest Styles at Stitt! Stitt! Stitt! No. 17, TERRACE ROAD, .j W f-I ( J JE" LE N F ..(jT" t )! E iS. REES & JENKINS (Birmingham), Local Depot: TRINITY ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. r sole Agents Geo. Kemp, Ltd., London (Noted Rich Cakes and Biscuits) ( BROOK BONDS TEA. Harvino Toffee Rools, Moseley Jellies, Ree-Jen Id. Bars Chocolate. Prices on APPLicATION. P3189 *•' .1 A GRAND EISTEDDFOD I AT b j- I ABERYSTWYTH ft' ON J1' New Year's Day, 1920 r -v LIST OF S [TBJECTS 2!d.. From W.kH. JONES, Ironmonger, Aberystwyth. I ;i Writ B for Oatalochw. Kley Bros., Ltd., BRANDING STAMP MANUFACTURERS, 118-120, Dale Street, LIVERPOOL. 1. This. man I Is saving time and money by using our FLEXIBLE COMPO SITION STAMPS cheaper and better than Stencils, and you can mark any Cases or Bags In the time you conld stencil one. CAP PAPERS. Lemon, 18x29 -8/6 Brown (Striped Nature) 8/6 Brown Nature 7/- Lemon, 14 x 20 5/6 ALL IN STOCK. Immediate Delivery. Cambrian News, [ ABERYSTWYTH.

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