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Tregaron Sessions.¡.


Tregaron Sessions. ¡. CHARGE OF PERJURY. Tuesday, before D. J. Williams, Dr. Mor- als, tiie Rev. T. R. Davies, R. S. Rowlands, D. E. aiis, D. L. Jones, and E. Evans, Esqrs. Jae b Davies,1 Fantycwarel, Ystrad Meurig, c-arged by Caief C.nstab'e WilLams with ><,ving committed perjury at Tregaron Court :1 August 26th.—Mr W. P. Owen, Aber- rstwvth, appearod for accused.—Mr. J. E. ,i yd, magistrates' clerk, gave evidence c* st,t.ments made by accused at the court lWl1 ci-argod with assaulting P.C. Jones, 3 mt, on August 18th. In the course of li;s ^vid.Jico accused said he met P.C. Jones cn the nig: t of August 18th at Bent. He taJked to rim and leit the Constable about ten o'clock ta-kin^i John Hughe's (home with h:m. They pr<ce(l,ù some disteince towards Ystrad Meu ig when John Hughes said he was going to ■ f?r his father, Stephen Hughes. Accused and John Hughes then parted. r- Proceeding home accused met James Hughes and David K'iwards about 200 yards be'ow Ystrad Meurig Vicarage. He tooK out his watch, looked at it, and said it was half past ten and that ho must go home. The accused stated that he did n' t jump on the constable's back. Ho had net assaulted P.C. Jones but knew who did it,In cross-examination accused said he left Bont about ten p.m. He had the same watch with him. Ha knew Mr. J. Rhys Jones, Blaenllechau.—The C'erk, re-exam-ned by Mr w. P. Owen, said the two persons referred to (David Edwards and James Hughes) were called by the accused. Both swore that they met him at half past ten that evening. Two other witnesses were also called who swore that he weis home before eleven that evening— Superintendent David Phillips, Aberystwyth I wa; the next witness called by the prosecution. He said he was the informant, in the case of assault on P.C. Jones, hoard at the Court on » August 26th. The accused was called to give evidence and was sworn. He heard his state- ments of what oocurred on the road at Bont about 10 o'clock on th<? 18vh August. He said he left the public house at Bont about ten o'clock that night. He mot P.C. Jones and was with John Hughes speaking to him. He r-t-I,ttel that he took John Hughes heme in the direction of Ystrad Meurig and tha-t he shook hands with John Hughes when the latter stated that; he wa"; going to wait for his fa.ther. He said that about 100 yards or thereabouts from Ystrad Meurig fthurch he met David Edwards and James Hughes. He stated that, he spoko to therm, took out his watch, saw that. it was half past ten, and said that ho was going home. He further str"t-- in his evidence that ho did not jump on the back of P.C. Jones, and not present when the constable was asssii'ted. — Cross- examined, Supt. Phillips said he had no recollection of hearing the accused say he knew who did it.—Sergeant Jones, Tregaron, in evidence said that he was present on August 26th and heard the. cha"ge against the accused and his evidence. Accused said he oT-uld not have been at the place where the alleged assault had taken place and that at that time 'he was at Ystrad Meurig. He stated t' at he had itakc-n out his watch and found it was half past ten o'clock.—By Mr. W. P. Owen: Possibly those were not the exact words ut accused used words to that effect. Wit- took accused into custody at Ystrad Meurig three days after the 18th. He (w:t ness) was accompanied by P.C. Jones, Bent, and he had handcuffed him. Accused did not try to escape.—By the Chief Constable: Accused said in his hearing that he was at Ystrad Meturig at half past veil. The distance I from Bont to Ystrad Meurig would be about 2, 1 m.ilffi.-P.C. Jones, Bont, gave evidence. He was outside Red Lion, Bont at 9.30 p.m. Accused entered the inn and he saw him agair. about 10.15., opposite the Methodist Chapel. They bad a short conversation and John Hughes came on. John Hughes was drunk and accused and John Hughes left together and went towards Ystrad Meurig. He fol- lowed in that direction, and when about 100 yards outside the village was overtaken by -NI r. Williums, Dclau Baoh. and Mr. J. Rhys Jones of Blaenllecbau, a. visitor at Bont. They proceeded together in the direction of Ystr.-id Meur'g. After gcing about 200 yards he saw three m standing on the rorid. Tho three men were the accused, John Hughes and SVEpleJl Hughes. They were then six persons on tho road. He was suddenly attacked. W hen he was engaged on the ground with Stephen Hughes, accused, who was standing by, jumped on to his back, clasping- his throat" until ho was helpless, one of the others remarked, "Jacob, stick to it, let us finish h.m"—Mr. W. P. Owen objected to this last sentence as not J>e:ng evidence, being the words of a third party, and the objection was uphold by the Bench.—Witness, eont-'nuin«, .said lie called Mr. Williams to liis assistance and said in Wo'sh that they were dhoking him. Mr. Williams was then engaged stragg- ling with another man two or three yards away. Mr. Jcnes heard him shouting and el,me to his assistance and commenced beating off accused and Sltephen Hushes with his st:ck. Both accused and Stephen Hughes at one time were on him. On being relieved accused came up behind him" the second t ime. Witness turned round and accused ran towards home. He (witness) wife present at the court on the 26th August and heard accused say he did not assault nor was he there at the time. He said he was at Ystrad Meurig at half past ten.-By Mr. W. P. Owen • There was no moon. It had possibly been raining oocasionaWy that dav. The suu set at 7 13 p.m.: By Supt. Phillips: The sun set 7.13 p.m. solar time: 8 13 summer time.—Thomas Wil- li^.ms residing at Dolaubach, Bont, a demo- bilised officer, said on August 13th he left, the house about 10.20 in company with Mr. J. R Jones. They met P.C. Jones and proceeded towards Ystrad Meurig. He corroborated the evidence of the constable as to the assault. He had known the accused from clLildhocd.-John Rhys Jones, Gwalia, Blaenllechau school master corroborated the evidcnco of P C Jones I? It was 10.20 p.m. wlfen they 'oft the Dolaubach that night. He had known the accused for many years when they both resided at Mardy. For many years he saw him daily and m addition to meeting new and then t:,cy attended the same chapel. Accused spoko to him on the night in question and said C:mo YOu; you will have no more education." Accused knew what lie was by profession.—By Mr. W. P. Owen: He gave evidence against Stephen Hughes and John Hughes in the assault case.—Accused TAletded not gutty and desired to give evidence.—On being sworn he said he lived at Pantycwarel, Ystrad Meurig. He vodunteered for service in July 1915, and was demobilised last Feb- ruary w tli' Ut a crime on his character sheet. Hn saw P.C. Jones shortly after ten o'clocx 011 August 18th. He went with John Hughes some distance, but they pa.rted at Graigfach, and he wont straight, home. He met David Edwards and James Hughes about 100 yards from Ystrad Mourig Vicarage and taking out his wa.t(ili saw that it was half past ten. He did not assault P.C. Jones but knew who di(I.D-v the Chief Constable: He was at Bont about ten. He spoke to P.C. Jones some time shortly after ten near the OhapeV Ho wemt home in the direction of Ystrad Meurig. P.C. Jones would have known him as he had been home since last Februarv. Ho knew Williams, D-,Itttbacb, but had never spoken to him. He had known Jonee, Blaen- llochau, since 1908, but had not seen him since 1914 until thst day. Witness knew of no reason why either of them showed testify against him as there was no il'-foeling between them. He again stated in answer to the Oiijof Constable that he left John Hughes at Graigfaeh about 200 yards from Bont about 10.15. 1t oould not be more. The distance from Graigfach to Ystrad Meurig would be from 2 to 2i miles. He did not assault tho p:Vice. John Hughes, Svyddffynon, timber, man, said ho was no relation to the accused. He served with the 267th Brigado Artillery, f,nd volunteered on March 15th, 1915. He was in France three months, and in Egypt from February 1916 to end of March 1919, and was disehargfd wth the. best character. He remembered the nigitt August, 18th, and ho 'a.t saw the accused at. Graigfaeh. The --ccus(-d did not assault the police. He knew wh." the person was and was prepared to cive b'w name. Cross.eacamined by the Chief Con- stable: He was fined for assault. He was not drunk that night, He did not know the exact time but he loft Bont before ten o'clock.—The Chief O nstable pressed for the name oil the reason mentioned in the evidence but the Bench upheld Mr. Owen's objection to its given.—Stephen hughes, Swyddffynon. timbernian, said he knew accused but was not related to him. He saw him that night at the public house about 9.50 p.m. Accused was not, present when P.C. Jones was assaulted but there wai another man there, and witness wns prepared to give his name to the Bench— He w.,s not drunk and hrd no watch—The Bench again upheld Mr Owen's objoctiou to disclosing the name men tioned.—James Hughas, Swyddffynon gave ev:de>nco of mr'et'jtg. thn accused near Ystrad Mrv-rig about 10.30 that night.—Daniel Davios. Pantycwarel, undo of accused said the accused wns home before elevon o'clock. It was im- rvwib'e 'for h:m tr) be at Bont at half past ten that nig-ht. When ho came home there was ipo blord on his face or mud "n his clothefi.

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