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d) BRITAIN'S BEST OLEO MARGARINE IF you must choose Foods for their nourishment value, as well as their palatableness, you will buy Welsh Country-made Mar- garine. It is guaranteed to contain 50 per cent. best Oleo. It will be a revelation as to flavour and indistinguishable from Country-made Butter. Sold at 1/6 per lb. Ask your Shopkeeper for ft, and 6ee that Four Dairymaids arc on each packet. Scientists and Doctors agree as to its superior nutritive value. Read what they have said (•" j IT Children are to harp the • s c. best chance for a healthy existence, until farther work extends or modifies my esperi- "mental results, it would be "safer to EXCLUDE ALL VEGETABLE OILS from their "dietary. THEY SHOULD, THEREIIIOIIIE. NOT KK "GIVEN VEGETABLE MAI- "GARIXE Olt y VOKil uL" VEGETABLE FAT." '• Our main conclusion is titat, the only Butter substitute- (amongst those examiDc'd, which can adequately replace Batter, are the ifarjjarine- M made of the so-called Oleo Oi I' | from Beef Fat-" I "THE EPIDEMIC OP I "INFLUENZA LAT Wl, all kt wAs ATTRIBUTABLE TO WANT OF NUTRITIOUS ..FATS. WITHOUT ANIMAL -FAT- PEOPLE WERE LESS = RESISTANT TO INtfEC- | TION." I < — tlffcW A 0 If—* HIGH-GIZADE PLOUGHS NEW PATTERN 2-3-furrow convertible SELF- LIFT, WITH COMBINED DISC AND SKIM COULTERS. A TREMENDOUS SUCCESS! I .1 1: J. 1 gaMin SHOW NE3 ISMSBIT A W A.IIrDCD TM& AWAADCD TMg 3 AffOTHKB COCKSBUTT SUCCZSSt-Awarded the Silver Medal (highest award) at the Royal Society of Dublin Showalter ilemonstratiou before the judges.—June, 1919. The Best Plough yet made for Tractor work R. A. LISTER & CO. LTD., "SS5LW DURSLEY, GLOS. DCaSLEY. (ESTABLISHED 1887.) DUBSLEY. DAVID WILLIAMS Builder and Undertaker, U. PROSPECT STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. JXPERIBNCED WOkKMEN EMPLOYED. Edimates givem for every description of work t u m < M r LIVERINE t- < W &- )e t x L THE FISH MEAL. MAKES HENS LAY Now being sold by all Poultry Food Dealers. MANUP ACTURERS: LIVTERINE LIMITED. GRIMSBY. HAIR DESTROYER JAMES* DEPILATORY. SkfteDtty removes Superfluous Hairs from the fin, Nteek or Arms, without injury to the 1IdIa. Of atwt ohemistii; or, free from obeer- fttttODk poet free on receipt of Postal Order for K». 3d., & 9rl., or 5s.—Mrs G. JAMES. 268 Caledooiaa Road, London. N. 1. i Ellis's Pharmacy Dispensing of English and Foreign PreKjriptions. Medical and Surgical Requisites ROBERT ELLIS, Pharma-eentical Cheirist. 63; Tet 71 ABERYSTWYTH mntm mmtmmmmmmmwmm^ft i*" Da Est lmat es Free REPAIRS AND PAINTING Neatly Executed WØBLS ttfi-WBBEBSD on the Preaiises vrfaQe j cm wait- L Thnimiias and Sons, Coach Builders, SOUTH GATE, Aberystwyth. BUXLDEBS OF FLOATS, GOVERNESS *Alt% and TRAPS of every description Agnts for WwdhhWans Oil & Ons Engines fc)LD TEETH I 1 OLD ARTIFICIAL TEETH BOUGHT IteK Bmroioj, Dental Manufacturer*. 63. rod Street. London. the original firm who do 8dy uaisleadms prices send per post and SraSve faA ralue per return or offer made. f fit Ofctford Street. London, W, t. J E8TAB1.ISHED 100 YEARS. J E8TAB1.ISHED 100 YEARS. I ROTE NEW PRICES 3d. BLASUSY. P3RTH Ajceote— -RODINE^J llwPnlSOM I I ra I P. WVtme, GUamist, Aberystwyth; J. W, Evaxw CStwafcc, Llandysmil T. Jones, Chemist, B?reg«a*oi»; R. Evans, Chemist, Lampeter; J. R Jones, Chemist Newcastle Emlyn; E. Lima Chexuist, Abt-rayrsn; H, Davies, Mach- Yf, jr. Erans, New Quay; D. Jonee, LlaofyQia; 1. DtTitt. Llwybythar. "??:?, ,¿: ':t:, A,4 ASK ANY nr USER of the LJster" Cream Separator. and h. will tell you of the satisfac. tlon it Crves. IV The reason Is that Its H Design is right, the Materials and Work- li n mansWp the very finest >*pr -nothing to go wrong. Th. Made In 8lx Sizes, I B with capacities from Lvfl H wIth capacltl.. from 11 t. M Gallons. N • i Cream Separator can be delivered from stock. Write for Catalogue and name of t nearest Agent, to t R. A. LISTER & Co. DURSLEY, Gkw. :0" ,,I, ;> :r, ':A' > -#- J. VEAREY, 17, Northgate Street, ABBKYSI'WYTH, Fr pen Supplies of Vegetables, Fruit. Flowers, & Home-Grown Tomatoes, From our Own Gardens. FRKSH B VERY MORNING Telephone-No. S4. Telegrams-Hartley. Nerqhaat, Aberystwyth. I Hartley's- GRAIN STORES Queen Street, ABERYSTWYTH BUYER AND SELLER OF OATS. WHEAT, BARLEY, MAIZE, FEEDING MEALS. CAKES, Etc. Morris-QUAUTY Morris-VALUE Flour Merchant AND Provision Dealer I Eggs, Butter in any quantity taken. Cash payments on receipt of goods. J. J. MORRIS, The Leading Grocer TEA WAREHOUSE, LLANILAR.



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