Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

19 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



PORTMADOC. OBITUARY. The death occurred on Thursday of Capt. John Owen, Lombard, street, at the ago of 77. Ho was a member .f Salern Chaipel. MINISTERS' SUSTENTATION FUND.—- The members of Salem Welsh Congregational 4;bur,ch have subscribed over j3110 to tlie Con- nexion al Fund to secur(i a living wagw for Welsh Congregational ministers. APPOINTED.—Mr. J. R. Owen, J.P., Ael- yg-arth. ha;, been appointed presided of iSoQth Gimarvonsiuro Congregational Associ- action for the year. Mr O/rcn has fillod thc office of treasurer t.) tho Association for sev-, ttral years. PRICE OF COKE.—A special meeting of the Council was held on Friday nigiit, MI.1 D LI owelyn Hughes presiding, 'O consider the question of tho price of coke ItS afieetcd by the reduction in the price of coal. LEAGUE OF NATIONS.—A committflfl formed of the Urban Council and of the iff preventatives of the churches was held on Friday nigh^1 to arrange for ai public meet- ing ti create and foster a hcaHhr public opinion in favour of the Lecujno of Nations. VALUABLE GIFT.-Tho -litii--O;ry of Brondanw, Llanfrothen, has been presented by Major Clough Ellis Williams to L'au- frothen Literary Society. CHILDRIJNT'S DANCE. A fanrfr* children's dance is to be held shortly ia cI the anahuiatfeo fund. ARE STRIKES JUSTIFIABLE? Thi* was tlw subject of debato at the Chnroh Lit- erary Society, the speakers including Messrs William Roberts. Elmore Jones, and N. Hay- man. Nearly all prwnt, voted ia h6 stfil-M-i afcivo. ILLUSTRATED LECTURE. — Mr F, Andrews, Mbifforrld, gave) an il'ustr«/ed I«*cture on Palestine to the Cliarch Literary j Society on Wednesday night. BUILDING TRADE WORKERS. The; local branch at a meeting presided over by M'r Rrtbrwt Roberts decided that the wages of craf tsmen be Is. 6d. per hour from Janll- aiy 3rd with, an incroasa of a pqnriY hour aft^r Maly 1, P-n(i that the wages of skilIcKI labourers be Is. 2id. per hour and un- skilled labourers Is. 2d. with a penny an hour advance after May 1st. It was staled thail- ihoBe were the raises in the North Wale* Federation and the it other branches had had their "r.{! advartcocl since October lt. PERSONAL.—Miss S. Bonner Tnorna-s. the youngest daughter of the lato Mr. and Mrs, Bonner Thomas, Portmadoc, has comn through a serious operation successfully at Tho Great Northern Central Hospital. 4th 5nsfc, [ulll is now making good progress.. Previous to lieu illness Miss S. Bonner Thomas lield an Important position in the Foreign Department at the Head Offioc of the National Provincial Bank at Bisliopsgatc, London. Sho has a large eir6le of friends who will be pleased to hear of her good pro- gress. CONCERT.—A suctfcssfu^ ecncfivl gi,ren at the Town Hall on Wednesday night in aid of the funds of flie proposed" child- ren *3 eiptoddfoi. Dr. Pkffce Joces pi^dorl eve-r a crowded attendance and Mr Duvid Williams, Ivy House, wndnoted. The pro- gramme consisted main'y of penill on'njf by Dwyrvd J u.n¡" Choir, Blaenau Festin- iog, and by members of the ehoir and others. It was an enjoyable entertainment and tito yondvy-Vor, Toan Dwyrycl, tund the. bliiul harpist. Mr David Francis,- are to be heartily .('t.tI'If,'tf'd. The peniJlk/n »vo"oMk Wft. Joan Dwyrvd, Miss Jane Ellen Robert* fCorwcai Eisteddfod winner), Miss NoTtt. Lewis. Othoi- soke wero sung by Mir.* K. Morgan Jcnes and Mr J. T'rdor Owen, A.R (! Df., by Mifcs Gr^ti^ D(!l'a. Jones, acd barp Mleotious by Mr D. FrtLada.


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