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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

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Old Tune Sport.t



210r-h Year of the M'W SUN flKI: OfFICI FOUNDED 1710 The Oldest Insurance Office — m the Wor)d. —— ?.eppxe??-————?.? — Insurances ejected on the following risks FIRE DAMAGE. Resultant Loss of Beat. and Proflts. Empioyers'Liability & Peraon-tt Accident. Wolkmen'sCompenaa- Sickness & IMaeaae. tion, including Fidelity Guarantee. Acc!denta to Burglary. Domestic Servants Piato Gtasx. Aircrat. and Articles dropped therefrom. Riot and Civil Commotion LOCAL AGNNTS- ABERYSTWYTH MR HUGH HUGHES Aberayron Mr Thoa. Pugh, Paris Rouse Bala Mr R. L. Jones, Mount PlaM Mr J. R* Jordan Cardigan Mr D. Thotuas Davies DoIgeUey Mr Thotoas P. Jonea Parry Mr J. Haydn Morrix. ? N. & S Wales Bank LIandyssul Mr T. M. Jones; Llanon Mr John Thomas Lampeter Mr Wtn. Davies, 26, Bryn Road .MrH.W.Howe!! Ltanybyther .Mr D. Thomas, BIaenhirbant Newquay ..Mr D. Meredith Jones Samau.Mr J.Nicholas Tplsarn ..MrL1ew!pynDavicaJP. Towyn_ Mr F,. R Dt n f P 1. Cupiss* Constitution Ballq. U/\?c«?f< Legs. Cracked Heetft. HOrS6S Coush? CoMs. Sor. TliroaN. Disordered Liver. Broken Wind. !nt)uenza. Lost of Appetite. etc.. etc For f?D?-?-l? Coat. Hove or Btowa ?CHjH.t3 Distemper. Eptdemte Surfeit. Condition-nq Preserving Healib. in Calves etc. Sh??T? ?eepinx ut Heatth. ?JiJU??jJ Assisting to set into Condition. Scouring in Lambs. etc. Prepared upwards of 50 years bv the late FRANCtS CUPiSS M R.C.V.S. D!SS. NORFOLK Sold in Packets 1/9 and 3/6 each, 6 small PackeLs 101-, or 6 lityge 20/ by Chenuista and Medicine Vendors, or from FRANCia Cupiss, Ltd., The Wilderness, Diss on receipt of amount OLD TEETH OLD ARTtFtCtAL TEETH BOUGHT Dental 63. Oxford Street. London, the firm who do prices: send per post and inll \Iue per or ofrer macle. 63. OxTofd Strett London. W. t. j ESTABHSHEU ?00 YEARS. J


-__ Farmer's Cotumn.


.-Poultry. 1 I -!

-._-.----CORRESPONBENOC '"'"