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lhe Difference! In electric light you have the most convcaient, cleanly, cheerful and sS§P*^ artistic illuminant, but to get the best from it you must use THE *^f RIGHT LAMP-on this depends the success of your lighting £ |€ OSRAM LAMPS make just the difference between moderate and Jp p| perfect lighting. They are the ideal illuminant for every home. | ECONOMICAL. BRILLIANT. LASTING. STRONG. l§! See the initials G.E.C. on every lamp yost buy- I Hjj they are a gi.iarartee of British manufacture. &$ S|j p Sold by all leading Electricians. Ironmongers J'6 j|9 tad Stores. ■I Qsrani 1 H A&(fTfaOsKralElcctfic€o.ti.,(j7,QaemVkloTiaSl.,LandDn,EJC.4. pang:? >. II we at v W N >» KgSi Economy in Hf the Switch mm BL Besides being the cheapest of all illumr «BePWwI nants, Electric Light is so easily switched ■mw | on and off that there is no need or tempt- P \liL ati°n to Isave it alight when few minutes. You need not is switch it on a second before lv IflMfei ^ou want nor keep alight X4BBSf a moment longer than your wor^.or^ P^y recIuires- habit. It's an economy you cannot practise with any other form of lighting. Issued by Lamp f AUOclaUon of Great Britain. Limited. J' makes economy easy. aWMMBCUiiikLritirTiwaiwwwsasapii^wwwwwwwMiwwwwwwpwswwwrwMwwp^w^wBwwss The Lamp for Strength The strength and durabihty of- ELECTR^C LAMPS t! are one source of j Ii r economy to Mazda I mm |Jl^ffll!i|j|l|| j users. Their great j 18 || I save all round. From Electrical Contractors LV- Ironmongers and Stores Jab*- \Z Brto* mad. r~l WlEUff \-» in Rue by ENGLAND BRITISH THOMSON-HOUSTON, CO. LA d. Roval Chambers, Park-place Cardiff. PMB——■——mm—mmmmw—■—a^———^mmmm^——■—m ABERYSTWYTH ELECTRICITY SUPPLY CD. VACUUM CLEANING is the most sanitary, the easiest and the simplest method of cleaning. Learn how to handle this simple instrument. DEMONSTRATIONS FREE. INQUIRIES INVITED. Address: Mill Street, Aberystwyth. Why buy Matches? Why Not use a Flash Lamp? Electric Flash La mps, Bulbs, Cases, Accumulators, COMPLETE ILAMPS. The FAMOUS TEC and other Makes. All Sizes and Prices. CAMBRIAN NEWS STORES, ABERYSTWYTH

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