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- Tregaron County School.f

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- Tregaron County School.f


(continued from p. evious column). Evans, Talsarn House, Lamputer; Idwal Cer- edig Evans, Chapel-street, Tregaron; Rees Evans, Fenian, Blaenafon; Sybil Louisa II vst, Derry Ormond; Elizabeth Lilian Hughes, Lanndrj- House, Derry Ormond; Kate Ann Hughiis, Tanrailt, Blaenafon; Dd. Maldwyn Jenkins, Tynawydd Bet:tl; Hannah Jones, Gwarcwm, near Lampeter; Winifred Margaret Jones, Maesglns, Berth; Richard John Kaliene, of Loudon; Annie Maud Morgan, Myrtie House, Tregaron; Henry James Victor Thomas, Cur- rier-street, Tregaron DRAMATIC PERFORMANCE. The final concert of the Christmas term was this year marked by a. now departure in the form of a. Welsh drama written and per- formed by the senior pupils of the school. The drama. was called" Pegi Hysbyg," and depicted a story from the special period of history studied by the pupils. It turned around the personality of the redoubtable Sir Herbert Lloyd of Pcterwett, near Lampeter, member of Parliament and tyrant oter the fields of his county. The great schoolmaster, Bdward R chard, appears in conversation with hie own shepherds on the mountains above Strata Florida, and Williams, Pantycelyn, passes by along the narrow paths to hold the societies at Nantylles and Lledrod. One scene represented a sooial eveuing in the hall of one of our county families when the shepherds entertained the company with folk-lore songs and pèllillion" singing. A great contrast to this was provided ill a scene which showed Sir Herbert in his room in Londou meditating over his losses at the gaming tables and over the only sure means of escape from the troubles of life. The story finishes with a glimpse of the famous torchlight F occssion which bore Sir Herbert triumphantly t.o the family vault, in sp'.te of his creditor^ and r duns. The following- pupils took the separate characters with very commendable success:—"Pegi Hysbys," Doris Megicks; "Lady Herbert Lloyd," Magdalene Htghes; "Marged" (her maid), Olwen E Jones; "Sir Herbert Lloyd," William D. Edwards; "William Powell, Esq., YstradfEIur, Evan D Jones; "Williams, Pantycelyn," Tom Jones; "Edward Richard," J. K tchener Davies; "Gruffydd (a shepherd)," D. Gwilym Morgan: "Meurig (a shepherd)," John T. Jones; "Shajns, y Prydydd," leuan Jones; "Shon Price," Rhys Evans; h The Bailiff of Peter- well," John S. Jenkins. Dresses suitable to the period were kindly lent for the occasion by Mrs. Powell, Nanteos. The conceit was brought to an end by a performance of the cantnta, "Violet in Fairvland." by the Girls' Choir, under the condnctorship of Mr. J T. Rees, Mus. Bae. who 's the able rrrnic teacher at the school I BLOWING BUBBLES. Cardiff dreams of the Welsh Puliam- nt House, but Aberystwyth has hopes ot shattering it.