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J.gtiuu5, ffirabeliers. &r. AN old-established Ann of coal merchants, covering Birmingham and the Midlands, desire exclusive Agency for ood-class foundry and furnace coke.-N 393, Cardiff Times Office Cardiff. c814 EXPERIENCED Salesman required.—A leading Brit- ish Calendar Publishing House requires an esperi- inced salaried Representative for South Wales; qualifi- cations. honesty, sobriety, and the tried ability to secure orders.-Experienœtl men may apvly hy lettr. giving details of age. terms. &c.. to Box 0 36032; Cardiff Times Otnce. Cardiff. c360 iEnsiral Instruments. IF you want a Piano or Organ do not be persuaded by any iDtere.3ted person to purchase until YOU have nscertained the extraordinary value we are offering. You will save many pounds, be most liberally treated, und get the easiest possible terms by purchasing from as. Duck, Son and Pinker. The Great Piano Merchants. Pulteney Bridge. Bath. and at Bristol. Catalogue and Book of Art rice f. Name this paper. Wicgdts attfc ttrir1!rlts. TOCKTAJONG Sale-Tyres, 19U patterns. Cycle Accessories, Covers, 3s 3d each Air Tubes with valves, 2a 3d each. guaranteed Pram. Trres. Frames*. Wheels. Chains, Free Wheels, Saddles, Pedals, Lamp I, Sells. <fec. hew goods sale list free.—W. A. Gortoa. Manufacturer. Wolverhampton. 149 iKeiitral itimrfriis. IMPORTANT to Mothers.—Every mother valuing health and cleanliness in her child uses Hamson's Nursery Pomade. One application kills all nits and insects, beautifies and strengthens the hair. remOTC8 ICUrf and dandruff, promotes growth. Price 4id and 9d. posblge 1d. Sold by Chemists. Reading. Insist on having Harrison's Pomade. 20000 TEAGTJELINE Herbs.—Curative Medicine for Stomach JL Liver and Kidney Comnlaints. Sciatica. Rheumatism, Const, BllIousness. Impure Blood, removes PimplP.3 and Blotches unequalled for Backache and Piles. Thou- sands of testimonials from grateful sufferers. 1 packet 30c'. j for 2s.—Teague. 23 Station-street. Newport Jor Sal*. COUTH Wales Property Gazette." A monthly O Register of Estates. Heuses, Lands. &c.. to be Let or Sold In Wales. Monmouthshire. West of England, &c. 1,000 copies Rent monthly, post free. to the leading in- habitants of Wales and Monmouthshire. Insertions free. -COpies poet free from Messrs Hem and Pert wee. Zetate Agents. Auctioneers, &c.. 74. St. Mary-street, 189 Monti}. TO £5.000 ADVANCED y Private Lender on Simple Promissory Note. No bills of sale taken, and absolute privacy guaranteed. First letter of application receives prompt attention. and intending borrowers are waited upon by a representative wbo Is empowered to complete transaction on terms mutually arranged, no charge being made unless busiaeu actually completed. Special quotations for short loans. Write in confidence to— C. WELLS. 16. CLARE-STREET. 2231—290n • BRISTOL. TMMEDIATE CASH ADVANCES. S10 to £5,000, on JL Note of Hand alone or on any security. No delay for inquiries. Officials always ready to com- plete advances at an hour's notice. Lowest repayments. Strictly moderate interest. Estab- JIIbed 50 years, No damaing loan ottice registration ot applicant's name. as usual w itlvother firms Prompti- tade, courtesy, and fair treatment in all transactions. Apply In conftdence .sta tlng amount requ ired. to STAN- LEY DOWDING. Manager. Provincial Union Bank. 1, Queen-square. Bristol. 869n FlELDINGS. Old-established Financiers, are pre- JP paredto Advace sums from t20 soticeoi approved Note (f Hand, personal or other recur it iss. Cbarget arrange:! befor: transactions us MBpleted. Moptcagos on Property etfected f, t current lata of interest. Property Purchased. Trade Bills ateretmied. Annuities and Fixed Incomes arranged. Hooey advanced on second mortgages.—Apply direct, arwe lIban no agents.—Hayea Buildings. The Hayes. Cardiff 1333) ESSES S. HERN & PEBTWEE. Estate Agents. 74. J'm St.t. Cardiff, are prepared to advance feem £ 100 to £ 100.000 on Mortgage of Freehold or Leasehold Property, and from 00 to £ 1.000 on personal I18CUftb. 56ô4 JNDIGESTIGN IS A DISASTER of great magnitude. It disorganises the functions of nutrition, impoverishes the blood, enfeebles the nervous system, and, indeed, quite banishes happiness. This is a mere commonplace, of course, and belongs to the A..B.C. of pathology, and yet there are hundreds of people who, day in and day out, ignore the truth of it by disre- garding symptoms which point to the ex- istence of digestive trouble. The reason of this lies in the fact that indigestion is, as a rule, so very insidious in its progress. Some of its forms are not accompanied by positive pain, but often by a gradual and unsuspected diminution of vitality. Loss of appetite, which is one of the commonest symptoms, is rarely taken very seriously— with the result that the disorder is allowed to develop to an alarming and sometimes to an ineradicable extent. Even when head- aches and the pangs of dyspepsia are ex- perienced it is usual to endure them with- out making any serious attempt to destroy the root cause of the trouble, in view, then, of the far-reaching effects of indi- gestion, you should never forget that it is TO BE AVERTED BY JJEECHAM'S pILLS. Sold everywhere in boxes. Price Is lid (56 pills) and 2s 9d (168 pills). C. BECHSTEIN. BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT TO THEIR MAJESTIES THE KING AND QUEEN, H.M. THE LATE QUEEN VICTORIA, ELM. THE EMPEROR OF GERMANY, ELM. THE CZAR OF RUSSIA, H.M. THE KING OF ITALY, R.M. TJtiJii KlliU OF SPAIN, &c., &c. MY SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE AGENTS FOR CARDIFF AND DISTRICT ARE R. J. HEATH & SONS, Who are also Sole Agents for BEOADWOOD, BLUTHNER, STECK SCHIEDMAYER, NEUMEYEB, WALDEMAR, THE ORCHESTRELLE CO.'S PIANOLA.PIANOS AND ORCHES. TRELLES, &o. TV £ QUEEN-STREET. CARDIFF 70/TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD; FENARTH and PORT TALBOT. JIlat. Tel.—Cardiff, 2199; Pontypridd, 21. GRAMOPHONES & ACCESSORIES 1010 Ie X STOP ONE MOMENT. X OH, DEAR, DOCTOR, MUST MY DARLING DIE t THERE IS VERY LITTLE HOPE. BUT TRY FJTUDOR "^yiLLIAMS' jg ALS AM OF JJONEY. It is an essence of the purest and most effica- cious Herbs, gathered on the Welsh Hills and Valleys in the proper season, when their ■virtues are in full perfection, and combined with pure Welsh Honey. All the ingredients are perfectly pure. rjlUDO R ILLIAMS* BALSAM OF JJONEY Cores Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Whooping Cough, Croup, and all disorders of the Throat, Chest, and Lungs. It is invaluable to Weak-chested Men, Delicate Women, and Children. Wonderful Cure for Children's Cough after Measles and Whooping Cough. It succeeds where all others fail. IT SOOTHES WHILE IT CURES:' Thousands of people have written to us testi- fying to its marvellous curative properties. For Vocalists and Public Speakers it is a Real Blessing—it prevents hoarseness and sore throat, and keeps the voice as clear as a bell. Try it. You will not regret it. ITS HEALING POWER IS MARVELLOUS. TUDOR WILLIAMS' PATENT BALSAM OF HONEY. No House Should be Without it. See that You get the Genuine Article. So Many Imitations and Frauds. Sold by all Chemists and Stores, Is, 2s 6d, and 4s 6d bottles. Great saving in purchasing the large bottles. Sample bottle sent (post paid) for Is 3d, 2s 9d, and 5s from the Inventor, D. Tudor Williams, R.S.D.L. This preparation is not a Quack Medicine, but of 36 years' standing, prepared by Scientific Chemists and Druggists. Manufacturer: TUtOR WILLIAMS, M.K.P.S., A.S.Apth., London Analytical and Consulting Chemist and Druggist by Examination, Medical Hall, Aberdare. 1019 fJaMu ^nrasfments. CARDIFF. NEW THEATRE, CARDIFF. Proprietor and Manager Robert Bedford. hVbRY EVENING at 7.30 and SATURDAY at 2. Mr EDWARD COMPTON and the COMPTON COMEDY COMPANY. Friday—USED UP. Saturday, Matinee—THE RIVALS. Saturday EYcning-DA VY GARRICK. Next Week—OUR MISS GIBBS. Still running at the Gaiety Thetr". Box Office nt Theatre, 10 to 5. Nat. Tal.$16. ftaMu fisiias. -yiSCOUNT rjlREDEGAR'S AGRICULTURAL & pOULTRY SHOW, 1910. (Open to all England without Subscription.) VISCOUNT TREDEGAR has fixed the 92nd Annual Meeting for TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, Novem- ber 22nd and 23rd, 1910, in the CATTLE MARKET, NEWPORT, Mon. The PRIZE LIST contains 54 Classes for HORSES CATTLE, MOUNTAIN SHEEP, PI-GS and DONKEYS, and 84 Classes for POULTRY and PIGEONS. THE VALUE OF THE PRIZES OFFERED IS £840. Judges for Poultry, Messrs H. Abbott and G. Payne. Judge for Pigeons, Mr J. C. Challenger. The Prize Lists, with Certificates for Entry and all Particulars, may be had on application to— G. P. MITCHELL-INNES, Secretary. Tredegar Estate Offices, Newport, Mon. N.B.—Entries Close October 26th for Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, and Donkeys and October 22nd for Poultry and Pigeons. 3077 CANCER HOSPITAL (Free), Fulham- road, London, S.W. (Incorporated under Royal Cnarter.) PATIENTS SEEN DAILY on their own application at 2 o'clock. Funds urgently needed for general expenses and for the Research Department. 19615 Secretary. FRED. W. HO WELL. .øúll. rø BLANKENBERGHE, NEAR OSTEND. BLANKENBERGHE.—The ideaKsea- J.) side resort near Ostend is renowned as the cheapest place on the Continent for a holiday, and has the finest bathing and most beautiful beach in the world golf, skating, casino, kursaal, daily vocal and instrumental concerts, lyrical and diamatie plays, etc., pier; all. kinda of amusements 5 hours from London, H Brussels.—Illustrated booklet and full in- formation free. Reginald Harris, Blankenberghe Information Office, 134, Fleet-street, B.C. The RHINE HOTEL, tea front, next Kursaal. CONTINENTAL HOTEL. On Parade. Fine view. The KURSAAL HOTEL. 1st Class. Dinner 7 o'c. The GRAND HOTEL. Sea front. 300 rooms. HOTEL DES BAINS ET FAMILIES. Apartments. HOTEL VAN DE PUTTE. Good second-class house. illjipjriitg fbtiitts. BERDEEN T INE FROM A. LONDON TO t i AUSTRALIA. Via Plymouth, Teneriffe, and Cape Tówn. Miltiades(tw. sc.), Nov. 12 Marathon (tw. sc.),Jan.18 -Moravian, Dec. 20. ) Themistocles (t, -Carries third-class Passengers only. Superior accommodation for Saloon and Third-class Passengers at low rates to South African, Australian, and New Zealand ports. Return Tickets interchangeable with P. & O. Branch Service. Apply to GEO. THOMPSON and Co., Ltd., 7, Billiter-square, E.C. or to Local Agents. WHITE STAR LINE—LIVERPOOL. V to AUSTRALIA. calling at Capetown (South Africa). RUNie, 12,482 tons.Nov.17 MEDIC, 11,984 tons Dec. 15 AFRIC, 11,948 tons Jan. 12 SUEVIC, 12,531 tons .Feb. 9 The accommodation on these twin-screw steamers comprises smoking, reading, and dining rooms. Fares—To Australia, to £30; to Capetown, For further particulars apply to Local Agents or o Ismay, lmrie and Co., Liverpool, Southampton, 1, Cockspur-street, S.W., and 38, Leadenhall-street, E. C., London, fJlAKE r I SERIOUSLY I Consider for yourself whether a Pre- paration which has a reputation in its own country and among its own people everywhere should weigh with you as a proof of its True Value and Curative Properties after twenty years of Growing Popularity, or an alien medicine prepared by unknown foreigners, giving na name to its com- position, and only mystery to guide your TJIHE QUESTION OF JJEALTH This is a matter which concerns you surely at one time or another, espe- ciallywhen Influenza is so prevalent as it is just now. It is well to know what to take to ward off an attack of this most weakening disease, to combat it whilst under its baleful influence, and particulraly after an attack, for then the system is so lowered as to be liable to the most dangerous complaints. GWILYM Jj^VANS' QUININE "glTTERS is acknowledged by all who have given it a fair trial to be the best specific remedy for dealing Influenza in all its various stages, being a Prepara- tion skilfully prepared with Quinine, and accompanied with other Blood Purifying and enriching agents, suitable for the Liver, Digestion, and all those ailments requiring Tonic strengthening and Nerve-increasing properties. It is invaluable when suffering with Colds, Pneumonia, or any serious illness or prostration caused by sleeplessness or worry of any kind, when the body has a general feeling of weakness and lassi- tude. JJELAY, CONSIDER JT Send for a copy of the pamphlet of tes- timonials, which carefully read and consider well, then buy a bottle at your nearest Chemist, or Stores, but see when purchasing that the name Gwilym Evans is on the label, stamp, and bottle, for without which none are genuine. gOLD JjlVERYWHERE. gOLD J^VEBYWHE REj In bottles, 2s 9d and 48 6d each. Sole Proprietors- 012 QUININE BITTERS MANUFAC- TURING COMPANY, LIMITED, LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. MANFULNESS-An interesting and instructive Book can be had FREE describing a safe, simple, and Scientific System which has been practised for over 20 years with unexampled success, together with over 1,000 Testimonials giving absolute proof that the severest cases of NERVOUS EX- HAUSTION, DECAY of VITAL FORCE,WASTING, WEAKNESS, VARICOCELE etc., have been PER- MANENTLY CURED WITHOUT Stomach Medicine, Electricity, Change of Diet or Habits, Loss of Time or Occupation. A former sufferer writes: It has made life again worth living." Apply to-day, enclosing two stamps for postage in plain envelope, and mention this paper.—A.J. Leizh, 92 and 93, Great Russell- ttreet, London, W.C. 16625 PAINITS BILLPOSTING SYNDI. JJT CATE i) or Aberdare, Hirwain, Mountain Ash and District. Z. ANDREWS, Secretary. Offices- 1016 NEW THEATRE, ABERDARE. W A N SEA OFFICES S OF THE « SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS." l No. 52. HIGH-STREET. Jnsnrnnu. Sittntamrg. 1710-1910. YVILT SITTN FIRE OFFICE KJJ w 11 Bounded 1710. The Oldest lnsnrance Office in the World. o, CARDIFF BRANCH—13, WINDSOR-PLACE. W. EVAN LLOYD, District Inspector. Insurances effected on the following risks. FIRE DAMAGE. Resultant Loss of Rent and Profits. Employers' Liability! Personal Accident. & Workmen's Corn- Sickness & Disease, pensation, including, Fidelity Guarantee. Accidents to [Burglary. Domestic Servants. Plate Glass. APPLICATIONS FOR AGENCIES INVITED. Gat 1 I i I SPEAKSNQ § F I I L 1 FROM | J EXPERIENOE, 0 I THE DOCTOR: Ah! yes, restless B and feverish. ftive him a Steed- gf man's Powder aasl be will soon jjj be all rigM." L Steedmm's Sooihlag Powders J CONTAIN "'$ IFFI KO 1 fcf 1 |LLJ|poison HAVE fvOU A BAD L7 LEG With Wounds that discbarge or otherwise, perhaps so surrounded with inflammation and swollen, that when you press your finger on the inflamed part it leaves the impression? If so, undor the skin you have poison, which, if not extracted, will cause you suffer- ing till death releases you. Perhaps your knees are swollen, the joints being ulcerated, the same with the ankles, round which the skin may be discoloured, or there may be wounds: the disease. if allowed to con- tinue, will deprive you of the power to walk. You inay have attended various hospitals and advised to k ibmit to amputation; but do not for I can cure you. I don't say perhaps, but I will. Send at once a P.O. for 28. 6d. to ALBRRT, Albert House, 73 Farringdon Street, Londjn, for a box of a.CI PILLS!! which are a certain remedy tor the cure of Bad Legs, Housemaid's Knee, Ulcerated Joints, Carbuncles, Poisoned Hands, Bunions, etc., etc. Of Chemists and Stores at lL lid. and 2.9d. each. HOE'S SAUCE The utmost nutriment is afforded by food when Hoe's Sauce is used to stimulate the appetite and assist digestion. 1 A.WATCH FOR SKILL. In the centre of the diagram you see J a Fig. 5. Arrange the figures 1, 2, 3, 4, — 6, 7, 8 and 9 in the remaining squares, c so that the columns add 15 up, down, J across, and from corner to corner. If correct, and you comply with the .simple condition we shall send you. A correct, and you comply with the .simple condition we shall send you. A HANDSOME WATCH (Lady's or Gent's, guaranteed 5 years); will be sent to you Entirely Free of Cost. Send your answer NOW, enclosing stamp for reply, to (Dept. 4), IN VICT A WATCH CO. 100, High-street, Northfleet, Kent. FREE OFFER. To prove the superiority of ELLIS'S PILLS over old-fashioned remedies, I will send i trial paekf. post-paid under cover. to anyone mentioning paper. Thousands of testimonials from those who have tried other things uselessly. Made from celebrated recipe. Advice free. Manageress. ELLIS PILL CO.27, Surrey- lane. Battersea. London. Interesting Guide (50 illus- trations) free with each box. 19593 HO ETON'S ORIGINAL PILLS. SAMPLE BOX FREE. They speedily effect t. cure, and are a safe and sura remedy for Anaemia, 4c. By post, under cover. Is lid or 2s 9d, from HORTON & CO., Chemists (Chief Dis- penser from the l»te BIRMINGHAM LYING-IN HOSPITAL), Dept. 86, Aston Manor, Birmingham. Sold for over 50 years. Supplied direct only. Seldom Ever Fail. Free sample of Pills, also improved Sanitary Towel and interesting Booklet Sent postfre* for penny stamp. 20001 rf GREAT SALE OF GUNS AND RIFLES. 5/- FOR NOTHING. To advertise our new 12s 6d i-mile range J»^4( Noiseless Hare or Pigeon Rifle, "we give free to every purchaser handsome Sheath Knife, CgSu 4-bladed Sporting Knife, Catapult, Knuckle WW Duster, and supply of Cartridges. Send 12s 6d only for the Rille, all the rest for Wt nothing. Send two stamps for our 64-page Catalogue, No. 24, of Bargains in Hammer and Hammerless Guns and Rifles for Farmers, Gamekeepers, &c. 19989 BELL BROS., 93, WATERLOO-ST., GLASGOW. ^■P^peedily Cure Acidity, Flatulence, V ■V Heartburn, Impure Breath, H H Indigestion, Diarrhoea, &c. H m PREVENT MANY AN ILLNESS. B Highly recommended by the Medical Profession. Sold by all Chemists & Stores. Biscuits, 1/- ■■ 2/- & 4/- per tin; Powder, 2/* & 4/- per bottle; Lozenges 1/1$per tin Chocolates 1/- per tin; Capsules, concentrated and 1» convenient for travellers, 2/- per box. |H ].L.Bragg.Ld.,1.4, Wigmore St., Landon £1,000 TO BE GIVEN AWAY in Prize WATCHES,, to all clever readers who can solve this puzzle. P M L U P R A E D T E A Thfl letters, when correctly arranged, spell the names of three well-known fruits. If your answer is right we will give you a real Lever Simula- tion Gold Watch, guaranteed 5 years, entirely free of cost. Send your answer now. with stamped ad- dressed envelope for our reply. Remember, you are not asked to sell anything for us, but winners must comply with our one simple con- dition, and promise to show the watch to their friends so as to advertise our firm. (Dept. 49) EUREKA WATCH CO., 20005 31, Eglinton-road, Swanscombe, Greenhithe, S.E. CARDIFF ADVERTISING, BILL. J POSTING & CIRCULA R DISTRIBUTING COMPANY, LIMITED Omces and Works- 1, PARK-STREET, CARDIFF. Manager-FRANK H. SIMPSON. Proprietors of the Principal Stations in Cardiff and neighbourhood. Contractors for all descriptions ol Advertising, Circular Distributing, &c. Allorders promptly attended to. 1005 VVOKTE KNOWING. EORGE NAISH&SON, 79, GREAT IT FREDERICK-STREET, CARDIFF lathe OLDEST KSXABLiSl £ El> PUBLIO BILL POSTER, who rent3 the largest numoair and best private bill-posting ttatioaj in the town and neigh- bourhood. All work entrusted to him will by speedily siad laithfully executed. J«.li.—BlU I'osting sent by lost or mail will hava immediate attention. iibla Newport offices OF THE v t-.SOUTil WALES DAILY NEw%" 18, II RluG E-ST ltEE1 AT IA. SAMUEL'S TO-DAY! RAIL A- FARES windows are crowded^k. i Jmstartling value examples. High-class •. 10 6. MT WATCHES, JEWELLERY, W PLATE, CUTLERY, ETC.. at prices only possible to a vast organisation Ofte". 3,9 jlif jg; (Bb SSS3/6 RETAIL GOLD -ALEFRTS. PROFITS Latest d6igns, by buying at Dext to H. SAMULL's FAMOUS J g^Handsome GEM AC^i WEDDING BINGS. Seven Years' Waranty. t 2z-ct. Gold. Lar styl, SILVER ALBERT 10/8. 211-, 351- FREE I FREE WEDDfNG (HFTS" jSL plated Dinner Avoid wasteful instalment systems. J&. T W /MimwL \5Hi' H. SAMUEL 7, ST. MARY-ST., CARDIFF 1 (Corner of Market Entrance). ? It yoa aannot call, write for Free Catalogue-H. Samuel, 105 Market Street, Manchester. Jg











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