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Srtnatiflits 3Jaxaitl I G0VEBN11E>T Appointments.—tfzclse, Customs, Second Division. £ c. 17,000 students already suc- cessful we can train you by post direct to your home fees moderate. — pond for free descriptive book to Postal. Clark's uouece, Cbanctry-iaae, London. Its730 PAYING Profession.—Elcctric Engineering taught by post. Send to-day for free book" How to Become an Electrical Enmneer." It tells -ou iiow to double yonr salary.—Write for a free copv to Elect. Eng. Inst., 413. orwich House, Southampton-street, Holborn, London. 18731 |JouIto & lUrfts. CANARIES.—Really flrsVclass young Yorkshire Males, bright yellows and wissaced, grand songsters: I 3s, two 55 packed.—8t,ephens, West Drayton 54 Mzbizal RCBBEB Appliances, Enemas, EJasti" Hosiery. &o- lists tree Trusses. 2s 6d: double. 3s (C.T.1, Hill-sireet, Middleafrroug'n. Estab. 1870. 10 1Dr "alt. REAL Navy Serge, direct from Portsmouth. as used JL%< in Royal avy. Is 3td and Is 6Jà yard; car. paid: 1)&trns free.—Beaumont (41), Contractor. Portsmouth. TWEEDSfor Sale.—Armstrong and Co.'s famous JL Tweeds for Ladies and Gentleman patterns free; any length; carriage paid.—Manufacturers, Hawick, Scotland. SOUTH Wales Property Gazette."—A Monthly Regi.B1Ier of E sbates, Hos, La.d.9, &c., to be Let or Sold in Wales, Monmouthshire, West of England, &c. 1,000 copies sent monthly, post free, to the leading inhabitants of W doles and Monmotlthshu6 Insertion3 tree. Copies post free from Messrs Hern I and Fcrtwee, Estate Agents, Auctioneers, &c., 74, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 2444 Jl EATHERS. F EATH E B ~S FEATHERS FOR BEDS. Why buy cammon shoddy Wool Beds when yon eaD jet best ENGLISH FEATHERS as 5d per lb, carriage paid ? Warranted dry aud sweet. Feather Beds made to Qrder. Se d for samples and price lis" to H RANDY AND CO.. FEATHER MERCHANTS, 6061 WELSHPOOL. NORTH WXLES. 114 JKisallaiurras. A Cabinet Ptoto, Is Id, copied from any c.d.v. or cabinet photo 6, 3s c.d.v., 6, Is Sd 12, 2s 6d 12 P0stcards, 2s Win. Permanent Send photo and P.O. to Francis and Co., 29. Ladgrate HU1. E.C. 18302 I iKisallaneons Wlsvis. FALSE Teeth bought any condition cash by reo JP turn.—Posi to Glasgow tlatinma Co.. 2a. Gordon- Street. Glasgow, 797e OLD Lead. Zinc. Pewter, Brass, Gun metal, Copper. and Nicfcel wanted: best prices given.—ApDly Game and Co., Aston Cross, Birmingham. 998n ~\JkJ E want to buy those Ola False Teeth which are of » no use to you. Send them to-day, and get full cash value. or oiler, by return.—Address R. D. and J. B. Fraser, Ltd.. Desk 123. Princes-street, tpswich. WELSH China.—Wanted, Swansea and Nantgarw 17 Chlna.Swaatea and CambnanPottery.and Dillwyn Etruscan W are only good specimens required; high prices ll1'f'en.-Address Collector. Echo OScf. Cardia. iBanks- THE CHåLUG. CRoss JgANK. (Est. 1870.) Cardiff Branch-n. ST. MARY-STREET. Srsxcbes also at Manchester. Liverpool. Leeds. &c.. 4c Head Offices, 28. Bedford street. Strand, Loudon ;and 39. Bishopaga.te-street Within, E.C. Assets, LOANS of £O to £5,OCO IllJd.. an any class of necurlty. 24 PER CENT. INTEREST,allowed on current accounts. DEPOSITS of £;0 aDd upwards received aa under— I ¡¡.c. per a&n.. subject to 3 mOllLhs' notice of withdrawal 6p.c. „ 6 „ 7p.e. 12 Specif terms forlongerperiodo. Interest paid quarterly The Terminable Deposit Bond's pay nearly 9 per cent., and are a bafe investment. Instead of paying large dividends to shareholders we pay fair rates of interest to our depositors, and by so doine have earned the position we undoubtedly hold in the public confidence. We have been establi-hed for 36 vears, and our unique II position in the Banking World to-day testifies to the koccess of our business methods and to the satisfac- tion of our customers, Write or call for Prospectus. A. WlLLLvMS ana E. J. TALL. Joint }1ana",rs iEciunj. £20 to £5,000 Advanced on Note of Hand alone no btlla of sale taken or charges m&.de unless ouaines8 results. don't apply to so-called banks or limited com- panies, which ara registered to concual the identity of the proprietors or shareholders. I conduci business III 811 own Dame and aza the actual lender. Write bt confidence, sC1n requireD1enis, "Du representative will wait npon )'011 by appointment and complete transaction. C. WELLS. 42811 Corridor Ckanbers. 1792 Le1cesier. 1 R T Ti E VY s IN" C 0 FINANCIERS. <10 to £ 1,000 advanced at once, cheap and prompt. I KPROMISSORY NOTE ALONE CHEQUES AND BILLS DISCOCNTKD. LOANS granted on LIFE POLICIES and SECOND I IMSKCtt*# ES. Apply H, T. LEWIN and CO.. 27, CBASXiEfrSTREBT, CARDIFF. Hat. XaL 1311. 1245—69a £ 5 Casta aavaneed on simple note of hand without rarefies or fees. Immaterial. Arrangements mads to payoff prening creditors. And easy Instalments taken. Strictest privacy guaranteed. Advances made 0" Life l'ol1cies, Second Mortgages, and Reversions Bond Life Interests JBougbt outright. Cheques cashed. Call or write to < VILLISRS, LTD., 572e 19, Duke-street, Cardiff XPECTANCIES under WILLS. SETTLEMENTS. &o. ADVANCES to any amount immediately arranged from 4 PER CENT. PER ANNOM. lor persons entitled to money or property upon the decease of relatives, &0, Loan and Interest may re- Bsaln until legacies are paid. No preliminary fees.— Write Mr C. STEWART, 11, Ludgate Hill, London, E.C. At Cardiff every Saturday or by appointment. FIELDINOS, Old-established Financiers, are pre pared to Adrance sains 1rom £ 20 o £ 3,000 as shor5 Mtlee on approved Note of Hand, personal or ower !lecw1es. Charges arranged before transactions are I.IoJDpleted. Mogages on Property ejected at eurren rates of Interest. Property Purchased. Trade Bill* Discounted. Annuities and Fixed Incomes arranged. Honey advanced on second mortpagps. — Apply jtlrecs as we have uo agents, Hayts Buildings, The (Hayes. Cardiff. 13938 MESSRS S. HERN & PERTWEE, Estate Aeuts. JjUL 74, St. Mary-street, Cardiff, are to advance from £100 to £lOO,QùO on Mortgage of Free- hold or Leasehold Property, and from £5ü to £1,000 on person;*] security. 3654 THE OLD-ESTABLISHED PROVINCIAL UNION BANK continues to lend immense sums daily, trom £lG to £5,000. on Note of Hand Alone, or other Security, at a few hours' notice, to all classes in any part of Eng- land and Wales. repayable by easy instalments. No good application is ever refused. All communications strictly private. Moderate Interest. Special rates for short periods. The largest, best known, and most honourably condud Business III the Kingdom. Thousands of our regular customers have expressed their entire s&tisfa.c- I tion tn repeated transactions with us. If desired, one of onr Officials will attend at your residence at once with Cash, and carry out the advance THERE and THEN.— Call. or write (tn confidence) to the Manager, Mr Stanley Dowding 1, Queen-square, Bristol, ur to the Local Ayeata. Davieg a.nd Co.. 97. St. Mary-street. Cardiff. B. J. HEATH & SONS, Sole for THE WORLD'S GREATEST MAKERS -pIANOFORTES by BROADWOOD. "PIANOFORTES by BLCTHNEK. pIANOFORTES by ERARD. pTANOFORTES by SCHIEDMAYER. T>IANOFORTES by NEUMEYER. pIANOFORTES by WALDEMAR. QIANOFORTES, PIANOLA-PIANOS, JT Änd 7T71OLIAN SELF PLAYING ORGANS, /Ti By tits ORCHESTKELLfi CO. T>IANOFORTE6 IN STOCK BY W_ COLLAR D, RKINSMEAD, KIR KM AN BBCHSTEiN STEIN W A.Y. IBACH, STECK, KITMULLER. *e.. FROM 15 GUINEAS CASH. OR fd MONTHLY. ORGANS by MASON k HAMLIN. BELL, DOMINION, Ac.. See. Radmcad Instalments Spswai Diseovata. 76, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. 70. TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. STANWELL-ROAD PENARTH, It STATION ROAD, PORT TALBOT N." TaL Cardiff Jll. Poatypodd 41.. —i<i Jjl^REE T 0 }{ E N When yon are tired of taking nauseous and mys- terious prescriptions and compounds, which do yon no good, but only ruin your digestive organs, wriie to me and I will send you a Book wRich describes a Quick and Certain Cure for lost strength, wasting weak- mesa, Ac., trom whatever cause arising. NO STOMACH MEDICINE. NO ELECTRICITY. Specimens of letters received and guaranteed genuine M It is an excellent Rystem, and I have scrupa- JDuaI1 followed the instructions, and am a better man than 70 years aeo.—G.G." Cannot be better than I am at present. It is a perfect e.-K.G," Book sent sealed, post free, two stamps.—A. G. LEIGH, 92 and 93, Great Russell-street, Blooms- Vary. London. Send at once and be cnred. Seventeen Continuous Successes. 16625 PI OS that have GIP Icramp, gripes & fits' ^W and Sold by all Corn Mer« chants. Manufacturer, C. HAMLIN, Harcourt, 8AUSBUHV. pASS AND co's PALE AND MILD ALES. SEASON BREWINGS ÅY NOW BE HAD IN PRIME CONDITION, m CASKS OR BOTTLES, OF FULTON, DUNLOP, AND CO., CARDIFF md s public ).Utlt5tnuntS. CDIF". THEATRE ROYAL, CARDIFF, Leases and Manager ROBERT RBDFORu. EVERY EVENING at 7 20, and SATURDAY at 2. ENORMOUS SUCCESS of the POFULAR LONDON COMEDIAN. R JAMES WE L C H In the New Farcical Play— w HEN KNIGHT WERE BOLD, By Charles Mariow. Supported by his Powerful Company, previous to his production of the play in London. Preceded by THE LADY BURGLAR. NEXT WEEK, THE GAIETY SUCCESS— FJIHE gPRING ^JHICKEN. BaxOBBee at Theatre 10 to 5. Nat. Tel. 362. Untitling ^ocuties. THE TAUNTON AND WEST OF JL ENGLAND PERPETUAL BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. ESTABLISHED 1857. INCORPORATED 1883. Offices 3, HAALMET-STREET, TAUNTON. Secretary Mr ALBERT GOODMAN. BORROWING EACH. SUMS OF MONEY an ready to be advanced on security of any description of real property—free- hold. leasehold, or copyhold-on the most equitable terms; the principal and interest repayable by Monthly lDst&lments. INVESTING SHARE8, £60 EACH, realised in about 13 years and 4 months by Monthly Payments of Five Shillings per share. FULLY PAID-UP SHARES, bearing a ifxed rate of interest, payable half-yearly, or allowed to accu mciate. DEPOSITS received. Interest at 4 per cent, per annum, payable half-yearly, or may accumulate. Prosnectuses, or any further particulars, may tee obtained on application to the Secretary, as above or to 189 Mr THOMAS WEBBER, District Secretary, Tower Chambers, Church-street, St. Jelti s- square, Cardiff. ilnhlit Jlrrtas. CANCER HOSPITAL (Free), Fulham road, London, S.W.—PATIENTS SEEN DAlLY on their own application at 2 o'clock. Funds urgently needed for general expenses and for the Research Department. 18584 Secretary Fred W. Howell X STor ONE MOMET, X OH, DEAR, DOCTOR, MUST MY DARLING THERE IS VERY LITTLE HOPE BUT TRY rjlUDOR WILLIAMS PATENT JgALSAM OF JJONEY THERE IS NO REMEDY UNDER CANOPi OF HEAVEN EQUAL. PATRONISED BY ROYALTY, NOBILITY DOCTORS, NURSES, and MOTHERS PRAISE IT. WHY? IT contains PURE Welsh Honey and an Eescnce ot the Purest and Most Efficacious Herbs. gathered on the Hill3 of Wales, being gathered in the proper season, when its virtues axe in fat! perfection. BRONCHITIS. THERE are thousands ot children who die annually from Bronchitis, Whooping Cough, and Croup. This is a grand discovery for the Care of such complaints. I' It is INVALUABLE tor Weak-chested men, Delicate Women, and Ciiildrtin, It Cures when all other remadies fail. It Cares Coughs, Colds, Bron- chitis, Asthma, Tightness of the Chest. It Cures Thousands of Children of Bronchitis and Whooping Cough. It Cures for one Shilling when Pounds hava been spent in vain. TRY IT. If you have a Cough, try it; if you have a Cold. try 1t if yon have Bronchitis, try it. It loosens the phlegm and promotes expectoration, produces warmth and comfort to the chest, and gives refresh trig sleep when you have lost nights of rest. A STIPENDIARY AND A MAGISTRATE IN THE COUNTY OF GLAMORGAN REMARKS :— r I feel It my duty to intcrmyoll that I have been using your Tudor Williams' Balsam o 1 Honey in my family, which is a large one. for many years, end have proved its great value, having used nothing 13e for Cough during Measles, Whooping Cough, Bronchitis, and can highly recommend it to *11 parents for such complaints. bEE THAT YOU GET THE GENUINE A3TICLE TUDOR WILLIAMS PATENT BALSAM Of HONE MOST IMPORTANT. ROMANY IMITATIONS AND FRA Sold by all Chemists and Stores in Is. 2s 6d, and 4s6a bottles. Sample botile sent (POliti ui fot Is 3d. 3s and 5s from the ID mentor. Saving in pur- chasing the larger size botiies. D. rjlUDOR ILLIAMS, L-SJ)Ji.w MEDICAL HAL ABERDARE. 1117 JJEECHAM'S pI L L S have gained such a high reputation, have achieved such a colossal sale, that it is hard to realise that thousands of people, to-day, are martyr to some form of disease easily and completely curable by that particular medi- cine. Such sufferers have probably tried the various" remedies brought to their notice, and having lost heart think there is nothing to do but grin and bear it." MAKE no further mistakes of this kind. Unreliable preparations will inevitably land you in deeper trouble. Proceed at once to get a box of BEECHAM'S PILLS and give them a fair trial. You will not have long to wait for the first signs of returning vigour. You will feel conscious that a positive cure is in progress. ALL the vital functions will be improving. Appetite growing keen. Liver and Kidneys doing effi- cient work. Nervous system gathering tone, every sense of depression and languor vanish- ing like evil dreams. The will to work and the power to do will pervade your daily life so that your whole career may be influenced towards prosperity as a consequence. THE cause of these happy changes is no mystery. BEECHAM'S PILLS are compounded with great care of those pure vegetable drugs known to act most beneficially upon certam bodily organs, viz. the stomach, bowels. liver and kidneys. These organs respond immediately to the healing stimulus and with their return to healthy action the entire system undergoes a process of renovation. The DIFFERENCE between your physical condition before and after taking a course of BEECHAM'S PILLS will now become remarkably apparent, not to yourself only, but also to your friends. When these inquire into the cause, you can honestly give them the benefitof your experience should they appear to need it. This is the only form of testimonial the pro- prietor of BEECHAM'S PILLS is really proud of. Sold everywhere in boxes, price Is lid (56 pills) and 2s 3d (168 pills). POSTAL DELIVERY OF THE » SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS." The Proprietoia of the SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS beg to announce that by a special conces- sion of the Postal Authorities they are enabled to despatch their First Edition each morning by the MAils leaving Cardiff at 2.30 aan. and 3.45 Lm. Oouotrj subscribers resldine within the limiiaof GLAMORGANSHIRE, CARMARTHENSHIRE PEMBROKESHIRE, CARDIGANSHIRE, as well as those portions of BRECONSHIRE and MONMOUTHSHIRE comprised within the Tredegar and Rhymuev Valley Postal iJistricts, may now have the "SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS" delivered at their residences daily by the sams post as that which conveys their London letters. London and West of England subscribers receive their papers on the forenoon of publication. The Third Edition of the 'SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS is forwarded(prepaid) to residents of the following and all other places within the Cardiff Postal District in time for the first morning delivery :— St. Fagans Solly Michaelstone-te- Pencoed Courtyrala Vedw S. Brides-sup.-Ely Dina Pawls Castletown St. Nicholas Cadoxton Marshheld Bonvilstona Barry Penarth Peoon. Caerphilly Llandougb Llandaff Bedwas Lisvane Radyr Ystrad Mynach Llanishen Horgansoown Pwliypant Whitchurch Mellingriffith St. Mellon's Tail's Well Pentvrch Cefn Mably Tongwynlais St. Andrews Æ s. d. Per Quarter, post free 0 9 9 Per hall-year 0 19 6 Per year 119 0 WORTH KNOWING. GEORGE NAISH & SON, 79, GREAT FREDERICK-TREET. CARDIFF. is the OLDEST ESTABLISHED PUBLIC BILL POSTER, who rents the largest number and best private bill-posting stations in the town and neigh- bourhood. All work entrusted to him will be speedily and faithiuIly executed. N.B.-Bill Posting sent by boat or rail will have immediate attention. 13675 tipping flohas. LLAN ROYAL MAIL.—CANADA and U.S. Unsurpassed for 1st, 2nd a.nd 3rd classes. Special rates to Ontario. Manitoba, and Canadian Nonh West. Handbooks free.—Apply Allans, 19, James etreet. Liverpool.andl03,Leadenhall-street. London; or to W. J. Trounce and Sons, Bute Docks, Cardiff; Captain J. A. ScoSt, 15, Cathays-terrace, Cathays; C Stuart, 35, Mount Stuarts-square C. J. Cudlip. ,32, City-toad; Caviss Co., 58, Charles-street, Cardiff. HITE STAR LINE.—LIVERPOOL to AUSTRALIA. calling at Capetown (South Africa). AFRIC. 11.948 tons Oct. 25 SUE VIC, 12,500 tons Nov. 22 PERSIC, 11.974 tons Dec. 22 RUNIC, 12,482 tons Jan. 17 The accommodation on these twin-screw steamers comprises smoking, reading, and dining rooms. Fares.—To Australia. £1.7 to to Capetown, £b 15s to £22 Is. For further particulars apply to Local Agents or to Lb may, Imrie a.nd Co., Liverpool; 1. Cockspur- street. S. W and 38, Leadsnhall-street, London CANADIAN PACIFIC LINE.—NEW EMPRESS ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. LARGEST and FASTEST to CANADA. (Four days Open Sea.) Isi. 2nd. & 3rd Class, from Liverpool. LAKE CHAMPlxAIN Oct. 10th EMPRESS OF IRELAND Oca. lath Work and Wages Pamphlet Free.—Apply to W. J. Trounce and SOBS, Bute Docks Oavies and Co.. 58. Charles-st. Thos. Cook and Son, 2. Duke-at. Stewart Capt. Scott, 47, Cathays-ter., Cathays; Cudiipp, 32. City-rd., Cardiff; Westmacoti. Koss-ri., Abergavenny; Young and Sons, 9. Tredegar-pl., Newport; D.M. Richards, Wenallt, Aberdare Thomas, 19. Marketlt.. Aber- tillery F. Coombs, Beaufoct.sq Chepstow Hills Rees Jones. High st., Rhymney; J. L. Atkins, Gellyfielog, Dosv- lais; Morgan. 112. High-street, Merthyr; Thomas anil Son, Town Hall Chambers, and C. Jones, Grai Post Office, Pontypridd; or C.P. R., 18, St.AuguaUne's- parade Bristol. 2660 ARE YOU RUN DOWN ? IS YOUR DIGESTION POOR? IS YOUR SLEEP BROKEN ? Worry and overwork can do much to bring ibout these conditions. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININK BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS THE VEGETABLE TONIC. THE BEST REMEDY FOB NERVOUSNESS. WEA.KNKSS, INDIGESTION, SLEEPLESSNESS, LOSS APPETITE, LOW SPIRITS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS QUININE BITTERS, GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, GWILYM EVANS QUININE BITTERS, THE VEGETABLE TONIC. Testimon al 103. Gilfach txynon, Twyayrodyn, Merthyr Tydhl. Dear Sir, In May, 19C1,1 became ill from a verysevere attack of nervoab prostra- tion. Life was a perfect misery, ai I Nervousness was so depressed, dyspeptic,and weak. Nervousness 1 have been treated by different Nervousness doctois, and tried nearly evory patent medicine, bat derived. mere tem- porary relief. A few weeks ago a friend from Carmarthen advised me to try 6wilymEva*a' Quinille bitters, and I purchased a large bottle, but had no confidence then in its efficacy to do me any good. I am glad to say the effect has been marvellous with me. I an sew in almost perfect health. I shall continue its use for a little while longer to prevent the ill- ness returning. I can truly say there Is Be tonic th& I klto" (11 squal to Swilym Evans* Quinine Bitters, and yo. areas ]IdCC5 liberty to pub- lish this statement, as I think any penoa suffering frQm any nervous diseases will find a true friend in Gwilym Quinine Bittern if persevered with. lam. YOUII Itc., HENRY TILLER. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, GWILYM KVANS QUININE BITTERS, GWILYM EVANS QUININE BITTERS, GWILYM EVANS QUININE BITTERS, THE VEGETABLE TONIO, Testimonial. Weakness Coed Talj weru. Weakness Doffryn. Weakness Gentlemen,—I am pleased to be able o bear testimony to the benefit I have received by taking Gwilym Quinine Bitters. I have uad medicine from various doctois every spring for years past, and was obliged to take medicine all last winter, bat, as I received little benefit, I resolved to try G-wilym Quinine Bitters, and, though 1 have aoly taken three 2s 9d bottles, I am able already to go about. I have been suffering trom Weakness, tte. Yours truly, 1.1. A. WILLIAMS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, THE VEGETABLE TONIC. Testimonial. Indigestion 44.Lhrydar5h-road. Indigestion Maesteg. Indigestion Dear Sirs,—fiwilym Quinine Bitters is. in my opinion, one of the beat gifts given o humanity. I my. self have derived the greatest pos- 8jbl benefit ill Btobborn casell of Flatulence, Indigestion, Loss of Ap- petite, and Weakness. lhaveproved fiwilym Evans Quinine Bitterg on my otrn perapn to succeed when all other remedies havef ailed. Yours truly, T. POWELL. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUlNTNE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS THE VEGETABLE TONIC. Beware of Imitations. See the name "on the label,stamp, and bootle, without which none aie genuine. Sola everywhere in bottles, 2s 9d or 48 6d each, or prill be sent, post free, on receipt ot stamps, direc. frolll the Sole Proprietors— QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LIMITED, LLAN ELL Y, SOUTH WALES, Especially Recommended for BA.D LEGS, PILES, Braises, Burns, and all Woends "Bgj GMBIDSCFTL £ HP PO^^RRMEMT A Healing, Cooling, Soothing Salve* DR. ROBERTS' ALTERATIVE PILLS. j L The BEST for SKIN EHSEA SES and Chronic 2 Bk Constipation. They disiniect the System. MA jEHL Prices I/ 2/3.3/9 and$of ALL Patent JhB M^dic<ne Vendors, or post free from— JpraQ BEAliH & BARtttCOTT.Ld.. BridpQrt. Write for Pam et. TBERAPION and popular remedy, usea in Continental Hospitals by Ricord, Rostan. Jobert Vepeau, and others, surpasses every- thing hitherto employed for impurity of blood,8DOh, blotches, pains, and swelling of joints, kidney, bladder, and liver disasos, gravel, pains in back, stone, gleet, gout, rhetMttioN. exhaustion, sleep- lessness, Ac. Three forms, Nos. 1, 2, and 3 (price 2s. 9d), according to diseases for which Intended —Full particulars send stamped addressed envelops* to Mr R. JOHNSON, 43. Holford-square, Londoa. 711o CARDIFF ADVERTISING, BILL POSTING. AND CIRCULAR DISTBIBUTIN COMPANY, LIMITED. OFFICES AND WORKS—1, PARK-STREET. CARDIFF. SECRETARY: FRANK H. SIMPSON. proprietors of the PrincipalStations in Cardiff and Neighbourhood. Contractors for all description of Advertising, Circular Distributing, etc. 132 All ordera promptly attended to 1044 PHIL PHILLIPS, PAWNBROKER Jt_ & JEWELLER. of24, ST. MART-STREET, CARDIFF. assortment of all kinds of Jewellety. Special in Diamond Rings and Gold Watches at half usual shop prices. See 01U windows before purchasing else- where. 1313-1.31. CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS are warranted to cure GRAVEL and PAINS in the BACK end all kindred complaints. Free from mercury Rstablisbed upwards of 30 years. In boxes. 48 6d (fftcb ,oi ftll Cheiiusts ftsd Patent Medicine Vendore throughout the wolld. or ssnt for 60 stamps by tha makers, tin IiiQcom and Midlaod Counfciea Drag Company. 0.3 PAl N E' S BILL POSTING Jj[_ tndio at S. or Aberdare, Hirwain, Mountain Ash, and District Z. ANDKEWs, Secretary. J3f;70 Offices— 1105 NEW THEATRE. ABERDARE NEWPORT OFFICES of the "SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS 18, BRIDGE-STREET SWANSEA OFFICE! s OF THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS No. 63, HIGH-STREET ISastttm ^fcrtsses. [ Mm, BENSON'S 1 WORL 1) FAMOUS J £ 5:5 'LUDGATE' Watch 1 IS THE BEST. i ljikiP TirnEE-QUAIZTElt PRAT-B English Lever. BEST LONDON j| k MAKE. Chronometer Balance, all Latest Improvements, K HU, £ i11 Sterling Silver Crystal Glass Cases, £ 5:5 any size. | \V^ Jr r 1 (In Massive lS-ct. Gold ^es, with Crystal Glass, H ^entlemen s' La si'c £ 10 :10.) g MONTHLY payments I Nai.o'Watchos Cb»in».| At same Pvicen aa» for- CJ&.S3ZX. ILLUSTRATED Noan'j .Imj 15/- Deposit with Order, 9 successive Payments of 10,- each for K BOOKS per'ai p:»t^ !5»g». the £ 5 5 Watch. For Gold "Watch. Monthly Payments of £ 1:1, p « HEE. Arlicl" 62 & m, LUDGATE HILL, E.C J ¡;. t- ,1: 'P' • The Physician's Cure for Gout, Rheumatic Gout and Gravel. The Universal Remedy for Acidity of the Stomach, Headache, Heartburn, Indigestion, Safest and most Sour Eructations, Bilious Affections. Effective Aperient for -="-="'=,. -== Use. DiNNEFORDS MAGNESIA 'r- ffTj Prices, stock, selection, vama, terms—In fact, M a eirerytMng in your dealings with H. Samuel ja ^8 a »is right—as a personal call would soon COR- FT] V| J Yince you. The prices ara right because they |g \^jk are the lowest possible—almost the exact (5 t I '§ £ 3, factory charges—a "lowest" beiow which no Jr one else Qan afford to sell at. K. SAHUEL'S m STOCK is ri;jht because it ia kept fresh and n bright by frequent renewals from the best n I I t W 1 3 H. Samuel's terms are right beoause I Wn Vl/^kaallowsa MONTHS PliBE TRIA1U fMd }|1 4 S,-) lft) IIK& ] ^0^'°O^sOLID SlL\tR A Jkr*'f6l *<7^-J" LEVER-. iSffc; I If,! I O'er Two in W. tTTI„_0 FAEE-A SOLID HI 1A LETTER L i II! IOF LOCAL INTEREST: |p Mr. ROBERTS, of Gwaelody-Gorth, Nr. Cardiff» JS&jwzI BS writing on ioth November lait, says I "FIVE YEARS AGO I PURCHASED | FROM YOU A KEYLESS WATCH | ( £ 2 10s. 0d.). SINCE THEN IT HAS 1 ALWAYS BEEN A PERFECT AND I RELIABLE TIMEKEEPER, NEYER I NECESSITATING ANY REPAIRS." wYSS W'ITH 1 "ACME." 1 IF YOU PREFER TO COMPARE VALUES, IT WILL PAY YOU TO MAKE H. SAMUEL'S | i YOUR FIRST CALLING PLACE, BECAUSE HERE YOU ARE FREE TO EXAMINE 1 I EVERYTHING WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING. WHY NOT COME TO-DAY? § TRAIN FARK (up to HI £ St B SB H 5 W* B H T°(?U"'i?ircHASERS lia (OF MANCHESTER), I | 7 ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. j oil= fJ"


















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