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IGUSMSA )bilttJ'iI's. I X STOP ONE MOMENT X [ OH! DEAR DOCTOR, MUST MY DARLING DIE '? ?HEF4I5 IS VERY LITTLE HOPE BTIRTRT T U D 0 R 'W ILL I Â M S JPATENT JGALSAM OF "JJ ONBY which contains PURE Welsh Honey and an eesence )f the purest and most efficacious Herba, gathered on *,he Hilla of Wales, being gathered in the propel '»»son, when it* Tirties are in fall perfection BRONCHITIS THERE are thousands of children who die annnaUy iom bronchitis, who-jping cough, and croup. This in i grand discovery for the cure of such complaiuts. It is invaluable for weak-chested men, delicate #omen, and children. It cures when all other reme- dies fall. It cures Coughs, Colds. Asthma, Tightness A the Chest. It cares thousands of children of bronchitis. Measles Congh, and Whooping Cough, it cores for One Shilling when Pounds have been j^peoat in vain. TliY IT! If you have a Coogh, try it; if you have a Cold, try It loosens the ph.tef<rn and promotes expeetora- jlon. prodnces warmiili and comfort to the chest, and Z^vee: refreshing sleep when you have lost nights of )Nt. A GENTLEMAN REMARKS— Lteel it my duty to inform yoa that I have been ictng yonr Tador Williams' Balsam of Honey in my family, which is a large one for man, years, and Jave proved its great volus, having ased nothing ;Ise for Congh duriug Measles, Whooping Cough, md Bronchitis, and can highly recommend it to fjl parents for such complaints. BALSAM OP HONEY AT THE ROYAL NATION AII BAZAAB. ?fWhen it was decided to have a Welsh Stall at tha Rational Bazaar in aid of the sufferers by the War, xr D. Tudor Williams offered the hon. secretary, Arthur J. Coke, Esq., a '.lase of Balsam of Honey, proch was gratefully accepted. The Balsam found a ready sale amongst the Royalty and nobility who f)atronised the bazaar. IS SOMETHING MARVELLOUS. A BAG OF IIETTERS IN EVERY DAY. ANA lybat they 3ay about Tudor Williams' Balsam or jloney ia something marvellous. SEVERE CHRONIC BRONCHITIS, combine*! "nth Asthma. and Heart Affection (8 years' standing), JCRED :—" When I began with year treatment I at my worst. My breath in™ was very I had to sit up in bed all night, and my roogb was so hard I conlcl not up any- shiitg. In the daytime t wftf worso. I used to such fits oï perspiration aud afterwards turn ""Atúte cold. I was always catching fresh colds. lam IOW ahle to sleep at uighto, and when I riao up in Ae morning am able to do my work with ease. Sea View, Southport. Mas JAOKBON WORTHY OF YOUR CONSIDERATION. Sir,—My wife desires me to say that your Tcrojt WTZXIAMS' BALSAM OF HONEY has proved a most Talo&ble medicine in our large family (eight ihiidren). As as a cough or cold makes its tppearance a doso of TUIIOR'S .SAJ^SAM is at once administered, and its treatment is followed up until Ahe cold disappears. Before using the BALSA-M in onr lamily the children have been prostrate with colds !or several weeks, but now. by talcing doses as directed,!) hey Beera to softer very little inconvenience During the short time the cold is upon them the action of the BALSAM is marvellous, and the little '»n«s take it readily atta ask for more.—WALTER 7, 3RKT*. O M. Headmaster, Severn Ttrnnel School. "XE YOU (i K'f TUB GENUINE ARTICLE TUDOR WITLLIAMEJ- PATENT BALSAM OF HONEY. SO MANY IMITATIONS AND FRAUD Bold by all Chemists and Stores in Is. 2s 64 ana Cjd bottles. Sample boStles sent (post paid) for Is 3d, 3a, and 5s, jjtom the inventor, D. TUDOR WILLIAMS, LJ3.DJ., 1127—1 <72% Medical Hall. Abecdai" JGI~A D J> 1 L LeS A DT," -S PILLS. A i; who suffer from Goat E Ml 1" Rheumatism should it e (LLr3 iniiiedifttelyhaverecoiurs4 _L to PiLLS. Han. EADE S JfJCLLS. 'rede ol fcestimomalshavt SET been received from all E ABE'S J^ILiLS. sorts and conditions oJ JL men testifying to the won- fjl ADE'f rjELLS. ctexfti! power these Pills; JEU JL have IN^UING relief lathe iery worst ea.;e:i. These Pills are purely vegetabli ,tnd pefeetty s-Afe in their action. NSTANT RKGIEF AND HAriDI.Y CORE 'BHH WORST FORM OF GOUT, RHEUMATISM RHEUMATIC GOUT. PAINS IN THE HEAD, FACE, AND LIMBS. And have the largest recommendation ever given any Patent Medicine of its class JPHBY ARE A MOST WONDERPUX. MEDIC IN R GOV'S 15, Han beam-terrace. Beeaton-bill. Leeds, Yorkshire. Jan. 24,1898, RHEUMATISM Dear Mr Bade,—I feel it my duty to acknowledge GODT the great good yonr pills have done me. I have been a great sufferer with riieu- Rc( IS OUAf IfiU matic goat, but for the last R three years, having taken GOUT your pills I have always been free from it, and am never witihont thent in the RHEUMATISM HOUSE. THEY ARE A MOST GOUT WONDEKFCL aiEDICDOS, a~ may yonr name be RGBKUMi!P 8 M praised all over the world. 1 can highly recommend OUT them to all people suffer- ing with Rheumatism as a All OUT them to all people suffer- ing with Rheumatism as a safe.and sure cure. Thave RHEUM A T ism often given OLe or twc I RHEUM A T ism often given or twe I away to friends al a trial, GOUT and, like me, they would not be withoufrthem for all the world. You may make RJIEUMATI SM use of this letter if yoa th inkproper.—Yours truly FXJUT HENRY TTIOMAS II*NGT,RV XJT Mr Gearee Eade. 232. Goswell-mad. RHEUMATIBM London. JM WADE'S OOUT AND RHEUMATIC PItiLS Ate Sold by all Chemists in Bottles, Is l&d and 2a 9" or sent post free for Postal Order by the Prr» frietor, GEORGE EADE, 252, GO3WBX £ I-BOAJ>' !.C. Ask for and be sure yoa obtain if ADE'S GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PIfJLS. EA D E S Y>?I L L S C W0S3 4438 73e

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