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Situations 3ffaranl. DHAPKBY.—Wanted at once, a young Mm, 6 or? years' experience; outdoors.—Apply with fnll particulars to Lewis Lloyd, Pontypridd. 722n WANTED. Bristol district, t cr 5 <»oOd steady Pit »l Sinkers, accustomed to tubing and bad ground ind two change men.—Apply by letter to F 550, Dally ^ews. Cardiff. 550 n Situations$Ratrfc&., thorough; 25 years' experience good character: aged 40; married.—H. H., 2, Spring VII as. Farnborooch. Hanta. 575n Hfluaes, &c.. IKatttefc. TRUSTERS of Infanta have £7.000. d!vi?ible in sums of hundreds to Invest on Houses or Land 4 to 5 per cent mnrteag^s prefprred.R 431, Rcho. Cardiff. 431e «0 lit Uti.-Rouses, Hand. &t. OFFICES to Let on third floor of Caledonian Cham- V bers. 104, St. Mary-slireet.-Apply South Wales Daily J,ijews Office, Cardiff. 15306-.25 Jor BtJFF Leghorn Eggs, from solid buff hens. mated with a grand buff cookerei, own brother to the winner at the Crystal Palace spJenùid laying strain non-sitters It esrsrs for 5s. carriage paid unfertile replaced, if any. —A. Goodwin, Partney Mills Spilsby, Lines. M8 EGGS from massive barred Plymouth Rocks; pen contains Dllllets own sisters to the lirst prize, winners of the Utility Poultry Club laying competition, and hens winners of several prizes, Including firsts and malied with a grand wlnring cock; 15 eggs for )8 6d, carriage paid; unfertile replaced, if a.ov.-A. Soodwin, Kartney MlUs. Spvstoy, Linc^. 293 FABJ48, Estate*. Countrv Houses rentals from 68 an acre: prices from £ 7 acre. Couotry Homes to all bounties. Runer's Monthly Register conhins 40 pages af particu ars po<6 free 2 stamps.—Messrs Ruiter, 10, Sorfoiii stre-'t. Strand, London. Several cheap Farms tod Country Properties in Wa.le3 and Border Counties, Tj'OR Sale, One Force Pump for Boiler Feeds; 24in. JU Plunger with 2in. stroke 2 Hangers and Counter "ihaft with Eccentri for working a pamp. aDd starting rear complete. Two Counter Shafts, length lift. 6in., Jiameter 2 5-3in., wHh fast. and loose pullsvs 2 Pulleys, <ft. 3in. diameter; 1 Hanger, 2 Wall Brackets, 4 Plumb Blocks, 2 Bevet Cog Wheels (ene wood and one iroi;), rad Starting GeRr. A Broken" Acme" Hoist; measure- jaent over all about 4ft. square height about 2ft. 3tn.— Apply South Wales Printing Works. Westgate-street, Cardiff 17164 2072 53en ^JOUTH WaJes" Property Gazette."—A Monthly kj Register of Estates. Honses, Lands, &c" to be Let or Sold in Wales, Monmouthshire, West of England, &c. 1,000 copies sent monthly, post free. to ilie leading inhabitants of Wales and Monmouthshire, insertions free, Copies post free from Messrs Hern" Estate Agents. Auctioneers, &c., 74, St. Mary-street iiardiff. 2444 Et B, A X B is H S F E A I a 14 K s FEATHERS iOR BEDS. Why bay common snoddy Wool Beds when yon can get Beet ENGLISH FEATHERS at 6d per lb MUTtage paid? Warranted dry and sweet. Feather Beds made to order. Send for samples and fiiica list to H HANDY AND CO FEATHER MERCHANTS, 16051 KLSHPOOL NORTH WALES. 1149 T——i——1—i——«———mmm— libe Jltack, &c. SQUIRE Giles* Pig Powders cause pigs to fatten m half 35 the usual time. and cur? colds, wl>,eezIDg. and infiam- Uat on best for stores and breedll1,g SOW5.-0£ all Seed Me! cnaIJ\s, 1.1 per packet, 12 for 10d. INQUIRE Giles' Worm Powdery for Pigs; nothing like O 'em 5d per powder.—Of all Seedsmen, or direct torn Squire Giles' Co., Cardiff. 17234 Ctariagts and deludes. FOR Sate, Wagonette, to carry 4 inside, with pole, bar and shafts complete, in good condition.—Lewis, Car- Sage Builder Clara-street, Cardiff. 17012—1252—283n ITIOCR-wheel Dogcart, suit 14 hands, stylish and-equal lio new.- Lewis Uomeatic Articles. NOW we shan't be long getting our family washing done, bscause we use one of Spencer's Wringing tnd angling achines.—Spencer's Baby Carriage Warehouse, rit, John's-square, Cardiff. Herd poss-card for price list. 2297—715n THE Patent Eclipse Knitting Machine. The most JL perfect Knitior of Socks and Stockings in the world. 3lmp!e In construction, easy to lea.rn, and light running -Send post-card for price Ust to Spencer's H9 by Car-, tiage Warehouse, St. JoSin'3-sqnare. Cardiff. 2297—715n Mizttllsnusms Utauts. F.LSH China.—Wanted. Swansea and Nantgarw T China,Swansea and Cambrian Pottery.andDillwyn's ttrnscan Ware; only good specimens required high yricex giv,A<1dres!\ Col lector. Kc.ho Office. Cardiff, n sUlcumi. MONEY.—Mr Pike, 43, Salisbury-riL—Send post l.f-1 card for prospectus (returned in closed envelope free), and you will do business with no other finn.144Gl MESSRS S. HERN & PERTWEE, Estate Agents. 74, St. Mary-street, Cardiff, are prepared to advance from £ 100 to £ 100,000 on Mortgage of Free- bold or Leasehold Property, and from £50 to £1,000 on peison&l security. 3664 1?IELDINGS, Limited, Old-established Financier,1', are 1 prepared to " sums from £ 20 to £ 3,000 at short notice on approved Nolie of Hand. personal or ether securities. Charges 3.rr:!lnged b2fore transactions are completed. Mortgages on Property etlectet1 at cunent 1'3., ee at interest. Property Purchased. Trade Bill" Ciscoanted. Annuities and Fixed Incomes arranged. Deposits received at 5 per cenr. per annnm.—.Apply direct as we have i;o agents, Hayes Buildings, The Hayes. Cardiff. 13938 M 0 E THE PROVINCIAL 'JSION BANK continues to LEND IiARGE SOMH DAILY from £ 10 to £ 300 on Note of Hand alone. or on any other approved secur¡$y. at a few hours' notice, to all classes in any part of Eng¡!1)d and Wales, repayable by easy instalments. WHO, and without sureties. No good appPcation is ever refused. All communications StTictly private. This bnsiness H*ving ;,e,,11 estabished a great many years. and con- ducted in ÂD honourable and straightforwarr1 mant1er, has grown to be one of the best known and largest in the 'kingdom, the uniform courtesy and promp: atten- tion of OUI" officials havens* gained the cOTIfidencc and recommendaSion of our numerous customers. If desired ODe of our officials will attend I/o" applicant's residence with cash ana carry out the advance WITHOUT DELAY. Call or write to the Manager, Western Branch, Mr STASLES DOWDING. 1, Queen-square. Bristol: or to the Local Agents, Messrs WILKINSON & CO St. John's. gqunre. Cardiif. 593 IJEECHAM'S pILLS HAVE BEEN, ARE NOW, AND WILL BE THE PEOPLE'S MEDICINE. The continued popularity and Dre-eminent position ot BEECHAM'S PILLS is explained by the universal Jaw of cause and effect. They have been proved by the public test of over 50 years to be all that is claimed for them. hence their continued growth in demand and favour. Many new preparations during that time have been introduced to the public, and by bold statements and ingenious devices have induced a temporary brisk demand, but time and trial show their res1 value. and they sink into obscurity, only to be followed by other so-called remedies wilih 3 similar shortlived career, and the consequent host of dissatisfied purchasers. As a sage obaervea— Yoa can gull some of the people all the time- You can gall all the people some of the time,- Bat you cannot gull all the people a.U the time." To achisvo and maintain the tremendous sale ot BEECHAM'S PILLS I ifcJSsg naver been found necessary to work up and publish testimonials. BEECHAM'S PILLS have been used by the sensible majority everywhere for years as their only Family Medicine, and, therefore anyone who desires it may easily obtain rsliable testimony from friends and neighbours 99 to the genuine virtues of BEECHAM'S PILLS. 16955 DO NOT BE MISLED, bat trust to the remedy, BEECHAM'S PILLS, which has, by well-tried merit, cbtainetTfor itself a position in the family medicine chest of hundreds of thousands of the homes of the rich and poor, and this it will continue to maintain. 1 MANLY WN. Why snifer the pains and misery caused by Nervousness, Premature Exhaustion, and Wasting Weakness ? Send for my book, which shows how every man, young and old, can be thoroughly and quickly cured without STOMACH MEDICINE or ELECTRICITY. Specimens of letters received, and guaranteed, genuine. I cannot And words to express how thankful I szn. I used to think I never would get cured. I wish I had seen your advertisement at first, I should have saved many pounds.-G.F.M." I have carried out your instructions, and am now perfectly well.—J.F." Seat post free for two stamps. H. J. LEIGH, 92 and 93, Great Russell-street, London, W.C. Send at once and be cnred. Twelæ years continuous success. 16625 R. J. HEATH & SONS, REMOVED TO 76, QUEEN-STitEBV, CARDIFF, (CORNER OF CHAKLES-STftEET), Lanraafc Saloon in Wales, 1\11 AGNIFICENT StrOCK of JpiANOFOUTES AND ORGANS BY ALL MAKERS. SoleAgeats for BROADWOOD, SCHIEDMAYER, WALDEMAR and UROWN PIANOS AXitiO AH31SLU8 lUANO PLACERS AND SYMPHO:íY SELF-PLAYING ORGANS. LONDON STORE PRICES FOR CASH. OR EASY TERMS. ItepaNft in aJl branches by Skilled Workmen, Bstimatea and Catalogues Post Free oa Application Hal. Telephone Cardiff, 01199 Pontypridd, 21. 3431 M ANUFACTOR ? -LONDON. 1066-23 CI.,¡AHRE'S B 41 PILLS are warranted J to cure GRAVEL and PAINS in the BACK smd ail kindred complaints. Free ir om mercury EstalnifcUed upwards Of 30 years. In boxes, 4s 6d each, of all Chemists and Patecu Medicine Vendorti throughout the world, oc sent for 60 sttunps liy the makers, The Liijceitt and Midland Countries Dray Company, Lincoir. DJiiOO3 [ Snbiic ^nmsgmgiits- CARDIFF. FJIHSATRE ROYAL, CARDIFF. Leasee and Manager. ROBERT REDFOBD, EVERY EVENING at 7.30, ME R. D'0YLY CARTE'S pRINCIPAL OPERA CO. THURSDAY, THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD. FRIDAY. IOLANTHE. SATURDAY, MATINEE at 2, PATIENCE. SATURDAY, THE GONDOLIERS. Next Week ;-RIP VAN WINKLE from HerMajesty's Theatre. Mr Fred Storey as Rip." Box Office 10 to 5. Nat. Tel., 362. Ie 1041 j1!øfittS. j^MER I CAN LINE. JSEG^&UYRTED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. —SOUTHAMPTON—NEW YORK SERVICE. SOUfHAMPTON TO NEW YORK, SATURDAYS, Highest class of Accommodation for Saloon, Second Cabin, and Third Class Passengers. LIVERPOOL—PHILADELPHIA SERVICE. EVERY WEDNESDAY, LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA, Passengers and Goods are landed at Philadelphia, on the Wharf of the Pennsylvania Railroad, which ha,s the shortest and most direct route to all places in the Western State- Apply to RICHARDSON, SPENCE <fe CO., South- ampton or Liverpool, or to T. H. Austin, 1,381, Neath- road, Hafcd, Landore; Brown and Hcybyrne, 1, Friars Chambers, Dock-street, Newport: W. Milton Locke, 3, Commercial-street, Newport; Rev. H. G. James, 41, Llantrrisant-road, Pontypridd; C. J. Cudlipp, Castle-road, Roath .T Morgan, Pontypool W..1. Trounce and Sons, Bute Docks, Cardiff. 11887 TySTHITE STAR~L1'NE ,▼ ROYAL MAIL STEAMKRS. <4^ggg&LIVFRPOOL to NEW YORK, via Q UEENSTO WN. GEKMANIC Wed., April 24 MAJESTIC Wed.. May 1 Third-class Passage at low rates, including Outfit, free of charge, to New York, Boston, Philadelphia, or Baltimore. Apply to Guthrie, Heywood, and Co., Bute Docks; S. J. Davies, 9, Edward-place, Queen street, Cardiff Charles Stewart and Co., 35. Mount- stuart-square, Cardiff; D T. Davies, 45, Upper Thomas st, Merthvr Jame3 Roberts, The Graig Post Office, Pontypridd D. W. Hushes, Myron Cottage, George town, Tredegar; W. Hancsck, 2, Downing-street, Llanelly J. D. Thomas, Seven Sisters, near Neath T. M. Jones and Son, J. High-street. Aberavon; B. Davies-Wiliiams, Gorwydd Lodge, Gowerton; C. J' Cudlipp, 32, Castle-road, Pvoath, Cardiff; Messrs Thos. G. Duncan and Co., Shipbrokers, Barry Dock; or to ISMAY, IMRIE, and CO., Liverpool; 17, Cockspur- street, S.W., and 34, Leadenhall-street, E.C.. London. WHITE STAR LINE.—LIVERPOOL t W to AUSTRALIA, calling at Capetown (South Africa). PERSIC, 11,974 tons May 18 RUNIC, 12,482 tons Juue 15 MEDIC, 11,984 tons July 20 AFRIC, 11.94S tons „.Aug. 17 The accommodation on these twin-screw steamers comprises smoking, reading. and dining rooms. Fares to Australia, £ 1414s to £24 3s, plus 10 per cent; to Capetown, JE11 Us to £17 17s. For farther particulars apply to Local Agents a.s in advertisement above, or to Ismay, Imrie and Co., Liverpool; 17, Cockspur-street, S.W., and 34, Leaden- hall-street, B.C., London. 16812 CARDIFF. ORETON HOUSE GIRLS' SCHOOL, CATHEDRAL-ROAD, CARDIFF. Principal. MISS HANSON, MUSIC, LANGUAGES, AND ART CLASSES. Kindergarten methods and occupations for the younger children, and a Preparatory Sckool for Boys. ——— 69 TERM BEGINS WEDNESDAY, April 24th. WELLINGTON, SOM. WEST SOMERSET COUNTY T V SCHOOL, WELLINGTON, SOMERSET. Chairman of the Governors, W. A. Sanford, Esq., J.P., D.L. Head Master, George Corner, M.A.; with a. Staff of Four Resident and Five Visiting Masters. Beys are educated for the Professions and the Universities, There is also a Modern side for Com- merce and Agriculture. Inclusive Fees for Boarders, £10 17s 6d per Term. The School has been uniformly successful in the Cambridge Local and County Scholarship Examinations. Two First Classes last year in the Natural Sciecce Tripos, Cambridge. For Prospectus apply to John B. Langford, Clerk to the Governors. 17204 BATH. HOME SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, 3, KENSINGTON, BATH. Principals—The Misses WILTSHIRE and MAGGS. Heathy Situation, Careful Tuition and Home Com- forts. Tennis Conrt, &c. Moderate Terms. Good references. Prospectus on applicationJ.204 Summer Term Commences May 6th. 3033 THE BEST SPRING MEDICINE. THE BEST SPRING MEDICINE. THE BEST SPRING MEDICINE. The Beat Spring Medicine is one which would purify t'ae biooù, strengthen the nerves, give tone to the system, banish any germs of disease which may have settlsd in any organ, and enaole the system to derive the fnll benefit of the reviving influences of Spring. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Is popularly and deservedly known as the Best Spring Medicine. It has gained a world-wide reputation, and the investiga- tions of analysts and physicians and the experienee of patients have conclusively proved it to be sin:ply an Ideal Spring Medicine, adapted to the needs of all at this season of the year. NEVER DISAPPOINTS. NEVER DISAPPOINTS. NEVER DISAPPOINTS. None who have fairly tried Gwilym, Eva.n Quinine Bitters have ever been disappointed. It cannot injure the most delicate, while in every instance it gives material assistance to the weakened vital forces. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. I GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Is the Safest, the Surest, and the most Satisfactory Remedy of the age. FOR WEAKNESS, NERVOUSNESS, INDIGESTION SLEEPLESSNESS, ♦ LOW SPIRITS, f INFLUENZA, CHEST AFFECTIONS BRINGS QUICK RELIEF.* BRINGS QUICK RELIEF. BRINGS QUICK RELIEF. How true it is that srief and affliction are the common lot of a! aud that suffer- ing comes to all men and women alike— the great and the lowly-in the palace and in the cottage—but in sickness there is the consolation that suffering may be assuaged, strength and health. "generally speaking, restored by attention to the dictates of Nature, and the enlistment in man's service of the bountiful goodness that abounds in th3 fertility of the earth —the gifts of a beneficent Providence. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. The meet striking instance of the gathering in ot these benefits for human suffering is fonnd in Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters, which comprises a scientific compounding of the virtues to be derived from Sarsaparilla, Gentian, Burdock, Lavender, Dandelion, Saffron, and Quinine an array of health-giving tonic properties not to be surpassed, even in Nature's Garnery of Goodness. WHEN OTHER ATTEMPTS FAIL. WHEN OTHER ATTEMPTS FAIL. WHEN OTHER ATTEMPTS FAIL. This reviving, invigorating, strengthen- ing, remedy—when other attempts to cure have failed—often brings quick relief to sufferers from weakness of body I and uiiftrung nerves, Indigestion, poor I blood, depressed spirits, and it increases the joy of life to all. It may well be termed Nature's Great Tonic." GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. We can strongly and confidently re- commend this preparation, aa it has treated ssvere cases of Influenza. Heavy Colds, the After-effects of Influenza which so often prove fatal, Extreme Weakness and Languor with greater success than any other known remedy. NOTE THE NAME. NOTE THE NAME. NOTE THE NAME. Note that the name Gwilym Evans must be found on the label, stamp, and bottle to insure its being genuine. When you find the came then you are sure there is no mistake. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Sold in bottles, 2s 9d an3 4s 6d each, or three 4s 6d bottles in a case for 12s 6d, by all Chemists aad Stores, or direct, car- riage free, from The Sole Proprietors: THE QUININE BITTERS MANUFAC; TURING COMPANY, LTD., 1101 LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. BOY THE CARDIFF TIMES 4 SOUTH WAfcKS WJiifDKLX NJ3WS—QNM PfiNNV itatltong ^rrrieitts. THE TAUNTON AND WEST OF X ENGLAND PERPETUAL BENEFIT BUILD ING SOCIETY. ESTABLISHED 1357. INCORPORATED 1883. OFFICES 3, HAMMET-STREET, TAUNTON. SECRETARY MR ALBERT GOODMAN. BORROWING SHARES, B60 EACH. SUMS of MONEY are ready to be advanced on security of any description of real property—freehold leasehold, or copyhold—on the most equitable terms the principal and interest repayable by M nthly Instal ments. INVESTING SHARES, B60 EACH, realised 111 about 13 years and 4 months by Monthly Payments of Five Shillings per share. STILLY PAID-UP SHARES, bearing a fixed rate 0 interest, payable half-yearly, or allowed to accumulate. DEPOSITS received Interest at 4 per cent. per annum, payable half-yearly, or may accumulate. Prospectuses, or any further particulars, may be ob- tained 011 application to the Secretary, as above, or to 189 Mr THOMAS WEBBER, 11, St John's-sqaare, Cardiff. ESTABLISHED OVER FIFTY YEARS. May convey to some the idea of old- fashioned methods and of antiquated remedies^ but it is a fact that Kernick's Vegetable Pills have long been the pioneer of Small Pills and Small Doses, whilst they surpass in medicinal. value many of the most modern prescriptions, KERNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS Are most carefully prepared, and are recom- mended for all disorders of the Stomach, Liver and Kidneys, Headaches, Bilious Complaints, Indigestion, Rheumatism. Tic, etc. Thousands take no other medicine, and declare them to be a COMPLETE MEDICINE CHEST, Which should be in every Household. 7jd, Is ljd, and 2A 9d per box, of all Chemist? and Stores. 171C3 HAYMANIS BALSAM OF HOREHOUND £ JURES 0OUGH, Exceedingly good stuff we always have a bottle in tlie lionsc. For Whoop- ing Congh with our own children we have found it su- perior to the medi cine supplied by tho doctor."—Mr Ifurs. don, High street, Barnstaple, April '99 STOPS COLD. JJAYMAN'S BALSAM OF HOREHOUND. FREE TRIAL ROK 2/6 any readers of Times C*with ON™ of ZTC with AlMnm, or to Strike. Pay merits'^as follows YOU send us 2/6 and your name and address and we will send yon one on approval IF you do aD- tWE will supply prove of it, you will send us 3/- more on receipt each month for Five Months, making the fun Ut- Bat our nett cash-wifeh-order price is 16/- only. we will refund the cash sent if yon do vot approve of the clock, and you return „ it at once. tS¡gneà) -L J.N. MASTERS. CATALOGUE POST FREE. Catalogue of Watches, Chains, Brooches, Teapots, Cruets, &c" &c., sent post free to any address. J. N. MASTERS, LTD., WATCHMAKER'S DEPT., 46 C, RYE, SUSSEX- iwo WBEN YOU ASK FOB LUNG J v T*T p "T> T J-V N I N TONIC LUNG /\WBRIDGE S TONIC LUNG V/ Y UNG rriONIC TONIC LUNG I I a TONIC LUNG -4 -*■ TONIC LUNG OW stfltE YOU QET IT TONIC LUNG N OU,FA' *UU W/" 11 TONIC LUNG rip NTCVETT FATTJS TONIC LUNG UHLVFCU IAIIJS TONIJ LUNG Established 26 Years. TONIC HAVJ5 Y0U A CouGH ? A DOSE WILL RELIEVE IT, HAVE YOU A COLD? MRSFN PHTJS A DOSE AT BEDTIME WILL £ ONIC REMOVE IT. ™ C r Try it also for WHOOPING COUGH, T 'OR ASTHMA, for BRONCHITIS, JONIC I NVS CONSUMPTION and £ ONIC LU?<G TNIRR.TlKNZA TONIC LUNG LAFBUM/A. TONIC T N>IO ALWAYS had some prejudice rnNrr against using patent medicines,but I NSP your Lung Tonic has removed this 'TING WAIVING. Suffering from a severe I" T7NC CCL(*> AN<I ON the eve of a public en- .PHIJIP 1 "UNC gagement, being in a dilerona by LI^VRR! RTTM'- fearing the loss of my voice, I was FNVR Sftrongly advised by a friend to try MTN« YOUR IJNNS TONIC- TO NIY most .PNWRR r TIMA agreeable surprise, after the third N.XIZ.V, RRWA dose I was able to officiate with per- .POSR^ T HNP EASE- I resolved to add your j T TIVN valuable medicine to my household MRUYRRI rrrvn remedies, and certainly shall never rnvo BE without it." (Rev.) F. C. S. LUNG VI^R of St. Barnabas. LUNG WIU1- TONIC MING Prepared by W. T. OWBRIDGE, RF1NR Chemist, Hull. Sold everywhere, in TTTWJI Bottles, at Is L%D, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and ,7,—™ JUUXM 1^711 noa -tuiSiC R-UNG X'S' ism 1108 TQNIC ROYAL AJAX CYCLES ON ?-1ONTHLY PAYMEN'.rS. Enormous Stock. New ^\W//2S\ «SV ?.nd second-hand. B'rom 10s MONTHLY. Car- \C^I$SXSFJ RI'IGE paid. Illustrated "B1C^ LISTS POST FK.EE to any addres3. THE BRITISH CYCLE MANUFACTURING CO. (1901), LTD., 45, Everton-rd., Liverpool. (Est. 1837.) 1DASS AND CO'S PALE AND MILD ALES. SEASON BREWINGS AY NOW BE HAD IN PRIME CONDITION, IN I CASKS OR BOTTLES, OFJ FULTON, DUNLOP, AND CO., I CARDIFF 114 L' !L. I FOR INDICESTION i ITS EVILS. »CK H6ADACHES. BILIOUS DERANGEMENTS &C H 9 AN AGREEABLE APERIENT. M 'KAYS TIC PILLS. <• « 4 1 CURe FACBACHE & NEUftALCIA. fl VERY SERVICEABLE INNSRVE COMPLAINTS. I AVOID fM/TAT/QNS. ]} "COACULIME j | TRANSPARENT Csmemt, for AU. BROKEN ARtki F51 I IF YOU ARE TROUBLED WITH RATS, why not give the AMERICAN NON- POISONOUS RAT FOOD & t.riftl ? 7 RATS! We absolutely guarantee it for driving and POISONOUS RAT FOOD & t.riftl ? 7 RATS! We absolutely guarantee it for driving and keeping away Rats and Mice from your RATS! premises. Send P.O. for SULFIDE Tins—lib., 4s 3D EATS! 3-ALB., 2s 3d; ^ib.,ls3d. Carriage paid by return uf post, to DE LEEF BROS., *2, BANKSIDE, LONDON, S.E. Uitsiiwss THE SOLDIER KJ: wAs ALBERT J. FOWERLEY, OF THE ARGyLL AN» SUTHERLAND KR. H. SAMUEL, ME MY RESPECTING THE WATCH IN 1894. I CARRIBI) IT THE SOUTH AFRICAN PIVER AND CLOUGED WITH SAND IT IS STILL AS WELL AS EVER, THIS I co-isidrp. ESPECIALLY THAT PREVIOUS TO THE ABOVE I CARRIltD IT WAR, 1897-98.-{SImnm) A. J, FIDWERLEY, ARGYLL STREET, CITY ROAD, LONDON. RITE ACME PATKST LEVBE, fitted WITH H. SAMUEL'S NEW AND re TBR IS GIVEN AS SEreWIXO THE DURABILITY OF THE WATCH AND THE [. SCOK.ES OP LETTERS BKARHTO THE SAME TESTIMONY ARE RECEIVED 68 t, NOR IS THIS STRANOJS WHEN IT IS RJEMIJIBEP.ED THAI THE PRICE Of |» I" WATCH IS ONLY 25/ p lOUHT THE PROFIT OF H. SHMUEL8 SYSTEM. | .teli is of as little use to H. Samuel as to a purchaser. Before a watch is l| RED TESTS, any one of which would expose a flaw or defect, and it is p a watch out until it has ENERC £ D SATISFACTORILY from these tviale. i| I I' Watches ;0 «< **>*■ H re Seconds, Patent Stop Watches • k,< IVs., £ 8. lOs.$j 3S Watches, Tinted and Opal dials ft a. 6"d. H chee, Good and Reliable Timekeepers 10s. <sd, p THE MOST WONDERFUL JEWELLERY. | svtay of Eiectro.Silver Plate, Cutlery, Llronze" Real GoTd Pangles l'Oe. Cd., ed, I atry at absolutely Jg 3fj ra Solid Gold Alberts • • £ 1 si., £ j 7s. § • 3s. 9d. Ladies' Gold Alberts £ ]t £ jf 3s. S Kt fid Gem Betrotlial Rings ■ 7s. tfd., &e, 9 Diamond and Gem Rings, half hoop, lS-cm at | ■ 5s. Oct. Gold, hall-marked, settings, £ 2 lOn., £ 'J IS*. S steel, from 4s. Sd. and Three Guiner.3. p I R SAMUEL allows A &3NTH3 FREE T55IAL with every article purchased. § hat H. SAMUEL can do for you it is essential that you should pay a visit to ffl ? variety of the articles described above is shown, every price beiji# §{ aving of almost Write tcr 51. SAMUEL'S MAQHSFlCgHT 1 FOR S999 3u8t received from the printers; R nt £ to anyone on receipt of ja M D to all purchasers of goods of the value of 253. and upwards who ceaae n 7, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. | a AN- AT MARKET STREET, MANCHESTER. | nl c' lip f J. G. GRAYES' 2 Guinea Set of Joiners' Tools in Bass. fe » Comprising the following High-class Tools :-26 in. Swagad asd Hollow Mm lA Back Hand Saw; 12 in. Tenon Saw; in. Seat Beech Smsoth Piaaa Ps (fitted with double irons); 2 £ in. Beat Beech Jack Plane (fitted with Beslj VW W Brass Nut, Double Irons); American Pattern Brace and set o? 6 Black Bits ||| ¥ 2 ft. 2-fold BeYiiled Edge Boxwood Sole; Small Axe; 5 Beech Handled, Mf P Best Cast Steel Firmer Chisels; 3 Beech Handled Cast Steel Oougea; W P Joinev's Hammer; Rosewood B?ase-pla £ ed Bin. Sqnare; Marking Av;l; efjk Spokeshave; 3 Gimlets; 3 Bradawls; 2 Files; Mallet; Turner arc 5 Bra^punch; Glue Pot and Brash. £ 52. 2s. Q&. complete. l| & TO MM 1st Wny.—Send 5s. to start with, and complete the purchase in seven move payments of fea 5?. arid one of 2s. £ <l 2nd Way.— Send 5s. to start with, and, after examining the goods, complete tbe purchase in one payment of 37s., and J. G. Graves will forward a Splendid Fast Cutting Oilstone in a EgS Ml polished pine case as discount. If you are not satisfied with the tools, return them, and your j?g ylj deposit will be returned. g in one payment of 37s., and J. G. Graves will forward a Splendid Fast Cutting Oilstone in a EgS Ml polished pine case as discount. If you are not satisfied with the tools, return them, and your j?g ylj deposit will be returned. Ifja Send for J. G. Graves' Illustrated Catalogue, Post Free. Any class of Tools may be fMkr,. obtained on the Easy Purchase System by monthly payments. fepa Young Hen who can introduce customers should write for rgency terms, Kg V>T J. G. GRAVES, Tool Warehouse, 137 Division St., SHEFFIBlLn. -VIA" W | SO/" FREE TO EVERYONE. $ffw\ > M S 1 J GIVE YOU YOUP. CHOICS of either of these hand- "L '"■% » some presents for selling NINE articles of Jewellery rg ;j| at Is 6d each. (Regular price, 2s 6d.) 3 PmsBqtMUi S* w W SEND NO MOKES'. WE TliDST YOU. f I ^aX, I gj Just send us a, stamped addressed envelope saying bhnti yon « ag. u'3 jy~. -a will either sell the Jewellery or return it to us'if you fail to Q I sell it, -with your name aud address clearly written, On re- ffWiIlfwvk ceiving your letter, we will at once post you the Jewellery. a filMI^ » When sold, send ns the 13s 6d you have received for same, ilealfli'JhJ Jyi 1 snd we will AT ONCE send yon, ABSOLUTELY FEEE. our 3 (Iffll/IaS £ 2 10s Real Silver Watch with ( hain, or our Hall Marited Keal m llraliilii" F n 1 Gold Ring, set with Real Diamonds and other Stones, which- j ever youprefer.^ A Written Guarantee for Ten Years sent S with each Watch. C ISftSBSfc// Xou cau olir Jewellery in a few minutes at Is 6d each article. We have thousands of testimonials as to the quality „• value both of our Jewellery and Presents. The Jewellery o will be sent to-morrow if you Send your Fall Nilome and 7? aaSSK Address to-day direct to our Head Office. Address as follows 41 T T "jV/TLTCHELL 4> Manufacturing .ci 10s £ 2 10s. W • O • 1VJ. Oi)\J Jewellers, IOS. *4 lua. (Dent. 2641, 205, Buehanan-St., Glasgow. 17250 ESTABLISHED 1842. JOHN ROBINSON AND CO., LIMITED, MANUFACTUREKB OF CHEMICAL MANURES, PURE OIL CAKES, AND COMPOUND CAKES, SUPPLY SUPER DISSOLVED BONE8, NITRATE, SULPHATE OF AMMONIA, CRUSHED BONES, KAINIT, GUANO, &c. MANURES FOR CORN, GRASS, POTATO, MANGEL, &c. PURE LINSEED AND COTTONSEED CAKES, COMPOUND FATTENING DAIRY AND LAMB CAKES, BRANDED PURE MAIZE AND BARLEY MEAL, T T> CALF MEAL AND LAMB FOOD, «J •Xi« LOCUST BEAN MEAL, TREACLE, ETC., ETC, ANALYSIS AND LOWEST PRICES ON APPLICATION. NOTE ADDRESS— 17061 RATIIUJRST WMARF. BRISTOL. T I- tu s B!S|a¥&LUE AT M&KEK'S CASH PRICES. B F4 A-T %ImW KEYLESS LEVER WATCHES j- FOR lames. FOR LADiES!!f Fi,.f, <I wiih Lever Movements, Well Made and Finished. Fnlly Je^re'led, Gilt Dial, Strong Keyless Action. In 13-ct. Gold Cases. £ 5. The Best and Qhe&pest Gold Xjerer so2d at thepric?. Gold Chains to ma ch irom £ !5s. Selections of Watches or Jewellery sent free on receipt of reference. OLD WATCHES AND JEWELLERY TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. WATCHES and JEWELLERY sent free by post at our risk to all parts of the World for Cash or P.O.O., payable at G.P.O. BENSON'S BOOK of WATCHES from £ 2 to £ 500. CLOCKS, CHAINS, ENGAGEMENT RINGS, O BROOCHES, "IMPERIAL" and SJLVER PLATE, and CUTLERY, Post Free. "IMPERIAL" PLATE is the Best wearing Substitute for Solid Silver. Fine Gold Chains, £3 to £20. In Silver Cases. Just the Watch for r/o)mM British Working Men. iRWW Tb9 MA^EL ofth3 zoth CENTURY- 4M FL jmr 1 ENGLISH LEVER. f"e*wmv HTI, Public should buy a Good LONDON-MADE MMJ. ENGLISH LEVER, instead of common country- Mflf H A English, Swiss, or American Wore. afifi B'fiiig.wjj i .n SjEa The movement is -i-plate of our best London_make_, HI Jewelled in 7 actions. In Massive Sterling Silver, Crystal 1/MlW Sent free and safe at onr risk, to all parts of theWorld, (jr ffy for Cash, or P.O.O., payable at G.P.O. *$- W. BEMS&H, Ltd., THE STEAM FACTORY, ™ 02*84, LUOGATE HILL.'Tr' I GOUT I PILLS. I GOUT, RHEUMATISM, SCIATICA, LUMBAGO, Are quickly relieved and cured, without restrain' or diet, by these celebrated Pills. All Chemists aud Stores, at Is lid and 2s 6d per box. 17175 THERAPION. — This successful and highly popular remedy, as employed in the Con- tinental Hospitals, by Bicord,, Jobert Vepeau, and others, surpasses everything hitherto employed for impurity oi the blood, spots, blotches, pains and swellings of the joints, kidney, bladder and liver diseases, gravel, pains in the bad:, stone, gleet, nervousness, sleeplessness, <fcc. Therapion is prepared in three different forms, l\os. 1, 2, and 3, according to diseases for which intended. Pull par- ticulars send stamped addressed envelope for pam- phlet to Mr B. JOHIVSON, 45, Holford-snuare Juon phlet to Mr R. JOHIVSON, 43, Holford-snuare Juon don, W.C 17122 I EoR(xE WORTH KNOWING. 79, GREAT GEORGE NAISH & SON, 79, GREAT PREDERICK-STRECT. CARDIFF, is the OLDEST ESTABLISHED PUBLIC BILL POSTER, who rents the largest number and best private bill-posting stations in the town and neigh, bonrhood. All work entrusted to him will be speedily and faithfuly executed. N.B.—Bill Posting sent by boa' "r v<vl will haw imn»ed:ate nftontoon. 1367513 • WATCH & SHA", FOR ONE PAY'S WORK f Boy* aad Qlris e*n get ,5 PLATKD WATCH, al»» » OP.AIH a»d ML?* ,k M CHARM for selling U dozen pafilcmr»s »' SSL V 0% B'.UIKK at Plvopence e«eli. x™ y"* By* tJS ftili addrwa, inenK^ji* rnutte of fifty by retu n reail, and "NO wHI forward the Pkllftl, post a large pr»* atrnn No required. Br/JflNB do. *> 241. Bi«*sr Soatt. Watt g.a. A I N I, S f4 I L H I" U '-I 1 I N G Sy^DICATK For Aberdftie; Hirwain, Meautain Ash, anl Bietriet Z. ANDREWS, Skohb^bI J35S0 O.FMoaa: 1106 NEW THEATRE, ABERDARE. dimness ^bbtpzses. "? • ? | A Penny Box of Colman's Starch makes the experiment of a trial an inexpensive one. It isn't the cheapest way to buy—as the lib. box gives most value for the money. But it's a handy size for a trial-its very convenient for those who use but little starch and for those who must count their pennies. COLMANS STARCH Sold in lib., ^IB., 3ilb., and Id Boxes. See that Colman's Name and the Bull's Head are on the Box. REGD.] -w 5jea»e| f HAS FOR SOME TiME BEEN USED iN The RUSSIAN IMPERIAL FAMILY. i 'WEAVE'S FOOD contains flesh and bane-forming constituents above the average of the 1 | best purely farinaceous, foods, so that when it is prepared according to the direct Ions given C with p&oh tin, ft makes a PERFECT FOOD for INFANTSi f MRS. ADA S. BAI-LIN, Editress ¥.v I mm and CHEAPEST. In 1-lb. Tins. One ShHUDg. jry^- There's "SECURITY in Jjrn^ mWITTLp BILIOUSNESS. i SICK HEADACHE. ^^8 81 W mm B M | FURRED TONGUE. § 8 ^5, \m INDIGESTION. 1 CONSTIPATION.. DIZZINESS. SALLOW SKIN. i i P 8ma" rhsy "TO U 0 H the Ib^a I BLaa a Small D#M.J ..Sl, Carter'S The "PALMER" the I <¡-he PALMER" is the most resilient. Tbe PALMER" is the easiest to detach. ON PALMER HOLLOW RIM. L t Ask YOllr Agent what he thinks of it.. [!S !Mi Ask the British Ask your Tlœir replús will cort1,ince you. 8 9Nr The PAIJIER TYRE MANUAL, containing 1 Key Map and 11 Sectional Road Maps of the United si Kingdom, free to all applicants to Palmer Tyre, Ltd., »e|»t. No. 59 Birmingham. 1V -v Made under License from the Smth. British Rubber Co.. under Barttetes Patent. J J ,i, >11 1*11 ■ HI—J'fl .«!■ I, |-1 I .PA81811 SEPILEPSY&FITSS = TRENCH'S REMEDY. Over 1,000 Testiman-als 0 a Received during 1900 II as certified by Messrs. GULLY, FRITH & CO., Chartered Accountants, Rood Lane VEe? • tSil Chambers, London, K.C. Apply for Famph- ssfl mm let (sent post free) containing full particu- lars, testimonials and Auditor's Certificate, djft 1 3j, ldt.PBL,N. m •MBtMMHIMi ANOTHER LEG SAVED. Mrs Hinds writes on July 2,1892: "Ihad a very bad 1°8> and the doctors told me I — leg, and the doctors told me I JgpSv should hare my leg taken off, but »■ I was told about BUBGBSS' LION OINTMEN*, used it, and it com- "IPa. pletely enred me." BUKGBSS' 4gllmS*9w^ LION OINTMENT cures Ulcers, Abscesses, Tumours, Polypi, poisoned Wounds of all kinds, Eczema, Psoria.sis. Ringworm, etc. Invaluable for all Inflammatory Diseases of the Chest and Throat, Of all Chemists, from 7V,d, Is 1%A, <fcc., eac3i per box, or post free for stamps from Proprietor, E. BURGESS, 59, Gray's Inn-road, London. Advice Gratis, 17125 BURGESS, 59, Gray's Inn-road, London. Advice Gratis. 17125 I SWANSEA OFFICES OLF THK I SOU'£H WALES DAILY NEWS I Ke t COLLERbiBT.




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