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i^Pamphiet OH TNFANI^EEDING (48 pages^free^L llenburus FOodsl. N B A progressive dietary, adapted to the growing digestive fl t powers of infants. The Milk Foods can be made in a moment J| P, § by the addition of hot water only. ff |L Allen & Hanburys Ltd., Lombard St., London. Jp Ttge ItSI Thing goo can do f *»IIM JI if lung trouble is sus- XT Pected> is to resolve to get frl I well. Grapple with the jgS^. trouble judiciously and jg5» 1gj \U you will have a good s§~! SjE igj chance. Above all, begin m at once, to-day if possible, | BSgajSP for every hour is import- Igij fl ant. The first thing to do is to nourish the wasting tissues, and this is best done with Scott's Emul- A cj sion of cod liver oil and prl || hypophosphites of lime jggSj £ j kigt || and soda. Very often jsfa S h§ | Scott's Emission |j| 1 £ 1 alone, if taken in time, jpi| H will stop the trouble quickly and permanently. 41 ? Worcester Rd., Malvern 1,1 nit, nr. Worcester. 24/2/05. J' g "I was suffering from lung gjja fa [55 B trouble, losing flesh fast, and I 8 had a most distressing cough ^Ijv i Gg| a with great expectoration. 1 p After the second dose of p zS? Scott's Emulsion my cough was greatly relieved; I grad- pjl ually grew stronger; in fact, ^n—.j. Scott's put new vitality into A my system." gi|| (Hiss) Gwendoline Hunter. & OTSSES^ I Hi Alwsys get ttie KmuUlon 85 ■ witb this m I m»rk —th« wf ITUIunan— TI rjm the murk of tli» "Sectt" K /*f) roeeul tli» "Sectt" roceul ffl JL LI Pure cod liver oil (pg§&]|g| gg |[ blended with hypophos- gg 1 ggjj if phites of lime and soda, 1 rag li made digestible and far 5^ I Bg§ 1] more nutritious by the ori- g <sKl?i ginal, unique Scott pro- cess, acts specifically on tthe lung tissnes and strengthens the whole ~ArrT body. A Test it gratis fay sending for (S-~j jf a sample bottle and "The i«««| I Good-Time Garden" (enclo- > sing 4d. for postage and men- gsSl » tioning this paper). SCOTT £ &jj§8 »'& BOWNE, Ltd., ic-n Stone- S5 S cutter Street, London, fi.C. 'S' sJS a !S I n. P. SAUCE E IS PREPARED BY BLEND. g& Kl ING TOGETHER THE MOST « Mk DELICIOUS ORIENTAL ■ |§g FRUITS AND SPICES WITH H |§g A SUITABLE PROPORTION «B M OF PURE MALT VINEGAR. H I H.P. SAUCE I W IS PURE AND WHOLESOME 11 Qg BEYOND QUESTION, AND ra W& POSSESSES GREAT §| |g .DIGESTIVE PROPERTIES. Hi I H.P. SAUCE I B STIMULATES THE APPE- B! S| TITE BY ITS EXQUISITE K m FLAVOUR. M r ME I H.P. SAUCE I H OWES ITS SUCCESS TO H' THE FACT THAT IT IS SO SN DIFFERENT TO ANY OTHER gS S RELISH- fT STANDS ALONE p IN FLAVOUR. g | H.P. SAUCE I IS OBTAINABLE AT ALL Bi GROCERS AND STORES Iff THROUGHOUT THE WORLD H Sole Proprietors: B I MIDLAND VINEGAR Co. I BIRMINGHAM. H LONDON Office: 187. Fenchurch Street, E.C. m I" H. P. SAUCE. CAOTIO^. 1 SEVERAL COLORABLE IMI- B TATIONS OF OIJR BOTTLE Eg AND LABEL ARE NOW BEING H OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC. « EVERY REAL BOTTLE B BEARS A VIEW OF THE H HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT. W ALSO, DR. BOSTOCK HILL'S H ffifl (COUNTY ANALYST) M.D., HS m D.P.H., F.I.C., CERTIFICATE @ W OF ANALYSIS. AND NONE IP H OTHER ARE GENUINE. H u 2% H. P. SAUCE o NO LANCTNG ORCUTTING REQUIRED. THE WORLD RENOWNED Burgess' Lion Ointment -gfo»ri^gaS3)' 'J"" Saved many a Limb from the Knife. v Coxed others after heing given up by Za^ZwJmtSSS^^i Hospitals. BEST REMEDY for WOUNDS 1KW and all SKIN DISEASES. A CERTAIN CURE for ULCERS, TUMOURS. A#. SCESSR- F-CZEMA, PINGWO". &r. Thousands of Testimonials. ^y^nusti. 7id.. 1/tk. &c„ per box, or post free for P.<X la. K UKGHSS, 59 Gray s Inn Road, London. Advice gratlfc k YOUR CORN CURED A in 3 or 4 days by the sale, pleasant and certain remedy PQ I Durbin'sCornSilk 3 afl Your money cheerfully returned if your corn »tays. Sra Write to-day. Packets V- post fiee. || OURBIN BROS.. 111. High St.. Potney. S.W.ijS H^UCTUR^PO'ST CARDS A1 J,lxHA8 C4BCE. Saperb Stook of Artistic <><?■■*■ 9 Six njUliaus 3ecuiea at quarter v/hol^saiepnwa-M^t S «e» quicv y. KecorJ value. Quality 1 SO diOeres-jpost cards tn beaatitui I i|fl £ /07Q2y British Sccncrv, Holiday Resorts, Castlta, Acu 3 Blnumoroafl. etc., for 1/G, or one gross for • •; | H 35 Be»tChriat:ce8 Po^t Cards ♦ • • f'" ■ ESS Kxqnisite Ohr«?rr3.3 Ca:dr, ^ith giUt riV-bous & ms^ta 1/- fl H25 «« »« iccludjng «ik ccrcts. e^c. 1/- B 63 All 1'o.t Tree. Fn!l Free- AK-.n;s W»ntcd B OABtr^l Card A^ ajawellliofrJ.XiOXPOy, |

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