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,O,h o;k In a etk In@ URIC ACID PUIS m m NINO, u i Many Unsuspected Cases in Cardiff. p Do YOU suffer from Lumbago ? Dropsy ? Urinary -19 Disorders ? Rheumatism ? Dizziness Pains in the Loins and Back othing is more to be feared than uric acid ^^Oning. because it comes on so quietly, and °ften unsuspected until it has spread danger- d' disease throughout the body. kidneys' great work is to filter the uric out of the blood. But when Ihey are eak and ill they fall behind with their work, d so the blood, burdened with this dangerous carries disease to all parts of the explains how uric acid makes you tired, impatient, and irritable your ia bad your head throbs and aches and .orn over dizzy-the eyes are puffy, the skin you havo rheumatic pains in the -11scles and joints. There may be urinary dis- gravel, dropsy, gout and lumbago. °w to get well is best told in the grateful *0r<ls of the Cardiff man who speaks here of <ó Doans ,I, gc;;n Kidne n;11 t:\ r.L.UO'C8$'; Doan's Backache Kidney Pills-tor ——— nothing so convincing as the personal experi- ence of a neighbour. Mr Thomas Williams lives at 16, "W el ing n street, Canton, Cardiff. He says For ten years I suffered from kidney disease, The pains in my back and across my loins were so bad that when 1 stooped I could not ge up^ right again for some minutes. The kidney secre- tions were scalding, and cast a sediment Uke red gravel. I could not get any rest at night, and although I kept trying different medicines, was never relieved until I began with Doan's backache kidney pills. Soon after beginning with-these I felt easier in my back, and the water trouble was not so noticeable. This encouraged me to go on with the medicine, and now I can honestly say that I am cured. (Signed) Thomas Williams." Over 8t years later Mr Williams wrote I am pleased to say my cure has proved permanent." Of all chemists and stores, 2s 9d per box, 6 boxes for 13s 9d or post free, direct from Foster-McClellan Co., 8, Wells-street, Oxford-street, London, W. Be sure to get the same kind of pills as Mr Williams had. Park Drive Gilarante Ijglyi Absolutely Pure Cc^S> llE Well made from fine dlH Virginia. Best value in the world-10 for 2D Alft W i Of all TobacconFst- I 10 | I Gallaher, Ltd. ^| FOf | I ^B The Independent Firm i |4 1 ■A LmMKamJ I kviiL The Old Way— ■S|jwB||r A lot of polish-hard rubbing—and a shine that will not last. The New Way- fllBL A little "GLOBE": a little rub—a big shine: brilliant and lasting. Which do you prefer? jkSm Most people prefer the "GLOBE" way. I f Globe Metal Polish, paste and liquid. I Paste, Id. 2d, 4d. and larger tins, <^dPjj^S^^vTQ)» I Liquid, 2d, 6d. ]/- and larger cans. 1 StA Dealers and Stores everywhere. & CO. Ltd.. B-. NL§ &. METHL POLISH pi -=- !8!1!1! You will never be I short of anything r you want for your | cakes or puddings ;{ |! if yoq keep a packet j or two of I tikeomnl | in the store i | cupboard. jf 'ii There are no nicer cakes or Puddings than those made with (g Cakeoma-the ready-for-use cake and pudding flour, Many recipes in eacfi 3Ad. packet. f From Grocers and Stores every- £ where. 1 Latham & Co. Ltd.. I 12 containing the 'ree to anyone on receipt ■' Si -5 request and an empty ^g9BSBBBKEp _aKeoma, Spcngeoma. or flf Self-Raising Flour Wf/ W tions. 'ree to anyone on receipt ■' Si -5 request and an empty ^g9BSBBBKEp _aKeoma, Spcngeoma. or flf Self-Raising Flour Wf/ W °ag. -1 7 y

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