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musical Instrmtunts. F you want i Piano oc Organ ÙO na be penuader1 by any 'ntre.;te 1 neriO, to p\lrcha. unt'l youliavs ascertainedLne extraordinary value we ara of jriti. You will!ave many pounds, be most liOirally treatel. and get .tle easiest p0:3ibl terms by purC!la.3in.; lroiU WI. Duck. Son. and Pinker. The Ureat Piano Merchant?. Pultney Uridge. Bath, and at Bristol. Catalogue and book of 11Jvice tree Name ttrs paper. D'AT,MAINE'S PIAOS AND ORGANS^ CLEARANCE SALE. 9 Guineas.—American Orcan, Santley Model, equal to new (list Priee 15 guineas). 11 stops, inclùding 2 knee stops, also glorious vox celeste and homana high case church organ affects. Large selection of other styles from 5 to 120 guineas. -f X Guineas.—" Duchsss Model Piano (list price 30 JL«J guineas) only slightly used full upright grand 7 octaves check action full trichord celeste pedal; approval free. Very great bargain. /"V Guineas.—Nearly new60-guinsa model, full concert. &\J grand overstrung, steel frame underdamper Piano rich purr walnut case; accept 20 guineas cash; easy tenns arranged warranted for 20 years; full price allowed if exchanged foc one of higher value; approval 7 days. carriage free. Several Second-hand Pianos from £ 8 cast. D'ALMAINX'S (estbd 1785), 91. Finsbury Pavement. Moorgate-street. London. E.C. Open till 7 p.m. Sats. 3. IBirgcUs and 1909 Dun lop. Clincher, Palmer Tyres. Covers from 3s 6d L Air Tubes with valyes. 2s 3d each; Free Wheels, Chains. Sc. lists free; A. Gorton, Manufacturer, Wolverhampton. 478 JViON glCYCLES 5s OIl CASH OK 15s WITH ORDER AND 10s PER MONTH. Gold-li1;1ed frames, plated rims ball free wheel. 2 roller ie^r brakes, plated lamp bell. pump, spanners, oil can, repair outfit: fully guaranteed first-grade tyres, packed in crate ifreei ■ carriage paid guaranteed 4 years; 10 daYi for trial and approval. I have made and sold over 10.000, and have more than tXCC testimonials. Write for catalogue, photos, ful specifications and40 page took of testimonials. DIRECT FROM MY FACTORY ONLY. DEALERS CHARGE JE8 8s OR MORE FOR NO BETTER CYCLES. (tEORGE lJEATSON LI O.N CYCLE WORKS 19734 MOSF-LEY-STREET. BIRMINGHAM. Motots and JSclcr CgrUs. MOTOR Omnibuses. Motor Chassis (or chassis and .1HL bodies separately) by the best makers. far Sale. .cheap suitable for pleasure brakes or commercial pur- poses where great horse power is required.—Apply to Omnibus Company. 158 High-street. Camden Town. London. 341 fax alt. COUTH Wales Property Gazette."—A monthly O Reciaœr of: Estates Houses, Lands. &;c to be Let or Sold in Wales. Monmouthshire. West of England, &c. U300 copies sent monthly, poet free, to the leading in- habitants of Wales and Monmouthshire. Insertions fine —Copies post tree irom Messrs Hern and Pert- wee, Estate Agents. Auctioneers, &CO. 74. St. Mary-street. rmiAtir 189 JjtfcAXHEBS. JjlEATHEJia. FEATHERS FOR BEDS. Why tar ceaunan shoody wool when yen eaa jwl fcwtZNGLISH FEATHERS at 5d per lb. carriage paid 7 Warranted dry and sweet. Feather Bed* made to order. Bid tor nmjlri and prtea iistta ö. HAND J mi, nATIDm MERCHANTS. MP. HPOOL. NORTH WALES. 114 Ø(f tatU81Ø Wirtrti mMI JSJLSH CbIDa-Waated. Stnam and Naatnrw- if China,Swansea and Cambrian Pottery, and Dillwn Kiwi mi Wan øaa aood specimens requUed ;high ■JjcesjriTM|j^AJWrejBj2>llectoi\iEch^>tfce^CardiT;^24 Banks- r|TBE ^JHARING- QROSS BANK (Est. 1870). Casdiff Brancl1-73. ST. MARY-STREET. Bad Offices—28. Bedford-street. Strand. London. W.C.. and 39. Bishopsgate-strect Within. London. E.C. Branches—Manchester. Liverpool. Leeds. Bradford. &c. fnrrtlT n.Wl.949 Liabilities. Surplus. £371.078. LOANS of JE30 to £2.000 granted at a few hours' notice In town or country on personal security, jewellery, gndoos stones, stocks, shares, and furniture (without removal. Stocks and Shares bought and sold. 21 PER CENT. allowed on current account balances. DEPOSITS of £10 and upwards received as under— EIDbiect to 3 months' notice of withdrawal. 5 p.c. per an. 6 ..6 12 7 ftp—H«.l terms tor longer periods. Interest paid quarterly. Owing to the nature of our investments we are able to pay rates of interest on deposits that will compare favour- ably with dividends paid on almost any class of stock or shareholding, insuring the safety of capital. We have been eaablished Jor 39 years, and our position in the banking world to-day testifies to the success of our business methods and to the satisfactiou of our customers. Write or call for prospectus. 1165 A. WILLIAMS and H. J. TALL. Jolrrt Managers. gglO TO £5.000 ADVANCED By Private Lender on Simple Promissory Note. No bills of sa.1e taken. and absolute privacy guaranteed. Fb8t letter of 8opvlication receives prompt attention, and intending borrowers are waited upon by a representative who is empowered to complete transaction on terms mutually arranged no charge being made unless buslnesi actually completed. Special quotations fox short loans. Write in confidence to— C. WELLS. 16. <; I .A T?.T.rf<i TtyBT 206a 1533 BRISTOL. MONEY Lent. £ 5- £ 500; lowrates; fair dealing.—County Credit Co.. Ltd- Agent, W. P. Thomas, Abertillery FIELDEffGS Old-cstabthhad Financiers, IoN me. J' pared to advance sums from dO to short ictice on approved Note at Hint, personal or other fertilities. ChaistM sirammd bstee tTsnsantlnw are completed. Mortgages an ftuyati eeeetedat current ntee of interest. Property Purchased. Trade Bills i.fecc<inted. Annuitiw and Fixed Incomes arranged. 5 oner advanced an recond mortgagM. — Apply direct an we hard no agents. Uayeu bulMings. The Bayw. Cardil. 13938 rf-'HK OLD ESTABLISHED PROVINCIAL UNION JL BANK continues to lend immense sums daily, from £10 to £5.000 on Note of Hand alone or other Security, at a few hours'not<oe. to all classes in any part of England and Wales, repayable by easy instalments. No good application is ever refused. All communications strictly private. Moderate interest Special rates for short periods. The largest, best known, and most honourably conducted busine8 in the Kinadom. Thousands ofoui rcarulac customers have expressed Lbelr entire satisfac- tion in repeated transactions with uø. If desired one of our officials will attend at your residence at once with cash, and carry oat the advance THERE and THEN. Call or write (in confidence) to the Manager. Mr STANLEY DOWDING. 1. Queen-square. Bristol. 003 MESSRS S. HERN PERIGEE. Estate Agents. 74] ULa. Ei. Mary-street. Cardiff, are prepared to advance irom £ 100 to £ 100.000 on. Mortgage erf Freehold or Leasehold Property, and nam £ 50 to iXJXO an personal security. 5664 THE WAY OF THE WORLD is usually a shrewd common-sense way, particularly in the matter of medicinal treatment. While it is always ready to give a sympathetic hearing to new theories relating to pathology and medicine, it sticks tenaciously to the good old estab- lished preparations that have been proved to possess the undoubted virtue of curing. Sixty years ago public opinion found in Beecham's Pills a medicine for every form of bilious and dyspeptic trouble, and though numerous methods of dealing with digestive disorders have been advanced since then, it still pins its faith to the old dcacioos medicine. Every year it expresses its vote of confidence in Beecham's Pills by buying over 6,000,000 bases. Popularity is one of the undoubted indications of quality. If you are suffering from any digestive disturbance remember that Beec ham's Pills are the most popular family medicine, the most popular because effective cure for digestive disorders in the world. Thousands have derived benefit from them and the likelihood is that you will derive benefit also. The wisest course therefore IS TO TAKE gEECHAM'S JpiLLS- Sold £ verywhere in boxes, price Is lid (56 pills) and 2s 9d (168 pills). PIGS FOR BACON I We are always open to bay-prime quality pigs from 6ac. 101b. to lOse. 101b. Prices and Terms on appHcxtfon. Killings every day. Chequa PosUd on day oj killing. CHAS.&THOS. qARRIS & Co., Ld. Bacon Curers, CALlE, Wilts. Buying Agents wanted wilen Mt already appointed. R. J. HEATH & SONS, SOLE AGENTS FOB BECHSTEIN. BROADWOOD, BLUTHNER, ERARD, SCHIEDMAYER, NEUMEYER, WALDEMAR, Etc., THE ORCHESTRELLE PIANOLO CO. ALSO STOCK pIANOS BY BRINSMEAD, HOPKINSON, COLLARD, IBACH, STEINWAY, Etc. ORGANS BY MASON & HAMLIN, Etc. FROM JQ/0 MONTHLY. ——— 1066 CARDIFF. PONTTPRIPD. PENARTH. & PORT TALBOT. Hat. TeL, Cardiff, 2199. Pontypridd,21. Jluhlit }.mnSfuunfS. CARDIFF. NEW rji HEATRE, CARDIFF. Sole Proprietor .ROBERT REDFORD LAST TWO WEEKS OF THE SEASON. EVERY EVENING at 7.30 and SATURDAY at 2. WELCOME REVIVAL OF THE EVERGREEN COMEDY— CHARLEY'S AUNT. Preceded by The Colour Sergeant." NEXT WEEK— Special and exclusive engagement of the well-known London Actor, MrC. W. SOMERSET, in the SORROWS OF SATAN. Box Office at Theatre, 10 to 5. Nat Tel., Cardiff, 376. Jlotios. CANCER HOSPITAL (Free), Fulham- road, London. S.W.—PATENTS SEEN DAILY on their own application at I o'clock. Funds urgently needed for general expenses and for the Research Department. 19615 Secretary. Fred W. Howell I N°W IS THE TIME, N°W IS THE TIME. N°W IS THE TIME. AT THIS SEASON OF THE YEAR NO ONE SHOULD BE WITHOUT GWILYM jg VANS' gITTERS. It is recommended for indiges- tion in ita different forms, such as sick headache, heartburn cramp, flatulency, sense of fulness, and oppression after eating, drowsiness, and pains in the region of the heart. GWILYM VANS' BITTERS. It is, without exception, the best remedy for Depression of Spirits and Melancholy. It is strongljt, recommended for nervous diseases, such as undue anxiety, depond- ency, fainting fits, neuralgia, and nerve pains generally. GWILYM JITTERS. It has successfully treated, after all other known preparations had failed, severe cases of affection of the chest, such as common colds, bronchitis, asthmatic colds short- ness of breath, influenza, &c. GWILYM "prVANS' JJITTERS. It purifies and enriches the blood, and is a healthy and safe tonic. It should be taken by all who are delicate, as it strengthens the system, and by so doine assists nature, thereby promoting good health. GWILYM Jg VANS' JJITTERS. To children growing, and to people suffering great weakness, either after an illness or through long confinement in ill-ventilated rooms, or any other cause, it is most valuable. GWILYM Jg VANS' JJITTERS. When you ask for Gwilym Evans' Bitters see that you get it. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS, with the name Gwilym Evans on BEWARE OF IMITATIONS the label, on the stamp, and on the BEWARE OF IMITATIONS, bottle, without which none are genuine* In- dignantly refuse sub- stitutes, and insist upon having » GWILYM JTVANS' gITTERS. This world-famous pre- SOLD EVERYWHERE paration issold everywhere SOLD EVERYWHERE in bottles 2s 9d and 4s 6d SOLD EVERYWHERE each, or will be sent direct, carriage free, from the sole Proprietors— QUININE BITTERS MANUFAC- TURING CO., LTD. MINCING-LANE, LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. GWILYM jglTTERS. Perpetual injunction has been granted against M. W. James, PERPETUAL INJUNCTION Llanelly, with costs, PERPETUAL INJUNCTION restraining him from PERPETUAL INJUNCTION passing off his goods as Gwilym Evans' 1—2e012 Quinine Bitters, Ltd. XSTOP ONE MOMENT V OH DEAR. DOCTOR, MUST MY DARLING PIE, THERE IS VERY LITTLE HOPE, » BUT TRY rjlUDOR LOAMS' g ALSAM OF H 0 N E Y. It is an essence of the purest and most efficacious herbs, gathered on the Welsh Hills and Valleys in the proper season, when their virtues are in full perfection, and combined with Pore Welsh Honey. All the ingredients are perfectly pure. IJIUDOR ^TILLIAMS' B A L S A M OF H 0 N E Y Cures Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Whooping Cough, Croup, and all disorders of the Throat, Chest, and Lungs. It is invaluable to Weak-chested Men, Delicate Women, and Children. Wonderful Cure for Children's Cough, after Measles and Whooping Cough. It succeeds where all other remedies fail. I IT SOOTHES WHIljE IT CURES. Thousands of people have written us testifying to its marvellous curative properties. For Vocalists and Public Speakers it is a Real Blessing—it prevents hoarseness and sore throat, and keeps the voice as clear as a bell. Try it. You will not regret it. ITS HEALING POWER IS MARVELLOUS No House Should be Without Ik See that You Get the Genuine Article. TUDOR WILLIAMS' PATENT BALSAM OF HONEY. So Many Imitations and Frauds. Sold by all Chemists and Stores, la, 2a 6d, and 4s 6d bottles. Great saving in purchasing the large bottle. Sample bottle sent (post paid) for Is 3d, 2s 9d, and 5s, from the Inventor, D. Tudor Williams, R.S.D.L. This preparation is not a quack Medicine, but of 36 > ears' standing, prepared by Scientific Chemists and Druggists. Manufacturer:— TUDOR WILLIAMS, M.R.P.S., A.S.Apth., London Analytical and Consulting Chemist and Druggist by Examination, Medical Hall, Aberdare. 1019 CARDIFF ADVERTISING, BILL- POSTING & CIRCULAR DISTRIBUTING COMPANY. LIMITED. OFFICES and WORKS. 1. PARK-STREET, CARDIFF. Manager-FRANK H.SIMPSON. Proprietors of the Principal Stations in Cardiff and neighbourhood. Contractors for all descriptions of Advertising, Circular Distributing, etc. ¡ AWorders promptly attended to. 1005 dipping gatirts. B g UMMER TOURS TO GLASGOW, FIRTH OF CLYDE, Y SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS, BELFAST, PORTItUSH. NORTH OF IRELAND, ISLE OF MAN, „ From BRISTOL, CARDIFF, SWANSEA, and NEWPORT. CIRCULAR TOUR to Glasgow, Edinburgh, E London, &c. Guide Book and all particulars Free from A ALEXANDER GREGOR, 19722 13, BUTE-CRESCENT, CARDIFF. CANADIAN pACIFIC L INE. FAST Weekly service from Liverpool. Un- LINE TO surpassed accomodation at moderate piiiTjn » fires. Immigrants met at Liverpool uain AUA. bv C.P. officials. For Sailings, pamph- lets and information as to opportunities in Canada apply to 18, St. Augustiue's-parade, Bristol, or Locai Agents everywhere. 19613 apply to 18, St. Augustiue's-parade, Bristol, or Locai Agents everywhere. 19613 ABE RDEEN TINE FROM LONDON TO JLi AUSTRALIA. Via Plymouth, Tenerife, and Capetown. •MORAVIAN june 8 *SALAMIS Aug. 3 MARATHON (tw. sc.) PERICLES (tw. sc.) July 7 Aug. 28 .Carries third-class passengers only. NEXT SAILING—ss. Moravian," .8th June, carries ONE CLASS of passengers only, unrivalled accommodation ^outside cabins amidships. Fares from £18 to Melbourne and Sydney. Apply to LOCAL AGENTS or to GEO. THOMP- SON and CO., Ltd., 7, Billiter-square, E.C., or to HICKLE, BORMAN, GRANT and CO., M.Waterloo- place, S.W. HITlC STAR LINE.—LIVERPOOL to AUSTRALIA, eallin? at iSouth Africa). Al RIC. 11,948 toni July 1 SUEVIC, 12,531 ton3 July 2J PERSIC, 11,974 toni Aug, 26 RUNIC, 12,432 tons Sept 23 The accommodation oa theie twin-screw steamers comprises smoking, reading, and dining: rooms. Fares.—To Australia, III to JE30 to Capetown, I. 15 15% to £;4 )1. Fcr further particulars apply to Locil Agents or to Ism»y, Amrie and Co., Liverpool. Southa-nptoa, L, Cockspur-street, S. W., ani 3i, Le&deaiiAll-straot. i.e., Loudon. (BDitraaon. JJ OLID AYS IN THE JJARZ I BY THE British hoydi mail Route, Via HARWICH and the HOOK OF HOLLAND. CORRIDOR VESTIBULED TRAINS ALONGSIDE the Steamers. TURBINE STEAMERS. WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY and S rBMARINE SIGNALLING on the G.E.R. steamers. Send post-card to the Conti- nental Manager, G.E.R., Liver- poo-st. Station, London, E.C., for descript ive illustrated pam- phlet (free). 197.3 SUMMER H OLIDAYS. IMPORTANT TO READERS. « THE gOUTH WALES J^ AILY NEWS IS ON SALE AT T&E FOLLOWING HOLIDAY RESORTS EACH MORNING :— ABERYSTWYTH. W. H. SMITH and SON Railway Bookstall W. JENKINS.23, Great Darkgate-street S. CLAPPERTON 40, Terrace-road G. 1. JONES .14, Thespian-street BARMOUTH. W. H. SMITH and SON Railway Bookstall E. DAVIES 1, Belle vue Arcade BATH. WYMAN and SONS, Ltd.Railway Bookstall W.H. SMITH and SON.15, Manvers-street H. MARIGOLD 16, Green-street BUILTH WELLS. W. H. SMITH and SON .Railway Bookstall HOWARD H. Hall CLEVEDON. WYMAN and SONS, Ltd.Railway Bookstall W. H. SMITH and SON 10a, Triangle Mra DUDDEN 11, Alexandra-road FERRYSIDE. A. GOLDSMITH -Newsagent HAY. HENRY R. GRANT 6, Castle-street J. FERRIS High town ILFRACOMBE. W. H. SMITH and SON.Railway Bookstall W. H. SMITH and SON la, High-street THOMAS SANDEY 38, Fore-street W. COOKE 13, Broad-street LLANDRINDOD WELLS. WYMAN and SONS, Ltd.Railway Bookstall W. H SMITH and SON Station-crescent HUGHES BROS. Middleton-street LLANWRTYD WELLS. WYMAN and SONS, Ltd.Railway Bookstall Miss WILLIAMS Newsagent LLANGAMMARCH WELLS. W. STEPHENS Post Office LLANIDLOES. W. H. SMITH and SON.Railway Bookstall J. ROGERS. Newsagent LLANSTEPHAN. W. LEWIS The Stores E. T. DAVIES. The Emporium LLANTWIT MAJOR. W. CUMMINGS West-street W. H. FISHER Bristol Hou3e MINEHEAD. COX, SONS, and CO., Ltd The Library MUMBLES. Mrs HOWELL Newsagent Mrs W. H. JONES. The Dunns Post Office M. TUCKER Dunns Mrs E. JOHN Newsagent MrsORRIN Post Office WILLIAMS Blackplll E. E. -ParvAe PORTHCAWL. D HUTCHINSON Newsagent Mrs J. J. THOMAS Newsagent RHAYADER. W. H. SMITH and SON.Railway Bookstall Jús E. PRICE North-street SENNYB RIDGE. DAVID DAVIES Newsagent SOUTHERNDOWN. J. Post Office TENBY. WYMAN and SONS. Ltd.Railway Bookstall W. H. SMITH and SON 15, Warren-street C. FARLEY 46, High-street J. E. ARNETT The Library WESTON-SUPER-MARE. WYMAN and SONS, Ltd.Railway Bookstall W. H. SMITH and SON Walliscote-road LAWRENCE BROS High-street W. LEVER and CO 21, Regent-street S. HALLETT Clarement P.O., near Pier B. JELLY In the same way that the resilience of the tyre pre- vents jolting when motor- ing, so does Redfern's Navy Rubber Heel when Walking. From Boot Repairers everywhere. Write for Booklet. Redfern's Robber Works, Hyde. The flavour and aroma of gravy made with osai Gravosal do credit to the be$t cook and the best tab I e. Jd.1 GlPaC JCtS SanrpU fret 0.. mentioning nam* aM add, us øfGrour to IINCOY TRADING 00 Cardiff PAINE'S BILLPOSTING SYNDI- CATE. i tji Aberdare, Hirwain, Mountain Ash, and District. Z. ANDREWS, Secretary. Oflim- 1015 NEW THEATRE, ABERDARE. I ^public llfltias. IRattonal pageant of Wales, OABDIJF, JULY 26th to AUGUST 7th. < » ———————————————— PERFORMANCES First Week, 2.30 p.m. Second Week, 7.30 p.m. Two Performances on Saturdays and Bank Holiday THRILLING EPI ODES Storming of the CastJe by 200 D.stinguished Footballers, including all the great W- Ish Internationals. Magnificent Fir^works^ Displays by Messrs Brock, of the Crystal Palace 5,000 PERFORMERS. BAND OF THE ROYAL MARINES. PRICES OF RESERVED SEATS, 2/6, 5/ 7/6, 10/6, ORDINARY ADMISSION, Booking Office Now Open, v A. W. SWASH, Hon. Secretary, Pageant House, Cardiff. -Bi.'Î11.:BI:æ5J:' Altbough 11 Skipper" Sardines might well be served to a king, their cost is very trifling. A 6d. tin is sufficient 0 for three or four persons. "Skipper" Sardines are about the most inexpensive luxury that you could place upon your table. "Skippers" have a charming flavour-quite different from all ordi- nary Sardines. Ask gently but firmly for "Skipper" Sardines. If your grocer does not stock them, send us his name I and address and enclose sixpence in stamps. We will post you a sample package of twenty fish post free. ANGUS WATSON & CO. (Dept.No.i), Newcastle-on-Tyne. "I.n.R. C —MM—iiiimwii tu«i»niii ii mi MEND YOUR OWN HARNESS Send for Llt. I Belts, Portmanteaus and goods of Leather, Sheet iron or fin with Patent BIFURCATED RIVETS, J No need to send out your Harness. Halters, Belts. Straps that con- stantly need repair. One job alone done by yourself will pay for the cost of the Rivets, besides saving of time in sending arid waiting. I From all Ironmotgers. or send 1/- for assorted Box and Hand Tool to BIFURCATED AND TUBULAR ROUT S » Co., Lit., Dept C.T. Warrington. Foreign stamps accepted from Colonial readers if your Storekeenar J 1 jogsilll_gtg £ lL_tfreTTi. | Hj ft N H ™ H J MB ^|J The Physician's I B S I L I k l S JH D I 4 R Gore for Goat, BPfo iBj Rheumatic Gout and Gravel. The Universal Remedy for Acidity of the Stomach, Headache, Heartburn, Indigestion, Safest and most Sour Eructations, Bilious Affootions. Effective Aperient for Begula.r U Be. DINN£fORD Beggar Use. MAGNESIA




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