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A LARGE STOCK OF CLARETS Of he celebrated Vintages 1868, 1870, now in splendid condition. The market price of these Vintages is rapidly rising, be Messrs DOBELL retain for the present their former rate CRUSTED PORTS Bottled and laid down by Messrs. DOBELL during the past 40 years. SOLE AGENCY FOR MR. MAX GREGER'S HUNGARIAN WINES. CARLOWITZ, •SUPPLIED ON THE "FLAGON SYSTEM. OLD LANDED BRANDI ES, OLD BONDED WHISKEYS, Detailed price lists forwarded post free on application. JOHN DOBELL AND Co., CHELTENHAM, TEWKESBURY, &c BRANCH OFFICES 9, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT. m LIFE AND FIRE INSURANCES AND GUARANTEES FOR THE FIDELITY OF PER SONS IN SITUATIONS OF TRUST. ARE EFFECTED BY MR. W. CHRISTOPHERS, MERLIN" OFFICE 15, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT. MON. 8 COMMERCIAL STREET, OPPOSITE THE WESTGATE HOTEL, NEWPORT. H. PEARMAN, PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, 11, COMMERCIAL STKFET, NEWPORT. PHYSICIANS' PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY DISPENSED. 12 12 w. E. VAUGHAN & CO'S STEAM DYEING, BLEACHING, AND SCOURING WORKS, 52, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. ALSO, CARDIFF, MERTHYR, SWANSEA, AND TENBY AGENT FOR USK—Messrs Jones and Powell, drapers, &c AGENT FOR BLAENAVON—Mr. J. Harris, draper, Londen AGE^TFOK BLAINA—Mrs. Collins, confectioner. AGENT FOR BBTNMAWB-Mrs. Hicks, milliner, &c., Beaufort-street. I28 (JRANSATLANTIC LINE NEW YORK. The General Transatlantic, Cos. MAIL STEAMERS, classed 100 Al at English Lloyds, LEAVE PLYMOUTH FOR NEW YORK D I B B C T, EVERY ALTERNATE SUNDAY. AT 7 A.M. tons. LABRADOR SANGLIER, F.R.N. 4,500 900 Nov. 11th FRANCE TRUDELLE, F.R.N. 4,500 900 Nov. 25th Average Passage 9.1 days. FARES FROM ANY RAILWAY STATION to New York Boston, or Philadelphia—Cabin 13, 1 t, and 21 ^Las;Intermediated 7s; STEERAGE £ 5 15s. ■Rodrlinir and mess utensils free. Apply to LUSCOMBF, BELLAMY, and Co., Plymouth. Agents wanted in all unrepresented Districts. 6 L1200 COND.ITIDl .,BALLSI of tlie'Fi,1,7, Boll*s Lij'e. Heral,l, Letters froin J ,cc,tt, j. Osborne, Rogers, H. lJoyce, J. aly. C. F. Boyce. Messrs. o b enclosed in ea-'h Packet. X.B.—') h* same Ingroduii; in form of Powders. 6 Balls, 3. 3 Balls. 1.$». I'owde.s, 2/6 Box. -—— TAYLOR'S COUCH POWDERS FOR HORSES.— IN- T FLUENZA, a Cure guaranteed iu 10 Days, hold by all Chemists in Boxes, 2/0 each. JOHN YOUNG, PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, 20, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT. Physicians' Prescriptions and Family Receipts care- fully Prepared. [8 *» The demand FOR wholesome* beverages induced the Importers upwards of 40 YEARS since, to supply the Public with Pure Tea. SHORNIM AN'S TEA. from its very reliable good quality J is PREFERRED; the Importers guarantee it perfectly pure. It is famous FOR possessing the J deticate aroma of the Spring gathering. Its great STREN GTH is due to extremely careful selection in China. The fine F L A V 0 R is very delicious. CHEAPNESS also is + secured by the Price being on Packets. *• w TTm?"\TTAT A \T>„ T » T A riT^XTTS w JR suuiidii J-M ,K ABBKGAVENKY Goaden XF.VVPOKT,Ei»MUNi)S.-Hieli- \V'Htkins,Hi«h-Bt. street ABEETILLEKY.Evans,chemist BOWMAN, 21, L anurth- t. LAKKSKy..Fhilpott A J PHILLIPS 92, Conmieirial CisDKBFORD.Cordwin,chen»ist street, chr.n>> t. CaicKHOWEi.L.. Christopher. J. Youso 10, HiKh-str. et CARDIFF..Kemick ,23,Duke K. SE\*Btl, stow Uill Ditto..Williams,Bute-street| Co-operative Society OH8PSTOW..GriiSths,bookseller, C. PAII-QF, chemist. Con COLEFOBD.. Williams.— Ho"°h | mercial-str( <1 O0WLAi8.,Bidge,173,Hi»h-st.iP0STYP00L "Wood ohM.. I LITDHBR.. Hathaway POSTYPR7I>D,.JAMES, clieniist MAINDEE, E.B.Jones, chemist RHTMNEY Davies, t']¡PU¡,-t MO!f"ouTB..Bowen.contMttoneRlsCA. Taylor, chemist NBWHHAM • Fryer, OMpw. i¥SK .Edwatdf, chemist L PERUVIAN GOVERNMENT GUANO. The Public are hereby informed that THE PERUVIAN GUANO COMPANY, LIMITED, 57, OLD BROAD STREET, LONDON, E.C., By the terms of their Contract, are the SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE Agents of the Supreme Govfirwnent of Peru for the importation of its Guano, which the PERUVIAN GUANO COMPANY, LIMITED, alone now receive direct from the Deposits, and sell GENUINE, WITHOUT CHEMICAL TREATMENT OR ADMIXTURE OF FOREIGN SUBSTANCES, no other persons, firms, or companies heing now the Agents of the Supreme Government of Peru. Depdts established in all parts of the United Kingdom are well provided with Stocks. The Guano being soln strictly upon analysis valuation of samples drawn by independent parties, viz., the Dock Companies, or sword weighers, consumers are certain that in buying the Guano imported by the PERUVIAN GUANO COMPANY, LIMITED, they have every guarantee of its genuineness and value. Every facility will be given for inspecting cargoes. Copy of Official Analysis of each Cargo, and further particulars may be obtained on application to W. A. RAU, Sole Agent of the Consignees for the Sales in the United Kingdom, 57, OLD BROAD STREET, LONDON,.E.C. The Guano imported by the PERUVIAN GUANO COMPANY, LIMITED, can likewise be obtained :— In Scotland. A. T 1 From Messrs. LAIRD & ADAMSON, From Messrs. ALEX. CROSS & SONS, Glasgow. ivetp £ 2, Adelaide Buildings. For G alto ay"I In Ireland. At Bristol Sligo >• From Mr. SEBASTIAN M. NOLAN, Gloucester ) JRROM Messrs. Fox, ROY & Co., Limerick) Head Offices, Tuam. Plymouth > Head Offices, Plym uth. For Cork, from Messrs. MACKENZIE & SONS, Limited. Falmouth °. F°r Londonderry } Fl-om Messrs- G" Heyn & SoNS- At Hull from Messrs. KEIGHLEY, MAXTED & Co. 1614 j At Newcastle-upon-Tyne, from Mr. J. CAMERON SWAN M I LLINEE Y. "WIHTE 1877- MRS. TADD begs to announce her return from London with some of the Latest Novelties in MILLINERY, &c., &c., and will be prepared to make her Principal SHOW for the Winter Season on and after WEDNESDAY, OCTORER 31st, when she respectfully solicits an early inspection. 5.5, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT. [1492 LORD TREDEGXR-S AGRICULTURAL SHOW, 1877. NOTICE TO FARMERS AND OTHERS. GHARLES D. PHILLIPS, FARMERS GENERAL SUPPLY STORES, NEWPORT, MON., HAS BEEN AWARDED '¡. 29 FIRST PRIZES, Including TEN THIS YEAR by various AGRICULTURAL SOCIETIES. J'ISIT HIS COMPLETE COLLECTION OF FIRST PRIZE ENGINES, FIRST PRIZE IMPLEMENTS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, CARTS, WATERPROOF COVERS, &c., &c., BY ALL LEADING MAKERS. AT THE TREDEGAR AGRICULTURAL SHOW, NOVEMBER 27, 28, 1877. Prices in strict accordance with Manufacturer's lowest reduced price lists. All Goods carriage paid to any station, and competent men sent oat to give and start, or repair p [798 Machinery. [798 j. s. STONE, DOCK STltEET WORKS, NEWPORT, MON. ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENG L AND. FIRST PRIZE PLOUGHS, HARROWS, CULTIVATORS, CHAFF CUTTERS, CORN CRUSHERS, TURNIP CUTTERS AND PULPERS. CARTS, WAGGONS, CARRIAGES, iLT RSDUOBD PRICES. CATALOGUES POST FREE ON APPLICATION. 23rd October, 1877. [1596 W. CHRISTOPHERS, PRINTER, BOOKSELLER. & STATIONER 15, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT. 2d. IN THE Is. DISCOUNT ^€Z> £ C -A- S H Off the PUBLISHED PRICE of all BOOKS. LEATHER AND FANCY GOODS FOR PRESENTS. BIBLES, CHURCH SERVICES, HYMN BOOKS. ARTISTS' COLOUR BOXES. CABINET MANUFACTURERS BY STEAM POWER. 'E'ha & MARYPORT LAV u up STREET, BRISTOL EIIT C ARE II THE LARGEST HCUSE FURNISHERS IN THE WEST OF ENGLAND, MUCH LOWER II PRICES THAI LGNDQH HOUSES. LARGE ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE, containing nearly 600 BEAUTIFUL ENGRAVINGS I TJ W of Furniture, with Prices of same, j GRATIS AND POST FREE on application. EVERY ARTICLE WARRANTED AND EXCHANGED IF NOT APPROVED. t g\ddrt$ St's. 3XT Q TIC B~ p MANUFACTURE OF SPOONS AND FORKS. Messrs. ELKINGTON & Co. MBM X> EG to announce that having succeeded in carrying out ELKINGTON WW several important improvements in the above Manufacture, they ELKINGTON (6* are now enabled to offer their guaranteed qualities at such prices as, ELKINGTON. while fully maintaining their high quality, Place them within the ELKINGTON, reach of all classes. REVISED ILLUSTRATED PRICE LISTS CAN BE HAD ON APPLICATION. ADDRESS-ELKINGTON & Co. LONDON—22, REGENT STREET, W. 42, MOOROATE STREET, E.C. LIVERPOOL-25, CHURCH STREET. MANCHESTER-ST. ANN'S SQUARE; or to the MANUFACTORY, NEWHALL STREET, BIRMINGHAM,! Or from Silversmiths and Tronmongers generally throughout the country. [1221 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. UNDER DISTINGUISHED PATRONAGE. T'VVO GRAND PERFORMANCES, Of the New and Sparkling Operetta "ROBIN HOOD," OR THE MERRIE MEN OF SHEEWOOD FOREST. ROYAL ALBERT HALL, NEWPORT. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4th. MORNING AT THREE. EVENING AT ETGHT. » — CARDIFF CHORAL SOCIETY FULL ORCHESTRAL BAND AND GRAND ORGAN, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS The Orchestra will consist of 1st and 2nd Violins, Violas, 'Cellas, Double Bass, Clarinettes. Flute, Bassoon, Obces, Trombone, Cornets, and Drums. FULL PARTICULARS IN DUB COURSE. 1101J JAMES EWINS WIND SON. In consequence of spurious imitations of LEA AND PERRINS' SA UCE, i which are calculated to deceive the Public, Lea and Perrins )M have adopted, A NEW LABEL, bearing their Signature, thus, e which is placed on every bottle of WORCESTERSHIRE SA UCE, and without which none is genuine. Sold Wholesale by the Proprietors, Worcester Crosse and Blackwell, London; iznd Export Oilmen generally. Retail, by dealers in sauces throughout the World. QUEENSLAND EMIGRATION. GAILINGS FROM GREAT BRITAIN. The next Ship, the Scottish Knight, will sail from -TO,01' ^0r Brisbane, Queensland, on the 21st November. Robert Lees, from London to Brisbane, lltli December. The Scottish Knight, from London to Rockhampton, 18th December. Female Domestic Servants free. Apply to the Local Agents: Mr. L. L. LEWIS, Briery Hill, Ebbw Vale; Mr. T GRIFFITHS, Beaufort House, Chepstow; Mr. WARD 141, Commercial-street, Newport; or to The AGENT-GENERAL for QUEENSLAND, 32, Charing Cross, London, S.W. L1226 THE SOUTH WALES COLLIERY COMPANY, (LIMITED), offer their superior HOUSE AND STEAM COALS at THE FOLLOWING PRICES FOR CASH. s. d. Per Ton, at their Wharf 9 6 i> delivered in the level part of the Town 10 ti Per Ton, at their Wharf 9 6 11 delivered in the level part of the Town 10 ti Extra for delivery on the higher parts of the Town and Neighbourhood, as agreed. Brush, Smith's, and Small Coal at prices to be agreed upon. CHARLES ASHWIN, Assistant Secretary. South Wales Colliery Co.'s Offices, at their Wharf, near the Old Dock, Newport, Mon. [lj0G X> II CK N 1 X FIRE OFFICE, Lombard-street and Charing Cross, London. Established 1782. Prompt and liberal Loss Settlements. Insurances effected n all parts of the wowld. (GEORGE WM. LoVELL i] Secietanes [ j0HN J. BROOMb'IELL> CD A' S3 SUN FIRE § AND LIFE I I OFFICES, 2= ? LONDON. p 1/irWH oo C/:J UJ ? Fire Insurances effected on almost every description oj Property. SUN LIFI4 ASSURANCE OFFICE. Low Rates of Premium for Young Lives, Large Cash Bonuses. SECOND EQUITABLE PERMANENT BE-NEIII BUILDING SOCIETY. Established at Bridgwater, 1852. Money advanced to any amount on Freehold or Lease- hold Property, repayable by Quarterly Instalments, and at a lower rate than that charged by any other office. For further particulars apply to the Agent of this District, CHARLES CULLUM, 19, Stow-hill, (opposite British Schools) Newport. [112 YILLIERS, ARTIST AND v PHOTOGRAPHER. I VILLIERS' CARTES DB VISITE TAKEN DAILY. V1LL1ERS' Guinea Portrait in Oil, the cheapest anv most permanent style of Portrait in England. vTILLIERS' FAMILY PORTRAITS ENLARGEI I FROM CARTES TO LIFE SIZE. VILLIERS' JEWEL MINIATURES. A variety of new specimens to be seen at S, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT I Machinery, Landscapes, Animals, Paintings, &c. Photographed. I PARIS HOUSE, 53, COMMERCIAL STREET. MADAME,—Having carefully selected for n lt-L the present Season the Newest and most Choice Sty lei in MILLINERY AND MANTLES, ALSO DRESS MATERIALS, I beg your early inspection of the above-mentioned. Thanking you for past favours and soliciting a continuance of the same. Yours, very obediently, M. E. CLARKE. All Orders carefully attended to. Ladies' own Material made up wliou required. The Ladies' Outfitting and Baby Linen Department still receives careful attention from the Misses CLARKE oc CROFTS. November 1st, 1877. r 1<316 PLANTING SEASON, 1877-S. C IV It B R I X G A R D E X S\ N EAR POKTNE WYDD STATION. A FIRST RATE COLLECTION of well trained and symmetrical FRUITING PYRAMID APPLES, PEARS, AND PLUMS. The best sorts grown, and in the finest possible health and condition, fit for immediate removal. A good assortment of hardy Evergreen. Coniferous and other Shrubs. Prices on application. 1520J R. CLARKE, Proprietor. BENSON'S WATCHES. Watch and Clock Maker to the Queeu and Royal Familv. and by special appointment to the Prince of" Wales and Emperor of Russia. Old Bond-street, and (Steam Factory), Lud- gate-hill, London. BENSON'S WATCHES of every descrip- tion, suitable for all climates, from £:! to 200 guineas. Chronographs, Chronometers, Keyless, Levers. Presentation, Repeaters, Railway Guards. Soldiers, and Workmen's Watches of extra strength. B~EXS0N'S ARTISTIC ENGLISH CLOCKS, decorated with Wedgwood anil other wares, designed to suit any style of architecture or furni- ture; also, as novelties for presents. Made solely by Benson. From .6.5 .5s. I'jNSONrslJAMPHhETS on TURRET 13 CLOCKS, Watches, Clocks. Plate, and Jewellery. Illustrated, sent post free each for two stainp=. Watches sent safe by post. Benson's new work, Time and Time rellel's," 2s. Gd.. 10<>3 1) it fit NEWPORT CREDIT ASSOCIATION, LIMITED Registered Oyices, 7, High-street, Neivport, Hon. MONEY ADVANCED ON LOAN, RE- payable by easy instalments. A low rate of interest c larged on security of an undeniable character. Advantageous rates of interest may be secured Deposits for specific periods. By Order. 161 >VM. i £ ST, Manager -P^O OOf to be advanced by the National Deposit Bank 16 and 17, Russell-street, orent Garden, Loudon, in sum> from < £ 10 to < £ -,000 for short or Jong periods to Clergy men, private Householders, Farmers, Graziers. Cierkr j Lcdging-house keepers, and Tradesmen, upon their ewr 1 security, without any kind of sureties. The strictesl P»va £ y guaranteed. If desired a gentleman direct frou the Bank wiil (all upon any responsible applicant i: j Lnglaud or Wales and advance the amount applied for Borrowers can also call or receive the money through tin post. Genuine proposals immediately attended to. ersonally, or prospectus forwarded. ersonally, or prospectus forwarded. [137» A. S. COCHRANE, Manager. L I gddttssfs. I CORDErS PERFUMERY LIST. I T. CORDEY BEGS to inform the Clergy, Nobility, and Gentry of Newport and surrounding neighbourhood, that he has made arrangements with most of the leading houses in Perfumes, to supply same at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. Eau de Cologne, the Genuine Johann Maria Farina Gegennberdem Julfch's Platz, 4oz. 2s 6d size for Is 7d. [ Boxes of 6—loz. size for 9s 31. Half-pint 3s 6d size flna\ for 2s 6d half-pint 7s 6d ditto, 5s. English Eau de Cologne's prepared by Rimmell Cleaver, and Whittaker, and Grossmith. RIMMELL'S PERFUMES.-Jockey Club, Wood Violet Ihlang Ihlang, Coffee Flower, Rondeletia, Moss Rose, White Rose, Patchouly, Millefleurs, Lily of the Valley, May Blossoms, New Mown Hay, Essence Bouquet, Sandal Vfood, Heliotrope, Frangipanni, 2s 6d size for Is Sd. Boxes of three bottles, 4s 6d Ss 6d size for 2s 4jd 4s Gd size for 28 lOtd. Assorted triple strength, Is 3d bottel for 9td. Mitcham Lavender Water, treble distilled, loz. Is bottle for 9d; 2oz. Is 6d bottle for Is Id; 3cz. 2s 6d bottle for Is Sd. Also a large assortment of other Lavender Waters too numerous to mention. Fancy Perfumed Sachets from 6d to 2s. Perfume Diffusers, white bone, Is 6d for Is Id. Cleaver's Noted White Rose and Jockey Club, extra triple strength, best quality, 3s Cd size for 2s 5td; 2s Od size for Is 5 £ d. Whittaker and Grossmith's assorted Perfumes, triple strength and finest quality, 2s 6d size for Is Sd Is 6d size for Is Id; Is size for 9d. Great reduction in Mrs Allen's Preparations, Hair Restorers, Washes, &c. Mrs Allen's Hair Restorer, 6s bottle for 3s 6d. Mrs Allen's ZylobMsum, 3s 6d bottle for 2a. The Mexican Hair Restorer, 3s 6d size for 2s. Bimmell's Australian Hair Wash, Is 6d size for Is Id. Bimmell's. Cleaver's, Whittaker's and Grossmith's extract of Lime Juice and Glycerine, Is 6d size bottle for Is Id; Is size, 9d 6d size, 4jd. Cleaver's Renowned American Bay Rhnm, Is 6d size for Is ljd Is size for 9d. RimmeTs, Cleaver's, Whittaker's and Grossmith's Rose and Rosemary Hair Washer, Is bottle for 9d. Rowland ilacassor Oil, 3s 6d bottle for 2s ljd. Toilet Vinegar. Rimmell' 2s 61 size for Is sa; Is 6d size for 9d. Cleaver's, Whittaker's and Grossmith's assorted Pomades for the hair, li bottle for 9d; 6d bottle for 4td. 6d barrels Fuller's Earth or Violet Powder for 4td. SOAPS.—A very large assortment of TOILET SOAP by tha Best Makers, at a great reduction, NOTE TH*fc ADDRESS :— T. CORDEY, 35, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT, MON. THE PLANTING SEASON. MESSRS. CRANSTOX & CO. beg to in- vite Gentlemen, Gardeners, Foresters, and all who are engaged in Planting, to inject their EXTENSIVE COLLECTION of TREES and PLANTS, cultivated for s:ile, in the various departments of the KING'S ACRE NURSERIES. NURSERY DEPARTME COMPRISES, FOREST TREES of all kinds, including very large breadths of transplanted Larch. Scotch, Spruce, Austrian Pines, Ash, Chestnut, Elm, Oak, Poplar, Thorns, &c., of every size suitable for transplanting. iRUIT TREES, a most unique collection (extending over 20 acres) of Apples, Pears. Plum-, Cherries, Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots, Vines, Ac., grown in every variety of form suitable for the Garden or Orchard. CONIFERS, EVERGREENS, and Ornamental Trees, a most complete collection. inc!u iing all the New and Rare Tries of recent introduction AMERICAN PLANTS, including all the finest varieties of hardy scarlet and other Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Kalmias. Arc.. &-c. PLANT DEPARTMENT. ROSES.—The largest collection i:l England, (see descrip- tive Catalogue.) CLIMBING and WALL PLANTS, GREENHOUSE PLANTS, comprising fine collections of Camellias, Azaleas, Ericns. Ferns, &c. BEDDING PLANTS, HERBACEOUS and ALPINE PLANTS. DUTCH FLOWER ROOTS, Imported, (see descrip. tive Catalogue) SEED DEPARTMENT. GARDEN and FLOWER SEEDS, (see descriptive Catalogue ) AGRICULTURAL SEEDS. (See descriptive Catalogue). GRASS SEEDS for Per- manent Pasture, Lawns, ite. Descriptive and Priced Catalogues will be forwarded Oil (lpp7ic.,fioIL To purchasers of large quantities of Trees or Plants, special quotations will be given. Cranston Nurseries, King's Acre, Hereford. [1574 EIGHT PER CENT. DEBENTURES. TSSCTL of .500 BONOS of £ 25 each, 1 forming part of a sum of £ iu/XK), which is a FIRST charge on the property of the NEWPORT ABERCARN l BLACK VEIX STEAM COAL COMPANY, (Limited,) price par, free of all charges. ,JH-°rd\D:u7 °f the Company consists of £ 130.000, which is FULLY SUBSCRIBED. ♦ nil. ^as been expended on the property the Colliery is fast approaching completion and is adapted for an output of 1,000 tons per day. Situated iu Monmouthshire and only 10 miles from Newport. An inspection of the property is invited. Applications for the Bonds to be made to Messrs. THACKERY and SAYCK. of Cardiff, Stockbrokei s, from whom every information can be obtained. ;1558 FRAMPTON'S PILL OF HEALTH, Price Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. per box. 1 This excellent Family Pill is a medicine ot lonK-tried efficacy for puriiyinsr the blood, so very essential for the foundation of Kood health or correcting all Disorders of Stomach and Bowels. Two or thro.- doses \» ill convince the afflicted of its j salutary effects. The stomach will speedily resrnin its strength, a healthy action of the iiver. bowels and kidneys will rapidly take place: and renewed health will be the quick result of taking tlIis medicine, according (U the directions accompany- jnir ";1('11 box. I'KKSOJS'S of » Vl'I.L HABIT, who are subject to head- ache, giddiness, drowsiness, and sinainir in the ears, arising from too treat a Slow of blood to the head, should never be ivithout them, sus many dangerous symptoms will be entirely carried oil" by ihere timely use. For FEMALES, the fills are excellent, removing all ob- structions, the distre-sins headache so very pre\alent with tlitk sex, depression of spnits, dulness of siiflit, nervous affections, blotches, pimples, and sallowness of the skin, and aive a healthy, p. veil lie bloom to the complexion To MOl'H Eitis, they are conlidently recommended as the best medicine tnat can be, taken, and lorcliildieii of ail afjes they are utn qutitcJ. These PIlls unite the recommendation of mild operation 1 with the most successful effect: and for elderly people, or where an occasional aperient is required, nothing can be better adapted. In consequence of the srreat and increaziuK demand, the Proprietor has obtained permission from Her Majesty's Commissioners to have the name ami address of THOMAS PROUT, STRAND, LONDON." Impressd upon the Government Stamp, affixed in each box sold by all Vendors cf Medicine [25i