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STUDY ECONOMY. BEEF MUTTON LAMB! T. ROBERTS, IBeat Purveyor to Her Majesty the QUEEN and H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. BBEF, price joints of the primest Ox-Beef at prices which defy competition. UTTTTON of the very finest quality at about half the usual prices. LAMB-Superior Canterbury Lamb equal to the best English, at popular prices. All Heat Guaranteed to give complete satis- faction. Try it and you will be pleased. 41 RAN ELAGH STREET (Corner of GRBAT CHARLOTTE STREET), BRANCHES—Liverpool: 84, Gxanby Street, j 194, Mill Street, UW, Smithdown Road. 284, Park Road ■OV, West Derby Road, 250, Park Road, ■OV, West Derby Road, 250, Park Road, ilf, Brunswick Road. 8, Park Road, IL, Myrtle Street, I 68. Berry Street, .4 Mill Street, Bootle-173, Strand Road. Birkenhead—11, Monk Street, 131, Grange Road, 430, Borough Road. fligher Tranmere-61 Church Road. ..aegrams-"Strloin," Liverpool. Telephone No. 22M. vote Orders delivered FREE within 6 mUes of the Exchange. TELEPHONE 5696. E. LEWIS & CO., BAZAAR, 113 4115, Great George Street, LIVERPOOL. The Cheapest House In the Trade For GENERAL DRAPERY & FURNISHING GOODS. Au Immense Variety of every Article requisite for Ladies and Children's Attire. CARPETS, LINOLEUMS & FLOOR- COVERINGS a Speciality. Hundreds of IRON and BRASS BEDSTEADS to select from. Prices from 10a. lid to 210. ESTIMATES FREE. Established over Half a Century. R. CLAMP & SON, ,0 ,it; Portmanteau, Bag aqd Trunk MANUFACTURERS. n,Z "} LIVERPOOL. li. L. V A N G RUISEN a s 27 & 29 B OLD-STRF.ET, Jjiverpool* TELEPHONE 2,282. 1ANOFORTE. AMERICAN ORGAN, AND HAR- MONIUM MANUFACTURERS. DLUTHNER pIANOS. gTKINWAY PIANOS. TTAPa pIANO WHOLESALE PRICES FOR OASHI Hire Purchase at a small percentage above cash prices., Old Instruments taken in Exchange. ,()OLLARD k COLLARD piANOS "DBOADWOOD piANOS ^GRINSMEAD piANOS SPECIAL DEPOT FOR THE WONDERFUL MUSTEL ORGANS. HEILARGEST SHOWROOMS IN THE KINGDOM REPAIRING DEPARTMENT. 4 large staff of first-class workmen employed under the pMnonal supervision of the Firm. Estimates Free. yAN QRUISEN & gON' 27 & 29 B OLD-STRBET LIVERPOOL. TELEPHONE 2,282. Rhwymir Llyfrau YN Y MODD DIWEDDARAF AO AM Y PRISIAU RHATAF JDqd ymofyn yn SWYDDFA'R CYMRO ,It Pellseinydd 7426 Central. 1 ■' I s.p Q R. Enillion Bychain Masnach gelaeth). KING & HEYWOOD, Ltd. (Morgan's Old Shop), ESTABLISHED OVER 50 YEARS FURNITURE, BEDSTEADS, BEDDING, CARPETS, OILCLOTH & LINOLEUMS, &e. GENERAL HOUSEHOLD DRAPERY. Best Value in the Trade. ,I We Furnish a House Complete—comprising Kitchen, Bedroom and Parlour for B15 15s. Oc. -the whole lot. Ask to see them. KING AND HEYWOOt) say that they sell a a lower price than any other Drapery and Furnishing Establishment in Liverpool. WHY ? 1st. Because they pay low rents as compared with other large Houses in Town. 2nd. Because they make their own goods; and last, but not least 3rd. Because thev do not sell on the Hire System, and have no speculative risks. £10 will go farther towards Furnishing at KING AND HE YWOO D'S than €15 in most Houses in town. CALL AND SEE FOR YOURSELVES AT THE STORES 129 to 143, SCOTLAND ROAD LIVERPOOL. Ring up Telephone No 6,228* SEND FOR CATALOGUE. BEATY BROs., ce™ TAILORS, GREAT SHOW FOR SPRING. Trousers /-NEWEST MSIONS IN-. Suits 8/6., 10/6.. -[ FANCY ^WORS^EDS, Y 31/6., 37/6., 13/ ^INDIGO BLUE SERGES 47/6. FAST BLACKS. VIOUNAS, Coats & Vests, T WORSTEDS, Suits, AND 28/6., 36/6. SERGES. J 42/ 52/6. Ready for Wear or to Measure same iprice. Patterns on Application. j 28&30, CHURCH STREET,) I lllCDDnnl 37 to 43, LONDON ROAD, jLlVLnrUULi — M. E. PLOWDEN, First-class Millinery Establishment,. 22 LAWRENCE ROAD, WAVERTREE. Latest London & Paris Fashions & Novelties at most reasonable prices. Gymry, dewsh at Gymraes. ROYAL WELSH LADIES CHOIR ON TOUR IN OCTOBER, 1899. I For vacant dates, apply E. LLOYD JONES, Stockton Heath, Warrington. 4,&0(1" 41 i4;lw JOHN M. EVANS, General Draper, ¡ 136, WAVERTREE ROAD, LIVERPOOL, Has a Large and Varied Stock of New Goods for the coming Season. Send for Patterns of onr New Prints. All Goods sent Carriage Paid. ENCOURAGE HOME INDUSTRIES. Real Welsh Flannels, Yarns, Blankets, Shirts and Shawls, a FRANCIS, 153 Street (»X&NK,), Liverpool, IT JM:.A.. -y BE That you will shortly require something suitable for presenting to fyour Wife, Self, or Friend, in the form of WATCHES, JEWELLERY, PLATE, &c, when the prudent thought of QUALITY AT THE LOWEST PRICE will be an item for consideration. BUT XDOISTT ZDEL-A-ir, i kindly inspect the present bargains, many of which cannot te repeated, thus S A. ^IWfj afeoub one HALF USUAL PRICES< DAVIES'S, 30, LOW HILL. f QLDFIELDS' JPLAN OF GMALL JPROFIT^ REVOLUTIONISED THft; JEWELLERY TRADE AND BUILT UP THEIR PRESENr GIGANTIC BUSINESS. OLDFIELD'S RESOURCES AS MANUFACTURING JEWELLERS AND DIA- MOND MERCHANTS ENABLE THEM TO OUT- DISTANCE ALL COMPETITOR*. IN "THE STATELY HOMES OF ENGLAND" OLD- FIELD'S NAME IS A HOUSEHOLD WORD. SYNONYMOUS WITH REFrNED TASTE, HIGH QUALITY AND SURPRISING CHEAPNESS. AS OLDFIELD'S NEVER DRESS THEIR WINDOWS, THEIR GOODS ARE ALWAYS IN THE PINK OF CONDITION—A REFRESHING CONTRAST TO GOODS WHICH HAVE DONE DUTY AS STANDING ADVERTISEMENTS IN DUSTY WINDOWS. QLDFIELDS', OLD POST OFFICE PLACE, "Q OFF CHURCH STREET, LIVERPOOL. RELIABLE PIPE TOBACCO, FRESH, SWEET AND CHEAP AT Walker's Tobacco Market, 53, Whitechapel, Liverpool. Price per 2 oz.11 lb. WILLIABf THE COKQUi-KOR- Sl(, A rich dark full flavour. Touches the cause no bite. Is box. OLD MONK. '"W VINtf {IwHUh u.iiu a coui Mj.okiug, I 111 El UUUIIJI. tobacco with a delicate] Q/1 hlfy flavour, suitable for all smokers it is perfect! for cigarettes.. A light Ame,rieg. it Usual price, GOLDEN FLAKE. ~7d 1/6 5d oz. S nUT Dill The only pipe tobacco that hasl A a nl/JjLrlll. the flavour of a flue Havana yj. 0/ | Cigar. HAND CDT VIRGINIA. 7jd. 5"- -American Flakel I Walker's Tobacco Market, 53, Whitechapel, LIVERPOOL., -_¥ ■ kifcAAift, Independent Order of lr Foreste'1. URD (FOUNDED, >1874). Incorporated by Act of Parliament (Canada) 52 Amended 59 Victoria (18%). Best Fraternal Society in Existence for Life Assurance. ITS UNEXAMPLED PROSPERITY. Table giving a bird's eye view of progress made by the Order since re organization in 1881:— At Total Surplu, in Death Ratet 31 Dec. Membership. British Cuireucy per 1,000. 1881 1,019 £ 938 14 10i 4.50 1882 1,134 609 16 111 11.00 1883 2,210 2,231 0 5f 4.73 1881 2,558 4,742 16 11 4.23 1885 3,642 6,12h 15 8i 7.76 1886 5,804 11,092 0 10| 4.85 1887 7,811 16,722 16 6j 5.78 I 1888 11,800 24,209 19 10? 6.43 I 1889 17,346 38.656 18 6| 5.85 I 1890 24,604 58,349 8 l\ 5.18 I 1891 32,303 83,999 12 9| 6.40 1892 43,024 119,300 18 10| 6.25 J 1893 54,484 176,477 13 7i 5.47 1894 70,055 244,431 19 111 5.47 | 1895 86,521 320,624 14 6| 5.67 f 1896 102,838 414,140 13 8 5.50 | 1897 124,685 543,334 0 0 5.56 j PEIIUfttS ONLY HALF ORDINARY RATES. SUMMARY OF I.O.F. INSURANCE BENEFITS. ecured at a less coat than in any other Society or Order 1. Mortuary Benefit of A 100, A200, £400, P.600, £800, tar zi,ooo. 2. Total and Permanent Disability Benefit of dMO, ZIW je200, R,300, Z400, or £500, in addition to relieving tfee Member flom all f, rther paynoeuts in the Order. 3, Old Age Benefit, premium paying ceasing at 70. 4. Old Age Disability Benefit. 6. Old ge Pension Benefit. 6. Sick Benefits of 12s. and 20s. per week. 7. Funeral Benefit, £ 10. For jurther information, literature, etc., apply to Head Office- ORONHYATEKHA.M-r)..I.P.,S.C.R.,Toronto,- OFFICE FOB U. S. A. OFFICE irom IRELAND—5, RoyaJ Avenue, BOUOO.. OFFICE FOR SCOTLAND—56, George Square, Glasgpw Chief Office for the United Kingdom- 24, CHARING CROSI, LONDON; S.W. J. MARSHALL, 8 D.S.C.R.. Manager for fch* .United Kingdom. Court Anfield of the above Order (mainly com posed of Welshmen) meet on the last Monday in eacfe month in the Tabernacle Mission Hall, Anfield Road:. For further particulars apply to H. MADOC JON." 296 Anfield Read.