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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



STUDY ECONOMY. BEEF MUTTON 11 LAMB! T. ROBERTS, Meat Purveyor to Her Majesty the QUEEN and H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. BEEF, priire joints of the primest Ox-Beef at prices which defy competition. STCTTTON of the very finest quality at about half the usual prices. LAMB-Superior Canterbury Lamb equal to the beat English, at popular prices. All Meat Guaranteed to give complete satis- faction. Try it and you will be pleased. 4:1, 'K-A.NICI.JAGI-H STREET (Corner of GRHAT CHAKLOTTK STRIBT), BRANOMa—Idverpool: M, Gr*nby Street, 194, Mill Street, ISO, Smlthdown Road. | 284, Park Eoad log, West Derby Road, 250, Park Road, IlT, Brunswick Road. 8, Park Road, II, Myrtle Street, I 53. Berry Street, 94 Mill Street, Bootle-173, Strand Road. Birkenhead—11, Monk Street, 131, Grange Road, 430. Borough RGad. Sigher Tranmere-51 Church Read. Sirloin, Liverpool. Telephone No. 2356. Orden delivered FREK within 3 miles of the Exchange. TELEPHONE 5696. E. LEWIS & CO., BAZAAR, 113 & 115, Great George Street, LIVERPOOL. The Cheapest House in the Trade For GENERAL DRAPERY & FURNISHING GOODS. Au Immense Variety of every Article requisite for Ladies and Children's Attire. CARPETS, LINOLEUMS & FLOOR- COVERINGS a Speciality. Hundreds of IRON and BRASS BEDSTEADS t) select from. Prices from 10s. lid to £10. ESTIMATES FREE. Established over Half a Century. R. CLAMP & SON, I Portipttaii, Bag aqd Trunk MANUFACTURERS. Z i LIVERPOOL Nit L. V A N G R U I S Ie N & SON. 27 & 29 BOLD-STREET, T IVERPOOL. TELEPHONE 2,282. lANOFOETE. AMERICAN ORGAN, AND RAB- MONIUM MANUFACTURERS. jgLUTHNER piANOS. gTEINWAY pIANOS. TTAPS PIANO WHOLESALE PRICES FOR CASH, Hire Purchase at a small percentage above cash prices. Old Instruments taken in Exchange. (I OLLAltD IT COLLARD piANOS g ROAD WOOD pIANOS JjBINSMEAD pIANOS SPECIAL DEPOT FOR THE WONDERFUL MUSTEL ORGANS. liE: LARGEST SHOWROOMS IN THE KINGDOM REPAIRING DEPARTMENT. a. large staff of Srst-class workmen employed under the forponal supervision of the Firm. Estianatea Free. N- L< yAN~GBUI8BW & SON 27 & 29 B OLD-STREET LIVERPOOL TELEPHONE 2,282. w fthwymir Llyfrau YN Y MODD DIWEDDARAF AO AM Y PRISIAU RHATAF Ond ymofyn yn SWYDDFA'R CYMRO, PeUseinydd 7426 Central. 1 V I CYMRO (TIlE WELSHMAN), <i- A National Newspaper for Welshmen at Home and Abroad, Btw*WaCr:FY NGWLAD, FY IAITH, FY NGHENEDL." I SHIF 472-CYF. X DYDD IAU, MFHEFIN 1, 1899. fPRIS CEINIOG S-JP QR. Mnillion Bychain Masnach Helaeth), KING & HEYWOOD, Ltd. (Morgan's Old Shop), ESTABLISHED OVER 50 YEARS FURNITURE, BEDSTEADS, BEDDING, CARPETS, OILCLOTH & LINOLEUMS, ke GENERAL HOUSEHOLD DRAPERY. Best Value in the Trade. We Furnish a House Complete—comprising Kitchen, Bedroom and Parlour for B15 15s. Oc. -the whole lot. Ask to see them. KING AND HEYWOOD say that they sell a a lower price than any other Drapery and Furnishing Establishment: in Liverpool. WHY? 1st. Because they pay low rents as compared with other large Houses in Town. 2nd. Because they make their own goods; and last, but not least 3rd. Because thev do not sell on the Hire System, and have no speculative risks. £ 10 will go farther towards Furnishing at KING AND HEYWOOD'S than £ 15 in most Houses in town. CALL AND SEE FOR YOURSELVES AT THE S.-P.Q^R,. STOiJES' 129 to 143, SCOTLAND ROAD LIVERPOOL. Ring up Telephone No 5,223s SEND FOR CATALOGUE. BEATY BROs., ceSSed TAILORS, FAST BLACKS. VICUNAS, Coats & Vests, f Suits, 28/6., 36/6. SESW 42/ 52/6. NEWEST DESIGNS JN Trousers f cheviots, 1 Suits 8/6., 10/6., -V FANCr^WORllEDS, J" 31/6., 37/6., 13/ VINDIGOBLUESEBGES J 4-7/6. AND 13/ INDIGOBLSERGES 4-7/6. Ready for Wear or to Measure same price. Patterns on Application. 28&30, CHURCH' STBEEtTi IWCDDnni 37 to 43, LONDON ROAD, j UVtnrUULi M. E. PLOWDEN, Firstclass Millinery Establishment,. 22 LAWRENCE ROAD, WAVERTREE. Latest London & Paris Fashions & Novelties a most reasonable prices. Gymry, dewe-i at Gymraes. OYAL WELSH LADIES CHOIR ON TOUR IN OCTOBER, 1899. For vacant dates, apply E. LLOYD JONES, Stockton Heath, Warrington. | vjl. # jp ■ i I i*1W-1 iW JOHN M. EVANS, General Draper, 136. WAVERTREE ROAD, LIVERPOOL, Has a Large and Varied Stock of ew Goods for the coming1 Season. Send for Patterns of onr New Priqts. All Goods sent Carriage Paid, j HUGHES & WILLIAMS Painters, Plumbers, Paperhangers, Gener House Repairs, 104* T.IIIRIMERE ROAD, EVERTOh Manufacturers of Venetian, Wire, and Art BUnd., Estimates given. Established 14 years Residence:—35, THE W ILLO WS. IT N/I -& BE That you will shortly require something suitable for presenting to your Wife, Self, or Friend, in the form of WATCHES, JEWELLERY, PLATE, &c, when the prudent thought of QUALITY AT THE LOWEST PRICE will be an item for consideration. BUT IDOHST'T IDEXj-A-Y, kindly inspect the present bargains, many oi wMok cannot be repeated, thus SlVTNf, aboub one HALF USUAL PRICES DAVIESS, 30 LOW HILL AN lJNPRECEDENTED Jj^EAT. CUSTOMERS WHOSE DIAMONDS ARE IMPERFECT. OR UNSKILFULLY CUT, CAN HAVE THEM EXAMINED.. RE-CUT, FLAWS OR MARKS TAKEN OUT, AND THE GEMS RE-SET IN THE MOST ARTISTIC MANNER, BY OLDFIELDS' STAFF OF EXPERTS.. WHO WILL PERFORM THE WHOLÉ, OF THE OPERATIONS IN THE CUS- TOMERS' PRESENCE. OLDFIELDS' IS THE ONLY ESTAB- LISHMENT IN THE WORLD WHICH POSSESSES THE PLANT AND SKILLED WORKMANSHIP REQUI- SITE TO CUT, POLISH. AND SET DIA- MONDS ON THE PREMISES. QLDFIELDS, OLD POST OFFICE PLACE, jyVERPOOI. RELIABLE PIPE TOBACCO, FRESH, SWEET AND CHEAP AT Walker's Tobacco Market 53, Whitechapel, Liverpool. Price per 2 oz.(1 lb. WILLIAflf THE CONQUER. Rl, A rich dark full flavour. Tenches the cause;] 02* no bite. Is box. I OLD PNK. A "1 Hid- 15/4 VINE* fiPAVfi1 A mild and cool smoking! I 1 111 El UlU/SCl. tobacco with a delicate! Q/l I K/tt flavour, suitable for all smokers it is perfects fU. Uje for cigarettes. I | GOLDKH FLAKE. A3 £ 'A";XS~7d. 4/6 £ d oz. SMTPR] The only pipe tobacco that has" Al A ni/Ullini* the flavour of a flee Havana yQ, Q/ Cigar. HAMD CDT YIljCIHIA. ATOtonlM. hi 5/- Walker's Tobacco market, 53, Whitechapel, LIVERPOOL. J. W. ROBERTS, Tcil1\\¡ 1.> ITmarferol, 6 West Derby Street, Liverpool. Siwtiau Busnes o 3Gs. Gwneir Dilladau o ddefnydd- au a brynir gan foneddwyr eu hunain am brisiac- rhesvmol. Llodran o 10s. 6c. D. R. JONES & CO., Pianoforte, Organ, Harmoniu and Music Sellers, 106, HOLT ROAD, LIVERPOOL Tuning and Repairing a Speciality, Music sent by Post cannot be exchanged Oedwir Stock helaeth o bob m ith o Offeryn Cerdd. PIANOS o 10a. 6ch. y mis ac uchod. AMERICAN ORGANS, 5s. y mia, &c. HARMONIUMS, 4a. y mis, Aft- Stock ragorol o'r Caneuon goreu-newydd a heiv ER COF AM MR T E ELLIS, A.S, Can newydd (Mr J H Roberta), Tenor neufsoprmo, Y ddau nodiant ar yr un copi. Pris Swllt. Dylai pob Cymro cenedlgarol ei meddu a'i chanu gjda theimlad gwefreiddiol."—Alaw Madog. CHAS. R. HALL, iENERAL LETTER CUTTER. & EIVGBAFI-E, 53 PARADISE STREET, LIVERPOOL MANUFACTURER OF BURNING BRANDS SIENCIE. PLATES, RUBBER STAMPS, BRASS PLATES, &cl C QE-SCLASURON CYJfPi.EIG. Pris air Ceiniog yr un. Triou y Post 4c, Y llyfrau rhataf yn yr iaith. Newydd eu cyhoedsoi l.-BARDD CWSG. (Tan Olygiacth EMRYS AP IWAN). 2.-LLYFR Y TRI ADERYN (Adargraphiad cyflawn o'r Argraphiad eyntaf), 3 AL UN: sef Barddoniaetfc Rydd JOHN BLACKWELL, Rhagymad?od £ gan IOLO j^AatiyARFoyr, -ARGRAPHU- 3 bob math, Cymraeg a Saesneg, yrs Swyddfa'r "Cmi(0," 8, Paradise Street, LIVERPOOL Tocynau, Rhagleni, Cyicblythyrau, Mur-Ien TaflenJ, Adroddiadau, Ystadegau, &c., &c.^ Ar fyr rybudd, Yn ddestlus,