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KEMPS HIGH-CLASS CASH TAILORING, -AT- 15, WHITECHAPEL, ■ • ■ ■ LIVERPOOL, AT MODERATE PRICES. SPECIALITE for Sprirtgand Summer 1902 INDIGO BLUE SERGE SUIT, TO ORDER A SPLENDID SUIT FOR BUSINESS 'WEAR. Waterproof OVERCOAT to order, 30s. MADE FROM THE NEW GREY VENETIAN, POROUS & SOFT. ALSO IN GREEN AND DRABS. Scotch Tweed Suit to order, 35s. UNDOUBTEDLY THE BEST SUIT IN LIVERPOOL. FIT, STYLE, & WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED. PATTERNS POST FREE. Mention the "CYMRO" when ordering. £100,000 Worth of Furnishing Goods AT THE LOWEST PRICES IN GREAT BRITAIN. FURNITURE, CARPETS, LINOLEUMS, FLOORCLOTHS, RUGS, MATS, end MATTINGS, BEDSTEADS and BEDDING, CURTAINS, CRETONNES, HOUSE- HOLD LINENS, IRONMONGERY, GLASS, CHINA, &c., &c. A House Completely Furnished in 24 Hours by RAY & MILES, 38 to 48, London Road, LIVERPOOL. Dyma'r Masnachdy j E. J r, GL AM DEILWRIAETH AT FESUR. Y Gwerth Goreu yn LerpwL Nwyddau Newyddion rhagorol am y Tymhor dyfodol. JOHN EVANS, 190 & 19!}, Windsor St., Telephone 62 Tox. LIVERPOOL. Messrs. CUMPSTY & SON, Dentists, 73, ISLINGTON, LIVERPOOL, tlflSH to draw the attention of the Public generally to their great improvement in the manufacture of DENTAL SUCTION PLATES, whereby the whole surface is made porous, thus enabling the wearer to retain the teeth firmer in the mouth, and with greater comfort than by the ordinary methods. Consultations Free. Painless Extractions. r- A Set of Teeth from 3s. a Tooth. ESTABLISHED 1860. R., CLAMP & SON, Portmanteau, Bag 4 Trunk MANUFACTURERS. 37,39,&41,DflLS8T,\Tjwpnftn] and 12, LORD IT.UllWpUUi. NEWBERY'S FURNITURE For all Classes. NEWBERY'S FURNITURE is well-made, Substantial, and Thoroughly Reliable. We believe in Honest Trading for ready money. If you want FURNITURE that will last, and CARPETS that will resist hard wear, we can offer you goods of Sterling Value at the Lowest Possible Prices. No HIRE SYSTEM. No CREDIT. ARTHUR NEWBERY, Ltd. House Furnishers 75 & 77 London Road LIVERPOOL FOR GOOD .VALUE] AND ECONOMY IN' TAILORING, TRY ADAM JONES, 71 Great Charlotte St LIVERPOOL Pull out Your Pipe Light up and think Is it worth your while to write on for a pair of my 8/6 or Twelve Bob Boots. I agree to return your money if they are not the finest value you have ever seen. < Arthur Evans, 5, London Rd., L'pool CYMRO CLAN GLOYW Ydyw KENRICK, y Teiliwr, 16i Renshaw Street. LERPWL. Gwarentir Style, Fit, a Nwyddau 81m, y Prisiaii mwyaf rhesymol. At Ein Cohebwyr. Beirniadaeth Alafon ar destya Cadair Eistedd- fod y Bala yn y rhifyn nesaf. Methodist.—Cwyna H Methodist" fod rhyw gam- drefn yn bodoli gyda Sasiwn y Sulgwyn. (a) Yr un pregethwyr a wahoddir bob blwyddyn, ac fod yr eglwysi wedi alaru arnynt. (b) Gorfodi pregethwyr i redeg ol a blaen o'r naill ben i'r ddinas i'r llall gyda'r trams, a rhai dros yr afon ddwywaith, nes y maent bron yn methu cael hamdden i gael tamaid o fwyd. Nis gall- wn hebgor gofod i'r llythyr maith.



Y Parch J J Jones, Bangor.

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