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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



I STUDY ECONOMY. ■ BEEF I MUTTON! I LAMB I I T. ROBERTS, ■ Mott Purveyor to Her Majesty the QUEEN H and H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, BIS133?, prime Joints of the priciest Ox-Bee* at prices which defy COBS petition BUTTON, of the very finest Quality at about half the usual prices Superior Canterbury Lamb equal to the best English at popular prices Ail Meat iiuaranteed to give complete s&tia- faction Try it and yon will be pleased. ■ 4,1, aIVE.XjiAgh street H (Corne;r of ( £ rsat CHAJt^oraii: Stsisi), B&asohh—Xaiverpool: M SMranby Street, 194, Mill Street, 110 imitMown Rosa 284, Park Boad 109 Wm( Derby Eoad, I 260, Park Road, 117 Brunswick Boad. 8, Park Road, II Myrtle Street, 58, Berry Street H 84 Mill Street, t Bootle—178, Strand Road S irkenhead—11, Monk Street, 131, Grange Road 430, Borough Road. sKSigher Tranmere—51 Church Road, *«legrams—"Sirloin,"Liverpool. Telephone itfo. SISJfiS Orders delivered fbbx within 6 miles of the Exchange | TELEPHONE 5696 I 8. LEWIS & CO., I BAZAAR, I 113 1115, Great George Street ■ LIVERPOOL. I Ilis Cheapest House In the Trade ■ Wof GENERAL DRAPERY & FURNISHING ■ GOODS. I 4n Immense Variety of every Article requtsit-a ■ for Ladles and Children's Attire. I CARPETS, LINOLEUMS & FLOOR- I COVERINGS a Speciality. I Hundreds of IRON and BRASS BEDSTEADS ■ to select from. Prices from 10s. lid to £ 10. I ESTIMATES FREE. I Established over Half a Century. I R. CLAMP & SON, I Portmanteau, Bag and Trunk MANUFACTURERS. «T, 39 & 41 DALE ST.,) |TrflflPAfM and 12 LORD ST ) IHlM{rUUll. Roill A Princes Park Registry (Established 1883). For FIRST-CLASS PROTESTANT SERVANTS only. Mrs. LOFGRIN, 6, Falkner Street, Hope Street, Liverpool. Telephone 0582 Edge Hill. G. EVANS Family Boot Maker, 158 WALTON BRECK RD., Liverpool. Gents' Hand-sewn Boots made to order. Repairs a Speciality. Established 1876. SLATES. THE BEST AND CHEAPEST FIRM FOR WELSH SLATES and DAMP COURSES. M. E. MORRIS, Slate Merchant, Penrhyndeudraeth. Apply for Prices Delivered at Destination. LIGHT. LIGHT. LIGHT. INCANDESCENT LIGHTS! Complete Light from 28 sea* to any part poet free for 28 3d Note the Address- The Central Incandescent Co., 11 GREAT GEORGE STREET, Liverpool. Bast Mantle, 4a gd per dozen post free. 1 y CYMRO (THE WELSHMAN), A National Newspaper for Welshmen at Home and Abroad. !trwafr: FY NGWLAD, FY IAITH, FY NGHENEDL." RHIF 571 -OYF. XI DFBD IAU. EBRILL 25, 1901. fPRIS CEINIOQ KEENORA SELF-RAISING FLOUR. mRS THWAITES, Principal International School of Cookery, Liverpool, admits that in the whole of her experience she has never vet had Self Raising Floi-ir that could be compared with 'Keenora.' She would reeommend every lady to try it for herself, and to note if Pastry, &c., made from Keenora is not superior in every way to that made from other brands. Try it and judge for yourself. I)on't be Tersuaded to take aDy other brand iintil you have tried Keenora. We aim to please you. We know if we do this we can depend on your patronage. Sold in 2d, 3d, 6d, and Is Bag throughout the Kingdom. Store who keep it!™ in Procurin^' Please us, and we will give you the address of nearest SOLE AGENTS- MORRIS & JONES, SIR THOMAS STREET, LIVERPOOL. NEW GOODS FOR SPRING. 37,« ?!'« iMarveUons 37/6 Suits 37/6 \\viv 37/6 Suits 37/6 J Value\ aXW3' IN ALL THE X K Leading Styles. Best in the Trade. \)\; lOi6 Trousers 10..6 vjw.10/6 Trousers 10\6 10/6 Trousers 106 LONDON RD.,} LIVERPOOL. BE BEAUTIFUL.. ■ ■ Nothing aids BEAUTY so much as BEAUTIFUL TEETH. Pearly Teeth ate very jewels No Face is Beautiful without! them. Between the lips of deauty. No Face can be Plain, if the Teedh are good. NEW DAINTY fjl "*71 fTl TT Fit for a ARTIFICIAL JL JCJI HI 1 XJL • DUCHESS to wear. 3s. to 21s. each According to quality of the Teeth and Setting. The higher-priced are set in Gold- These Teeth are not only BETTER, but also PRETTIER, than those supplied at double the price by Dentists in the West End of London. They are artistically arranged to Suit EVERT TYPE of FACE AND BeAtrrr, and are the result of 20 YEARS' EXPERIENCE and conscientious effort to produce a PERFECT TOOTH at a REASONABLE PRICE. Nitrous Oxide Gas administered when necessary. CONSULTATION FREE. Telephone 7892. Mr. W. JONES, (Late of High Street, Wavertree), PEMBROKE CHAMBERS, 13, PARKER STREET, Church Street, LIVERPOOL. Sieryd Mr Jones Gymraeg yn rhigil a chwi, y mae ei delerau yn rhesymol, tra y niae y llwyddiant fu amo yn y gorphenol yn bravrf o'i gymhwysder a'i fedrusrwydd. Parod ydyw bob amser i roi cynghor a chyfarwyddyd yn rhad ac am ddim. Da genym fod ffawd yn gwenu arno eisoes yn ei le newydd, ac foil llawer o Ogledd a Chanolbarth Cymru yn dyfod ato.—O'r Cymro, Hydref 25, 1900. TRY DWYRYD TEA Is 8d, 2s, 2s 2d, & 2s 4d In fIb, ilb, and lib Packet. DAVID JONES & CO., LIVERPOOL. —" TEGORRA 9 9 The BEST VALUE IN PACKET TEAS 2s, 2/6,2/8, & 3s per lb. In ilb, ilb, and lib* Packets. I 11 1, A. a iq 1 8 To be had of all Grocers and Tea Dealers. Wholesale only at DA YIES,SONS:& CO., Tea Merchants, 3 & 5, SCHOOL LANE, LIVERPOOL. ESTABLISHED 1834. FOR GENUINE VALUE, TRY W. J. ROBERTS, The "BUT" Drapery Establishment 144 Walton Breck Hoad, LIVERPOOL, Specialities:—Ladies' and Children's Underclothing, And Gentlemen's and Boys' Shirts made on premises. 40 Renshaw Street (Late 31 Mount Pleasant), LIVERPOOL. Mrs. M. C. McKEON, Hygienic Corset and Obstetric Belt Maker. Maker to the Royal Infirmary Hospital for Women Shaw Street; Royal Southern Hospital, & &c. LADIES' UNDERCLOTHING At Lowest Prices. WILLIAMS & HUGHES, LADIES' & GENTS' TAILORS, > 21, Brunswick Road, Liverpool. Mae genym bob math o'r Brethynau mwyaf Newyddioh at y Tymhor presenol. Dyma y lie i gael eich Dilladau Goreu am bris rhesymol. Telephone, 0578 Edge Hill. E. M. MILLICENT ET CIE., 19, LEECE STREET (Opposite St. Luke's Church), Wish to announce that they have now Opened the above premises as a JJIGH QLASS j^JILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT, AND HAVE A SPECIAL SHOW or PARISIAN AND j. WEST END MODELS AT MODERATE PRICES. INVITING YOUR INSPECTION- SPECTOLS A LLYGADWYDRAU.^1 Prynwch yn uniongyrchol oddiwrth y Gwneutharwyr, ga sicrhau Cyfaddasrwydd Peiffaith, a'r Pris Iaelaf. Prodi llygaid yn rbad, F. H. ARCHER, B.O. a arotoir meddyginiaeth i'r llygafd gyda chywirdeb. ARCHER AND SONS, Yr unlg Weithfa Gwydrau'Aur yn Lerpwl, LORD STREET, LIVERPOOL.