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= f,v w/ir r _>0. l That "Alone I did it" feeling is but one of the J jBW pleasures of making sten- I F cilled Government Linen 1 curtains, table-mats, table- ■■*■*■■■■■ cloths, counterpanes, screens, Send stamped and ad- etc. Further gratification is wXfonXwTo c°;, found in the fact that the sten- stencils at home. ciller gives expression t artistic feeling without drudgery. Those with originality will derive the greatest satisfaction; but others can beautify their homes no less successfully with designs based upon the decorative forms of well-known artists, or by the use of Japanese and other Stencils purchased cheaply ready made. MT Government Linen is still on tale at drapers everywhere it less than this wonderful cloth cost to make. Buy 36, 36 & 39 Inch '[he Cloth of Quality and a Hundred Uses. Leonard J, Martin. 93 H i ? h Holborn, London, W. C, 1 -í'='- -m'- r i ■— — Extreme Nervous Anaemia. Weak, Bloodless and Dyspeptic. Restored to Sound Health by Dr. Cassell's Tablets. Mrs Foster, of 20. TrafFord-sircet. Seiin- t:1O, Lincoln-1ire. -Jys :I'm ,,¡¡IOP Dr. I bad bet>n anaemic^ but about two year1' r ago I beclIne 0-0 i!eI'Íously ¡:¡ tha.t I reaDy t.hougJ¡t I IViliS going to die. There was no t'tren,gth in me at ail, a.nd how I dragged ü.bDut I dO:l't kno\v. '1 he <lIlM.mia ,l.¡',HI I)p- come 50 bad bat I ,0;(1 go absobtely white. The blood wmcd to leave my j vein.? entirely, and I looked just like a dead thing. After the^e attacks I simply I WILM I oo! lapsed. At a 1 time1 I was weak, and J IIIIL 1 .my digestion so feeble that ■everything 1 1 jfc$vg||aa| Salk I ate caused pain. I was a bundle of nen-fs, I too, afraid toO go to bed because I could not sleep, or if I did was sure to have tiigiht- i m.1.-Tç. I JrcaJijd beiDg Idt ;,llv 11 e'. :-I t:ad good medical advice, and was Jajt •-••jr always taking1 medicine, but I only ec^m^l (K" rrnYl rntrnn^m^amtm^ te get worse. till one day my little girl J Mrs. Fo st&H ( urged me to try Dr. Tablets. ——J t From thai time my health improved, and steadily I grew stronger. It was realy f wonderful how Dr. CassoU's Tab'et^ built me up. Now I feel twenty years younger and strong and well that I can d'o all my work without fatigue. > Dr. Cassell's f" Home Prices. J* FREE 1 3 ft 3 A CLJU1U' lo Information (the3i-sizebeing Tllf; Universal How lltmnht for as t0 the suit" the more eco- J ability of Dr. nomical). Sold Nervous Breakdown Kidney Trouble Cassell's Tablets by Chemists in Nffrve Paralysis Indigestion in your case sent in all parts of ihe Neuritis. Wasting Diseases en request. Dr. world. Ask for Neuraithenia Palpitation Cassell'sCo.Ltd, Dr. Cassell's Sleeplessness Vital Kxhaustion Chester Road, Tablets and re- Anaemia Nervous Debility Manchester, fuse substitutes Specially valuable for Nursing Mothers England. » ————— and during1 ths Critical Periods of Life. jjj J j U iFURNSTURE of QUALITY 1 AT REASONABLE PRICES. | IEASY PAYMENTS ^lscS| SI We are keen to have you come into our Showrooms and see our jj= WH ^ne selection of furniture because we can then prove to you the a fg- high quality of every piece of furniture we sell, and convince T u that our values are the best obtainable. SI E £ Our furniture is distinctive in style; it is made of sound materials r If: by men who put their best craftmanship into all they make, f| 1 The generous nature of our easy payment system is a feature which attracts every prudent buyer who are about to furnish ¡ EH refurnish, or making additions to their rooms. §5 I EARLY CLOSING SATURDAYS. I O'CLOCK; I | 83 I OTHER DAYS 7 O'CLOCK. j 1 IftLOBE FURNISHING C R. GRANT, Proprietor) g I PEMBROKE PLACE, LIVERPOOL. 1 'lilülWnUI+;i+N-IIoHII1Utllli I MTt Why is it unlucky to cross knives? In days of old it was customary, as a sign of good faith, for the guests when lunching to place their short side- daggers on the table. If by any chance the daggers f. became crossed it was a challenge to combat. From this ancient custom is descended the now homely and harmless superstition that it is unlucky to cross the knives. But it is really far more unlucky to be without mustard, because your food becomes » daggers drawn with your digestion. Mustard is a necessity if the food eaten is tc yield the greatest sustenance and nourishment. t folmans »■ Mustard A,







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