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I CHATS ON NEWS- PAPER HISTORY II 1. The Journal ef III years ago gk l8o8. /^VVER one hundred and eleven years ago Mr. Thomas Kaye issued the prospectus fwtg of a new paper, "The Liverpool 1 jBk//—"7 Courier." In that prospectus issued, you see, at I a time when home and foreign conditions were analogeus to those of to-day, he said :— << IT VERY man without flattery, and censure without r. who has the civility or fear; to give hia humble ■■ least stake in sanction to useful measures, and to join ? WW jJLl, his country's welfare, with his patriotic contemporaries in curb- I to be, jmusi pnier warmlv in- ing the struggles of faction, he feels to be, I to its interests and, though difficult, yet essential parts of his t. if not blinded by party duty to the public, and from which, he r raox and perverted by political tanatic- trusts, he shall never shrink. Equally ism, will heartily co-operate in those opposed to intolerance and to anarchy, measures which tend to maintain its he shall be proud if any attempts of his dignity, and preserve its independence. fce successful enough to lead his readers more highly to estimate that mild and "Serious, however, as are the affairs paternal government which so fully of Europe, they are not so distressing to fecures f tl 0m botJ: and more carefully reflection/as the divided state of politics t0 §^rd aSainsl lhose delusions which, at home. Britain, at one with herself, woul.d 3teal °ur grfat rea 3 is invulnerable to her enemies, in her pnv.leges, under the frail pretence of resources equal ta her wants, and in her granting others, greater and more » 1 4 T. valuable. energies equal to her contents. It is 1 therefore, sincerely to be lamented, that Such are the general sentiments of i at the time when unan.m.ty is most the Publisher; and he believes, also, the pressingly required to employ those sentiments of I the greater part of his resources, and to d.rect those energies. enlightened countrymen. faction should divide our councils, and ° J the rancour of opposition disturb the His object is to present his readers 1 operations of patriotic virtue. with a newspaper conducted on constitu- f tional principles correct in its informa- • There are critical periods in the tion loyal and liberal in its political I history at empires, when every thought strictures; marc calculated to excite con- L should be absorbed in the public safety, hdence, by a candid construction of pub- and in wluch division is discomfiture. lie measures, than to produce alarm and I Under existing circumstances a cold despondency by the gloom of disappoint neutrality is impracticable in itself. In merit, and the barkings of suspicion. many cases it is criminal and in the opinion of the writer, in the present To the judgment of the Public it would imply a forfeiture of principle, of will now be left to determine how far 1 which, he trusts, he shall never be the LIVERPOOL COURIER may suspected. be found worthy of its support. The Publisher has only to say, that as it is "Taking a part at once decided and his ambition to render it worthy of independent, he will not, for that reason patronage so far as a zealous assiduity have the less claim to impartiality and can sicure the object, in that at least, candour. To adminster commendation he will not be found deficient." CIRCUMSTANCES and methods may change prin- ciples never. The sound righteous principles enun- v I ciated in that prospectus over a century and a decade ago are sound and righteous to-day. And as they guided the "LIVERPOOL COURIER" in 1808, they guide it now. As the Liverpool Courier" was abreast of the times in 1808, so it is renowned for being thoroughly up-to-date in 1919. It was r vigorous then it is more vigorous to-day. [I libfrpcrl (Homier Ii I FIRST IN 1808 FIRST IN 1919 —— n 0 If- HIGH-GRADE 1 PLOUGHS NEW PATTERN 2-3-FURROW CONVERTIBLE SELF- T LIFT, WITH COMBINED DISC AND SKIM COULTERS. A TREMENDOUS SUCCESS! § Jt JOIIII gamin J$odtti F ?I AGRICULTURAL SHOW j lEI IMPLEMENT j AWARDED THE J SIGHTS SUA PEDAL _.=:l' ANOTHER COCKSHUTT SUCCESS!—Awarded the Silver Medal (hiahest award) at the Royal Society of Dublin Show atter demonstration before the judges.—June, 1919. The Best Plough yet made for Tractor work R. A. LISTER & CO. LTD., DURSLEY, 6L0S. DUBSLEY. (ESTABLISHED 1867.) BUBSLEY. p—^————^ j. FOR ECONOMICAL FEEDING 'NEUFEED' Meal | A Genuine Food NOT a Condiment. ALL ANiMALS LIKE IT. Contains only PURE CORN PRODUCTS AND MOLASSES, ASK YOUR DEALER FOR IT. j North Wales Agent- j MADE BY- Mr. WALTER P. LEWIS, W. S. H. BEVIN & Co. Ltd., IDEAL MILLS. j MEN A) BRIDGE. t LIVERPOOL. WILLIS SHAW, "The Paragon," LLANGEFNI. TAILORING! TAILORING!! Galwch yn ddioed i gael eich Mesur am Siwt i'ch Ffittio, a bod yn hwylus, gan fod pob order' yn J cael sylw personal y perchenog. f: "Y PARAGON," LLANGEFNI. t GENTS' AND BOYS' OUTFITTER. < POWDWR CEFFYLAU. 4 S am gael golwg godidog ar y Wodd"- ,.J. í rhoddwrh iddynt JONES' ALTERATIVE CONDITION POWDER, it»OWDWR CEFFYLAU. < Mae hwn yn anffaeledig at y Toatcr, | Coosau Chwyddedig, a phob Anhwyldeb j or y Coflylau. l'i RHODDWCH BRAWF ARNO! ir iad Powder, Is 9c y pwys; Balls, 5c | J'r un, 5s 6c y dwsju. Gwneir i fyny hefyd eich Receipts eioh bunam yn ofalus a chyda'r cyfieriau t'oreu. I'w cael yn unjg gan R. R. JONES. M.P.S., Veterinary Chemist. LLANGEFNI ac AMLWCH. GEILW PETER JONES, PENRHOS HOUSE, GWALCHMAI, Iylw AInaethwyr Mon at ei fod yn prynnu ANI pob math o | *nIF £ iUAID MEIRW. I YDD j>j Llangefr.i ddydd Iau, oc y t-iuaad DrefoJ,). a -I., « ¡, f ASK ANY m USER of the Lister Cream Separator, and he win HHH1 tell you of the satisfac- tion it gives. The reason Is that Iti XS Design is right. th, Jill Materials and Work; J] HI manship the very fines] Jf Wk. -nothing to go wrong- The Made In Six Sizes. ■ I^TETD with capacities from I I ti to 80 Gallons. ■ Cream Separator can be delivered from stock. Write for Catalogue and name oi nearest Agent, to R. A. LISTER & Co. LTD. DURSLEY, Glos. VAUGHAN & JONES, (Diweddar HAMILTON & JONES), Apothecaries' Hall, BANGOR. Ein gwaith ni- Profi'r golwg a ffitio gwydrau. Eich dyledswydd chwi— Manteisio ar hyn heddyw.

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