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Established 1851. MESSRS WM. DEW & SON AND R. ARTHUR JONES h AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, SURVEYORS. TIMBER VALUERS, .Etc. Canton Building's, Bangor, Tel. Is. The Estate Office, Conway, Tel. 29. Tho Estate Office, Llanrwat. Tea. 9. Telegrams: "DEWSON." PROPRIETORS OF CONWAY CATTLE MART (CARNARVONSHIRE). LLANRWST SMITHFIELD. ,I,D. (DENBIGHSHIRE). LLANERCHYMEDD AND GAERWEN SMITHFIELDS, ANGLESEY. MESSRS WM. JJEW and SON and R. ARTHUR JONES, F.A.I., under- take the Sale of Country Estates, Town and Country Properties, Ground Rents, Contents of Mansions and Private Resi- dences, Trade Stocks and Plant. Live and Dead Farming Stock, Probate, Tenant Rights, and Trade Valuations. Preliminary Announcement. G. H1 MINISTRY OF MUNITIONS. KINGSBRIDGE CAMP, BEAUMARIS. KESSRS WM. DEW and SON and R. ARTHUR JONES have been instructed to SELL by PUBLIC AUC- TION at the CAMP, as above, at an early date, a large quantity of valuable CAMP EQUIPMENT AND FURNITURE, now lying at this Camp, and including:- 1000 Blankets, 330 Pillow and Bolster Caaes, 169 Sheets, 55 Combination Bed- steads, 56 Mattresses, 456 F.S. Bedsteads, ™ ,^re Buckets, 84 yards of Leather Uoth. 75 square yards of Linoleum, 42 Camp Lockers, 29 Hanging Mirrors, 131 Towels, 134 Iron Treaties, 130 Forms I (oft.), 30 Galvanised Caas, Scrubbing Brushes, Mops, Brooms, Arm Chairs Wicker Chairs, 6ft. and 4ft. Tables, Lamps, Sieves, Baking Tins and Diabce, and a large assortment of Culinary Uten- sils, etc., etc., TO BE OFFERED IN LOTS TO SUIT SMALL BUYERS. On View day prior to Sale. Catalogues may be obtained from the Auctioneers, at their Offices, Bangor and Conway. Further particulars may be obtained Irom the Controller, Furniture Section, Ministry of Munitions, Disposal Board, 18 Queen Anne s Gate, Westminster, S.W. 1. Preliminary Notice. NORTH WALES. LLANFAIRFECHAN. JVfSSSRS WM DEW and SON and f R- ARTHUR JONES have been lavoured with instructions from Sir Alff^rroN t" to ^LL\ by PUBLIC AUCTION, at an early date (unless pre- viously disposed of by Private Treaty) the singularly attractive, pleasantly situated Residential Property known as BRYN CELYN, comprising the substantially built Resi- x dence, Gardens, and Grounds, situate withiu convenient distanco of the Town and L. and N.-W. Railway Station at Llan- laarfechan. For all further particulars, apply to the Auctioneers, at their Offices, Bangor and U)nway. LLANRWST SMITHFIELD. SPECIAL CHRISTMAS MARKET. THURSDAY, DEC. 18th. 1919. GRADING of FAT CATTLE and STORE SRI°LE COWS Auctioneers' Ofhee, Conway and Llan- MONDAY DECELMBER 29th, 1919. GAERWEN SMITHFIELD. Grading at 11 a.m. IWclock* received for Grading after SPECIAL SALE OF DAIRY COW^ ^CALFHmFERS, STORK CArSS SHEEP and LAMBS. Etc. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 30th, 1919 CONWAY CATTLE MART. Grading at 11 a m. No Stock received for Grading after the above time. SPECIAL SALE OF DAIRY COW^ CALF HEIFERS STORE CATTLE,' SHEEP and LAMBS. Etc. DAVID JONES & Co., RHOSGOCII SMITHFIELD. OPECTAL CHRISTMAS GRADING 0 and SALE for CHRISTMAS. FRIDAY, DEC. 19th. r. ^•1B~Stoclf intended for Grading can- not be accepto i after 10 a.m. A splendid Spring Oar, brand new. to M™7!, slutabio Farmers, Flour Airff!" t ';U-, WI" be by Public Auction at 1 weive noon. Preliminary Announcement. "jlJESSRS DAVID JONES and CO o A r T, aV0 lnstructed to offer for I UBLIC AUCTION, at Z A VERY- DESIRABLE HOLDING OF 6 ACRES. JuS CmWR HOUSE, etc.. as well ItHYD ^.1 ^tuated at PEN- TV fAii Wlth;ri a mile of the own of Amlwch. with T^al 11 •Tc"cment of about 4 Acres, with Dwelling-house, etc.. known as TAI ISAF, GADFA, PENYSARN. A compact Holding of 6 Acres, with I'lu^HO^Bot' k°°W° M Y^MECHELLM °f 12 Acros at MYN" of sfle'1 wrmrt1Culars of abovG. with date 50 Mona af1,lc>Uiloed next week. h(30, Mona-street, Amlwch, and Holy- ESTABLISHED 1853. JOHN PRITCHARD AND CO. (Parker MacKenzie, F.A.I.) AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, HOUSE, LAND, AND ESTATE AGENTS. Head Office: BANK CHAMBERS, BANGOR. Branch Office: Llangefni every Thursday. Telephone 47, Bangor. PROPRIETORS OF THE MENAI BIHDGE, VALLEY, AND LLANERCHYMEDD AUCTION LLANERCHYMEDD AUCTION MARTS. MR JOHN PRITCHARD is also the duly appointed \aiuer for the Justices of Carnarvon in all Licensing Compensation Cos. by Auction of Landed ES- °.wn and Country Properties, PrfwS,^qUIPment of Wansiona and »«h »aBl;rne" »"»•' E.i.lw"0'!? P"3"1*1'? conducted of Real « £ ci" S,e* Pub"°AMi™ <» «■ — Land Valuations, Probate, I'arm Valuations on Change of Tenancy, Timber, Hotel and Trade Valua- tions in any part of the country. Estates managed and Rents collected. Inventories carefully made and checked. CHRISTMAS GRADING. iSSAv 15th: VALLEY. MEDD' 16th: LJ'ANEK°HY- DEC- I7U,: menai Grading at TEN a.m. Mo Grading Christmas Week by Order. Preliminary Notice. ^T to FARMERS, CON- ^tmisWaAY AND STRAW JOHN PRITCHARD & CO beg to announce that they are now pre- a ™ost important SALE by PFT?N?on HALL, LLAN^ GEI NI, in JANUARY next, of about 200 STACKS of HAY and STRAW (1919 and 1918), situate in the County of Anglesey. Catalogues preparing, giving the dimen. sions, and also the situation of each lot. Arrangements will be made with the owners to show intending purchasers the respective lots. Entry Forms, with Conditions of Sale, forwarded on application to the Auetion- eers, Bangor. Cp"Y OF BANGOR. (TO CLOSE A TRUST.) IMPORTANT SALE "of the FULLY LIUENSED FREEHOLD PREMISES known as the RAILWAY VAULTS. JOHN PRITCHARD & CO. riX7nON:R F0^ SAPE BY PUBLIC T A ivTVr Premises, early in JANUARY, 1920, the above well-known ijioensod Premises, with possession on oompJetion. Further Particulars may be obtained of Mr Tliomton Jones, Solicitor, or the Auc- taonoers, all of Bangor. -T si-Pt WILLIAM HUCHM. SMIITIFIELD. BODORGAN. SPECIAL GRADING for CHRISTMAS: FRIDAY, DEC. 19th. Grading Ten a.m.; Sale of Dairy Cows Store Cattle, Breeding Ewos and Rams to commence at Two p.m. prompt. Furtber Entries invited. 8, BRIDGE-STREET, LLANGEFNI. ]i|"R WILLIAM HUGHES has been by fcho Exeoutrix under SFr T 1 °m m Tblk' Mr Hllis Jones to .SELL by PL15LIC AUCTION, at the 1 re-misos. MILL-STREET' nn IHURSDAY; JANUARY 1st, the'whole of tiie OL1DOUH EFFECTS, oompris- ing. A splendid covered Baker's Van very useful (Jar, Set of Harness, Obatf- cuttor. Barrow Handcart. Patent Chain likx-.k. largo slate Uistom, Sack Truck, Co rugated. Iron. Hay Shed. Plg Troughs u.ini numoroiLs o>tber articles. Sale to cx>n«nehoe 1.30 i>ronipt. TOWN OF LLANGEFNI. THURSDAY. JANUARY 8th. at 2.30. IVT11 vi' .HUGHF;S has been favoured r" w'th instructions to SELL bv PT7B- h u th° Vesy dcsirabJe Free- hold Dwelling houses, etc., known aa WIGAN HOUSE, WIGAN VILLA, and DOLWAR. Full particulars in future issues, or in the meantime of J. Lloyd Edwards, Esq. solicitor, Bangor, tho Auctioneer Bod- organ. Also seven Dwelling-Houses in the Vil- lago of Bodffordd. Particulars in due course. 0. DAFARN NEWYDDTTLANGRIStT IOLUS. Important to Graziers and others \J R ^IL1^IAM HUGHES i, instruct- .r' Mr Samu-d^'hoinii.- to LET by PUBLIC AUCTION, at an early date 5i° fxl!iES oi ^ro<>,J ACCOMMODA: iiltS LAND, in oonvomotit lots. ROBERT & ROGERS JONES. LLANGEFNI SMITHFIELD. l^TESSRS ROBERI and ROGERS Jonei will hold their NEXT SAT K On MONDAY. DECEMBER 29th 1919 FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. RHOSMEIRCH, Near LLANGEFNI. -7- C<MALL Freehold Tenement, with im- mediate jxissession, PENTERFYN about 11 i Acres, small Cottage, suitable Outbuildings, and excellent Land all late in occupation of Mr Evan Jones ;Vn?V^-W0 called LLAIN- t t adJ°lninff Penterfyn.—Apply J. o. Launo, Solicitor, Llitngcfiii. rytO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, Valley-road, Llanfair- feohan, Freohold Cottage caljed Myrtle Grove, contammg nice Sitting-room with bay window, two Kitchens, Yard three Bedrooms, and12 W.C.'s; small Garden in front; immediate poiascssion. J. S. lAurie, BoiIi ci tor. Llangofni. IX-ROOMED HOUSE with large Gar- den, Cooch house and Stable, in the Village of Bododorn. — Particulars from David Jones and Co.. Auctioneers, IIoly- naad. H. T. 8£ GRADING STATIONS. TY CROES. TUESDAY, DEC. 30th. 1919. Grading at Ten sharD as per strict in. structions. Short Notice of Sale. FRONDEG, LLANGOED Sale of alua.bie and Antique 1 uniiture, t «te.: Joiner's and Smithy Tools. ]%/TESSRS H. T. OWEN and SON have iT1 been instructed bv Mrs Duncan to SELL by PUbLIC AUCTION, at the above, on MONDAY NEXT, DECEM- BER 22nd. 1919;- Glass Cupboard, Oak and Mahogany inlaid, 300 years o-id-, Ma- hogany Round Table, Couch and Kitohen Chains, Eight-day Clock, Hall Umbrella Stand, Mahogany In!aid Cabinet, oil paintings, Parlour Suite, two Black Oak Antique Chairs, Marble Round Table, (Jieffforuor. three Mahogany Telescope Dining Table, Carpets, Fire Irons. Ma- hogany Rocking. Single, and Ann Oha.irs Pien;glaas<\s. Ornaments, quantity of Brass L" Articles, Old-fashioned China and Crock- ery. Iron and Bra.s Bedsteads and Bed- ding, Droning and Waging Tables and, Wardrobe. Iiedroam Uha.irs. Book- and Books. Mirrors, Carpet and Oil- cloths, Pictures, Lenders and Brasses, Towol Rails, many other va.luablc Furni- ture, eitc., too numerous to mention Gar. don Tools, Large quantity of Joiner's and Snuthy Tools, etc., etc. I Sale at 11 o'clock sha.rp. FROGWY BACH, 17LANG WYLLOG. LETTING OF RICH GRAZING LAND. "1/TESSRS H. T. OWEN and SON have -^TJL boon favoured vvitii instructions from R. H. Williams, Esq., to LET about 100 Acres of RICH GRAZING LAND, 40 Acres being Manured with Farmyard Manure this Season, with plentiful River Water, good Fencing, and the Land is in excellent condition, aJI the feeding being carried on to the land for years, 011 FTll- DAY, JANUARY 2nd, 1920, at 1 p.m. CYNGOR SIROL MON. AT GREFFTWYR Y SIR. riAN fod y Cyngor Sir yn bwriadu ar iyrdor adeiladu ar Fan-ddaliadau ac yrngymcryd ag adgyweirio AdciLadau inewia gwahanol rarmau o'r air, bydd yn fanitenaol eael rhestr o enwa'u creffitwyr prohadoll ar gyfor y gwaith. Gwahoddir y cyfryw gretttwyr, mm eu Hunctobau, i anfon manyhon 1'r cyfeiriad isod, yn ddi- oad, aef enw a ahyferriad, pa greft't ydynt, ar anciaj neu yr ardaloodd y maent wedi arter neu yn dymuno gweithio ynddynt. Nï cdyga y rhostriad hwn unrhyw j-wym- edigaeth ar y naill ochr na'r Mail. F. J. MATHEa, Small Holdings Ai-cliiteot. Shire Hall, Llangefni. PLAS COCH ESTATE. LADY 1. HUG IffiS-HGNTEH.. of Plas Coch, Llanfaixpwli, AngWy, wisdias it -known she does not now employ an Agent. 1 All communications respocbng her Estate should be addressed to her as above with Pr-ol)(uty" in capital letters on left band top corner of the envelop Any romitiance should be sent direct to the manager of the London Joint City and Midland Bank, Bangor, to be placed to her acoount. SEION (A.), RHOSGOCH CYF ARFOD CYSTADLEUOL. a gyn- 1?^ NOS CALAN, IONAWR laf, 1 arti 0 Ddeuddeg, gwobr £ 1 10s Podwarawd, gwobr 10s; Dcuawd, gwobr or*' ,Ln!l'wd' gwobr laf £ 2 2s, ail £ 1 Is &wobjr laf £ 1 Is. ail 10s 6c V^r holl destynau yn agored i'r byd. Gellir cael Rhestr o r Testynau ond anfon i'r ysgnfennydd, Hugh Parry, Clegyrog Bkus Rhosgooh. TENDERS. rriENDERS are invited for the RE- -*■ BUILDING of 68 and 70, MARKET STREET, and COTTAGE in MOUNT PLEASANT STREET, in HOLYHEAD. Plan.i and particulars may be obtained on application to the Architect. No guarantee is given that the lowest or any lender will be accepted. RICHARD HALL, F.R.I.B.A., Masonic Chambers, Bangor, and 4, Stanley Street, Holyhead. FINANCIAL. NO PRELIMINARY FEES. MONEY LENT PRIVATELY. in Large or Small Sums (not less than £ 10). Call or Write to GEORGE PAYNE and SONS. 3. CRESCENT-ROAD, RHYL. Established 1870. INTENDING BORROWERS NorE THIS. HAVING a large amount ol ready Cash at our disposal, we are desir- ous of LENDING same tq Tespectabi6 Business People, Householders and Far- mers, on your own Note of HanJ. at tho lolL-wing Rates of Interest:— repay 5s weekly. i^-0 repay 10s weekly. £100 repay £1 weekly. Repayments u ?u:t Clients' own con- vnee. Distance i ^> object. A. FINK and ( ().. LTD.. 2, Mount-street, MANCHESTER. £ 20 TO £1000 ADVANCED I'RIVATJM.V to !• urmiTs, Tradns, and others. 011 Note of Band, any d^iaiuv. Uasincvs lom.-detcd thruugli I'ost.-Natiotial Advance and .Investment Society, Ltd.. 41, Cornor.ition- stnvl, Manchester. Branch 32, Far' "■ road, Ballg-or. T- H. COPP, yn gyfarwydd a thrin pou rrmth ar Beiriarmau Oil a Gas (gynt gyda W. J. Bates and Co., Man- chester). Bydd iddo AGOH BUSNES yn 49, BRIDGE ST., LLANGEFNI, RHAG- FYH oed. Rjioddir sylw i drwsio a gosod PeirLa-nnau o unrhyw wneuthuriad. Gal- we.r neu ysgrifonner. CHRISrrMAS HOLIl)A YS^lVecasteJl Bull Bay, Anglesey, will have Select Party with Special Menus; Entertain- ments, Whist Drive, Dances, Concerts Golf, Shooting. Write for PonnA now. ARE D I G. AT AMAETHWYR Y SIR. QHERWYDD mawr Iwyddiant y FORDSON TRACTOR y blynydd- oedd diwoddaf, yr ydym wedi prynu y cyfryw. a phopeth a borthyn iddo, dan ofal Arddwr da.n garnp, ac i fod at vvasan- aeth y F'forimvyr a'r Tyddynvvyr, am bris rhesymol. Am fanylion ymofynor yn ddioed a W. 0. JONES, Prince, Aberffraw, neu RICHARD OWEN, Gwynant, Rllosneigr. SITUATIONS VACANT. H.M. FOOT GUARDS. T^ANTED, immediately, smart Re- cruits of excellent character for His Majesty's Foot Guards. Age 18-25 years. Height 5ft. 7in. and upwards. Service three years with the Colours and nine years in the Army Reserve. Pay ooimnendng at 19s 3d per week, rising to 22s per week for privates. Opportuni- ties for advancement up to £ 4 18s per week. For full particulars apply to the nearest Recruiting Office, or, Headquarters, Bri- gade of Guards, Wellington Barracks, Buckingham Gate. London. S.W. GENTS for Sale of Farm Seeds in Llangefni district; Farmer's Son or one dealing with Farmers preferred.- Apply. Brown and Wilson, 10, Market- plaoe, Majiohester. I^RAPEKY. Two Qr "three "well odu-" Doa.t,ed Youths, as Apprentices; good opportunity of learning the t-rade-Appty; W. R. Hu.ghes, The Golden Eagle, Am- lwoh and Llangefni. 8 MR ROBT. PIERCE, A.R.I.B.A., Architect, Carnarvon, has a Vacancy for an Articled Pupil; good general edu- oation essential. p°°k and Hou.semaid- Waitress; family of four inclusive- no objection to sisters or friends; please' ^rii™-g,Vfn& age- ^agOS r«llllred, and paid°^ Apply, Mrs Loudon, 54, We6tbourue Rood, Birkdali, South port. yy ANTED Bood~ KiUihenmaid.- gefni 1 s Hotel, Llaji- W^ANTED, BJacksmttih used to coun- try work married man •house found if suitable.-Apply, 6teitang \vage, to John Chvtms ami Co., Saw MiMs ivlcc?t.yn. W^TED Man and Wrife or two Maidi work of Carnarvon- shire Country \icarage; to live in.— Ai>- PJy. Cleric us," "Clorianydd" Office, Llangefni. "^TN EISIEU gan yr Anglesey Western YTII Co-Oporaitive Society, Ltd., yn y jjCy'- L Warehouscman rhaid iddo roddi 01 hoi I amsor at waith y Gynideifchas. Antoner ceisiadau i'r Y sgnfenydd erbyn Rhagfyr 20fed, ynghyda'r cytiog ddis- gw ylir oed, ac o leial ddau testimonial.— R. J. Evajis, Bodowen, Rhosnoigr, Yserif- ermydd. \\TANTED situation as Head Gardenor » T oxpeu-iesioed in Vines. Stove and Greenhouse Plants, KLtclum and Flower Gardwis. etc. Apply, Owen Peters, 6, a'ay Deg-terrace, Llanbedrgooh, Angle- WTH1IE LEGHORN Stock Cockerels' ,7 six months old: strain, Pinnington Robwy; healtli. active birds, brod 011 a,11 elevat<Hl, dry range.-Williams, Frondoo- Llanta.Lr P.G. ()LLNVYI), o Tanyfyriwent, Bodcdern, /jOLLWYD, o Tanyfyriwent, Bodcdern, ors tua mis, dog o Ddefaid Mynydd; J.J. du ar yr ochr eliwith, marc coch ar y pen a'r lwyn, a seren ar y crwmp. Tolir am hysbysrwydd buan. H. J. Jones. COLLWYD, bore Gwerier diwecldaf yn Llanfair P.G., OL Defaid (X^lhe) gyda. brest won a thraed igwynion Major yw onw'¡. Ci. Mr Death, Post Office Llan- edweii. rjTHREE modern Freehold Cottages for Sale; containing Living-room. Scullery, I antry, and two Bedroom s; also small double fronted House; all situated Newydd: near Bangor.—Richard Hall, Masonic Chambers, Bangw. ORI,EY'S WORM POWDKM FOlt TH PIGS are certain and effective cures for Worms in Pigs. F°VP1FS, tl^6ro is Iloth'ng to~ equal' I h or ley s Food as a conditioner. FOR SALE Gent's Bicycle, 27in. inoh, Raleigh fra.rn« m fx >r feet order- aUo C'lrciilar Saw Spindle, 21-in. by 1^-in. Apply, \V iliiam.s, Joiner, Llangaifo Arl- ghvsey. "1S^rALIiPAPF.RS !—We still supply any » » quantity, large or small, at Net Cash Trade Prices.- Write far patterns (Dept. 280), Bamett Wallpaper Co., Ltd., Manchester. FOR SALE, about 160 pounds of Honey. —Price on application to Williams, Cefndu, G walohmai. ON SALE Ologs (Wholesale); best quaJity guaranteed shops suj>plied. —Prices, etc.. apply Llow. Robeits, Churoii-street, Llangefni. I EISIEU, 1 roil, ail-law, mown cvf- 1 Iwr da.—Arifoaier at "M.C. Clor- ianydd" Odice, Llangefnii. £ »5 MOLESKINS.—Million Skins Want- ed. 1'ive Pounds |>er 100 for Best Quality. -Gorrard, Furriers, Edinburgh. 7V/TAE tail- Dafad ac Oen yn Cefn Der^ 1T1_ wen, Brynsiencyn, ers tua chwech vvythnos. Caill' ou perchenog ond nodi'r niarcdau a thalu'r costa.n.—E. l^vans. 11 vvythnos. Caill' ou perchenog ond nodi'r niarcdau a thalu'r costa.n.—E. l^vans. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY the SEVERAL STACKS of Well- harvested HAY, of the growth of 1919, standing at the undermentioned Stations on the Cambrian Railways, and estimated to contain the respective quantities, more or loss, also undermentioned, viz, Kstirn'd Rstim'd Stations. Weight. Statioxs. (Weight Tons- Tons. Talsarnau f,i Afon Wen 6 Criccieth Si Abererch 5j For further particulars, and to treat, ap- ply to THE SECRETARY, Cambrian Railways Co., Oswestry. Oswestry, Dec.. '919




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