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I I r; 1-w9 The I i Progress I of i Ill' 1 } T N the production of I jL every issue of* the LIVERPOOL « COURIER is the reflection of amazing progress. J In 1808 the first issues, consisting of eight small pages, were laboriously produced at the rate of 100 in an V hour. Huge modern presses print, fold and count its afFspring of to-day at the rate of 100,000 an hour. In i8o3 mounted couriers brought important news from l.ondon and the Continent—it was before the days of railways. To-day the private wire ticks out the news from the Capital within seconds of its dispatch. Tele- phone, telegraph and wireless telegraph link the whole world and make possible the presentation of inter- national history within a few hours of its making. D<it the prime principles governing the policy of the "LIVERPOOL COURIER" are un- changed; it has nursed an early 19th century township returning a minority of Tories to the city stronghold of British Unionism to-day; and it has been as consistent in its politics as it has been plain dealing and painstaking in its y advocacy of them. When Thomas Kaye one hundred and eleven years ago wrote the foUowing prospectus of the LIVERPOOL COURIER he enunci- ated a policy which has gained for it a unique prestige :— "To pre sent the readers with a ntwspaper conducted 01t consti- tutional principles; correct in its information; loyal and liberal In its political strictures; tnore calculated to excitt confidence, by a candid construction of public measures, than h produce alarm and > despondency bv the gloom of disappointment and th: barkings of suspicion." IN the Liverpool Courier of to-day you will find ample evidence that its fine traditions have been well maintained. the "Liverpool Courier" was abreast of the times in [808, so it is renowned for being thoroughly up to date in 1919. It was vigorous then, it is more vigorous to-day. LIVERPOOL COURIER First in 180S First in 19 19 i _— You [ 13 days without Food. Can 3 days without Water* Live I Only 3 minutos without Air, Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh > and Whooping Cough Reduce the All* Ration below Health Point. The natural consequence is that the breathing is affected, the bronchial tubes or bronchi become in Aimed, and cough, more or less serious, follows. If neglected the entire respiratory system ia weakened, and that way consumption lies. Children aaffex more frequently from such complaints than do their elders, the death rata among the vary young being truly appalling, and in too many instances due entirely to thoughtless neglect. The World's Supreme Remedy is Veno's Lightning Cough Cure, so called because of the rapidity with which It overcomes chronic coughs and cures deep-seated and long-standing cases of any of the above-named troubles. Veno's Lightning Cough Cure, ia Open Competition with the world, was AWARDED GRAND PRIX AND COLD MEDAL AT THE INTERNATIONAL HEALTH EXHIBITION, PARIS, 1910 for its purity, efficacy, and pharmaceutical excellence. y thousands of testimonials from cured patients, scientific men, S ■ fl| # doctors have been received. The following is an example Chat. Hyatt-Wootf, Esq.. F.RPA, F.RiS.L., in his icork, Jul MaUS Truth* About Thinjs Wt Line On and Daily Use." says: I have H tfjjjgw experimented in ihs. laboratory with Veno'i Lightning Cough Cure, and Nftf! TrOTHS I have likewise applied it in practice In all cases to which I AS1 JiSiJS applied it the influence of this remedy ifa* most narked." twJT ttavar Touched by Hand. Liquid 01* Pastilles. BcHl the manufacture of Veno's laght- Veno's Lightning Cough Cure is fitn:; Con<5h Cure is_ conducted prepared as a liquid medicine, WSSSMSESJ! aader the most hygienic condi- ana also in the form of pastiiles, jWoS £ »*t^» Je tions, supervised by trained the latter being packed in y^ui gLarmacisrs, and the product ia hermetically • sealed tins, which 5fiver (touched by human hands. are always handy for use. Ask altrays far Veno'i TAjhtning Cough Curt. It is told bit Chemists, Stores, and Medicine Dealers in all varts of the mrrld. If wht Chemist ta out of stock he teifl Oil it for you English Prices, 1/3 & 3/. siowt substitu:a F ENOS 'NG W COUGH CURE ^Sole Provrietors: The Veno Drug Co.. Ltd.. Manufacturing Chemists. Manchester. Eng. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS I Winter Train Service Features, < Q a.m. 1 p.m. I PWLLHELI dep. 7.55 SHREWSBURY dep. 1.22 C R I CC I 1-t T H 8.12 CRICCIETH arr. 6.37 SHRHJJRSBUAF arr 1.5 PWLLHELI „ 7.2 IW Via the picturesque Coast and Upper Severn Valley Route. j N.M.Tea Service between Machynlleth and Welshpool and vice versa. S. WILLIAMSON, Oswestry, Dec., 1919. General Manager,