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I He!! l"*tti I Dill n' u t i vi IIU_ '¡ II II I" I \.0'\ ;") ) inrarnMoi QUAST J 1 AT SEASONABLE PKICES. | fEASY PAYMENTS ?S,DISS| ffl We are keen fo have you come into our Showrooms and see our jrrj fine selection of furniture because we can then prove to you the £ [Ee q'a'i y of every piece o: furniture we sell, and convince j æ tliat our values arc the best obtainable. :pfc Our furniture is distinctive in style; it is made of sound materials t •qj by men who pnt their best craftmanship info all they make. !83 T. X ffij The tjfiierons nature of our easy payment system is a feature æ pG which atlniciLS every pr.ident buyer who are about to furnish, [ a igj re/urrvsh, or :i;ak.ui^ additions to their rooms. ■= ffi I EARLY CLOSING SATURDAYS. I O'CLOCK; I g • j CI HER DAYS 7 O'CLOCK. j IftLOBE FURNISHING C?I R. GRANT, Proprietor) j; g PEMBROKE PLACE, LIVERPOOL. jj You ( 13 days without Feed. Can < 3 days without Watar. Live I Only 3 minutes without Air* Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh and Whooping Cough Reduce the Air Ration below Health Point. The natural consequence i9 that the breathing is affected, the bronchial tubfcS or bronchi becmno inflamed, and cough, more or less serious, follows. If neglected the ntire respiratory system is weakened, and that way consumption lies. Children suffer more frequently from such complaints than do their elders, the death rate anion;? the very young being truly appalling, and iu too many instances due entirely to thoughtless neglect. The World's Supreme Remedy is Veno's Li«htiiin^ Cough Cure, so called because of the rapidity. with which it ovcrcom^ chrollk coughs and cures deep-seated and long-standing cases of any of the above-named troubles. Veno's Lightning Cough Cure, in Open Competition with the world, was AWARDED C3AND PRIX AND COLD MEDAL AT THE INTERNATIONAL HEALTH EXHIBITION, PARIS, 1910 for its purity, efficacy, and pharmaceutical excellence. Many thousands of testimonials from cured patients, scientific nien, WhLJiS and doctors have been received. The following is an exampley«|jjvn5fc Chat. Kyartt-Wootf, Eat)., F.R.P.3., F.R.E.L., in his work. Truths About Things We Live On and Daily Use," says: I have jjBEGjjflDHBf experiatenied in the. laboralorv with Yeno't Lightning Cough Cure, and ]w9vVIV9nE I hare likewise applied it i'l practice In all cases to which I op plied it the influence of this'remedy was most marked." HLTJ')<JtE Movep Tcuched by Hand. Liquid on Pastltlasu MSMK The manufacture of Venn's Li^ht* Verio's Lightning Cough Cure is |j £ gigE5»S nins Oonsh Curo is conducted prepared as a liquid medicine, TE5|jjiw«Jf under the most hygienic coudi- and also in the form of pastilles, tions, supervised by trained the latter being packed in phaKcacism, and the product is hermetically sealed tins, which jjfHHBH never touched by human hands. are always handy for use. USnBSSr Ask always for Vena's Lightning Couth Curt. It is sold by H-ih^dfaeslmile Chemists, Stores, and Dealers tn all fifirts of t/ie ofovUTino^vockaot world. IS vour ChemiM is out of tlock he will gel it for vou. jUiuie all imita- English Prices, 1/3 A a/- torn i substitute* I WENO'S V^hjnihg COUGH CURE Sole Pi'uyrl'kmr The y Drug Co.. TAd.. Ma'mfiiiUttnng G. ilantftesle L- -il — "In my opinion, the most valuable I proprietary food on the market," —i>V<MN "A System qf Diet and Dteletica fi. Mt I Food I for INFANTS, INVALIDS, arid the AGED. Benger's Food is distinguished from all others by the ease with which it is digested and absorbed. It is prepared with frash new milk, with which it combines to form a dainty and delicious food cream-" light as snowflakes," yet rich in all the elements necessary to sustain life. From an. M.D.—" Ther;) is no better food. I am well acquainted with it." j Kingrr'e Foo l is told in tins by Chgwiats, eta., everywhere. BENGER'S FOOD LTD. —————————— MANCHESTER, England. i :i Branch OJice*: NEW YOKK. 90 Beckiam St. SvnNiiY, 117 Pitt St. Depots througho". CANADA I} OtA S6 WeaK and Wasted Baby. Weighed only 21 lbs. when 2 Years Old. Made Healthy and Bonny by Dr. Cassell's Tablets. Mrs Burgess, 41, Phj-thkm-streeA, St. Helens.■ says—" My little Kdith was born After that silo KM always weak and puny and seemed to got thinner evary day. She did not eat woll^ but Uv ubou £ a niedaoal advice for'poor little i'xfiy. but it was no two. Sh« just waete<d away to a little skeleton, and what flosh tlioro was on flabby". TVioji^a friend advised rnc to give (jitite soon was eating bettor thaai over gh« hail do<n<\ 'I'hoi she begun to put on flesh and bmimo quito active. Now srfio her I ittle b0011'" wte, (juito wft flabby". TVioji^a friend advised rnc to give .7 how 811/' Ploked up an(i (jitite soon was eating bettor thaai over 4i0 hail do<n<\ 'I'hoi she begun to put on flesh and bmimo quito active. Now srfio is run in tig about ever *o well and Z nrrfago—«iic is just 4 »«d S months now—and the «ca7^i at throe stone." Cas-sellps i Home Pfices. J r| *1 rv V 13 JL ELJU A %S l CS Information (the irnjf "The Universal Home Remedy for af 10 suit-. the mo$,<co- ability of Dr. nomieal)4 .Id Nerroos Breakdown Kidney Trouble Cassell s Tablets \by CheriP81* m Nerve ParalytU lodigeation in your case sent ^he Neuritis. Wasting Disease# en request. Dr. World. >« for NearaiAo^ia Palpitation CasseH'sCo.Ltd, for. 8!*epleesneee Vital ICxhatution Cheater' Road I^a.bleti>»d re- < Anaemia Nervous Debility Maachester I fvi«e Specially vetliMibf* f«r Nursine Mothers and during the Orttical Periods af Lifo. I» s ====




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