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I sit:' A D \JK t g R L fy Not sometimes or just when you have i: set it-but ALL THE TIME. You cannot afford to carry a watch that is unreliable. A few minutes may make all the difference. Is it worth taking the-risk when by coming to — J. WELCH & CO. you can select a watch that really is a timekeeper, no ————— matter what price you pay. —————— For everyday use our neat Wristlet Watches are becoming increasingly popular and are well worthy 0 of your inspection. J. WELCH & Co.] BANGOR, N. W. I and Opticians. glle firee Wise Men I -an historical note i OST people enjoy a Mince Pie. and many are content to enjoy it ( iVi without asking why we eat it at Christmas time. It is a eastern which has come cia%-n to us from very early age* but the first Mince Pie was K t not quite like the one we hope to enjoy this Christinas. It was not round* I bat was shaped something like a cradle, and was eaten at Christmas in ) remembrance of the Manger. The spices inside it represent the gifts of j the Three Wise Men—or Magi, as they are sometimes called. J It is said that if you eat a Mince Pie each day from Christmas Day to i Twt-if th Night yon will be sure of Twelve Months*Happium-START NOW) > Ask your Grocer to-day for ROBERTSON'S MINCEMEAT ■ emw ym ow ROBE"SON*S ALP MEW A 1,11 SN 0 £ HIGH-GRADE PLOUGHS NEW PATTERN 2-3-FURROW CONVERTIBLE SELF- LIFT, WITH COMBINED DISC AND SKIM COULTERS. A TREMENDOUS SUCCESS! [ J. Sqpi ItWil £ «rirtl I AGRICULTURAL SHOW M—:—JLjJ, nev implembit mmsstmmiL f ANOTHER COCKSBUTT SUCCESS I-Awarded the Silver Medal (highest award) at the Royal Society of Dobtin Show after demonstration before the judges.—June, 1919. The Best Plough yet made for Tractor work R. A. LISTER & CO. LTD., DURSLEY, GLOS. Irt"T'7 BURS LEY. (ESTABLISHED 1867J DURSLXY. FOR ECONOMICAL FEEDING 'NEUFEED' Meal A Genuine Food NOT a Condiment. ALL ANIMALS LIKE IT. ontains only PURE CORN PRODUCTS AND MOLASSES, ASK YOUR DEALER FOR IT. North Wales Agent- I MADE BY- Mr. WALTER P. LEWIS, w- & H. BEVIN & Co. Ltd., IDEAL MILLS. MENAI BRIDGE. LIVERPOOL. '1- "'>'t:. J I ASK ANY m USER tjUBfr of the Lister Cream eSmfffe Separator, and he wi. HHl tell you of the satisfac- tion it gives. The reason la that Iti Design is right. th» M Materials and Work!^ «]■ manship the very finesi W —nothing to so wrong The fad* In Six Sizes. I I ^3 Uth capacities from ^_R e^* I ) to SS Gallons. I Cream Separator 'm cm b> itocic I Write for Catalogue and name oi nearest Agent. to R. A. LISTER p. Co. I DURSLEY, bh LTD. :.oc:lJ_;¡. ,:t- i; > ¿' LADIES FREE. r A BRMKDY without medicine or pill* -l for all irregularitiea. Acts almost inmediately, and will not interfere with household duties. Sedd for free partic-a. tui and testimonial*. lfcRS STAKMAN MORRIS (218 Dept.) 162. Stoke Newuurtoa Road. LONDON. N. f THE MOST LUSCIOUS | I AND ECONOMICAL TEA l smazawatteeI I AND ECONOMICAL TEA l IN THE WORLD J SEEM ^THERE'S LONG,LONG TRAIL% FIm. Flics, ■ Beetles, Mosquitoes B «tc., all killtd by fSjKEATING'5 J). 'r t Should write ToDay enclosing mm'rwm~ m ™"id, stamp forVaitiablc Booklet TESTIMONIALS and FRKE SAMPLE of BLANCHARD S PILLS They are unrivalled for all Ladies' Ailments. &c., and speediiy afford relief, and never fail to aUeviats all suffering They Supersede all hitherto Uncivil Remedies. Sold iu boxes. 113. by Boots'. Taylors'. Timothy White's Branches and ail Chemists, or post free. saaie price, from Leslie Martya, Ltd., Chemists, 34, Dalatsn Lane, London.

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