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r GLOBE i FURNISHING CO v 1 112 m 18. PEJlBROKE-PLÅCJ: ( PUBNIBH FOR CASH OB ORBDIT. VOTE.—Our Credit System la entirely dnterent from any other, and afu been highly eom g mended by the whole of the local Prem. I .0 BXTBA EXPENSE OH OUR ORSDH SIBTEM. The fair and equitable nuumet In which ow iutoesa it carried on, and our reaaonable Hfn: Kid low prioea, are so well known thronghm the North of England and Wales as to ren<i«? farther ooounent unnecessary. TERMS- W., givs 0fW Cnatomeri ihe privilege a arranging their own Tnm, 01 Paymrmt:1 they know beet the amount they can con Veniently afford to pay each Week or Montr. All goods delivered bee, and no expense way kind Are incurred by customers. Fnristom Sent to any part of Sogland or Wales. Priva-t,- Vans if req aired; no eharge made. An inspection of our Stock will at once e^fcisf j In tending purchasers t'hat we give better v¡¡,ln. (ban amy other house furnishers on the b.1r.e, System in the provinces. Orders by post receive prompt and attention. Railway tare allowed to cosrc* tuatcmerg. Illustrated Oatalogue, Prospectus, Prer Opinions, and Price List sent post free; 0: or epphaation. GLOBE FURNISHING CO., (J. B. GRANT, Proprietor). 12 TO 18, PEMBROKE-PLACE LIVERPOOL. Business Hoars: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday* I a.m. to 6 p.m. tISSumo J—I .41 __11 BUI "iiV W———— WE GIVE Fen A GUINEA | 1 Pair '-iipn :neV> "1" fiUalws, «-,»<; b. ,bs aw ■ f;H :>« C«Mt, falldM, i<-„ ■> » v. «.3"is.loogbyZJyds WW'- •> .-r 1)cbc«sm Touet Set- 'Wo« !>/ P.O.O. STAFFOftO. v • > •. •i- ¡"\5 7'ô v «■ **«» «—r^r-Tfr"~rr"nTii*rr>TTi Hi'III Hi if t QCICiav COEHEOT ALt. maEGCLABITIZS, BIKOTX ALL 03STEtrcno!t3, and relieve the distrcuing rytnptoms so prevalent tciih Iht ««x. Boxes4./lJ & 2/9 (contains threi ii aus the quantity), oi aii Chemists. 8ent anywhere c.-i r^ci ct of 15 os S4 ssnmps, by H. T. TO WLE & Co-, i&Mjufa'turers, Drydcis St.. Nottingham. 'V in'' „n—l I do not ask 1 ■ to speed money to test ■ wh ether my remedy does or does not Br cure Fits, Epilepsy, St. Vitus' Dance, etc. Afl I ask of you is to for a FREE bottle W^M and to try it. I abide by the result. A safeH| I remedy—approved by Medical Profession, pri Jj|J^H^ROOTj2^^ndsleij^ar(lenMjOndoii^^W^gJj| — j jJ^T^ Never Fail.>. j Established Mf zG YEARS. mBf Have yon a Cough? JBf A DOSE WILL BJLLIEVB IT. w Have you a Cold? A DOSE tt BEDTOCE WILL KES.OY& Hi WHEN YOU ASK FOR HI Inpntridae'sl ■Ulkiglonic I BE SURE YOU GET IT. Mlf Try it aZ80 for Mgt] bronchitis, Consumption, mm Asthma, Whooping-COugh. SES Prepared l1y W. T. OWBRIDGE, Chemist, Hull. Sold everywhere in Bm bottles, at Is. l$d., 2g. 9<L, JSF 4t, 6d., and 11«. corrsiaax. ææru-:a I Healthy Homes,) — bj BY REGULAR USE OF § s||EgKf|P l A pura soap, combined with the l jy strongest Disinfectant known, and its m [S logulajuse for all ordinary household n| n] pupoaos will prevent Infectious and Qj if! CSontogiou3 Diseases. !» 0> it washes readily with any water, m j-j| arsd no other soap is so effective in |H In susresisniiig and whitening flannels, pJ SI bad-lui5'*1 clotiilug and Towels. p] jy Kafuse inferior imitations. Ll »■>♦♦»»>♦••• Sj |k Sold in i20z. End lib. bars by Chemists, || K1 Grocers, Stores, &c. m Si r.i„5„,(e,i of Calvert'- Carbolic Preparations |h |H sent p;*st fre-? '"iplica^ion. VU p] n] p F» S. C'fti¥EET v Manchester jg S^^S £ ^Bi::rs5a2eEa^5H5ssa -+- aW^EeiSAU PATENT GRIFFITH OWEN. j :r. m t <f.t: ORlFflTH OWEN, FyKKTLlTDD THXTLD BfiBNHINOt, as a Ol, HIGH STEET, CAERNARFON. B i bawb sydd mewa asges am ^yi:SCi>YB FEU XTOSANAU I ELASTIC .XX alw acn 5iifon at yr uchod, yr bwn sydd yn gwn-jd y ganghen hon o iasnaeh yn adran neilldnci. COFI rS CTF^IBIAD, j41Y

Bwrdd Pysgola Dyffryn Conwy,

Bwrdd Undeb Ffestiniog, ^…

Bwrdd Undeb y Valley,

Bwrdd Undeb Bangor.

Cynghor Dinesig Ffestiniog.j

Cynghor Dinesig Porthmadog.…

I Cynghor Dosparth Deudraeth.

Cynghor DosparthUleyn,!

- Cynghor Gwledig Aberystwyth.…

| Cynghor Gwledig Gwrecsam.

j Cynghor Gwledig y Valley.

Cynghor Trefol Bartgcr.

Cynghor Trefol Pwllheli.

Pwyllgor Heddlu Sir Ddinbych,


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