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t j u' ) | OMO TfS I BLEACHER-CLEANSER-PURIFIER. t CC, & "Vlhat washes the curtains so white, Mummy?" E VERY woman who *~A takes a pride in thei appearance of her cur- tains, tablecloths and bed linen should wash them with Omo. Omo is cleanser, purifier, and b'esch-sr in one, and is made specially for the purpose of washing w -c tilings whiter- Pitt the clothe8 into cold water with Omo, 11 C bring them to the boil, let them boil for nOv V QTi'vy ^iS shades Or kalf-an-hour, rime and hang to dry. grey. It is simple and safe to use and involves no hard work. Full pv!io 15 are on the NOT FOR COLOURS. I WOOLLENS OR FLANNELS, j IN PACKETS V EVERYWHERE. \t Omo is made by H!ldsort'ø-a name famous in every household. 9 R. S. HUDSON LIMITED. Liverpool, West Bromwich & London. 131—33 ^ISC^LLiJ-WEOUS MOLESKINS 1,000,000 WANTED at 90/ pr IOC to corny .ete Contract. Also FOX SKINS, HA, RABBIT, OTTER, BADGER and VA'! SKINS. Feathers and Horsehair t. Casli same dav. fit JSTUART and oO., The Moleskin Specialists, Stuart House, Albion Buildings, AUl^iagate Street, London, E.C. 1. Te.. C-t nimal 10349. — "VfOLE TRAPPERS, MARINE STORE -1** DEALERS and GAMEKEEPS—MOLE- 5KLS WANTED. KG,- per 100. RABBIT and HARE SKINS, HORSE HAIR, FEATHERS, FOX SiKINS. I buy any kind oi FXSIS and SKIS, also WASTE PAPER. CASH BY RETURN.—W. G. STAMFORD, 531% Alders gate Street, London, E.C. 1. OKIN KISSABLE AS A BABY'S. Send 1/- postal order to DocLsley, Chemist. 21 Mather Road, Birkenhead, for De Vere's Naroiia." Makes complexion fresh as peach doom and Skin KiasJibLe as a Baby's. PULLETS AND DUCKS, laying 10/6 each. — £ 6 dozen. Chickens two months oid 2/6 each, JG/- d-en. 12 chicks and mother, 30;- ligfc free.—Hummell. Stratford, Essex. TWILIGHT SLEEP.—A long established very comfortable nursing home for gentlefolk is devoting one of its houses to the receptio* of maternity patients for the twilight sleep (or painless child b:rth). Skilled cursing.—St. Faith's, Ealing, London, W. 5. Tel. 1455, Eailnu. (Ag.l6L HAVE YOU WORM TROUBLE IN YOUR a HORSES! DO THEY NEED A TONIC* HORSE KEEPERS whose Horses ara wasting as a result of attacks by the-a pests, or that are in a poor condition and re- quire a tonic should rse VTTUM, Thorley's concentrated condition powders for Horses. Numerous Horse Keepers can prove that VITUM has effectually cured when all other means have failed. Sold in 7 lbs. tins 10s. 1 lb. tins, 1/6 by J. R PRITCHARD. 33, Pool Street-, Carnarvon. Manufactnred by Joseph Tnnrlpv. Ltd., Caledonian Road, King's Cross, London N. 1. T Y. RHEUMATISM, SCIATICA, NEURITIS. -'LL —For 25/- on-lv. von can he COMPLETE- LY CURED of all URIC ACID troubles.— Send stamne.fl envelope for particulars. Merrill's." Dept. 4, 14. Jermyn Street.: London, S.W. 1- (Nov.?!. "Qrt years' user having tried all ->th?r -L ig /W/^ powders honestly recommends Kars- wood Pig powders for making pigs thrive. Pennv each, twelve for Central Pharmacy, 16, Penlan Street, Pwllheli. (Ag.5). JUL UH Ladies! Wood's Challenge Remedy Is guaranteed under tne sum of JSICO to "ure when others fail. Far superior to Pills, Pellets, or any Continental treatment. For all cases of irregularities. however obstinate, I CHALLENGE REMEDY i" supreme. Price I 3s., 5s., Special 12s. Stamp for advice. Established 30 years. Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Weod, Specialists, | 20, Louis Street, Leeds. mi i «^gggggg THE FUTURE LIFE. I Have yon suffered bereavement by th-e WaIr? Are you interested in knowledge of the Future YOUR LOVED ONES ARE STILL LTVING. Send postcard to The Swedenborg Society, ■I 1 Rloomsbury Street. London, W.C. And ■vou will receive. rp°st fre€- an important booik NEW LIGHT ON THE HEREAFTER. 'A'»n pith or of tihe fo'Howmsr: «CR^AT PRORT EMS OF TO-DAY." IJAL i^CONST RUCTION." iNot.7). MONEY — 3 ■ m REMEMBER the man with ready money jm is master of the market. raj M WE are prepared, at short M ffiII notice, and without preli- jfflj QJJ] minary feea. to my ■ LEND from £ "10 upwards gfj JTH] privately. on Note of j™ jjjj] Hand only, on reasonable m B terms;, and the JJJJ ED MONEY can be repaid by easy in- nm QJJ] atalmenta to suit Bor- ntrj £ rower'a convenience. ■ HH GEORGE PAYNE & SONS, 1 J 3, Crescent Road, RHYL, jjf Fill Htn N.B.-Writo for pamphlet of testi- n mri monials from satisfied Borrowers mn mjj writers' names being omitted) sent, || post free, in seated cover gjj S20 to S1000 ADVANCED PRIVAi £ i.Y TO FARMERS CRADERS AND HOUSEHOLDERS on Not. tf Hand. Distance no object. Business oom tfeted though the Post, Interest and Repay. lents lowest in England and Wstes; also on tife Policies Reversion and Mortgages at 5 er cent per annum.—Apa>lv per post only for ree prospectus, NATIoNAL ADV ANOE and INVESTMENT SOCIETY, Ltd., 41, Corpora fcicn Street, Manchegber. Tel 6066 City, Est. tam. Branch Office: Town Hall Chambers, Jeen istreat, Rhyl. J^JONEY T BNT t RIVATELY. S20 to S1000 AT A FEW HOURS' NOTICE FOR AGREED PERIODS. NOTE JF HAND ONLY. £ ;c f;. d- 20 21 0 0 3C 31 G «e 1 42 0 0 50 52 10 0 100 105 0 0 1,000 1,050 0 0 Small repayment accepted by special airange. raent, or if desired the advance cam remain out, by paying interest balf-yeaxly^ distanoe no object, can be seen personally daily m Xorth Wales for intervals by appointment. Existing Loans caji be paid off arid larger ad. vanees made at much lower interest. Strict privacv guaran.teed whether business done OT not. Do not hesitate. Apply personally, or ii inconvenient to call apply by letter, ae busL can be arranged by post. You will avoid paying extortionate interest, ar i he^vy "f payment a;bove your means by applying to THE MANAGER, 32 FARRAR ROAD, BANGOR. ST. PATRICK'S HOSPITAL, DUBUN. In addition to the Main H^spita! in James's Street, the Governors have Branch Est-ablishmente at St. Edmundsbury, Lucan, st-u.iing in a Demesne of 200 Acres. '\å provided with every facility ,:I,e Carative Treatment of dses. The Mansion 01 Gt. Eamondsburv has been adapted for the Treatment of Ladies, and a Villa specially built to accommodate a limited number of Gentlemen. U rZtlDit Cases can be admitted to the Hospital on application to tie Medical Superintendent. For further particulars, torma, etc., apply to THE REGISTRAR, St. Patrick's Hospital, James's Street, Dublin. GOOD HEALTMrggrTN is assured by a f I morning glass of K £ I HARLEY'S 3 SALTS I SAd from all Chemists /g t Wy | or i/o^ from t lla,ley, Perth.



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