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D. JOTHAM AND S e N, WOOLLEN MERCHANTS, OUTFITTERS, HATTERS, HOSIERS, &c., 27, ST MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, Consequence of the LARGE INCREASE IN THEIR BUSINESS, UaVe taken THE WHOLE OF THEIR EXTENSIVE PREMISES business purposes. -Go P. IVEY AND DAVIES, DISTRICT MANAGERS, COMMERCIAL UNION LIFE, ASSURANCE COMPANY. > DISTRICT MANAGERS, NORWICH & LONDON ACCIDENTAL CO. AGENTS, PLANET GUARANTEE SOCIETY. AGENTS, COMMERCIAL UNION FIRE ASSURANCE COMPANY. ADELAIDE CHAMBERS, SWANSEA. A P. IVEY AND I) A VIES, • ACCOUNTANTS. Q_ P. IVEY AND DA VIES, • AUCTIONEERS. (1 P. IVEY AND DA VIES, • AUDITORS. i'<' A P. IVEY AND DA VIES. • APPRAISERS. (1 P. IVEY AND DAVIES, • BROKERS. Q. P. IVEY AND DAVIES, • BOOK POSTERS. G P. IVEY AND DAVIES, BUSINESS NEGOTIATORS. A P. IVEY AND DAVIES, • CONTRACTORS. Q- P. IVEY AND DAVIES, M • DEBT COLLECTORS. Q. P. IVEY AND DAVIES, • INSURANCE AGENTS. Q- P. IVEY AND DAVIES, M • INSURANCE AGENTS FOR LIFE. Q P. IVEY AND DAVIES, • INSURANCE AGENTS FOR FIRE. Q P. IVEY AND DAVIES, • INSURANCE AGENTS FOR ACCIDENTS. G- P. IVEY AND DAVIES, INSURANCE AGENTS FOR PLATE GLASS. Q- P. IVEY AND DAVIES, • INSURANCE AGENTS FOR CATTLE. G P. IVEY AND DAVIES, INSURANCE AGENTS FOR FARM STOCK. Q- P- IVEY AND DAVIES, INSURANCE AGENTS FOR MARINE. Q- P. IVEY AND DAVIES, • INSURANCE AGENTS GUARANTEE AND FIDELITY. (JR P. IVEY AND DAVIES, • STOCKS VALUED. GR V- IVEY AND DAVIES, • ADVANCES IN CONNECTION WITH INSURANCES. G P. IVEY AND DAVIES, SHARES IN BUILDING SOCIETIES BOUGHT AND SOLD. Q- IVEY AND DAVIES, • SHARES IN RAILWAYS. G P. IVEY AND DAVIES, • SHARES IN GAS COMPANIES. G-. P. IVEY & DAVIES'S ANNOUNCEMENTS. IIAP,TNERSIIIP.-IVANTED, for a first-class othWln<? concern in South Wales, a PARTNER (sleeping' or p..0^wise) who can command capital from £ 3,000 to £ 5,000 is pn lua''zec' afc present are from 20 to 25 per cent. It Q Cntenlplated to enlarge the works immediately. Address, f. Ivey and Davies, Adelaide Chambers, Swansea. \VNE AND SPIRIT BUSINESS.—TO BE gtji.jOSED OF, a very respectable Wine and Spirit W f ESS, in one of the most populous towns of South Bavi *Ilcom'ng about £ 1,000. Address, G. P. Ivey ana s> Swansea. G ROERY BUSINESS. TO BE SOLD, a GROCERY BUSINESS, in a flourishing iron dis- Q ct III South Wales. Cash required about £ 500. Address, P. Ivey and Davies, Swansea. APERY BUSINESS~-FOR DISPOSAL, a Claris BUSINESS, iu a large flourishing town in Davir>« tiaUs'1're- Particulars of Messrs. O. P. Ivey and avies>, Swansea. —WANTED TO PURCHASE, Hold r A of Swansea, from 4 to 6 Acres of FREE- alld 15 AND for Building Purposes. Address, G. P. Ivey atlcl aVleS. Swausea. Gr. P. IVEY AND DAVIES, C, N:EHtAL COMMISSION AGENTS, ADELAIDE CHAMBERS, SWANSEA. M t,i D. JOTHAM AND SON HAVE PURCHASED EXTENSIVE STOCKS 07 WOOLLEN AND COTTON GOODS, And are fally persuaded, as regards value, CANNOT BE SUR- PASSED by any other House in the trade. CARDIFF TO NEW YORK. ~T|IRECT STEAM COMMUNICA- TI0N BETWEEN THE BRISTOL CHANNEL AND TIIB UNITED STATES OE AMERICA AND CANADA. The SOUTH WALES ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S New, first-class, full-powered. Clyde-built Steamships GLAMORGAN 2,500 Tons 500 h.p. PEMBROKE 2,500 Tons 500 h.p. CARMARTHEN. 3,000 Tons. 600 h.p. Or other First-class Steamers, will sail regularly between CARDIFF AND NEW YORK, COMMENCING ABOUT THE END OF APRIL, Carrying GOODS and PASSENGERS at Through Rates from all Parts of England and South Wales to the United States and Canada. These Steamships are built expressly for the Trade, and fitted-up with all the latest improvements for the comfort and convenience of Cabin and Steerage Passengers. For further particulars apply at the Company's Office, 1, Dock Chambers, Cardiff. JOHN LAUGHLAND, Manager. Cardiff, 14th February, 1872. 337 The Best and Cheapest Route for Passengers from the West of England and South Wales to the United States is by the "GREAT WESTERN STEAM- VJT SHIP" LINE. BRISTOL TO NEW YORK. THE FINE FIRST-CLASS SCREW STEAM-SHIP "ARRAGON," 1500 Tons burthen, William Western, Commander, is intended to SAIL on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13th, 1872. To be followed by the Fine New Screw Steamship "GREAT WESTERN," 2000 Tons, intended to Sail on or about 24th April. STEERAGE PASSAGE TO NEW YORK, BALTIMORE, BOSTON, PORTLAND, or PHILADELPHIA, SIX GUINEAS (S6 6s.), Including an abundant supply of Cooked Provisions. Passengers may be booked through to all parts of the United States and Canada on very moderate terms. To secure berths, &c., apply to MARK WIIITWILL & Sox, Grove, Queen-square, Bristol; or to G. F. Webb & Co., Bonded Store Merchants, Cardiff; J. T. Morgan, 19, Glebeland-streeti Merthyr Tydfil; John Morgan, Postmaster, Pontypool; Harse and Brown, Newport, Mon.; or to J. Callaway, Mountain Ash. 339 xto, "CORK, CARDIFF, AND NEWPORT. THIRST-CLASS PASSENGER xatSsfeSfeJL1 STEAMERS leave CORK for CARDIFF, with Goods and Passengers, EVERY WEDNESDAY, calling at Milford, returning direct EVERY FRIDAY. For NEWPORT Direct EVERY MONDAY, returning EVERY WEDNESDAY. Fares-Cabin, 17s. 6d.; Deck, 7s.; Cabin Return Ticket, avail- able for one month, £ 1 7s. For further particulars see small bills. AGENTS. CARDIFF.—Mr. E. C. DOWNING, Shipbroker, Bute Docks.. NEWPORT.—Mr. JAMES MADDOCKS, Dock-street. CORK.—The City of Cork Steam Packet Company, Penrose Quay. 374 LEWIS HOPKINS, ESTATE, HOUSE. AND INSURANCE AGENT, DUNSTER HOUSE, THE PARADE, TREDEGARVILLE, CARDIFF, Two doors from the Rhymney Railway Company's Offices. AGENT FOR THE ESTATE OF THE LATE CHARLES VACHELL, ESQ. AGENT FOR THE SCOTTISH PROVINCIAL ASSURANCE CO. 166 CARTES DE VISITE, 6 for Is. 6d., 12 for 2s. 6d. Send a Carte, with Stamps, and in a few days you will re- ceive Perfect Copies and Original, Post free. Address :— CAMBRIAN COPYING COMPANY, PONTYPRIDD. 155 IF you really want a good Hand-made SHIRT, of Linen, Flannel, or Saratta, go to M. BRUKEWICH, 86, BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. Also, a large assortment, of Collars, Ties, Gloves, Braces, Um- brellas, and Hosiery of every description, at low prices. 227 F. GARL1CK, CARVER, GILDER, and • PICTURE-FRAME MANUFACTURER, No. 2, HAYES, CARDIFF. REGILDING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. 181 QARDIFF DYEING WORKS. J. S. H O B B S, PRACTICAL DYER AND FRENCH CLEANER, No, 1, NELSON-TERRACE. DAMASK, MOREEN, and REPP WINDOW CURTAINS, SILK SHAWLS, and DRESSES of every description CLEANED, DYED, and FINISHED in a superior style. GENTLEMEN'S CLOTHES CLEANED and RETURNED in twenty-four hours. 154 PIANOFORTES AND HARMONIUMS, JL LARGEST STOCK IN WALES. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, (PATENTEES OF THE ROYAL ORCHESTRAL PIANOFORTE). PIANOFORTE SHOWJIOO-MS— 4, QUEEN-STREET, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF, AND 13 & 13A, GUILDHALL-SQUARE, CARMARTHEN. PIANOFORTES" By all the Best Makers. PIANOFORTES For Sale and Hire, on easy terms. PIANOFORTES At Prices to suit all Parties. IANOFORTES (Old) taken in Exchange. piiSOFOBTES <0"')" H I TIIIAHT T TT PR<IEII on tIlc Tllree Years' System. ARMONIUMS TTARMOHIUMS 'he XT A B M O N I U M S F" C1"0heS — For the Drawing-room, the School-room, Hor the Cottage. ARMONIUMS Warranted from Five Guineas. XTARMONIUMS -*— Supplied for Monthly Payments. Music half-price post free to any address. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL tl,'e f?rst to introduce the now celebrated THREE YEARS' SYSTEM into Wales, full particulars of which will be forwarded on inquiry. From their thorough knowledge of the Pianoforte Business, they are enabled to select instruments with special ad- vantage to purchasers, ALL OF INFERIOR MAKE BEING ENTIRELY EXCLUDED FROM THEIR STOCK. Discount allowed on all CASH TRANSACTIONS. CAPTAINS AND SHIPPERS SUPPLIED ON LIBERAL TERMS. Price List post free on application. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, CARDIFF AND CARMARTHEN. 132 D. JOT HAM AND SON HAVE EVERY DESCRIPTION OF READY-MADE CLOTHING, COMPRISING ALL THE LEADING STYLES IN COATS, VESTS, TROUSERS, TROUSERS AND VESTS TO MATCH, &c., Quality being the leading feature of the firm. JMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. HOWELL & CO. Will in future Advertise in this space all Special Lines shown by them on certain days. THEIR SALE OF 1872 HAS COMMENCED, AND WILL CONTINUE TO THE END OF FEBRUARY. SPECIAL FOR THIS WEEK A PARCEL OF HIMALAYAN SHAWLS, 8s. lid. each, worth 18s. lid. HOWELL AND CO., THE CARDIFF DRAPERS, 13 & 14, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. • N.B.—No Goods Advertised unless from 30 to 75 per cent. under regular prices. 353 .a. J T. BARRY, 9, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF, t JEWELLER, WATCH & CLOCK MAKER. 9, 10, 15, and 18-carat Gold Chains, Brooches, Bracelets, Ear-rings, Necklaces, Lockets, Ring's, &c. Silver and Electro-plated Forks, Spoons, Tea and Coffee Services, Cake and Sugar Baskets, Side Dishes, Dish Covers, Waiters, Luncheon and Liquor Stands, Cruets, Breakfast Dishes, &c. Best Ivory-handle Table Cutlery. Fancy Goods in large variety, suitable for presents, in Wood, Leather, Bronze, Oxidized, Gilt, Glass, Silver and Gold. Novelties constantly added. Repairs done in the best possible manner. 20S T EETH TEETH TEETH W. E. JONES, D.D.S., DENTIST. (Successor to Mr. T. C. PARSON, Bristol.) DENTRISTRY in all its Branches, and at moderate charges. Children's Teeth carefully Regulated. Extractions, One Shilling. ADDITESS 111, GREAT DOCK STREET, 115 NEWPORT. R. THOS. WEBBER, HOUSE & ESTATE ITJL OFFICES, 32, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF, desires the attention of his friends and the general public to the following an- nouncements FIRE INSURANCES effected on Property from Is. 6d. per cent. CCIDENTAL AND GUARANTEE INSURANCES. ICKNESS INSURANCES AND ENDOWMENTS. V IFE ASSURANCE in all its branches. Mutual Assurance B 1 without any additional liability, making the amount assured payable in life time without extra payment. MONEY LENT on MORTGAGE at 5 per cent., or on PER- SONAL SECURITY at Special Rates to include Life As- surance, repayable by instalments. GOOD AGENTS WANTED for a first-class Mutual Life Office kX in all towns in South Wales where not fully represented. Apply as above to THOS. WEBBER, F.R.S.L., District Manager, N.B.—Caution.—The present time being favourable to various shallow schemes, T.W. would add, for the assurance of the public, that he represents only first-class offices. Prospectuses on ap- plication., 134 MRS. BEER, CLOTHES DEALER^ 30, CAROLINE-STREET, CARDIFF. BEST PRICES GIVEN FOR LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S, AND CHILDREN'S WARDROBES. Ladies and Gentlemen waited upon at their own residences, in town or country.. Immediate remittances on receipt of parcels from the country. MRS. BEER, CLOTHES DEALER, 30, CAROLINE-STREET, CARDIFF. 238 B OOTS! BOOTS!! BOOTS! Cheapest, Best, and in greatest variety at OSBORNE'S, OSBORNE HOUSE. DUKE-STREET. CARDIFF. 168 ESTABLISHED 1860. R. C. LEACH, BILL POSTER and ADVERTISING CONTRACTOR, 17, WOOD STREET, CARDIFF. Rents all the Princil)ai,aiid most Prominent Posting Stations in Cardiff, Canton, ana Roath. 144 ARSONS, FLETCIIEP, & CO.'S INDIAN JL STARCH. Trade Mark—AN ELEPHANT. AIIS0NS, FLETCHER & CO.'S INDIAN STARCH for Purity and Beautyof Colour. PARSONS, FLETCHER & CO.'S INDIAN STARCH for Laces, Muslins, &c., &c. ARSONS, FLETCHER & CO.'S INDIAN STARCH will not jL adhere to the iron. PARSONs7 FLETCH ER it CKVS INDIAN STARCH will retain JL its stiffness in the dampest weather. ARSONS, FLETCHER & CO.'S INDIAN STARCH is highly recommended to Laundresses. PARSONS/ FLETCHER & C0.'S1NDIAN~ STARCH The increased demand is proof of its excellence. PARSON, FLETCHER & CO.'S INDIAN STARCH is packed J, J, and lib. packets, also in boxes, and in Gib. papers. W~ ORKS—GliAVEL-LANE, S^UTHWARK, LONDON^ MAY BB HAD EVEKYWBESB. Ill D. JOTHAM AND SON'S BESPOKE DEPARTMENT IS A LARGE AND INCREASING BRANCH OF THEIR TRADE, TIlE ASSORTMENT IN WOOLLENS Being unapproachable by any other House in the Principality. ALL ORDERS ARE PROMPTLY AND CAREFULLY EXECUTED. CROWN COMMERCIAL HOTEL, NEATH, near the Corn Market and Town Hall. WHOLESALE WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT. FAMILIES SUPPLIED AT VERY LOW PRICES. AGENT FOR THE LITRE BOTTLE WINE COMPANY. 288 PROPRIETOR, WILLIAM MAINWARING. FOR SEWING MACHINES OF ALL KINDS. HENRY THOMAS, GENERAL DRAPER, CARDIFF. 100 XpRE DERICK WARE, (Late WARE AND SONS), TAILOR AND ROBE MAKER, ESTABLISHED HALF-A-CENTURY, BRISTOL AND CARDIFF. SOUTH WALES ESTABLISHMENT DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. 107 J^AMPS LAMPS LAMPS! GO TO D. R. AMBROSE, Opposite QUEEN'S HOTEL ST. MARY-STREET. Remainder of WINTER STOCK will be sold at cost price. 182 IT CORDING, BIRD AND ANIMAL PRESERVER, 10, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF. Birds, Animals, and Reptiles preserved on the most new and Scientific Principles. Private Museums attended to. Ladies' Plumes made to Order. 184 THE CHEAPEST HOUSE FOR BOOTS AND SHOES IS CARPENTER'S BOOT AND SHOE WAREHOUSE, 43, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. 361 w ILLIAM SANDERS,! AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER, 8, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF. 266 N. K N 0 X, REGISTERED DISPENSING CHEMIST, TROEDYRHIW. PHYSICIANS' AND FAMILY PRESCRIPTIONS ACCURATELY DISPENSED. TEETH CAREFULLY EXTRACTED. OPERATIONS SKILFULLY PERFORMED. Several years Medical Assistant to the Plymouth and Cyfarthfa Works. Nineteen years' experience. Advertising and Newspaper Agent for the SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS. 327 11 & 12, WORKING STREET, CARDIFF. G. A. STONE, UNDERTAKER, HEARSE AND MOURNING COACH PROPRIETOR. OSTRICH PLUME AND GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT. The Trade supplied with Hearses, Coaches, and every requisite for Funeral Furnishing. 197 D LEWIS, CABINET MAKER • AND UPHOLSTERER, CARDIFF, Respectfully invites the attention of parties about to Furnish to his EXTENSIVE STOCK of CABINET GOODS, CARPETS, DAMASKS, CHINTZ, BEDDING, LINOLEUM, FLOOR CLOTHS, &c., all of which are of the newest design and of the best manufacture. N.B.—An assortment of PIANOFORTES by best makers for Sale and Hire. 101 "RAILWAY WAGGON WORKS, JLT CARDIFF. RAILWAY WAGGONS FOR CASH. RAILWAY WAGGONS ON REDEMPTION LEASE. RAILWAY WAGGONS ON HIRE. RAILWAY WAGGONS OF ALL SIZES. RAILWAY WAGGONS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. WILLIAM SNEEZUM, WAGGON BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR, NEW WORKS, EAST MOORS, CARDIFF, BRANCH WORKS, BETWEEN THE EAST ANDJWEST DOCKS, CARDIFF. CONTRACTS MADE FOR REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE. DEPOTS AT ABERDARE, LLANTRISANT AND RADSTOCK. 375 D. JOTHAM AND SON HAVE NOW OPENED THEIR NEW SHOW-ROOM (55 feet by 22 feet), Which contains all the NEWEST STYLES in JUVENILE CLOTHING, HATS, CAPS, UMBRELLAS, SHIRTS, COLLARS, TIES, SCARVES, &c., &c, D JOTHAM AND SON CLOSE their ESTA- • BLISHMENT as follows Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, at S p.m.f Wednesday, at 4 p.m. Saturday, at 10.30 p.m. throughout the year. 110 NOT ICE OF REMOVAL. MR. JOHN JENKINS, ACCOUNTANT, AUDITOR, STOCK, INSURANCE, & MORTGAGE BROKER, LAND, HOUSE, ESTATE, FINANCIAL AND GENERAL AGENT, HAS REMOVED FROM 13, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF, To MORE COMMODIOUS AXD CONVENIENT OFFICES AT I 20, HIGH STREET, (Fifth house from the West of England Bank.) BOOKS POSTED, BALANCED OR AUDITED. BANKRUPTCY, EXECUTORSHIP, PARTNERSHIP, and other ACCOUNTS adjusted and investigated. ARRANGEMENTS, TRUSTEESHIPS, &c., under the pro- visions of the New Bankruptcy Act undertaken. INCOME TAX CLAIMS and FORMS PREPARED. STOCKS and SHARES bought and sold on the London, Bristol, Manchester and all other Stock Exchanges. FIRE, LIFE, MARINE, ACCIDENTAL DEATH or disable- ment, PLATE GLASS, Horse and Cattle (Accidental and Disease). Hailstorm, Guarantees of Fidelity, Annuities, Endowments, and ALL KINDS OF INSURANCES effected in offices of the highest < standing. CLAIMS upon INSURANCE POLICIES prepared, and Surrender Values calculated and obtained, LOANS and MORTGAGES on Personal and other Securities negotiated, with or without Life Insurance. LAND and HOUSES Let. Rents and Debts collected. Prompt Settlements. Security Given if required. SALES or PURCHASES of Businesses, Life Policies and Pro- perty of every description arranged. Agent to the Sun Fire, British Imperial Life (Dr. Farr's System), Norwich and London Accident and Plate Glass, Norfolk Farmers', Provident Clerks' and General Guarantee, and the Mutual Provi- dent Alliance Insurance Companies, the Protector Endowment, Loan and Annuity Company, and the Mutual and Liberator Building Societies. THE HIGHEST REFERENCES GIVEN. NEW OFFICES—20, HIGH STREET, CARDIFF. 343 F OR READY MONEY ONLY! READY MONEY BUYERS should make their purchases from those who sell for Ready Money only, and thus avoid the ruinous credit system, whereby those who "pay, pay not only for them- selves, but truly for those who never pay at all. MESSRS. W. PRICE & SONS, < CLOTHIERS, HOSIERS, HATTERS, AND OUTFITTERS, CARDIFF HOUSE, SAINT MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, conduct their business on Ready Money principles. They both buy and sell for Cash only. Their aim is to place FASHIONABLE ATTIRE, of best quality, at lowest prices, within the reach of all classes and their efforts have been appreciated by the public, and crowned with a success exceeding their expectations, and demanding their warmest thanks. 136 WILLIAM JONES, (j, DUKE-STREET^ CARDIFF, HAS A LARGE STOCK OF BIBLES, TESTAMENTS, HYMN-BOOKS, CHURCH SERVICES, AND COMMON PRAYERS. 211 CARPETS FOR NOTHING! THE NEW DUSTPBOOF AND WASHABLE CARPETS Are preferred by those wno use them to all others, and to matting and floorcloth of every kind, because they are more healthy and comfortable, being draughtproof, dampproof, and waterproof; requiring no beating, cleaning, or paper, preserving ceilings beneath bedrooms from injury, and thus saving their own cost! Price 3s. 6d. per square yard. Samples, Testimonials, &e., may be had of MESSRS. CHILES AND CO., 37, BELMONT-STREET, LONDON, N.W. Houses Furnished. Carriage Free. 355 SURPLUS STOCK OF CHEAP BEDDING AND BEDSTEADS. OVER 300 SETS OF STRONG IRON BEDSTEADS, Size 6ft. by 4ft., COMPLETE WITH BEDS, BOLSTERS & PALLIASSES, I Price 27s. CROSS BROTHERS, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. 383 I ESTIMATES required for Bell Hanging, Eaves, J Troughing, Smiths and Tin Work in general may be obtained by applying to THOMAS TRIST, ) FURNISHING AND GENERAL IRONMONGER, DUKE STREET, CARDIFF. Farmers, Gardeners, and Carpenters' Tools. Genuine Lamp Oils, as sanctioned by the Board of Trade. 186 UKNIT U R E F U RTNTT U RET! Before you Buy, go to W. J. DAVIES'S FURNITURE WAREHOUSE, 20, HAY E S CARDIFF. 183 -VEW DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT. -1-1 To the Inhabitants of Splotlands, Roath, and surrounding neighbourhood. JOHN GEORGE, SEN., DRAPER, HOSIER, HABERDASHER, AND SILK MERCER, 211, BUTE ROAD, CARDIFF, Begs respectfully to announce that he has OPENED a BRANCH ESTABLISHMENT at 17, METEOR STREET, SPLOTLANDS, and has now on hand a verv choice and carefully selected dtock of DRAPERY and FANCY GOODS of every description. J. G. having bought largely prior to the late advance, feels con- fident that one visit will suffice for every one to say his goods are very much under present market value. N on TIIE ADDRESS:— JOHN GEORGE, SEN., < < 17, METEOR STREET, SPLOTLANDS, ROATH, AND 211, BUTE ROAD, CARDIFF. 306 TOP It 0. V I S I 0 1\1 E It C H ANTS. J. DAVIES, GROCER, &c., Llanstephan, is well acquainted with the best dailies in the county of Carmarthen, and is thoroughly experienced in the SELECTION of qualities in CHEESE and BUTTER. He will buy and deliver to any address any quantity of the above ox COMMISSION. This will give the distant dealer the advantage of buying direct from the producer, thereby avoiding travelling expenses, loss of time, or the extra charge of merchants. TERMS ON APPLICATION. 349 I