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SCALE OF CHARGES FOR ADVERTISEMENTS L'q THR SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS. j FOR SINGLE INSERTIONS. TJSZB. 9. d. LIXES. 8. d. I to 4 1 0 7 to 8 2 0 § to 6 16 n to io *2 ti And 3d. for every additional Line. A Liberal Discount allowed for a series of Consecutive Insertions, Tradesmen's Advertisements and Business Announcements ol w all kinds, when ordered for a month and upwards, are subject to special terms, according to the number of insertions and" the space J occupied. Parliamentary Notieea, Prospectuses of Public Companies, Legal Nollce^ and Election Addresses, are charged 6d. per line for each nsertion. CHEAP PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. in, Advertisements ol the unuer-mentioned classes are charged as lodows:- on THRBB SIX WORDS. ISSERTIO*. INSKRTIONS. INSERTIONS. I. d. s. d. I. d. Two 18 0 6 10 ..16 TBB» 27 0 9 IS 2 3 FOUIL M 10.. 20 30 plivi 1 3 2 6 39 Sot 54 1 8 3 0 4 6 Bachadditional line of ) 0 3 0 6 Q 9 he words I These charges apply only to the classes of advertisements speci- fied below, and are strictly confined to those which are PAID FOR YKKVIOUS TO INSERTION if not prepaid, they wil be charged by the general scale APARTMKSTS WJJTTKP. t MOOTSY WATTBD. APAHTMSNTS TO rA LIST. MISCELLAXKOUB WANTS. ARTICLES LOST. PARTNERSHIPS WANTED. ARTICLES FOUND. SITCATIOXS WASTED. BTSIXKRAS to BE SOLD. ■ SITUATIONS VACANT. Horsr, TO LET. SALES BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. battled. EBBW VALE.—Wanted, a strong LAD, as an Apprentice at John Williams's, Grocer, &c., Briery Hill, Ebbw Vale. 1500 ,P,RAPERY.-Il',tnte(l, 'vo JUNIOR YOT,-NG W. N. Smith, draper, &c.. Docks, Cardiff. 1517 WANTED, an Experienced Young Lady, for GENERAL DRAPERY. Welsh indispensable.—Apply to R. T. Jeremy, Merthyr. 1409 WANTED, an experienced MILLINER, capable of serving Welsh customers. State age, experience, salarj-, reference, Maurice Price, Draper, Ystalyfera. 1471 WANTED, a smart active YOCTH. above 18 years. For TT particulars, apply at the Daily News Office, Cardiff. 1511 TO TALLOW CHANDLERS.—Wanted, a Tallow Chandler, of good character.—Apply to J. and C. Sankey, Angel-aireet. 1488 PLUMBERS AND PAINTERS.—WANTED, for a permanency, a THcee-branch HAND, also a plain HAND and an APPRENTICE.—Jv Merthyr. HS2 ANTED, during the Show, a PASTRY COOK; also, a IV BREAD BAKER, at R. Benjamin's, 14, Trinity-street, Cardiff. 1402 WATCH AND CLOCKM AKER.—Wanted a respectable Young Man, indoor. Address, stating age, wages, &c., W. Mills, je weller, Swan sea. TO CHEMISTS.—Situation wanted, for three months, by a Young Man, who has passed the Mirlor.and purpores study- ing in London during the Octooer Session. Address, W., 19, Page- stneet, Swansea. TO TURNOVERS. A Vacancy for a TURNOVER at Case and M chine. Apply at the Cardiff Times Office. LERK.-Wanted by a Young Man, 23, a situation as Clerk, Collector, or Traveller. Address, M. H. Post Office, Sketty, Swansea. 1405 fJTO MACHINE FF.EDERS.-Wantl, a MACHINE FEEDER, I accustomed to Newspaper work.—Apply at the S</uth Wales Daily Neics Office. Cardiff. 1380 rM ENGINEERS.—Wanted, a few good FITTERS and TURN- 1 ERS. Apply to George Wailes & Co., Phoenix Iron Works, near Stroud. 1384 WANTED, a SCHOOLMASTER for Llanfairisgacr National School. For particulars, apply to the Rev. Henry Parry, ¥io»r-«f Lfanfairisgaer, Caniarwon. 1383 WANTED, TWO Young Men as LIGHT PORTERS for night W work.—Apply at the South Wales Daily News Office. 13#6 WANTED, a g«od Junior HAND, capable of Window dressing. Welsh necessary. Also, a respectable Youth as an APPRENTICE.-Apply, with all particulars, to H. G. Edwards, draper, Bridgend. I 1300 WA-N-MD, immediately, a Good General SERVANT, able to jj cook. wash and iron. Good character indispensable.— Apply to H. G. Edwards, draper, Bridgend. 1367- 1: TAILORS.—WANTED, Four good, steady Workmen. Jt Constant employment and good wages. Apply to J. Morgan, w 8, Commereial-strect., 1350 Id tr Maesteg. 1350 fpAIWRS.-Two good hands wanted. Twenty-four Shillings a week. Seven to Seven. Overtime, 4Jd. an hour. E. Thomas, tailor, Caerphilly. 1339 CARDIFF INFIR-AARY. -Wanted, a PORTER, who would also take eh&rge of the garden. Wages, £ 16 a year, with board, lodging, and washing. Applications, stating full particu- lars as to age, te., with testimonials, to be sent to the House Surgeon, before the Kith inst. 1508 FARM BAILIFF.—Wanted by an experienced married Man, aged 32. a situation as Farm Bailiff. Thoroughly acquainted with all details, a.nd competent to purchase and take care of stock. Address by letter, 8, Montgomery Place, Roath, Cardiff. 12Sli. UEMALE ATTENDANTS and SERVANTS wanted. Wages range from £ 12 to €18 a year, with board, lodging, and washing. Apply, with testimonials and full particulars, to the Medical Superintendent, Glamorgan County Asvlum, Bridgend. 1351 WANTED.—A MAN-SERVANT. single. in-doors. to take charge of one or more horses, willing to, make himse'f useful in the house. Character front last place indispensable. For further information, enquire, A.E. F., Soitth Wales Daily News Office, Cardiff. 1361 .&- TOO CAPITALISTS.—A PARTNER would be admitted into a 1 sound and lucrative Business in Swindon. About £ 1000 would be required to be invested. Apply by letter, first instance, giving references, Messrs. Kinneir and Toombs, Solicitors, Swindon. m- __n_- 1385 WANTED, a Situation by a competent person, as OVER- W LOOKER, inc., having had considerable experience wfth First-class Steamers carrying passengers, &-c., to New York.— Address, i\ Wilcox, 111, Red Rock-street, West Derby-road, Liverpool. 1449 TO DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS—WANTED immediately an ex- perieaced YOUNG MAN, also a FEMALE ASSISTANT. A respectable Youth or a young Lady would also be treated with as an Apprentice. Apply, stating lull particulars; to Wm. Davits, London House, Tredegar. 1336 WANTED one New or Second-hand BOILER, egg or fiat end, 20 ft. long by 4 ft. 6 in. diameter. One ditto ditto, 9 ft. long by 4 ft. diameter. Each to stand a pressure not less than "Olbs. per inch.—Apply to Mr. Daniel, Morriston. July 1st, 1875. 1490 WAITED to Establish in Cardiff, a Wholesale Agency for Sale of the Cocoa Condimental Food for Horses and Cattle. It is now admitted by Consumers to be the best and most econo- mical in the market. Address, Palmer and Company, 39, Wilson- street, Finsbury, London, E.C. 781 O LAND AGENTS, AUCTIONraRS(lNSURA>»CE^UiENTS, and Others.—WANTED, AGENTS in all Towns in England Whexe none are appointed, to act for the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad Company. Pamphlets and printed matter for free distribution supplied.—For tern is of commission, &c.. apply to the Burlington and Missouri Paver Railroad Company, 16, South Castle-street, Liverpool, or 25, Moorgate-street, London. 1369 go be Set. j TO BE LET; from February; 1S73, some large Farms, south of Cowbridge. Apply, X.C.C.C. County Club, Cardiff. 1349. TO be LET, a HOUSE and SHOP, situated in Adam-street, suitable for any business. Apply at No. 1, Edwards- terrace.. 1520 terrace. 1520 ARDIFK.—To LET, HOUSE and SHOP, in Caroline-street. Apply to W. Price and Sons, Cardiff House, Cardiff. 1352 CARDIFF!—A BEDROOM and SITTING-ROOM TO LET, Furnished.—Address 52, Adam-street, New Town. 14S6 ,ARDfFF.-Convenient OFFICES TO LET, near the County j Court Office. Apply to Mr. Jenkins, Sun Fire Office, Cardiff. 1516 "OYAL SHOW.—TO BE LET, during the Agricultural Show, a Bedroom and Sitting-room, at 40, Oxford-street, Roath. 1481 ROYAL SHOW.—TO BE LET, during the Agricultural Show, a Sitting-room and Three Bedrooms, at 6, Angel-street, Claxdiff. 1480 T>OYAL SHOW, CARDIFF.—FARM HOUSE TO LET, con- Jt%) taining 9 rooms, stable, and coach-house, if required also accommodation for 50 horses. Apply T.E., Post Office, Cathays. 14S3 ROYAL SHOW.-Part of a large FurnishedHouseto LET,at JK; Tredegarville, during the Agricultural Show. Address, A. St., office of this paper. 1507 A CAPITAL SHOP and Boot and Shoe Business to LET, in St. Mary-street, Cardiff.—For particular^ apply to W. and S. Tiern. Working-street, Cardiff. 1493 CiANTON.-HOUSE to LET, No. 16, Picton-place; rent j moderate.—Apply to William W. Thomas, Elv Farm, Cardiff. 143H TREDEGARVILLE.—To be LET, a Furnished Sitting-room, ami one or mare Bedrooms in the Parade. Address C. D., Daily News 1335 ROYAL SHOW.—TO be LET, for the term of the Show, a SITTING-ROOM and Three BEDROOMS.—Apply 9, Welling- ton Terrace., 1477 oy,kl SHOW, CARDIFF.-To he LT, during theTgricul- tural Shew, or for 7, 14, or 21 days, in Crockherbtown, one Front Parlour, 22 by 16 feet, well furnished also two Front Bed- joomsi—Apply, by letter, to M.S.J., Cardiff Times office, Cardiff. No reply a negative. 1498 TO be LET, a HOUSE in Loudon-square. Rent moderate.— Also, No. 2,'Cornish Villas, Llandaff-road, consisting of seven rooms and garden. For further particulars, apply to Mr. John Batchelor, Bute Docks. 354 To be LET, FARM witr." ,0 Acres of Land, nearly all Pasture, good Orchards and Butldmgs. Present occupier giving up farming in consequence et illness. Live and Dead Stock and Furniture to be taken at a valuation.—Apply Mr. G. Cole, Sage's Farm, Butcombe, Somerset. 1502 WARMINSTER HOUSE, 99, COWBRIDGE ROAD, CAN- TON-—TO BE LET, during the Agricultural Show, a DRAWING-ROOM and BEDROOM on first floor, well furnished. Extra bedrooms if required .—A p p! yasa. bo ve. 1479 WAN SEA.—To be LET, with immediate possession, No. 4, St. Helen's-road, containing drawing, cHning, and breakfast- rooms, five bedroom8, kitchen, scul eiy, cellar china pantry, and other offices. Apply to A. Paton^O, Oxiord-st., Swansea. 1291 Six Minutes walk from the Royal Show, a ij Lady and Gentleman, t or Two Gentlemen, can be accom- r -in, modated with highly respectable Dra, z-rooni and Bedrooni. Terms-with Breakfast—apply 31, Croft Street, Roatit, Cardiff. Good Stable and Coachhouse if required. 1450 XV>RT1SHEAD.—fo be LET,SPRINGFIELD VILLA, in full r view of the sea garden back and front ■tipply of spring water. Also, to oe LET, ICTORlA-HOLbE, neS- the Beach. Apply, Myrtle Cottage, Portishead; or to J. Wintle and Co., Clare-street, Bristol. THE ROYAL SHOW.—To be LET, during the period of the Roval Show, a furnished HOUSE, in Windsor-place (close to Show Yard) containing dining and drawing rooms, and tour or five bedrooms.- \pply at the Svuth Wales Daily 2tetae OmcQ, Cardiff. THE ROYAL nuaL MiuW AT CARDIFF. APARTMENTS to LET, in Dumfries-place, where superior acc nimocfetion and attendance can be. secured during the Show. The house is situated nearly opposite the grounds of the Ma-quia of Bute, and in the mos pTeasant and fashionable part of the town. Aoply to Miss Hartland, Ormonde House, Dum- frie i-placa, Cardiff. 1342 HP. ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SHOW.—A FURNTSHED HOUaE to Lt/r, in Crouknerbtown, Cardiff.—A HOUSE, Tredegarville, for SALE eight rooms.—To be LET, Nos. 1 and 4, Clarendon-place. Partridge-road, Roath.—To be LET, an OFFICE, in B ute-creseent. -To be LET, a large SHOP, in Lute-road, near the Do-Is. Apply to L. Hoplnns, 16, Pr.radc, Tredsgarville. 14H j €0 be Xtt. ■ (1EFN.—TO lie LET, with immediate possession, the Double- j Licensed House, the BELL INN, Cefn, near Merthyr, situate close to the Gefn Station od the Brecon and Merthyr Railway coming in, £,76, including tfie Stock-in-Trade, Household Furni- ture, and the License up to October next. Unless taken before Thursday, the 4th inst, the contents of the house will be Sold by Auction on the above date.—For particulars, apply to D. Evans and Sons. Auctioneers, Pontypridd. 1459 WESTON-SUPER-MARE.-To Fancy Repository Keepers, W Stationers, and others.—To LET, in a leading thorough- fare in this rapidK-huproving watering-place, a TOY, STA- TIONERY, and GENERAL FANCY BUSINESS, with Circulating Library attached: goodwill, stock, and fixtures at valuation; rent made by letting furnished apartments immediate possession may be had satisfactory reasons given for disposal. For further particulars 'apply to Mr. Aubrey Miller, auctioneer and business broker, Weston-super-Maxe. 1503 Sales bn riritte Contract. FOR SALE, TWO HOUSES in Peter-street. Apply at No. 11, Bedfc rd-plaoe. 1237 SEASONED OAK SPOKES for Sale at Bonvilstone, uearCardiff Is Address L. Price. 995 FOR SALE, a grood substantial PHAETON. Price Eight Guineas. A bargain, owner having no further use for it. Apply at the Cardif Times Office. 1363 nnWO HOUSES for SALE at Temperance-town, Cardiff. Apply to Mr. David Thomas, 24, High-street. 006 BUTE DOCKS.—FOR SALE, a HOUSE and SHOP, 23, James- strvet, Bute Docks, with Store. Loft, and Stable attached.— Apply to Mr. M. Galliven, on the premises. 1499 TO PICTURE FRAME MAKERS. —TO BE SOLD, a great Bargain, about 10,000 feet of FRAME MOULDINGS, diffe- rent sorts. Giving up the Trade.—Apply at once to JAMES MOORE, f, Bute-street, Cardiff. 1466 (^OACHBUILDERS and WHEELWRIGHTS BUSINESS in- j ereasing and populous country town; no other business of the kind; satisfactory reasons given.—Apply, Mr. Courtice, jun., Coach and Cart Spring, Patent Axle, and Scroll Iron Manufac- turer, 106, Redcliff-street, Bristol. 1390 FOR SALE, STEAM CRANE LIFT, nearly two tons, with large boiler, steam-pump, and fittings, copper pipes, and all complete; boiler capable of generating steam to supply two ordinary steam winches and crane, all working together crane and boiler equal to new. To be sold cheap.—Apply, Mr. T. Mil- ward Ent,,ineer, &-c-, -J, Ferryside, Swausea. 1303 TO Gentlemen desiring Occupation or Retirement.—For SALE, a nice little FARM of Eight Acres of excellent Freehold Land, called "Nantyglyn," in North Wales, with Farmhouse, i&c. This property being conveniently situated near Colwyn Station—the most picturesque and salubrious spot on the sea coast between Mostyn and Holyhead—renders it a beautiful site for a gentleman's modern residence. Price, £ 926. Apply to Watson, 15. Fenwick-street, Liverpool. 1380 MONMOUTHSHIRE.—Valuable and important FREEHOLD .1,.1 ESTATE of upwards of 900 Acres, with RESIDENCE, Farm House, and Agricultural Buildings. The lantf comprises rich arab'e, meadow, and pasture, handsomely timbered, and in a beautiful country, offering nip.ny advantages foT occupation or investment. Price £ 30 per acre.—Particulars of AI:ERMAN and SLADE, Land Agents and Valuers, 8, Regent-street, Waterloo- place, London. 1368 T^HEAP~ FARMS^DT VIRGINIA, OR ONE YEAR'S j RENT of an English Fa no, an ESTATE, in good condition, and with a guaranteed title, can be BOUGHT in IKGJN1A. Soil very fertile, climate healthy, labour cheap, markets good many English families already settled in the same district.—For partic- ulars apply (enclosing stamp) to J. J. ANDREW, 27, Finsbury Pavement, London, E.C. 1371 TO be SOLD, by Private Treaty, a thoroughly-established first-closs HOTEL, with a few Acres of LAND, replete with all modern conveniences, and commanding a good business. Also, a FARM, with House and buildings, containing forty-four acres of Land, of the most superior quality. Both of the above are situ- ated close to the shore, in the most thriving localities on the coast of North Wales. All freehold. Apply to Mr. Richard Roberts, Surveyor and Valuer, St. Asaph- 1373 TO BE SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, that old-established PUBLIC HOUSE, known by the NEW INN;" also a piece of productive Orcharding adjoining. situate at Newton, in the parish of Yarkhill, on the road leading from Hereford to Worcester, now in the occupation of Mr. Smith. Also two COTTAGES and GARDENS, with Orchard adjoining, and two pieces of Pasture Land, part planted with fruit trees, situate at Steensbridge, in the parish of Hiunber, near the road leading from Leominster to Bromyard, now in the occupation of Mr. Gatehouse. Also a COTTAGE and GARDEN, with Orchard adjoiuing, situate at Shirlheath, in the parish of Kingsland, now in the occupation of John Parry- lor particulars, apply^ to^Mr. John Cave, Monkland, Leominster. 1379 ost. j APOCKET-UOOK, in the train between Llaneily and Swansea., June 27th. Any one returning it to Rev. Tlioinas Levi, Hea&bfield Place, Swansea, shall be amply rewarded. 1470 n_ ^miscellaneous. E FIELDING, BILL POSTER and DISTRIBUTOR, Taff- # street, Pontypridd. 1473 MONUMENTAL. ON UNRENTS, Crosses, and Tablets, in granite, 1\1 marble, or stone.—Designs and estimates forwarded on ap- plication tc T. JONES. Penarfli-road Entrance, Cardiff. 218 "VTOUR FUTURE Seven Years, s:x stamps Lifetime, twelve; L Love Charm, sixteen. State age. Methralton, 76, Post- office, Daventry. 654 TO THE SHOE TRADE.—Now ready, complete, with 36 large Diagrams, price 3s., Meears's new Work on CLICKING, Wholesale and Bespoke, Also, PATTERNS, of every description, Is. per set. Address, A. F. Mccars, 647, Old Kent-road, London. 1501 public Jlmusemcnts. JJUTCHINSON AND TAYLEUP.E'S GRAND CIRCUS, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, ROYAL AGRICULTURAL EXHIBITION. In order to commemorate this auspicious event, the above elegant Establishment will RE-OPEN for a Short Season on MONDAY, JULY 8, 1872. THE GRAND PROGRAMME WILL BE CHANGED EVERY EVENING, Including New and Brilliant Scenes of Riding, Acrobatic Marvels, Noble Performing Horses, Beautiful Ponies, Daring Gymnastic Feats, Classical Poses, Wonderful Acts of Juggling, Laughable Scenes by the Clowns. Admission Private, 3s.; Boxes, 2s. Pit and Promenade, Is. Gallery. Gd. Second price at Nine t,) all pirt,,3 except the Gallery. A Series of Grand Fashionable DAY PERFORMANCES DURING THE SEASON. Commencing at Half-past Two Doors open at Two. 1514 VICTORIA no 0 M S, s'r. MAEY- ▼ STREET, CARDIFF. SOLE PROPRIETOR lr. F. W. HOFFMANN. Every Evening during the week, GRAND CONCERT AND CHARACTERISTIC ENTERTAINMENTS. CHANGE OF ARTISTES EVERY WEEK. REFRESHMENTS AT THE BAR. Admission—First Class, Is.; Second Class, 6d. Doors open at Half-past Seven, to commence at Eight. Saturdays half-an-hour earlier 241 j public Notices. DATE'S EXCURSION FROM CARDIFF TO WESTON'AND CLEVEDON FOR CHEDDAR. On FRIDAY NEXT, JULY 5th, 1872, the favourite and fast steamer, "JOH BEWICK," will leave the Pier Head, Cardiff, at 7.45 a.m. (wind, weather, and circumstances permitting), for WESTON and CLEVEDON, returning trom Clevedon as 7.45 p.m., and Weston at 8.45. Fares, to-and-fro, Fore-deck, Is. Gd. Best Cabin, 2s. The Bristol and Exeter Railway Company will issue cheap to-and-fro excursion tickets from Clovedon to Cheddar, by first train after the arrival of steamer, to parties availing themselves of this trip, on their showing their steamer tickets to the booking clerk. Fares, covered carriages, is. first class, 2s. 6d. The Bristol and Exeter Railway Company provide excellent accommo- dation, at low prices, at the Cheddar station, where there is a commodious refreshment room. Well horsed breaks start from the railway station, to the celebrated Cliffs, all the arrival ef every train. Cheap Excursion from Cardiff to Watchet, Minehead, and Ilfracombe, on Monday, July 8th. (see bills.) 1519 IMPORTANT. ->- TO GOOD TEMPLARS, TEMPERANCE SOCIETIES, AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC. THE SWANSEA LODGES OF THE I.O.G.T. have arranged for a PUBLIC MEETING AND ENTERTAINMENT, In the MUSIC HALL, SWANSEA, On TUESDAY, the 16th JULY Next. For particulars see Hand-bills. Tickets, Tea and Entertainment, One Shilling. For Public Meeting and Entertainment, 6-1. To be had at ROWSE. Stationer, Castle-square ROSSFR, Hsathfield-street; JCORIX, Castle-street; and at the various Lodges. 1328 THE SWANSEA ROYAL & SOUTH WALES UNION FRIENDLY SOCIETY. (Enrolled pursuant to Act of Parliament.) Claims paid during the last twelve months, £ 1 593 Is. 10|d. Active AGENTS wanted in the FOREST OF DEAN. For ten-is, &c., apply to the Secretary, CASTLE CHAMBERS, CASTLE-SQUARE. SWANSEA. 1290 ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND. CARDIFF MEETING. GREAT SHOW OF HORSES, CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGS, AND IMPLEMENTS, JULY 15TH to 19TH inclusive. ADIHSSJON- .5s. each person. TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY 2s. 6d. THURSDAY AND FRIDAY Is 1356 ;r;r CASTELL COCH BRIDGE ACT, 1872. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Cas- to receive TENDERS for the LKECTJOX of BHIDuL across the river Taff at Castell Coch, as authorised by the above Act, in accordance with plans and specifications prepared by Messrs. Dobson, Brown and Adams, and to be seen on application at their Offices Guildhall Chambers, Cardiff, on and after the 1st -July. Sealed Tenders, endorsed Castell Coch Bridge Tender to be sent to me, on or before the 12th July next. The Board do not pledge themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. Bv order, W. P. STEPHENSON, Clerk. Dated, 21, Queen-street, Cardiff, 25th June, 1872. 1337 Q R Y ST AL PALA C E COMPETITION^ SOUTH WALES CHORAL UNION. CHAIRMAN. —The Rev. Canon Jenkins, D.D., Vicar of Aberdare. TREASURER.—The Rev. Thomas Price, M.A., Ph.D., Aberdare. SECRETAPTVS < D- Brythonfryn Griffiths, Aberdare. ( Dd. Rosser, Aberdare. Subscriptions towards tlie expenses fund are earnestly and re- spectfully solicited. ——— LIST Of Scjscr.iBEits. £ s. d. Sums already acknowledged 4^-5 2 Lord Bishop of Bangor 110 W. Harris, Esq., jun., Merthyr 110 Captain Russell, 12th Glamorgan R.V. 0 10 0 Mr. T. B. Meredith, Merthyr Union 0 10 6 Edward Esp, Esq., Newport 0 10 0. Mr. John Johns, Cardiff-street, Aberdare 1 0 0 Dr. James, Aberaman llo Messrs. Hammond, Turner, and Bates, Manchester 2 2 0 Mr. Elias, commercial traveller, per friends. 0 10 0 Rehearsal at Cardiff 170 0 0 links of Sales'% gUtcttott. Messrs. H. VT. HARRIS a TAYLOR. Crops, at the Wem-housf>L!apuaff July 10th Mr- T. D. Cattle, at Cardiff July Cth 3>. J. 31. EiLKBY. Leasehold Property, fcjwaasea July 9th Ditto, at Swansea Jtfly 9th Messri G. P. IVES" & BAVIES. Aophclllicul Works, at Swa»se&- • • — I. July 10th Jalcs lHT faction. CARDIFF. Salt; of Pure Bred Ayrshire Cows, part in full Mill:, and part to Calve shortly, 4 MR. D. T. ALEXANDER is instructed to SELL by AUCTION, in the Yard of the Cardiff Arms 5 Hotel, Cardiff, on SATUUPAV, the 6th day of JULY, at.liauf-past Two o'clock p.m., a choice Herd of the above CATTLE. Full particulars and Catalogues may be obtained on application to Alexander Brothers, Pontypridd, or at the Bar of the Hotel. Institute Chambers, Pontypridd, June 27th, 1872. 1452 V.'eni Gaiach, parish of Iianfabon. TVTESSRS. H. W. HARRIS awd TAYLOR will 1V± SELL by AUCTION, 011 WEDNESDAY, the 10th day of JULY, 1872, at two o'clock in th-; afternoon, at the Wern House, Llan- 1..J.. SELL by AUCTION, on WEDNESDAY, the 10th day of JULY, 1872, at two o'clock in th-i afternoon, at the Wern House, Llan- fabon, the whole of the CROPS on the above Farm, in such Lots and subject to such conditions as shall be named at the time of sale. For further particulars, and to view the crops, apply to the Auctioneers, 140, High-street, Merthvr Tydfil. Auctioneers' Offices, June 29th, 1872. 1489 IN LIQUIDATION. IMPORTANT SALE OF CHEMICAL WORKS, AT LLAN- S AM LET, SWANSEA. IV'TESSRS. G. P. IVEY and DAVIES have received instructions from the Trustees-of the Estate of Mr. W. R. Tremellin tJ) SELL by AUCTION, at the MACKWOHTII ARMS, SWANSEA, on WEDNESDAY, the 10th JI LY inst., at 3 o'clock, p.m., all that Piece or Parcel of LAND containing two acres, being part of a Marsh, called Liysnewydd," in the parish of Llansamlet, on which extensive ARSENIC WORKS have been erected. These premises are held for a term of 91 years, on a lease granted by L. LI. Dillwy 11, Esq., M.P., to Messrs. Joseph and Nicholas Jeimings, from the 25th March, 1866, at a rent of £;)5 per annum. The Works are of recent construction, and are complete in-every respect, embracing the fnost recent improvements for the manu- facture of Arsenic, with its adjuncts. The three great leading Railways are in immediate proximity to the Works, and all goods can. be loaded at a trifling cost. The supply of Coal in the district is unlimited. Seldom has such an opportunity presented itself to Capitalists. Tor further particulars apply to J. H. JOHN, Esq., Solicitor, Neath, or to the Auctioneers, Adelaide-chambers. Swansea. Swansea, July 3,1872. DESIRABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. MR. J. M. ELLERY has been instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Cameron Anns, 011 TUESDAY, JULY 9th, 1872. subject to such conditions and in such Lots as shall be named at the time of sale, the following LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, in the town of Swansea, viz:- Four Leasehold Dwellintr-Houses and Premises, containing each four rooms, situate in Graig-road. in the occupation of W. J. Scow- croft, J. Blackburn, Esther Owen. and W. Lloyd, held for a term of 91 years, from the 25th day of December, 1859, at a ground rent of £4 10s., and let at rents producing 1:31 4s. A Leasehold Dwelling-House containing 6 rooms, being No. 89, Rodney-street, held for a term of 99 years, from the 25th day of December, 1859, at a ground rent of £2 2s., and let to a repcctable tenant at 5s. a week. A Leasehold Dwelliug-House, containing 7 rooms, being No. 42, in Rodney-street, held for a term of 99 years, from the 25tli day of March 1860, at a ground rent of £ 2 5s. and let to a respectable tenant at 5s. a week. A Leasehold Dwelling House, and Premises, No. 19, Mysydd- street, held for a tonn of 99 years from the 29th day of March, 1829, at a ground rent of £ 1 12s., and let at £ 15 a year. Sale to commence at 3 for 4 o'clock. Further particulars may be obtained of Messrs. Browp r-ild Davies, solicitors, or of the Auctioneer. 1447 ALTERATION OF DATE OF SALE. Valuable Leasehokl Trading and other Projierty. P. J. M. ELLERY has been instructed by -iyjL the Representatives of the late Mr. Richard Worth of Uplands, to SELL by AUCTION, at the Cameron Arms, High- street, Swansea, on TUESDAY, JULY 9th, 1872, at Three o'clock, in such Lots as may be arranged at the time of sale, the following VALUABLE PROPERTY, in the Town of Swanseaj LOT 1.—All that Dwelling House, Shop, and Premises, situate in Oxford-street, and now m the occupation of Mr. Leworthy, Grocer, at a rental of 48 per annum, subject to the apportioned very low, ground rent of ,£5 a year. LOT 2.—All that Dwelling House, Shop, and Premises, situate in Goat-street, and in the occupation of Mr. Ritchins, Pork Butcher, at a rental of ,);;21, but is worth at least £:40, per annum, which will be sold subject to a ground rent of ,t;4 a year. These two Lots will be sold subject to an underlease for 20 years, from 25th March, 1856. at the annual rent of £ 45, of which the purchaser of Lot 1 shall pay £ 24, and Lot 2 £ 21. LOT 3.—All that valuable Dwelling House, Shop and Premises, situate 011 tho corner of Oxford-street, and Goat-street, and now in the occupation of Mrs. Evans, Draper, as year y tenant, and will be sold subject to the low apportioned ground rent of £.7 per annum. The present tenancy will expire at Christmas next, and the rent of the premises is now estimated at about £60 per annum. The three lots are held under a lease for 99 years, from 29th September, 1847, at the low ground rent of £16, which is apportioned as above. The above Premises are situate in one of the best localities in Swansea, and will always command good'tenants at remunerative rents. LOT 4.— A Leasehold Dwelling House and Garden, No. 6 Dillivyn-street, containing front and back parlours, kitchen, scullery, pantry, three bed-rooms, attic, water closet, Ac., with g:LS and water laid on. The Premises are in good and efficient repair, having recently been papered, and thoroughly drained in accordance with the regulations of the Board of Health. The Premises have been let at £ 18 iper annum, and are held under a lease of 99 years, from the 25th March, 1.1(j, subject to a 6,rouitd rent of £ 2 lOg. ° mo be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, all that FREEHOLD B DWELLING HOUSE and garden, at Uplands, late in the occupation of the Proprietor, Mr. R. Worth. For further particulars apply to D. David. Esq., or to the Auctionqer. 1446 Brecon.—To Linen and Woollen Drapers and others. MESSRS. BARNARD, THOMAS, CAWKER, and Co., are instructed by the Trustee to SELL by TEN- DER, in one lot, the STOCK-IN-TRADE of John Morgan, Ship- street, Brecon draper, amounting at, stock-book prices to £ 564 16s. 2d,, and which will be sold at a discount therefrom. j The whole can be viewed on the premises on Tuesday and Wed- nesday, July the 9th and 10th, and Tenders marked "'Tender for J. Morgan's Stock," will be received by us up to 12 o'clock on Thursday, the 11th of July, when they will be opened in the presence of those who attend. Terms One-third cash, and remainder by approved bills, at one, two, and three months, with an allowance Of 2 per cent. cash. The Fixtures can be had at a valuation, and the Premises, which aro held on a lease, van be transferred to the in-coming tenant. All further particulars can be obtained of the Brokers, at cither of their Offices. Dated Swansea, July 2nd, 1S72.' ^Business glflflrcsscs R O W N AND P 0 L S 0 N CORN FLOUR IS GENUINE. PACKETS 1M, 3d. and 6d. BEST, 2d., 4d, Sd. CAUTION AGAINST UNSCRUPULOUS FRAUD. INFERIOR QUALITIES OBTAINED AT LITTLE MORE THAN HALF THE COST OF BROWN AND POLSON'S, ARE SOMETIMES SUBSTITUTED. 298 R 16 H T'S TIME TABLES. THE NUMBER FOR JULY Contains AN ENTIRELY NEW MAP, Upon an enlarged Scale, of the RAILWAY DISTRICTS OF SOUTH WALES, Being the First of a New Series of Railway Maps which have been for some time in preparation, and will appear in successive Numbers as soon as they are delivered from the Engravers. 1358 FOR SALE. 50 000 USEFUL and well-nianu- factored Articles of FURNITURE, CARPETS, UPHOLSTERY GOODS, and BEDDING. —For Catalogues of same apply to Laverton and Co., Steam Cabinet Works, Maryleport-street, Bristol., LAVERTON & CO.'s IMMENSE STOCK OF- MODERN FURNITURE comprises the Largest Variety in the West of Eng- land, manufactured at their own Steam Cabinet Factory, warranted all of good quality and workman- ship, at prices extremely moderate.—See their large illustrated Catalogue, to be had gratis. Maryleoort- street, BRISTOL. ALL WARRANTED IN QUALITY, AND LOWER IN PRICE THAN LONDON HOUSES. 1172 L A V E R TON AND CO., HOUSE FURNISHERS, MARYLEPORT-STREET, BRISTOL. LARGEST STOCK IN WEST OF ENGLAND. COMPLETE FURNISHING ESTIMATES. For Particulars see Catalogues, containing COO Engravings, sent Gratis. £ s. d. No. 1. 4-ROOMED HOUSE 22 15 6 „ 2. 4-ROOMED DITTO 34 15 0 „ 3. 5-ROOMED DITTO 55 10 6 „ 4. 6-ROOMED DITTO 71 8 6 „ 5. 6-ROOMED DITTO 100 0 0 „ 6. 8-ROOMED DITTO 147 0 0 „ 7. 8-ROOMED HOUSE OR VILLA 192 18 0 s. io-oOlfED HOUSE 094 13 0 „ 0 10-ROOMED DITTO 350 13 0 „ 10. 10-ROOMED DITTO 404 2 3 DITTO 45110 3 „ 12. 11-ROOMED DITTO 5os 14 3 13 12-ROOMED DITTO 563 17 6 „ 14 12-ROOMED DITTO. 723 15 6 OVER 30,000 ARTICLES OF FURNITURE, TABLED, CHAIRS, &c., &c. 1433 "r- t 1 p pastes gldfltasscs. J O T H A M .A N D S O N'gf. NEW S TO C K .¡ COMPRISES 1 ALL THE LATEST NOVELTIES IN COATS, VESTS, TROUSERS, TROUSERS AND VESTS TO MATCH, X YOUTH'S, AND BOYS' SUITS, [HATS, CAPS, SHIRTS, SCARFS; TIES,. &c. f-. Their Establishment is Closed on Monday, Tuesday,-Thursday, and Friday, 348 PRO. Wednesday, at 2 p.m. Saturday, at 10.30 p.m, throughout the year. FIGARO. — An Illustrated Family Journal, published every Saturday, Rankcn and Co., 199, Strand, London. £ 700 in cash and other gifts distributed }llis year. Sixteen pages, One Penny. Sold by all Newsagents. 1X3


i , j THURSDAY, JULY A, 1872.…




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