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GLAMORGANSHIRE QUARTER SSESIONS. THURSDAY. ^FIIIST COURT.—Before H. O. JQXES (chairman), and the Rhv, E, EICKAKDS. THE FOUNTAIN AiSltf ELOPEMENT CASE. John Morgan (ii'J), collier, of imperfect education, was charged with stealing one leather purse and money, to the amouht of and female's wearing apparel, the property of William Lewis, Mountain Ash, upon the 12til June. Mr. B. F. Williams prosecuted, prisoner being undefended. The particulars of the case have already been reported in our columns, and it will be re- membered that Morgan and the prosecutor's wife eloped, and went to Liverpool, and subsequently to Barrow-on- Furuess, where they were arrested by P.S. Thorney, who found in prisoner's lodging, in N'I upstairs room, where Morgan and the faithles wife slept, a box containing the articles named in the charge. The jury returned a verdict of guilty, and the learned Chairman sentenced prisoner to six months' imprisonment at Swansea with hard labour. WOCNDINO AT CARDIFF. John Casey labourer, and Owen Casey (15), la- bourer, and Alice Johnson (27), a single woman, were charged with wounding and assaulting William Hannam, an assistant tide waiter, at Tyndal-street, Cardiff, upon the ûth May, 1S72. Mr. O. H. Jones prosecuted, and Mr. Phillips defended the two prisoners Casey. The offence was committed in the house of the prisoners, in the street above-mentioned, prosecutor having entered there with Johnson, and was immediately assaulted with a poker by John Casey. Prosecutor was assaulted about In ojtlock. Prisoner J ohnson alleged that prosecutor came into her house shortly after 10 o'clock, and drank beer with her, but this he denied most distinctly. A witness, however, was called and swore to seeing Haimain in the room with Johnson at the time stated by her. The three prisoners were found guilty, and John Casey was sentenced to Swansea gaol for twelve months, and the other two pri- soners to Cardiff gaol for six calendar months. Pri- soners thanked the Chairman, John Casey adding I can do that. A CAPTAIN AMONG LAND SHARKS. A married woman, named Catherine McManus (29), and John Murphy, a labourer, were charged with stealing two sovereigns and a handkerchief from the person 01 Thomas Jenkins, the master of the smack Ruby. Mr. W. L. Williams prosecuted. The theft was committed at the Tredegar Arms, Cardiff, on the 17th May, prose- cutor, who resides at Appledore, Devonshire, being at the time half seas over." McManus was sentenced to Car- diff gaol for four months, and Murphy was sentenced to a similar period at Swansea. PLEADED GUILTY. Margaret Rimron (24), a. married woman, pleaded, guilty to stealing 4s. lOd. from the person of William Vaughan, at Merthyr, on the 20th of June.—Sentenced to six months' imprisonment with hard labour. THEFT OF PIG IRON. Isaac William Reynolds (lií), described as a pilot was charged with stealing 421bs. of pig iron, the property of the Treforest Tin Plate Compauy, upon the 15tli of April last. The pig iron was stolen from the prosecutors' wharf on the canal near James-street, Cardiff, the theft "being clearly proved by a Bute Dock police constable. The Chairman in sentencing prisoner stated that there were a number of previous convictions against him, the last one being for 12 months, and it was evident that the repeated sentences had no good result. He would now be sentenced to seven years' penal servitude, and also to seven years' police surveillance. PLEADED GUILTY. Edward Coleman (31), a sailor, jileaded guilty to unlawfully obtaining bv false pretences from Eliza Sophia Mills, draper, Bute-street, one shawl and one muffler. The offence was committed upon the loth May last, and since that period prisoner has been ia gaol. In consideration of this circumstance, the Chair- man dealt leniently with the prisoner, and sentenced him to two months' imprisonment. THE ALLEGED CASS OF EilB3i!ZLEitE.VT BY A COMMERCIAL TRAVELLER AT CARDIFF. John Gwyn (38), described in the calendar as a commercial traveller, was brought up charged with em- bezzling £14 3s. 6d. and also £7 17s. moneys of William Steeds, Ale and Porter Merchant, Cardiff, in whose employ the prisoner was as traveller. Mr. B. F, Williams, instructed by Mr. Stephens, prosecuted, and Mr. Coler- idge, instructed by Mr. Belloch, defended the accused. I he case when before .the police-court was fully reported in our columns, and it will be remembered that on the 1st of March prisoner received the first amount named in the charge from Mr. William Thomas, landlord of the Pilot Inn, whilst the second amount of £7 17s. was paid by Mr. David Davies, landlord of the Prince of Wales Inn, Mr. Coleridge having eloquently addressed the jury on behalf of the prisoner, and the learned Chairman having summed up, the jury letired, and after about a quarter of an hour's delibera- tion, returned with a verdict of not guilty. Prisoner was therefore discharged. THEFT FROII THE PERSON. A single woman, named Mary Price (35), was charged with stealing,a purse, containing a sum oi money, from t«e person of 'iheodore Johnson, at Swansea, on the Stii ult. Mr. Dilhvyn, on behalf of Mr li. Jfi. Davies prose- cuted, the prisoner, who was a girl of immoral habits, re- siding at Swansea. Prosecutor, who was a sailor, and had just been paid off after a long voyage, had in a purse in his pocket six sovereigns, two half-crowns, and three shillings, of which the prisoner eased him. Sentenced to nine months' imprisonment. PLEADED GUILTY. Elizabeth Hughes (42), described as a charwoman, was charged with stealing a watch from the person of John Grey, at Swansea, on the Dth of June last. Prisoner pleaded guilty. It appeared that in 1357 prisoner was sentenced to four years, and since her discharge she has still pursued her old unlawful avocations. Sentenced to seven years' penal servitude, and seven years' police sur- veillance. LARCENY AT SWANSEA. A collier, named John Davies (23), .was charged with stealing two flannel shirts, the prouerty of David Moiris, Llangyfelach, on the lSth of April last. Mr. Diilwyn prosecuted. The jury acquitted the prisoner. AX UNFORTUNATE ".MISTAKE" AT RESOLVEN. James Davies; uO, labourer, was indicted for stealing sixteen fence rails, value 5s. 8d., the property of the T^-i^estern Company at Resoiven, on May 27th. Mr. O. H. Jonesprùsecuted and Mr. 11. E. Davies defended. The prisoner, who had bore a good character hitherto, was caught by tiergt. Markham carrying away the fence rails, eied up in three bundles, and when asked where he got them from, he said Wilcox, a ganger on the railway had lent them to him. Wilcox was called and stated that the rails he told the prisoner he might borrow, were two old ones which had been in a ditch for two years. The defence was that the prisoner had ^nnstaken new rails for old onet-, had only borrowed them, and had the intention of returning them when he was arrested. The Jury found a verdict of "Not Guilty." 1 he C hairman Well, gentlemen, I hope you will take care of your own goods and chattels, and not let any body borrow them. (To prisoner) ou can go you are a very lucky man but take care you don't do such a thing again. The Court adjourned at G.15. SECOND COKKT.— Before Mr. J. C. FOWLER (deputy chairman) and Mr. G. PHILLIPS. WOUNDING AT LLANTRISANT. George Shorthouse (22), Frederick Shorthouse (26), John Smith (24), colliers, and John Phillips (21), miner, were charged with unlawfully and maliciously doing bodily injury to John Jones, at Llantrisant, on the 9th April last. There was a similar charge against the two prisoners Shorthouse for injury inflicted upon P. C. Lewis. Mr. Coleridge prosecuted, prisoners being undefended. The prosecutor, John Jones, from the medical testimony, had received a number of contused wounds on the head. They were caused by a brass candlestick, which had been taken from the Boar's Head Inn, where the row between the parties originated. Prisoner George Shorthouse was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment, Frederick Short- house to six months, and John Smith to four months. The prisoner John Phillips was acquitted. No evidence Was tendered against the prisoners in the second charge of assaulting the police constable, therefore that\count was not proceeded with. THEFT AT CARDIFl". Mary Ann Nippers, 50, a married woman, was charged with stealing two brushes, a Hat-iron, and two pawn tickets, the property of John Jones, at Cardiff on the 12th June. Prisoner lodged occasionally at the prosecutor s house, and the things named in the charge were alleged to be stolen by Nippers, inasmuch as they were subse- quently- found at the house where she lodgel,. at Shakespeare-street. A number of previous convictions were proved against the prisoner, whom the jury found guilty. Mr. Fowler, in delivering judgment, stated that prisoner was unquestionably a determined and habitual criminal, and the public must be protected. She would now ? be sentenced to seven years' penal servitude, and afterwards to seven years' police surveillance. THEFT OF WOOD. Richard Price, a respectably dressed man, was charged with stealing certain wood-work from the Penyrheol colliery, in the parish of Eglwysilan, on the 23rd ult. Mr. B. 1'. Williams prosecuted. The wood was stolen from the roof of a smiths' shop at the above colliery, and was afterwards found at the prisoner's house, the property of his employer, whose property the wood also was. Pri- soner's house was a short distance from the colliery. The jury found prisoner guilty, recommending him to mercy, and as there was nothing against him he was sentenced to six months' imprisonu-ient. The court here adjourned for half an hour. ALLEGED EMBEZZLEMENT BY A LAD. A Villi am Parker, a lad, apparently about 15 years of age, was charged with embezzling 9s. ild., on the 8th February last, money, the property of Fanny Thomas, butcher, Cowbridge-road, Canton. Air. Diilwyn prosecu- ted. The lad, whilst in the employ of the prosecutrix, received the sum named in the charge from a Ms. Emery, at Llandaff, and the lad alleged that he paid the amount'to Miss Hurley, prosecutrix's daughter, but this was emphatically denied by-Miss Hurley. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty, and prisoner was there- fore acquitted. WOUNDING IN CARDIFF. Sophia King, a woman with a child in her arms, was charged with wounding, and also with assaulting, Mary Ann Morgan, wife of John Morgan, 51, Christiana- street, Cardiff. On the evening of the 2nd of May last, prosecutrix and prisoner's daughter were quarreling, and whilst they were scuffling the mother appeared on the scene, and struck Morgan with a knife. Prosecutrix admitted striking the daughter, after that individual had spat upon her. Prisoner was acquitted. THEFT AT NEATH. Margaret Jenkins (32), single woman, was charged with stealing a purse containing 2s. od. from tho person of Martha Margaret Williams, at Neath, on the 28th ult. Mr. Itees E. Davies prosecuted, and Mr, Coleridge defen- ded. The prisoner, who was a well known pickpocket, was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment. LARCENV AT SWANSEA. James Bums, a labourer was charged with a rug and cane-seated chair, the property of Mr. Lewis John Morgan, cabinet manufacturer, Swansea. Prisoner pleaded guilty, and previous convictions being proved, he was sentenced to nine month's imprisonment. LARCENY AT SWANSEA. William Howell was charged with, stealing a cigar box containing a sum of money (about 30s.) the pro- perty of Thomas Rees. Mr. B. F. Williams prosecuted. The the';t was committed at a, spirit vaults in Swansea, on the 2t?th ult. Sentenced to" fifteen months' imprisonment. The court adjourned shortly after six c'elcck. v I



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