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PREPAID TARIFF Fos SMALL ADVERTISEMENTS. Uom ilL SOUTH WALES DAILY NKWS. Six lamov I I Ssaw 1. Wosd*. 0°? L ] £ iai«SI| TnswVoa. ;iBgertioa»JIni«rtionj Cardiff I 1 1 Tta«fc a. d. a. d. a. d. 18 Words 1 0 6 1 0 1 1 6 2 0 SJ Words | 01_9 | 1 6 I 2 3 I 3 0 1 0 2 1) 3 0 4 0 1 3 26 3 9 5 0 &4J | x 6 I 3 0 I 4 6 ) 60 ES7^T7 i I 0 6 0 9 10 t Words) x 4 charges apply o«f?> d* °1 Blent specified below, and ar £ >i*v. cojfiaed to thosa which are-ordered for i#h»koti'v* th».'er*loni and PAID Fos Mirious Tc> iiWKRTioH if either conditions it not complied with, the bj the Business scale:- ftri«T».Tii> WiSTSS. I HocsaMMP A^ASi MBMTSTO Lltt. MoItXT WXXTBD. AKTiCbKS LOOT. MOJIKT TO Lhnb. A*TICL*8 FO<MO. MlSOBLLAKBOUS WASTt Bwnwmmh ro* DtarosAk Miscbllaxkocs Salbb. BmniMii WAXTB*. PAICTHBRSIIIM WUTM, BmniMii WAXTB*. PAICTHBRSIIIM WUTM, 1 Hocsks TO Lot. Sitoatkws Wjurousk. Housas %TARIM SrrvATion WAjrra. GENERAL ADVERTISING TABIFP. Paxliuutut Naricys, Government Annousomm,114 Mid Parliamentary Elections are sharped One Shilling ftjr Hue (or each insertion. Prospectuses of Publio porapaniea in charged Ninepence per line for each insertion. Public, Legal, Municipal, rarUGhial, and oof Board Notices, Tenders and Contracts, kc., an jhnrsrod Sixpence per line for each insertion. Auction fcot ce* are oharged Sixpence- per line, and all other flaasM of Advertisements Fourpence per line per tuser- Non. Somo of these charges are, however, subject to mdlwtlou in atow-danco with the number of insertion* lrdered.—Particulars may be obtained ot out Chiet and feranch Otnee- AovsKTiaxBs when sending advertisements In mann- leript, may calculate eiirht words to a line, and 12 lines 10 un inch. In charging advertisements the lines are tot counted, but the advertisement, Including large Ines, dashes, and white spaces, is measured, and the ipaoo oecupieJ i8 oharjed at the rate of Twelve lines to ui Inch. re,tronal. IF HENRY CLARKE, late Gardener to Capt. Luck- raft, at Burry Port, will communicate with J. Mitchell, Burry Port, he may hear of something to his beneflt, 2231 '<- IttusiraL TO STUDENTS IN MUSIC.—Mr F. ATKINS, M.B., intends, after the present vacation, FORMING a PiuVATE CLAS for the study of Harmony and Counter- joint. Terms lOitki perterm. Also open to attend Schools br the formation of Classes. Terms on application to Femley Heuse, or of Messrs Thompson and hacAel 41 88 Educational. WANTED an experienced MASTER, to assist in tuitiou and take charge of boarders.—Apply, stating terms, Scholasticus, Daily News office. 21»7 KITING.—Mr MaeCreanor, Writing-master, 36. Singleton-terrace, Swansea, teaches Ladies and Gentlemen's fashionable writing in seven lessons. Entire satisfaction guaranteed. 2165 partner: LADY wishes to join another as Partner in a FANCY BUSINESS.—Address "Mary," Lockes Adver- tising Office, Newport, Mon. 2234 gomestic jtt\!nnt. WANTED, HOUSEMAID must be strong and healthy, and accustomed to wait at table.— AnDLy to Mrs Pyman. Acacia House, Kymin-terrace, Venarth. 2*220 WANTED, a Good GENERAL SERVANT and NUK3E. Country girls preferred.—Apply No. 5, St. Andrew's-crescent. 2233 WANTED, good GENERAL SERVANT at Choi ley House, Richmond-road, Cardiff good character required.—Apply from 3 to 5 or 0 to 9 p.m. 2236 ANTED a steady "SOUNG PERSON for KiUh :n- maid.—Apply at Raper's Temperance Hotel, Cardiff. ANTED, a strong GIRL as Geneial Servant; one W used to the trade preferred. Good character requir,d.-Apply King's Arms Hotel, High-street, Swansea. 2215 ANTED, a thorough Good COOK, also an ex- perienced KITCHENMAID, and a Second CHAMBERMAID. Each must be accustomed to Hotel work. Good characters irdispensabie. -Apply stating age, wagtg, Ac., Queen's Hotel, Cardiff. 2175 ANTED~ respectable Indoor MAN SERVANT; also a PAGE. Good wages.—Enclose stamped envelope, Mrs Godfrey. 118, Park-street, London, W. 2163 WANTED, Good Plain COOK, £ 21 HOUSEMAID, £ 18. Sisters or fellow servants may suit.—En- :lose envelope, Mrs Godfrey, Park-street, London, W. 2169 WANTED, Two good GENERAL SERVANTS for wi.iower gentleman of means. £ 20, all found.— Address, Park House, North-row, London, W. 2169 ANTED, HOUSEKEEPER (working). Plenty of assistance. Wa^ea good. Enclosed stamped envelope.—Mrs Godfrey. 118, Park-street, London, W. 216.) WANTED, in a month, an active, honest GIRL, not under 16 one accustomed to children preferred, —Apply Postmistress Caidicot, Chepstow, 21o3 MANTED, COOK, HOUSEMAID, and PARLOUR- i2jil'u<jlT.2160 V\r ANTKD, Two GENERAL SERVANTS for Widow W Lady and Son. Wages £ 20 each.—For particu- lars, send stamped addressed envelope to ilrs Pipe, 82. Bisnop's-roii, We<tbour;ie-grove, London. 2100 WASTED, Two SERVANTS to go with a Lady to America, Good wagea. All expenses p;iid tnere and back.-For particulars, send stamped addressed envelope to MTs Pipe, 82, Bishop's-road, West bourne. grove, London. 2160 WANTKD, NURSE GIRL to take charge of three children. Mu>t be clean, honeist, aua kind.— Apply, 38. Stacey road, Carditf. 2148 ^ituatiow$ iJatatJt. UOCE BY.—Wanted, an Experienced HAND, must be strict y honest, and an bstainer.—Applv .lones tyana and Co., Tin tern, near Chepsttjw. 47923 tyana and Co., Tin tern, near Chepstow. 47923 BOOTTKADE.—WANTED 50 Rivettersand Rounders, chiefly nail work. Constant employment.—Hicks, fcteain Shoe factory, Brynmawr. — WANTEDrstrong GIRL to Pack Whiting.—Apply between 10 and 12 a.m., Kernick and Son, Duke-street, Cardiff. 2235 OOT Tl' ADF- Rivetters are requested to KEMAIN 13 FROM Brynmawr, as there is a Dispute about Wages. 22C.4 WANTED immediately an IMPROVER. Must he steady and active. Also a sharp LAD, as Ap- prentice. -Apply personally to G. Hiley, Grocer, Tre- herbert. 22^3 Irr GROCERS' ASSISTANTS.—Wanted an experi- JL enced HAND an abstainer preferred.—Apply to Josiah Williams, Grocer, Tteorky, Glamorgan. 22.7 WAN ED. in the towns of South Wales, Gentlemen of local influence to represent a new and im- portant enterprise in the South-West of England.—Apply by letter, C. P. A., Messrs Craik and Anthony, Queen- tquare, Bristol. 47912 2^0 MILLINERS.—A thorough experienced HAND accustomed to assist in showroom.—D. Thomas ixid Co.,1 Tempie-street, Swansea. 2223 W" ANTEDa young man accustomed to drivinar, who knows the to^u. None need apply without good eference.-Ci-oss Bros., St. Mary-street, Caruiff. 22i3 W' ANTED immediate!v, a smart, respectable young man as BOOTS, at the Imperial Hotel, Cant.IT. 2212 2212 W' ANTED, a YOUTH as Billiard Marker and to make himself generally useful. Gooi reterences in,iispetisab,le. -Apply, Brid.o Hotel, Newport. 21:17 TO PAWNBROKERS' ASSISTANTS. Young- JIaii Wanted, age from 13 to 20.-Apply 15, Broadway, Roath, Cardiff. 2189 f|U> _f^l^AP ER3.—Wanted at once, a good SALES- JL OilAN, atso a MILLINER, must have good taote. —Apply Btitiog age, salary, and experience, to H. D. Evanrf, Risca, Mon. 2191 WANTED, a quickYOUNG MANTto take c^aTge'of a horse and cart, and make himself generally Heful indoors.-Apply to J. Miller, Grocer, Patrick- itreet, Cardiff. 2170 TO DRESSMAKERS.— Wanted immediately a FIRST- HAND DKKSSMAKEK, with knowledge of Mantle- nakiog prefecred.-Apply.- full particulars to D. and J. Evans, Porth. 2161 CA.otu ties, (7,rat, elltr0, rt^BADESMAN that inienda going out of Buriness I is willing to take Commission (or on Salary'* for fea, Oil and Grease, Tobaeco, or General Grocery or Provisions,for Wales. Good reference.—Address T. S., 17, Mary-street, Merthyr TJdfil. PARTMENT3 to LET, to respectable person; small family. Two front rooms; reut moderate.— Apply 53, Wyndhain-street, CaLito- 1I. 2168 O/* MONTHLY maybe added to income bySa.eof 5L0 oiw Packet Teas and French Coffee, in tins the noat lucrative Agency in the trade. Prospectus and Press opinions post free. W ite to Oliver, Oliver and Co., Merchants, 231, Southgattf Koad, London, N. Hu44 47'80 W"ANTED, AGENTS, for Industrial Assurance, in all parts. Good men can earn at least 308^ u w £ £ i. '-Address with stamp, to Manager, li, St Jonu s-square, Xrdig 43784 Jitttationg ¥ Juded. EDICAL.-Wanted imniediately, by a second-year M Student, an ASSIS TANTSHIP, to visit, afspense, kttei.d midwifery (ordinary). Hfe served four years* JPDrenticeshijx Unexceptionable references. — Apply R. W. It., Four Crosses, Merioneth, North Wales. 220o BREWERS. — A practical Brewer, who thoroughly understands brewing all classes of alas and stout, aUllif i u 11(1 erstands malting, wishes for a situation would invest £ 100 or £ 200 in a going concern.—Address, U O. Mather, 40, St. Alban's-road, Watford, Hert. 479X3 and^Tvi^0 88 Colliery Pay Clerk or f ar- Srienced GoodTlf Mana?er. Energetic and ex- Ne«V (irdia reIerea^- -W., South Wales Daily ^P0 TORS^WarttP^8 lnd HoUSE DECORA- G"iiner, good Brush hand, 47911 RE-ENGAOKME1NT required, daily or resident "hv an experienced GOVEttNESS (25). I^UsT),French Music, Sm'^lig. Drawing, and Paftitiog.—Address' YeritJ^, 0 South Wales Diply N%wa," Cardiff. 2123 Celia a tous aut. T>ORTABLE ENGINE WANTED, from 6 to 10 h.p. 'JL Must be complete and in good repair.—Particu- lars to 8. Evan#, Llanfyrnach, R. S. O., Pembrokeahire.2224 fJlENDERS wanted for Discharge of Iron Ore Cargoes. I J. Steamers giving use of Steam Wiliches.-Apply to Alexander, and Co., 5, Mount Stuart-square. 2187 Bricks^—WANTED eo.OOO to 100,000 NEW or SECONDHAND, for Colliery purposes. De- livery, Cross Keys Station, Cwmamman; also LIME. Quotations to J. H. Ketley, Glenday, and Co.. Bir- naitighani. 47874 ^partamit^ &r. T O^O^'Of-T-A /especUble YOUNG MAN can hi^e WJ Comfortable Lodgings at 31,«orvstre«t, Cathays. 2(99th«r lodgers I it bt Xrt.—(it. rilO be LET. immediate, 23s P)tfa4e, (htrditt. oon- X taining 3 sitting-rooi», t bedrooms, and dreasing- rooms, with a lanre garden. TJhe Furniture tI1 the house may be taken at a. A. Buaett, 4, Church-St., or Mr Pady, 2248 TO LET, No, S. COLDSTREAM'TliRRACB. Renl Apply to Mr D; Roberta, 17, Chureh- street, Cardiff. VW& niHE LAWN," MAINDEE nfar NKWTORT, Mon- X mouthshire.—To be LET\ th*8 capiUl family MANSION HOUSK, with Lswn, Pleasure Grounds, and Gardens. T"c ^U**tiliug-house contains three reeeption-roome. ftb-y. strong room, servants' hall, kitchen, numerous bedrooms, with con- venieut out-offices. The premises are in excellent con- dition, and until very recently in the occupation of hfrs T. B. Batchelor. Possession may be had at once.-For particulars applv to Messrs. William Graham and Son, Victoria Chambers, Newport, Mon. or to T. M. Llew. ellin, Esq., Solicitor, Newport. 47768 TO LET, No. 10, Westbourne-crescent, Canton bridge, Cardiff. Premises may be vievred oh or after Mon- day, the 9th inst. 22163 ATTERMATH.—20 Acres th Let, two miles from Cardiff, excellent herbage, good growth.—Apply to W. B. L., 116, Bute-road, Cardiff. 47898 TO LET, Furnished, Newjx>rt, front 12th September, a very genteel Detached VILfcA, suitable for a small family.- Rooms spaciona, very lofty, and well fur- nimhed bath room, usual offifee*. and cellaring, grape house, and with or without stablin.Apply Mr John French, Bromley House, Caerlaon-road, Newport. 2190 BURRY PORT.—To LET, or LEASE, on very mode- rate terms, a Ten-roomed Semi-detached VILLA, elaborately finished, with suitable onihauses, garden, a««»cmmodatiott road at back, most pleasantly situ- ated, and commanding a splendid view of the Burry River Mid ^-marthen Bay.-For particulars apply to J. )fich.ef, grocer, New-street, Burry Port. 47822 TO LETTh6K9E- containing aix rooms, in Silver- street! Roath.PP1! to W. Thomas outfitter, 142, Bute-road. Cardiff. 2179 TO BE LET, with 7njnWlia*p Posse8siou' !»rKe semi-detached RE^IDKlvCESi m ^Hownrd Garden, Ronth-road, within three minutv* the Tan ana Rhymney Stations, and fitted up ,.th all modern con- veniences. The rooms are numt«,c«^>^ry.8Pac'o,Js> and lofty. Rent, £ 85 per annum each. ThA^ W considerable garden ground at the rear of eaeh house, ttd lbe occu- piers have the privilege of using Howard Also, two VILLAS, near Roath Chureb, ooutainiug two of rooms, kitchens, bath-room, five todrooms, and go gardens. Rent, £,,0 per annum each. —Apply to Lewis Brothers, Richards-terrace, Roath. 2103 or ja1t.-oUSt$, .d, &r. HOUSE for Sale, 17, Aujfusta-street. Splotlands; 18-fect frontage. — Apply to Mr W. Jenks, 41, Lewis-street, Canton. 2210 GOOD OPPORTUNITY for Working-men to gecme a Dwelling.-TWO NEW COTTAGES for SALE in Newport-street, Lower Grange town. A large proportion of purchase money may be had on mortgMe.-Apply to R. Emery, 20, Queen-street, Cardiff. 2196 "GREAT BARGAIN.—Two newly-buitt HOUSES for SALE in Pontardulais by Private Contract; 36feet frontage good letting neighbourhood.—For further w tr w .A: A "t;n.nøøP8. VIft1"\IU; Øot'pIJ \IV,1. I" 1.'11.111. iIoll\.L "&I'& and Estate Agents, Pontardulais, R.S.O, 195 TO be SOLD, by Private Coatract, Greuud :s"tl! of 63 Uóusea in the centre of Canton the ground rents amount to 4135 a year; lease unexpired about 76 years; price £ 3,500 the rents the landlords do receive Is £ 893; when the lease expires will pay nearly 26 per cent. A large Family Mansion in Pembrokeshire, with 168 acres of land, good fishing and ahooting, and two miles of railway station price £ 5,600; will pay from 3 to 4 per cent. A small Farip, with a Huuxe and Out-houses, within a mile and a-half of Newport, 2) acres. Eight-roomed House, with about 8 acres 0" Land about 9 miles from Cardiff; several 8-roomed Houses, with larye gardens and back entrance, lease 999 years, price AMO each; eight Freehold Houses, including a Sh*, pflo, £ 2,6W eight HouLies, rents Z124 1 &4. price Æl,¡ three Houses, price £600; two Houses, in. "-i- a Shop and I'.ake house, root £ 52 a year, &6GG. LQWEft Gi ANGE.—Two Houses, Including » ahQfo, and Stable and Coach-house, price JETOO. tt&Tli Two Villas in Broadway, price £ £ 50 six HoomSv InelQdlnK a Shop, price £ 1,300; two Villas iu yyp*t Ceorge-street, price £ a50; four Houses, with a long ioAM, to the centre of Cardiff four Houses, includ- ing w Corner Shop, price £ 650 ten Housed, price £ 2,0C0; Hooves, pnee £ 1,600 two Houses in Pearl-street, wi«I &,LOO- ten-roocied Villa, with cellar, bath-room, ¡ I'M fittings mostly in every 100m, price £800, two- Aiwrtf of the porchajk money could remain on mort. Pr..r.TO LET, three large Shops in Caatie-road, suitable draMi-s, ironmonger*, Ji uggistj, butchers, or furni- tore shoee, a1 with !¡m/< cellars; several five roomed Houses, With large garage, at Ely, rent 4s Od per week; alght roomed Villa in Davies-erescent, with largre garden, Venetian blinds, gas fittings, and well rent L30 a year, only five minutes' walk to where the trams start. Seve- -At Farms to LET in Monmouthshire, rent about p1 1031 per acre. For reply please enclose a stamped envelope. Apply to Mr Thomas Davies, House and Land and Insur- ance Vrent 84, Cowbridge-road, Canton, Cardiff. 40277 1- So -so 1JENARTH-ROAD.—To LET, with immediate posses- sion, a p rtion of the Yard and Sheds, lately occupied by Mr Thomas Jones, Builder. Apply to Tliomas and Sons, Ironmongers. -21E2 To PUBLIC"S.- TO BE LET, with immediate possession, that capital INN, the Commercial Hotel, Heolfach, Rhoudda Valley, on lease, 11 years to run. Satisfactory reasons for leaving.—For rent, terms, and all information, apply T. Lewis, as above. 2222 TO LET, TILERS' ARMS, Blaina; also GOLDEN LION, Abertillery; toth full-licensed.— For par- ticulars apply to W. Webb Aberbeeg. v»a»8 2218 ARDIFF -TO LET, a good refreshment house, C doing a good trade. In main thoroughfare,—Apply J. F., Daily News" Office, 22H HOUSE and SHOP to LET, in Lower Cathedral-road. —Apply to Mr John Jones, Butcher, opposite. 2182 f»rk OXFORD-STREET, SWANSEA.—Excellent busi- ness premises, consisting of House, Shop, exten- sive Storerooms, and Stable to be LEr.-Apply to J. lliuett, Eaotgate-terrace, Neath. 2198 TO LET, an extensive business PREMISES, in the principal street ill Trelierbert.—Apply to Henry Thomas, Draper, Treherbert. 2184 f (^REFOREST.—To LET, Corner HOUSE and S IOP in JL Castle-street, with or wi.hout Bakehouse suitable | V^iiidrr'.—iO LtT, HOUSE and SHOP with good fixtures, 36, Caroline-street first-clas? business premises in leading thoroughfare.—Apply to Misa Harry, 8, W ellington-terrace 2154 A SHOP and BAKEHOUSE, in Centre of Town.— Apply to Williams and Williams, Auctioneers, Church-street, Cardiff, 2151 TO WATC^niAKEnS AND TB^VELLErTsr- PONTY- TRIDD.—To LET immediately, situate near the Railway-station, where a good trade has been carried (,n for a number of years in the above For terms and to view apply, M. Davies, Pwll} waun, near Ponty- prid,]. 2150 a^O LET, with immediate possession, that new and commodious SHOP and PREMISES, situate on the corner of Castle-square and Caer-street, Swansea. Leading thoroughfare, central, and suitable for almost any class of business. Large plate-glass frontage to each street.—Apply on the premises, 14, Castle-square. 46421 jjttffittfor gisposal DRAPERY.—All Established Ready Money General Drapery Business to be LISEOiED of. Best position in a Steam Coul Valley, doing a good soui.d trade. Gcod Shol,, well fitted, and every coiiteiiierce.- Appiy, Drapery, "South Wales Daily News," Cardiff. 2226 OUTDOOR BEER and GROCERY BUSINESS, taking £ 17 a week; incoming £ 90. —Wi}-hers, Rock House, Marlborough-street. Bristol. 2208 DRAPER Y,-AIl old-established business, doing a good trade. Satisfactory reasons for leaving.- Apply, Har.,ies, Compton House Fishguard. 2199 DRAPER'S VALUER, ov:r Twenty years'experience. — Apply to Mr John Lewis, Fairfield House, Swansea. 2088 ur M*.—^ GLI-NO.-FF,ESH WATER FISH of all kinds can be caught in immense quantities with the Chinese Oait, "Chinff" (Stiukm Gladwin). Fish smell the bait fifty y ards off and take it eagerly, especially salmon trout, roach. and dace. Price 10sper lb. Sample, suffi- cient to c. t :h a bushel of fish, sent post paid for 13 penny stamps. Address—Jules and Co., Importers Southampton.—Testimonial "Messrs Jules and Co.' please send me a quarter of a pound of your fish bait' Ching.' The sample I had last week answered splen- didly it took fifteen brace of roach, four aud a half of different fish. W. Ratcliff, Ladywood House, Souih Viccent-street, Birmingham." 2206 SCHOONER for SALE.—The Devonport," 133 tons register, carries 230 tons, shifts without ballast.- For particulars apply to the Master, on board, at Ply- mouth. 21CO BOAT FOR SALE.— Fishing Smack, in Dock, at Car- diff. To be Sold to cover moitgage. Very cheap. —John Jenkins & Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. H" ARMONIUM, £ 4: ditto, Z5 ditto (7 stops), £ 6 10s; JtjL Pianoforte (good), £6 ditto, £ 7. The Cheapest House in Wales for all Musical Instruments. Robinson's Harmonium Manufactory, 28, Oxford-street, Swansea. 47819 A Good BLACKSMITH and CARPENTER wanted at Tavernspite. House and Workshops adjoining to be LET. Also large Yard and Buildings, which will be arranged to suit incoming tenants. Well adapted for Cattle Dealer, Butcher, Agricultural Implement Maker, &c. Depot for Traction Engine, Thrashing und Mowing Machines, &c., for HIRE, or any business requiring plenty of enclosed Yard space and Covered Buildings, near cqal, lime, sand, &c., at cross ng of 6 good roads leading to NN hitland.Narl)ertli, St. Clelr, Langharne,Pen- dine, Carmarthen, Amrothe. Kilgetty, Teuby, Pembroke, &c., &c. — Co'xl accommodation for Visitors, Sportsmen, or Travellers, at the "Plume of Feathers" (ye Oid .Tavernspite), or Irish Mail Coach-house from Milfo,d to London.—Address, Win. Re P, Tavernspite, near Nar- berth, licensed brewer and retailer of Beer Wine« Spirit?, &c. 8747 47904 FOREST OF DEAN STONE. Prices and part iciila,- JL' address J. Mitchell, 5, South Luton-place, Cardiff 2217* ABERDEEN GRANITE monumenTsT fronT £ 5. Carnage free. Inscriptions accurate and beautiful. i'lans and prices from Leg-e, Scuiptor, Aberdeen. 2082 FORHI^theiast-sailing cutter YACHT, Village Belle, x5 tons. This yacht, which is quite new has been re-fitted and done in the She is replete with everythingThode^. is fa*s^fer and suitable for ..gentleman and his famil, vi^tin- the sea-side. For terms, &c., anplv to Mr Simmmi, Stretton House, ^p y 10 Mr 1S.-THS NEW POCKET TIME-PIEQE—g g Is Warranted to denote Correct Solar Time I Post-free Fifteen Stamp*. The Frkmck Pocxkt Tikb Dn>tcito& (Patented in img- land and France), 100.000 of which wjr* s^liT (Turin-* the Paris Exhibition will denote correct time; same" size and shape a»» Witch cosiing Ten Guineas; serviceable -rm steel works, balanced action, enamelled dial glass dome. Warranted for two years. Two securely packed for Twenty-eight Stamps. Obtainable only from the undersigned Sole Agents for Great Britain, THE FRENCH NOVELTY COMPANY, 118, Park-street, Marble Arch, London, W. 1415 ~~A~ FORTNIGHT'S FAMILY WASH, in Four Hours, without rubbing or boiling, by using "THE DOMESTIC" Washer, Wringer, and Mangier (three machines in one', carriage paid, and a free trial allowed. -Illustrated prospectus post free from Morris Bros., Pontypridd, and 16, Angel-street. Cardiff. 44216 PERAMBULATORS.—"The Patent Safety Revolving," JL counteracts wind, rain, dust Dun, Ac., from what- ever quarter arising, and thorongyiiy protects the child from the most inclement weather. Prices and illustra- tions free. These Pateut Carriages art sent carriage paid to any Statiou.—Morris Brothers, 16, Angel-street, Cardifl, and Pontypridd. 46570 ATEST "TIP" 'IC0 CYCLISTS deairoua of Cycling o Poawble this season, RIDE THE CAMBRIAN BICYCLES', Manufactured by n„ MORRIS BROTHERS. Or purchase your machine of any other make and acces- series of all descriptions of the same firm at a Large Discount. One of the Largest Stocks of Now and Second-hand Machines in the United Kingdom to. select from. All goods carriage paid. Works—PONTYPRIDDI Show Boom AND Omca— 16, ANGEL STREET, CARDIFF. Price List one Stamp. 45676 Certain Cure for Nervous Debility. (^1 RATIS, a MEDICAL WORK, showing sufferers how JT they may be cured and acquire Health and Vitality without the aid of Quacks, with recipes for purifying the blood, and removing Skin Affection* Free on receipt ol Stamp to prepay postage. — A<Mr$» Seccetwr. Inatitute M fnaUW M fnaUW JOHH JENKINS and C 0'5' i announcements. JOHN JENKINS &d OO.p ^AIJCTIOSEEES Ss VALUEft^T PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS & AUDITORS. STOCK INSURANCE, MORTOAOft AND BUSINESS BROKERS, ARBITRATORS. HOUSE, LAND, ESTATE, FINANCIAL A GENERAL AGENTS. PHILHARMONIC CHAMBERS, ST. Mabt Stuot, CARIDIFF. Agents to the Soli Fire, Provident Clerks' Mutual Life and Guaraake, uti. the Norwich and London Accident and Plate Glass Insurance Companies, and the Protector Endowment, Loan, and Annuity Company. V B. — J. J. and, Co. prefer personal interviews, but where this is not practicable, communication may be made by post, in which case two atampa must ba and jaed tor reply. BUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL. CTWANSBA Desirable compact IlOtEL, with good Vault, on a long lease trade Urge. Itiro-iffg £I,Johu Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, i., Irdiff. 1-69 "RDIFF.-CapiW free double-licenced PUBLIC- V> HOUSK. in one of the leading thoroughfares. An excellent opportunity for a person seeking a first-class business.—John Jenkins and Co., Sun Fire Ofticc, Phil- harmonic Chambers, Cardiff, !-68 "VT EWPORT. — Good, well situated, DOUBLE LI- il| CENSED HOUSE, doing a large trade (proot). Ingoing, fully furnished, £ 600. Rent moderate.—Johu Jenkins & Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1-61- CARDIFF. — DOUBLE-LICENSED HOUSE, estab- lished as a boirding-houae, within easy access to Docks. Lease moderate rent good inventory in- going £ 500.—John Jenkiua and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. CARDIFF. -Good Double-licensed HOUSE in a populous tieighboui hood, doing large trade rent low; ingoing £OOO.-John Jenkins and Co., Philhar- monic Chambers, Cardiff. 1-65 BRISTOL.—Good Free Full-licensed HOUSE, situate in an important business part and near shipping rent £ 50; ingoing £ 22.1.—Johu Jenkins and Co., Phil- harmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1—63 DRAPERY and GROCERY BUSINESS, in a capital manufacturing aud colliery district in South Wales. Leate of premises, which have lately been r^ Scored at great expense, £ 400; Rent, ASO Lease, IT yegir,, Returns, zbout f.5,000, which can be increased Stock (lpw) at \aluation.—John Jenkins and Co., Phil- harmonfe Chambers, Cardiff. l-IU SINGLB? LICENSED rUBLIC HOUSE, in Cardiff; doing fair trade, and held at a very low rent. In- going £ L20. — John Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1-62 CARDIFF, DOCKS. Double licensed PUBLIC- U HOUSE, in good position. Ingoing and rent moderate.—John Jenkins and Co.,Auctioneers, &c., Phil- harmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1-59 ,d -ION-FEMONEIrS, GROCER'S, and PRIVATE J HOTEL BUSINESS, near the Bute Docks, Carditf holding a wine licence, to be SOLD. Good Shop lease Stock about £ 300, by valuation.—John Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1-60 CANTON.-GOOd Double-licensed HOUSE, in excellent position. Large trade; price moderate.—John Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1—56 CARDIFB'.—Singk-licensed PUBLIC-HOUSE to be C disposed of in Canton; incoming £60; low retit.- Apply to John Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. INGLE-LICENSED PUBLie-IIOUSE, near Cardiff; low rent; ingoing £ 40.-Apply to Johu Jelikins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardllf. 1-47 INK aud BEER-LICENSED HOUSE for immediate DISPOSAL—a bargain—for special reasons. Unexceptionable opportunity for taking a public-house cheap. Satisfactory reasons for leaving. Apply to Messrs John Jenkins & Co., Auctioneers and Account. ants, Philharmonic Chambers. Cardiff. 1-5 A-AAR1)IFF, SubLirba of. — A very spacious Single- licensed HOUSE, jn a new but very growing neigh. Dourhood, on lease at £ 100 per year. Ingoing, £ o00, J. Jenkins and Co., House and Estate Agcut, Piiiiiuumouic Chambers, Carditf. 1.11 C""ARDIFF,"Lower Grange.—Double-licensed HOUSE in Grangetown, on a gc-^d lease, to be Disposed of. Satisfactory reasons for leaving. Ingoing, £ 5t'0 to £ 700 according to conditions.—J. Jenkins fit Co., Auctioneers Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1-1) CARDIFF.—Double-licensed HOUSE, in easy distance j to station, important offices, and principal thoroughfares; held on a good lease, and doing a large trade; to be DISPOSED Of. Ingoing k;1,050.-J Jenkins & Co., Sun Fire Office, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1.6 BUSINESSES WANTED. SINGLE LICENSED PUBLIC-HOUSE. Ingoing not k-l exceeding £ 50.—John Jenkins and Co,, Philhar- monic Chambers, Cardiff. OUBLE-LICENSED PUBLIC-HOUSE, Bute-street or Docks, Cardiff. Ingoing £ 200 to £ 300. John Jenkins and Co., Brokers, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. SMALL SPIRIT VAULTS £ 200 to £ 300; respectable part of Cardiff.—John Jenkins and Co., Sun Fire vmee, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. IT Al.I. PUBLIC HOUSE.—Ingoing not to exceed £ 10^.—John Jenkins aud Co., Sun lire Olhcc, Piiimannonic Chambers, Cardiff. OOD Single Licensed PUBLIC HOUSE. —Ingoing \T not to exceed £ 180. — John Jenkins and Co Business Brokers, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. BUSINESS PREMISES TO BE LET. HOUSE, with Shop Front, 4-stall stable, in Roath, suitable for Cabman, &c., low rent.—Apply to Joiiu Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. _3¿7 tt r AREHOUSE, substantially built and dry, and Y W containing 4 floors, each about 36 ft. by 18 ft., with good approach in Gladstone-street. Low rent.— John Jeukin* aud Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 3-44 OFFICES.—Two sets of four first-class and con- veniently-iTrauged Offices, suitable for Solicitors, Architects, &c., in best position oi Bt. Mary-street, to be Let with mime liate possession.—Particulars Of John "Dweirtiig stveet.—J Jliu ocuKins and Co., 1 hiiharmonic Cii;aiibcrs,Caruiil. ;)-11 tCAPITAL PREMISES, in a first-class position iu Car- dirt, with showy plate-glass window, TO be LhT. Lent and fixtures reasoiialle; no stock unexceptiojable opportunity to open business in a leading situation. A^ply Jonn Jenkins and Co., Philharnionic Ct^unbers, Cuidiu. 3—31 OcAINT^MARY-STREET.—Good WAREHOUSES, suit- s able for Bonded or other Stores, with very good approacij,- Juhll Jenkins and Co., House and Estate Agents, Philharmonic Chambers, Carditf. 3-7 f |>W0 Sets of good OFFICES, to be entered upon in a 1 mouth, in centre of Cardiff —Apply to John Jenkins and Co., Cardiff. 3-7 HOUSES, ia, FOR SALE. FP.EEHOLD BUILDING LAND on the Kiug's-road, to Le sold chea\>. Corner plot, 130 feet by feet. —John Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 2—tit* 2-titi SEVERAL First-clas3 COTTAGES in a good letting neighbourhood, to pay about 8 per ceut. clear, to be SOLD.—John Jenkins and Co., House and Estate Agents, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff,- 2-t5 E.NAP.TH.-Four COTTAGES, in good letting place, J. 17 feet irontage, good repa.r. Ground rent is IOj. m-ice £700.-John Jenkins aud Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 2-43 1,-REEHOLD RESIDENCE and OFFICES, near Car- > diff, TO be SOLD, with or without a held near.- •iJhn Jenkins and Co, Philharmonic Chambers, Car- diff. 2—oO DESIRABLE RESIDENCE, in best of Cardiff, having a good entrance-hall, and containing 12 spacious and well ananged rooms, three lavatories, and bath- room, with hot tud cola water, good cellerage and domestic apartments, ID t:xcellet,t coi;diti,n, and replete with Venetian blinds and gas fittings, to be SOLD tor the very moderate price of £ 9W). Urounu rent low early possession, —John Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 2!-53 rriKREE"GOOD-HOUSES and a STABLE, in Adam- 1 street, to beSOLD, to pay 7i per cent. £ 1,000. -7ohn Jenkins aud Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Carditf. aa M~' ORTl"MEir~ROAD, CANTON, CARDIFF.—Good letting Houses to be bold.—Apply to Joi:n Jeu- knis and Co, Philarmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 46170 t—o'J rwo g.t HOUSES, in Lower Cathedrai-road, tele 1 SOLD, for ;A;;6i>U. For particulars appiy to John Jeukin tk Co., House and Estate Agents, Pniiharmonic Cliambers, Cardiff. 2-13 fl^lN STREET, CARDIFF.—Four well-built and con- JL venient HOUSES, ali let, to be SOLD. A good in vestment for £ 900.—John Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 241 TEN good HOUSES ill Mortiuier-road, Canton, offer a good investment lor £ 1,200.—John Jenkins and Co., House aad Estate Agents, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 2-39 SEVERAL HOUSES in Brook-street, Cardiff. Moderate prices. Safe letting neighbourhood.—Jeukins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 2-35 HOUSE in Northcote-Street, Cardiff. Very moderate price. —John Jenkins and Co., Cardiff. 2-34 WYNDUAM CRESCENT, CANTON.—One or two good HOUSES to be SOLD, offering invest- lIIents içr £330, £:3[,0, and F.070.-John Jenkins and Co., House tiid Estate Agtnts, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 2-42 VERY Good HOUSE, with showy shop, in Clifton- street, to i>ay nearly 7i per cent, m Price £ 500,— John Jenkina anti Co., Auctioneers and Valuers, Philhar- mouic Chambers, Cardiff. 2-5 PARTRIDGE ROAD.—Very compact and neat semi- detached VILLA, in excellent condition. Price £ 450. —John Jenkins and Co., House and Estate Agents, Phil, harmonic Chatubers, Cardiff 2-28 A CONVENIENT 12-ROOMED HOUSE, in nice part of Roath, with two entrances, and held at a very iow.ground rent, to be sold at fair price.—John Jenkins and Co., House and Estate Agentd, Phiiliarnjoiiic Cham- bers, Cardiff. -— 2-8 XTUGHTEBa, wcil-Uuilt HOUSES, in good locality. fi/i iiice, £ 2,800. Ground rent moderate. —'John Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Cliambers, Cardiff. 2-26 5/OUR very desirable HOUSES, let for £ 82 per year, 1' for £ 1,050,—John Jenkins aud Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 2-27 HOUSES TO BE LET. ^IX-ROOMED HOUSE, Cathedral-i^ad; rent £ 30. Jo Further particyJttseoTJohnJenKma and Co., Phil- barmoqic Ctian^^a^ Cardiff. 5— 45 CARDIFF.—HOUSE to LET in Union-street, suitable for boot maker or tailor.—John Jenkins and Co., Auctioneers, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. PENARTH.— Very convenient RESIDENCE, in dire- road, to be Let, immediately. "Good neighbour- hood Rent low. Furniture can be purchased a bargain, or valuation. Johu Jenkiua and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 343 FURNISHED RESIDENCES TO LET. REPSTOW.-First class completely furnished do. ) C tached RESIDENCE, within easy access to Railway Station; comprising three rccei tion and seven bedrooms, with usual offices. Large well-stocked garden;. lawn- tennis and archery grounds. Good Stabling, &c. Rent, only 4120 per annum.-Apply to John Jenkins and Co., Phiiliarmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 3-42 WANTED TO PURCHASEL A FREEHOLD or Long Leasehold PUBLIC-HOUSE, John Jenkina and Co., Auctioneers, Phil harmonic Chambers, Cardiff. GROUND RENTS FOR SALE. OO A OR. ^aa 8ecure Ground Rents in Cardiff to ■4- £ if) pay about 4 per cent, at once. Through the lease being short the reversionary interest is of con- siderable value.—John Jenkins and Co., Accountants, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 2—SO MONETARY. n i Ti £ 250, and £ 600 ready to be INVESTED on dwlOV, MORTGAGE.—John Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. £ A A and £ 500 to bo ADVANCED on good free- c&.TCV v/» hold secuiities.—Particulars, to John Cardiff* ^OCOUMt<u}'si Philharmonic Chambers, LARGE SUM3 to be advanced on Leaseholds, Free- holds, Reversions, Annuities or Ground Rents.— ^o^ JenIcinsjq'd Go., Wortoage Broksrs and Fmanatal yy AND g R E It N 1 (Established 1849), HOIT54U ESTATE, .AND LA*fD\AGENTS, AUCTlCKEfeSS, VALUERS, PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS, AUDITORS, &<J. HRE. LIFE, ACCIDENT, AND MARINE INSURANCE AGENTS. Omcss: 74, SAINT MARY-STREET. ANNOUNCEMENTS (Extracted from our Register. FURNISHED RESIDENCES. V. TO LET. J PENARTH, NEAR CARDIFF.-Commo.lioua Family Marine beautifully-situated RESIDENCE, 10 bed- rooms, gardens, &c. Rent moderate.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1301 A" BERGAVENNY,—Nice VILLA, in §uiurbsT~Three reception, four bedrooms. Gas. Near a station. rent tor iwo orthfSi months. —Messrs Hern, Cardiff.. 1292 A BERGAYENNY.-—Detached Furnished RESIDENCE —S sitting rooms, 5 bed rooms,and dressing room; r good domestic offices. Rent £ 3 3i1 per week.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1141 BRECONSHIRE.—Desirable Furnished RESIDENCE 4 reception rooms, billiard room, 7 bedrooms, good domestic offices stabling, &c., near cliurch and station. Rent moderate.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1002 CARMARTHENSHIRE.—Furnished MANSION, beau- tifully situate, with extensive shooting and fishing privileges, suitable for a large establishment.— Messrs Hern, Uardiff. • 1093 CHEPSTOW (near)- Beautifully situated on tne Wye, tini within easy distance of Tintern Abbey aud the Wyndcliff. — Desirable Detached Furnished RESIDENCE, in own grounds 3 reception rooms, 7 bed- rooms, 1J acre most pioductive garden, good water, and requisites. Kent very moderate. 1288 F,NBY.-Detach,ed-Vilia RESIDENCE three Kecep- I tion rooms, eight bedrooms, about two acres of gardens and grouud, nicely laid out, commanding mag- nificent views. Furnished or unfurnished. Rent moderate.—Messrs Here, Cardiff. 1150 GLAMORGANSHIRE, near food town and main line GLAMORGANSHIRE, near food town and main line station, and within easy distance of beautiful waterfalls of Vale of Neath, handsomely-furnished RESI- DENCE, 3 reception rooms, 5 bedrooms, good domestic offices, stabling, garden, and grounds; rent moderate; or would be SOL L) a Largain. -Messrs Hern, Cardiff 1095 ONMOUTHSHIRE.-Family MANSION, well fur- nished, delightfully situated, garden, lawns, and ornamental grounds, 6 acres of prime meadow land. Rent iiioderate.-Me,srs Ifekii, Cardiff. 539 ORTH WALES.—FURNISHED MANSION, beauti- J3( fully situate 111 the ceutre of finely wooded park, commanding magnificent views, excellent shooting and fishing near barriers and fJxÐoundi. contains 4 recep- tion rooms, 17 bed and dressing rooms, good domestic offices, stabling, &c.; productive gardens, vineries, orchard, and greenhouse—1,000 acres shooting strictly preserved trout stream rent moderate.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1217 ON the WYE.—Furnished Country RESIDENCE, contains hall, 2 reception ,rooms, 4 bedrooms, coach-house, and stabling, near a station 011 the Wye Valley Railway. Rent £ 2 23 per week—Messrs Hern, Car- diff. 1011 p ENARTII. -Several turnibhed Marine RESIDENCES. ^\ARDIFF. —Several-FURNISIIED RESIDENCES^ COUNTRY RESIDENCES. TO LIT. CARDIFF (near).-Good HOUSE in the country and w,j near the sea.; six bedrooms, &c., 8 acres land rent jti<0.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1308 MONMOUTH (near).—Good Family HOUSE; £ 50. Price £ 1,300.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1220 NEW PORT.-HouSE, standing in its own grounds 3 reception, 7 bedrooms, and offices, &c.—Messrs liern, Cardiff. 1222 PEN ART H "Card i tf.- Good HOUSES, .£42, e75. JL Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1286-7 EAR CRICKHOWELL and ARERGAVENNY.— Good country COTTAGE RESIDENCE; 6 bed- ruonis; 2 good sitting-rooms, stables, gardens, &e.; rent moderate.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1277 PONTYPRIDD (near). -MANSION, with 160 acres land, p suitable for a gentleman or respectable farmer 1 cut very moderate.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff, 1235 ri^ENBY.—Superior HOUSE, contains two Sitting I rooms and eight bedrooms, all modern appliances and conveniences. Rent, 960.-Hessrs Hern, Caidiff, 1132 HEREFORD.—Modern-built detached Gentleman's RESIDENCE, charmingly situate.- Messrs Hern, Cardiff. -086 BERGAVENNY.—Small ILLA RESIDENCE 011 the banks of the Usk, good fishery.—W. & S. lleru, Cardiff. 1003 Residences for SALE. TENBY.— Freehold J amily RESIDENCE, with grounds (two acres); 3 reception rooms, b bedrooms good domestic offices, coach-house, stabling, &c Price mode- rate.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 502 1LFRACOMBE.—Picturesque Family Old Fashioned j. Cottage RESIDENCE, in its own well-timbered and nicely laid-out grounds, with 3 acres meadow laud, 3 reception, 6 bedrooms, aud good attics, gardeu, coach- house, &c., near the town, parish church, and railway station. Immediate possession. Price on application. 1208 GLAMORGANSHIRE (near mam line Stations- Good HOUSE with Stabling, Coacbouse, &c., with or without Furniture a bargain.-Messrs Iterii, Cartiiff. 1035. TOWN RESIDENCES. TO LET. CANTON.—Good HOUSE, in Ely-road fine view3, c healthy, near Tram terminus. lient only £ 30.— Messrs lieru, Cardiff. 1259 PARK PLACi^ CaITdLFF^ Genteel RESIDENCE, Dining and drawing-rooms, hall, 5 bedrooms, uressing-rooms, &c, bathroom, gas fittings, and biilld". Rent ii,,oderate liegsrs Hera, Cardiff. 1262 AINDEE, NEWPOUTT—A MANSION IIOUSE, con- tains 3 reception and other rooms, numerous bed- a, (;ood lJ House, recently painted and decorated, 10 rooms. Another desirable House in Park-Grove. 2 sitting, 5 bedrooms, bath room, hot and cold water, & &c.- Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1305-9 CHAIÜ..F,S-STREEI', CARDIFF,-Supenor HOUSE. C with ample accommodation.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff AltDIFF.-Good HOUSES to LET in Penibroke- terface, Castle-road, Oakfield-street, Newport- road, Cowbridge-road, &c. Moderate rents.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. ————— 43802 W. & S. REnN. 74, M'T. MARY STREET, J;Of JStaU — %m'$ama^ DOG. —FOR SALE, Chep, splendid yard, conmanion, and water dog, Mastiff-Newfoundland good teinper. -11, S. Arnold, Cwmavon, 'l'aibacii. 2159 PARROTS.— Parrots on SALE.-A beautiful young JL African Grey, Crimson tail, sent to any address, package inc uded, for 12s 6d; if not satisfactory on receipt, money retu: ned this is exnclly the game class of birds ai sold by others at a different price. 3,000 cages, the irde-tructible, best cage. A variety of other Beasts, Birds and Reptiles.—Wm. Cross, largest impor- ter in the world, 16 and 18, Earle-street, Liverpool. 4/854 1mul (iMUevy X>UTE WAGON WORKS, CARDIFF,-Joseph He Id B~> and Co., supply all kinds of New and Second-hand WAGONS, for cash. Redemption or simple hire. Wr.gons repaired by contractor otherwise. Works, East Moors; Offices, 146, Bute-street.—N.B.—J. H. and Co., undertake to let or sell surplus stock for any owners or users. P_r- ticulars invited. 457C1 AILNVAY WAGONS SALE, HIRE, OR REDEMPTION, 100 EIGHT-TON T. V. 1. 70 SEVEN-TON T.V.R. 100 SEVEN-TON G.W.R. 40 EIGHT-TON G.W.R. 40 SEVEN-TON IRON ORE WAGONS. 60 EIGHT-TON T.V.H. To be Let tuhject to one month's notice. 100 SIX-TON WAGONS, To be let very cheap. Suitable for local traffic. 47598 J. M HABlE, 4, Pkarson"-place, CARDIFF. 1. .] — ■? lav — paduufnj, (lot:j, &£. ^EVERAL PORTABLE and FIXED ENGINES (with or without winding gear), Mortar Mills,Saw Benches, Centrifugal Pumpi, etc., for sale, hire, or deferred pay- meat.—Fielding and l'latt, Atlas Iron Works, Gloucester. 2098 STEAM HAMMERS AND TOOLS FOR SALE.- 2 15-cwt Steam Hammers, 2 6-cwt Steam Hammers, 2 4-cwt Steam Hammers, 2 Shaping Machines, 4 Drilling Machines, 2 Slotting bl,.tclines. -Apply Thompson and Wilson, Leeds. 45972 FOR SALE, a Double-cylinder Beam STEAM ENGINE, built by Jcyce, of London, is house framed with 24 and 12 inch cylinders, both four foot stroke. Wrought iron crank and connecting rod. Wrought iron crank shaft, 10ft. 6in governor and feed pump. May be seen at work at Messis Reynolds aud Alien, City Flour Hills, Gloucester. Removed to make room for more power.47164 ON SALE.-ENGINES, BOILERS, MACHINERY end TOOLS. New and second-hand locomotive, horizontal, beam, condensing, vortical, compound, and portable engines Lancashire and Cornish boilers, with and without G'llioway cross tabes in flues cranes, pumps, mortar mills, weighing machines, toot-, &c., &c. Other miscellaneous machinery co. stantlv being added to and taken from the present large and varied &tock, all in first-class working condition, mostly equal to new.—For prices, &c., apply to Henry Parkinson, Great Lever Engine and Boiler Works, Bolton. Estab- lished 25 years. Numerous references in ah parts. 47528 tonty. £ Q and other Sums Rivdyto bo Advanced Ojvt/V 011 Freehold LAND, at 4 per cent.— Apply to Solicitor,at the office of this paper. 2183 Apply to at the office of this paper. 2183 MONEY advanced upon all kinds of real securj.^— Ap{»fy John Henry Jones, 1, St. JjArf-square. CT. 44284 PROVIDENT LOAN COMPANY, liq, 8. CATTLE- J^TitEET, NEATH.—Houseboh £ 0r»and others can hiyiz £ 2 to £ 50^ a.ivancej_tttjgh^rtest notice on their Furniture, ic, EgBSynuie by easy instalments.—Apply any day froiy 0 a.m. to 9-rm. 2158 A VtfJ LOAN AND DISCOUNT COMPANY.—St Helen's-road, Swansea.— £ 5 to £ 100 advanced npon application to Householders and others. No sureties required. Call or write any day.-Office noma, a a.m. to 9 p.m. 44232 MONEY ADVANCED by a Gentleman unconnected with any Cardiff Money-leuder.—John Henry 1, 1, St. John-square, Cardiff. 44284 OSA to £ 750 granted at shortest notice upon per- c&tJlf sonal security.—Apply John Henry Jones. No, 1, St. John-square, Cardiff. 44284 ESTABLISHED isos.-ADVANCES from Llinl up- wards on Plato, Jewellery, Gems, Works of Art, Furniture, and every description of portable property.- Apply Chillcott and Co., Park-street, Bristol.-P.S. Goods or cash forwarded to any part. 1926 LIFE Policies, Life Policies, Life Policies, Life Policies Bought, Sold, or Advances made thereon daily. Swansea Stock and Share Association, Swansea, Salai by Public Auction every Wednesday. 33593 LERGYMEN, Farmers, Clerks, Shopkeepers, and V-4 Mechanics can reeeive ADVANCES upon FURNI- rUKE, etc. (without removal), at once by writing to Mr J. J. JonC8, 13, College-street, Swansea, Distance no object. 41213 T11HE SOUTH WALES LOAN COMPANY.—Advances JL from £ 5 and upwards to Householders, Farmers, and others, in town and country, on all kinds of security repayable by easy instalments to suit the convenience of borrowem-Apply to the Manager, Isaac Seline. Attendance daily at the Head Office, 39, High-street Swansea 8, Moderator-terrace, Watton, Brecon Wed* nesdav Red Lion Tun, Priory-street, Carmarthen. Tnura- day, 41614 ENTLEMEN, TRADESMEN, FARMERS, and others VT can obtain CASH ADVANCES, In gums front £ 20 to £ 1,COO, at a day's notice, without sureties. No fees Charged. Prospectus gratis, by application, either per- <onaJIr or by letter, to S. B!a:berg, 2, Bute-terrace. Cardiff. N.B.—Intending applicants are reminded, that 1t1 applying to this office they are in treaty with a bona fide lender, wh<* than tms two in (ke PrincU ^al>fc»_ ittM \V. AND H. H E It N, (EstaWisLeJ 1849), FINANCIAL AGENrS. MORTGAGE BROKERS, AGENTS FOR THE LEADING BUILDING AND INVISSTMENT SOCiE'flES. STOCK AND SHARE BROKERS. OFFICES: 74, ST. MARY-ST., CARDIFF. ANNOUNCEMENTS (extracted from our Register) FOR SALE. ^ROCKHBRBTOWN, CARDIFF. Good Hou."e, 6 Garden, a«d Stabling. Price moderate.—Mes rs Hern Agents, Auctioneers, Mortgage Brokers, und Accouuti 1 CARDIFF. —Semi-detached Resi- l-J OAlli■ HOatry-jh-yr-sd. Hot and cold baths. Good Moderate.—?lcssrs Hern, Cardiff. RTY,—reral Lota 1h Glive-rwail. _w tbeit,'». Cardiff 1175—1178—1161 JtV great Uar^ -uiesi.4* Caiy •_ — East terrac'eT^aruiff—99^ -eT^' centY ground rent, Two HOUSES will i1/ net.—Messrs Hem. Cardiff. "nTOATlMtOAD, CAEDIFF.-C'onvenient ll-Q^V residence, hot and cola baths, rent £ 45. l^Ce £ 750. — iiessrs Hern, Cardiff. 1153 ENaRTHV superior RESIDENCE.—Commanding tine views. Pricelwodei-ate -Messrs Hern. Cardiff. 1153 PEARL-STREET, CARDIFF. -Corner SHOP, side en- trance and Two good Houses, a bargain; large portion on mortgage.—Messrs liern, Cardiff. 1040 COWRltlDGE-ROAD7- Small VILLA RESIDENCE. Price £ 350. 1152 ITT OR SALE, Three HOUSES in Christina-street, Bute Docks 'l'nel'! moderate.- Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 119C LOWER CATHEDRAL-R0AD, "CARDiFF.Toliyerient House,Aground reut low. Price moderate. —Messrs liern, Cardiff. 1064-1066 BUOOiTtERRACE, CANTON, Eight-roomed Villa, ground rent low; price moderate.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff 1065 !iING'S.COAD. CARDIFF. -Freehold RESIDENCE, 1^. two sittiug-rooms, five bedrooms, hot and oold Datlis well built. Price moderate,—Messrs Hern, Cardiff 1151 TOWN RESIDENCES. WANTED. 17TURNISHED HOUSE.—Sea coast preferred. Shoot- ing and. fishing if possible. -Messrs Hern, Cardiff. ZiC— 241 ARDIFF. In. good locality, Comfortablo RESI- C DENCE, 2 good sitting-rooms, 5 bedrooms, aiitl baths.- Messrs lleru, Estate Agents, Cardiff. G" ROCERY and PROVISION BUSlNESS, good; small- lient, about £ 30.—Messrs Hern, Estate Agents, Auctioneers, 74, St. Mary-street, Cardiff WANTED, in Carmarthen, Monmouth, or Glamor- gan, FURNISHED RESIDENCE, with Shooting. —Messrs Hern, Cardiff. COTTAGE and about an Acre of Garden and Orchard. —Messrs Hem, Cardiff. 72 TkT EWPORT, Mou., at or near. —Good RESIDENCE.— 1>| Messrs Heru, Cardiff. 14 CARDIFF DOCUS.— Good BUSINESS PREMISES^ j Messrs Herll, Cardiff. 219 HOUSE with 7 Rooms little land near a town. Rent moderate,—Uesors liern, Cardiff. 44 TT^URNlSHED COUNTRY RESIDENCE, with 10 1' bei rcon's. -Messrs liein, Cardiff 207 o LRN'I' II)E.LNUB, near Cardiff.—Messrs liern, j Cardiff. 206 fTMENBY, or Near.—RESIDENCE, with 8 bedrooms. | Rent about £ 50.—Messrs liern, Cardiff. 186 Ii^URNlSHiiD RESIDENCE, 3 reception, 7 bedrooms. Lent not to exceed £ 120.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 164 SEVERAL Good FARMS WANTED, ranging from 50 9 to 200 acres. State the fullest particulars. MINERALS, MINERAL ESTATES, &0. FOREST OF DEAN.—Very superior STONE QUARRY; F low rent, no royalty, a bargain.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1206 STONE- QUARRY, in working order, with Railway k7 siding very moderate.—Messrs liern, Cardiff. 13JO MONEY. C* "I *° £ 20,000 and upwards on Freehold, Copy- 1 hold, and Leasehold Properties, ltevers.on- ary Interests, itc.; and from 450 to £1,000 on Personal Security, Life Interests, Reversions, Shares in Public Companies, and other Securities.—Full particulars and forms of Application may be obtained of Mr Simiuel Hern, Eitate Agent, 74, .St Mary-street, Cardiff. 6d\ 4 for immediate lnves.ment on Mort- XOI/'VVV Rage of Good Freehold Propeity or Laud.—Messrs Ilern, Estate Agents, 74, St. Mary- street. Cardiff. BUSINESS PREMISES. C(OWBRIDGEUOAD, CANTON, CARDIFF. — Good i HOUSE aud SHOP. Best position. Immediate pussession. Kent moderate.—W. and S. Hern. ARI) Pf-HOUSF,f,d SHOP in Brid:;e.street,! suitable for any business. Rent nioderate.-W. aud S. Hern. CARDIFF.—HOUSE and SHOP in Sophia-street,Bute- town; small sum required for fixtures. lieut moderate.- and S. Hern. 12ii BUTE-STREET^ CARDIFF.—Good HOUSE, stiop, J[) and PREMISES, with or without extensive Cellar- age. Side and back Entrances.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff, i 1045 BUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL. ARDI FF. -Old -Established BREAD-BAKERY and GROCERY Business. Early possession. Stock, plant, fixtures, £ 30—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. V-80 CARDIFF.—Doublc-licehsed PUBLIC-HOUSE, good C situation. Lease; moderate rent; ingoing low. Large and increasing trade. Hern. Cardiff, PORTISHEAD.—Good HOTEL with ample accomoda- tion,doingyood trade. Bent anil ingoing moderate. -e8r,^ea-lMff-74, BT. MARY bTlivW. Uouelf. ESTABLISHED 1836.-Tlle WEST OF ENGLAND JUA LOAN and DISCOUNT COMPANY. 44,Commercial- btreet, Newport, Moil., ADVANCE CASH from £ L0 to £ 1,000 at one day's notice, in any part of England or Wales, \I ithout sureties or fees. The above company grant more advances, ar.d on more reasonable ttfrms, than any other in the Principality. Prospectuses gratis, by applying cirj.e.- by letter or personally at above address. 4365 J. BLAIBERG, Manager. GREAT REDUCTION OF INTEREST^ MONEY ADVANCED ON THE MOST REASONABLE TERMS, FROM ie5 To £ 1,000, To Farmers, Hauliers, Tradesmen, &c., on their Stock, Crops, Furniture, &c. Apply personally, or by letter, to IMON HARRIS, WAVERLEY HOUSE, 47613 CHARLES-STREET, CARDIFF. MONEY. — NATIONAL MERCANTILE BANK (Limited), No. 3, Great Charle8-st eet, Birming- ham. Established 1807. Paid-up Capital, £ 106,000. IKserve Fund, £ 10,000. ADVANCES made at a much lower interest than charged by loan societies and money lenders, from L- lo to £1,000 to responsible persms upon note of hand alone; also up 'n deeds, life paiicios, and upon mortgage of furniture, stock, p:ant, crops, and farming .imple- ments, without removal. No sureties or unnecessary expenses required, and all communications are strictly private. AppJy per»onallv, or state amount required. DAVID TURNER, Manager. N.B.—Distance no object. The above bank lcndj more money annually than any two or three (combined) of the largest advance offices or deposit banks through- out England, and no good application is ever Refused. Current accounts opened. Deposits received. 807 THJ DAY (FRIDAY), Aug. 6, 1880. B. EVANS AND COMPANY'S GREAT QLEARANCE A LE. When Sealskin Jackets, Squirrel-lined Cloaks, all Show Room Goods, Summer Article* and Material?, Coloured Dr§s* Fabrics, Black jyjewitoa, cTieres ami I SffP: Silks, Velvets 'and Velveteens, I ■ Fancy Gcods, Carpets, Curtains, Bed. steads, Furniture, &c., WILL BE OFFERED AT A EDUCTION IN pRICE. ( B. EVANS & COMPANY confidently invite attention to perhapa the Cheapest and most desirable Lots of General Drapery Goods they have ever submitted for Sale. 1, 2, 3, 4 4, TEMPLE STREE1, 5, CAER STREET, and TEMPLE LANE, SWANSEA, U 47917 ) JQ R A P E R Y 1 R A P E R Y • — I THIS DAY (FRIDAY). Aug. GTH, 1880. D. T. EDWARDS'S GRAND 0LEARANCE SALE, At further Reductions, with other inducements. BARGAINS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. "V'v. —" Vïsitoto "e Eisteddfod will do well to 1 secure a good 'l'' {, D. T. E DW A Iti) 94, OXFORD STREET & 5, PARK STREET, | SWANSEA. LATEST NOVELTIES IN SHOW- ROOMS. 47909 PRIZE of TEN GUINEAS will be GIVEN for the BEST TENOR SONG at the LLANDRINDOD EISTEDDFOD on TUESDAY NEXT, Aug, 10th. Trains, see Swansea Local News. 2230 D EBENHAM AND JJEWETT Invite attention to their extensive Stock of FURNITURE, CARPETS, CURTAIN MATERIALS, &c. Being Manufacturers, and avoiding intermediate sources by economising cost, and selling at smallest rate of profit for net. cash payment, they can guarantee Lowest Prices for reliable Furniture. AN IMMENSE STOCK OF liEsT CARPETS AT OLD PRK ES. Estimates and Designs for complete Furnishing. CAVENDISH HOUSE, CHELTENHAM. TO MACHINERY BUYERS. PURCHASERS OF NEW AND SECOND- HAND MACHINERY OF ANY DESCRIPTION SHOULD SEND FOR A COPY OF pRILL IPS' M ONTHL Yl-t EGJSTER p -ILU OF NEW AND SECOND-HAND MACHINERY, IN WHICH IS ADVERTISED EVERY ENGINEERING AND MECHANICAL REQUIREMENT. PORTABLE, VERTICAL, AND STATIONARY ENGINES, DIRECT ACTING STEAM PUMPS, MORTAR MILLS, SAW BENCHES, VERTICAL, CORNISH, AND OTHER BOILERS. Always for immediate Sale or for Hire, or Purchase Hire. Apply for Prices to QHAULES D. PHIlLIS NEWPORT, MON. A NEVER-FAILING ItEMEDY FOR LIVER COAHJLAINTS. .A.-J" -tlLiJ'd, Prepared without Mercury, Ri-e invaluable to all who suffer from Bilious aud Liver Complaints, Indioestio.v Wixd, Spashs, Foi'ii Breath, Kr.uvous Dei>i;essiOi\, Ikju! TAillLITY, I.A.SilTUniJ, LOSS OF AlTKTlTE, DVSPEPBIA Heartburn, f^oi r Eructations, Low.ness op Si'iKiTs.with sensation of fuli.ess at the pit of the stomach, Giddiness. Dizziness of the Eyes, and all those other symptom* which none but a sufferer can describe. A CHEMIST WRI'IES:— 236, lligh-street, Breutford, Aug. 22, 1870. Gentlemen,— Perhaps you will be pleased to learn that the sale of Dr. Scott's I'ILL3 i3 increasing; in 1377 1 sold 43 boxes, in 1878 74 boxes, and siitc a the lit January over 1C0 boxes, They give great fatibfm.tion, and as f do not sdvertise any Pills mj-self, 1 shall continue to recommend them to my oiutomcrs.—I am, yours, Jtc.. JOHN WATTS. JOHN WATTS. Some unprincifflea vendors, in order to make a largei profit, will try to persuade you to buy medicine pre- pared by themselves; do not do so so, but insist on having Dr. Scott's Bilious and Liver Pills, wrapped in a square green package. These genuine Pills are prepared by W. Lambert, 173, Seymour Place, London, W., and eo'd in Boxes at 13id and 2/9d by all respectable medicine Vendors, or post free for 14 or 34 stamps. 4599* Borwtck's bakingTowdee^ I FOUR GOLD MEDALS. HAKING PO WDE R. FOR WHOLESOME BREAD. BORWICK'S BATHING POWDER. FOR PUDDINGS AND PIES, BoilWICK'S~BAKING I'OWDEIi, iOR PLUM CAKK. 'S BAKING POIYDER-. FOR TEA. CAKES AND SCONES. OJIWICIC'SBATVINCVPOWDER. *? 44443-5120 FOR NORFOLK DUMPLINGS.




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